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Who You Can Hate, Who You Can’t Hate

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2035: Amerika Will Be One Big Bronx Zoo

by Marina Orwell

Have you taken a good look around this place recently?  Amerika is a third-world cuntry and people just seem to accept it.  (This has been happening for decades, but the process has been speeding up considerably with each passing year — just as water nearer the drain moves faster than water farther away).  It seems that the Culpritics won’t be satisfied until there’s a strip mall, holohoax church or other jewnaseum covering every inch of wilderness or beauty-space.

but I'm a white hispanic

“but I’m a white hispanic”

When I consciously think about the pace of their destruction of our once-wholesome and breathtaking environment, I feel a rage that boils over — because it’s always simmering inside of me.  When I see hordes of illegal aliens with their troops of pediatric platyrrhines who, like their parents, will grow up to be less productive than crippled sheep dogs — I’m near ready to start clearing the streets myself, Rambo-style.

Amerinds win 1st place for being the filthiest, most environmentally-unfriendly beasts walking the planet.

Amerinds win 1st place for being the filthiest, most environmentally-unfriendly beasts walking the planet.

One thing we never hear from the Culpritic media is the simple fact that these fast-breeding, nonproductive semi-humans are by far the greatest danger to the environment (just another segment of science that was neatly tucked away by Culpritic hucksters — the study of overpopulation and its sister science, eugenics).  Besides the fact that many of these fast-breeding zippispicaroons literally shit in the street instead of using toilets, they are also simply consumers and wasters — just the type of Engullir de Puta that the Culpritics luv.

Muds ARE the pollution that only hurts White European people.

Muds ARE the pollution that only hurts White European people.

There was a propaganda campaign in the 70s called “Keep America Beautiful” that featured a litter-strewn beach and an Amerind in full Vogelgehirn Insignien, crying Joolywood tears.  Not only was this tripe the opposite of true — I have never met a mud person who cared one whit about the environment — but it was also created by some of the biggest Culpritic corporations, then or now (Philip Morris, Anheuser-Busch, PepsiCo and Coca-Cola — not exactly luvvers of either the environment or of mud people).  If this cinéma sauvage was still alive I’d drag him by his heeberiffic headdress around the United States to show him the once-pristine White European cities and towns where his filthy Asianig “race” now lives.  Anywhere these Beaner Replicating Machines plop their lazy arses turns into a shithole within a few months.

How "latinos" settle their differences

How “latinos” settle their differences

The savage Amerinds of yesteryear are the same species that we have been passively allowing to invade our lands (albeit weighing at least twice as much as his ancestors thanks to the ingenuity of Whitey).  We have now mixed two tribes of hommes de porcs with White European culture (actually, unfortunately, there are many many more tribes of various curs and mongrels, but I’ll just stick to the two main ones here).  We have had plenty of time to observe the results.  In short, allowing vildarna to pretend to be the equals of White people has resulted in the worst of all possible worlds — for us, that is.  Despite the constant griping that they’ve learned to imitate from their Culpritic masters, the mud people have never had it so good.

The median weight of the typical Amerind/Mestizo invader

The median weight of the typical Amerind/Mestizo invader

(I have to contain myself when I hear someone hold forth about “Hispanic” “culture,” since I would truly rather have to live in the middle of the “culture” of a barn yard than among these zweibeinigen Ziegen from Central Amerika.  Actually, the “culture” of a barn yard far surpasses that of any of the mud “cultures.”  I guess that’s because, unlike mud “cultures,” barnyards are comprised of domesticated animals).

Zippispicaroons: It's what we do

Zippispicaroons: It’s what we do

If it wasn’t so depressing, it would be comical that the bovine-brained Culpritics took over the science of psychology, since their own headset is so élémentaire:  Eat, fuck (preferably rape as per their instruction manuals — AKA porn — that they’ve been serving up for 100 years via Joolywood, Heebison Ave., and “plain” old straight misogynistic pornography), and make as much money as possible no matter the consequences.

Their Turd World minions have a similar psychology:  Eat, fuck, and take as much money as possible from Whitey.

Mud boy shows us where his brain is

Mud boy shows us where his brain is

Beauty, truth, science, art, philosophy — these are White “thangs” — rapidly disappearing White thangs too.  It’s positively nauseating to have to be out amid their Orwellian Culpritic “diversity.”  It is anything but diverse.  It is a stifling, muddy, loud, crowded, ugly, narrow-minded, el stupido hook-nosed pigsty.  It is as if a whole legion of cocker spaniels started talking and standing upright.  Actually, it’s much worse since cocker spaniels aren’t nearly as aggressive and slovenly as mud people.

To Culpritics and their brown minions, this ever-escalating hell hole is their idea of da Garden of Heeben.  By 2035, if not sooner, Amerika and most of the world will resemble the Bronx zoo.  Sans the zookeepers, of course.

© 2015 Orwell’s Daughter




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“White” Males: Imbibing Psychocyanide for Centuries

by Marina Orwell

A subscriber to this here blog recently asked me about what I thought about “white” males ages 20 – 40.  From what he had to say, I’m guessing he is not very impressed.  Well, as you’ve probably gathered by now, this here lil’ ole Doormat with Holes hasn’t been impressed with “white” males for quite some time.

joolywood fag who taught males that faggotry is good

One of Joolywood’s earliest metrosexuals, circa 1930. He taught “white” male lemmings that dressing up as an inarticulate cowboi beat the hell out of being friends with his Creators.

I am particularly unimpressed with their inability to see themselves as their Creators see them (this is one reason I say, quite correctly, that “white” males are autistic).  Their irrationality is so deeply ingrained, and they are so used to believing that nearly any kind of bunkum spouted by another male is “rational” and “logical,” that there doesn’t seem to be a way to cut through their psychosexual fruitloopmorass.  At this point it’s difficult to say how much of their spiritual cancer is due to autism via their degraded little apostrophe grandiosely mislabeled the “Y” chromosome, how much is their trademark childish stubbornness born from centuries of misogynistic programming, and how much is due to centuries of believing that Gawd gave them a right to lord it over their Creators (even the “white” social justicetards and liver-lipped cuntservadudes regularly treat White women like dogdirt even as they suck black, brown and jew cock with gusto).

It’s a Jungle In There

This autistic and man-made cachot spirituelle is overgrown, unsightly, and filled with poisonous flora and fauna.  However, as long as he has other WFU males to keep him company in his faggadocious dungeon, he remains in a psychic circlejerk.  White women and girls have never experienced even one minute of this kind of comaraderie síceolaíoch, so it’s difficult for us to comprehend just what El Testy Entrencho de Braino feels like — but we can judge by having to pick up after centuries of its fruits that the “white” males’ faggokike lullaby is false, futile, and destructive.

The fact that White women have never had even one minute of universal camaraderie — while simultaneously being the #1 target of ridicule, harassment, and rape — has made us the most psychologically hardy and agile group on the planet.   When you add to this the fact that we are also the most productive, most creative, most highly educated (even though we are at the bottom of the pay scale after “white” males, nonwhite males, and nonwhite females), the cheapest to keep (by far — White women should not only not be paying any taxes, we should be paid for merely existing — since we’ve added endless amounts of beauty, intelligence, and free labor to society), have higher IQs than “white” males, and are the least aggressive group on the planet — we should and could be a force to contend with.  Instead we are mostly a disorganized group of groid-luvin’ libtard toadies, Slave-Ho-Wifeys, and/or Culpritic corporate cocksuckers.

tough guy fags

Tough guy metrosexuals, circa 1955, taught “white” male lemmings that their fruitless “cause” was circlejerking with each other — while, as usual, Culpritic Schmecklewizards laughed all the way to the bank.

That thar has not “just happened” by accident.  The Culpritics have carefully crafted and orchestrated the war against White women for centuries now.  They’ve mostly used the “white” male as robofodder in their war — because the “white” male always proves to be such a willing dickbot — all the Culpritics have to do is yank on ole Whitey’s fake masculinity chain — and away these lemming testetards go.

White Women Proved Too Hard for Culpritics to Control

Joolywood whore circa 1940 teaches the "white" male that being a gangsta like his jew bosses while "banging" a peroxide "broad" was really, really cool.

Joolywood whore circa 1940 teaches the “white” male that being a gangsta like his jew bosses while “banging” a plastic “broad” would make ya popular wit yer fellow faggosteins n’ thus really really *manly*

Why have the Culpritics worked so tirelessly to control White women via the “white” male?  The answer is simple.  They’d rather only have to truly manage 1/2 of the population — and when they started their plan in earnest, they knew White women would be impossible to control.  However, the Culpritics also knew via observation that, given the opportunity, “white” males would leap at any chance to degrade, despise, and micro-manage their Creators — and that they’d do it more thoroughly and more cheaply (“white” dickwads have a very long history of happily doing El Jewboi’s dirty work for free — with maximum élan).   Additionally, false “femininity” makes Mr. Winkie feel good all the time — because everywhere he looks he can see palpable evidence that there’s a whole sex class “beneath” him, just dying to be rape/fucked or at least beat into submission — and this serves as a nice Pavlovian loop for El Scrototard’s service to his toucanoplastied massahs.  Thus Whitey freed the Culpritics to only truly have to “manage” the easily-manipulated “white” male.

Whereas managing dickwads takes money (e.g. the expensive paraphernalia of the militaryindustrialsecurity complex, the fakemasculinityaggression complex — which, come to think of it, is almost exclusively paid for with White women’s lives — and the overrepresentationofmalesinnearlyallmentalillnessesetc complex), “femininity” not only pays for itself, it turns a very nice profit (not only for the scads of unpaid services provided gratis by Doormats with Holes, but also via the dozens of requirements for keeping up jew-hewn “femininity” — the list here is actually endless — just watch yer typical Wifey-Ho apply massive-to-garganchuan amounts of fake-itude to all of her body, and realize that “she” is literally a transvestite.

joolywood whores

Because Mr. Winkie responded so well to peroxided, spackled, & kiked-up mannequins, dispicable whores like Monroe made millions spreading their psychic filth & degradation of White women to male lemmings of all colors — all around the globe.

Further, fully *understand* that yer pecker luvs anything that is the opposite of actual womanhood — painted, plastered, n’ dyed-in-the-wool fembots, “natural look,” tough-talking spread-em-bed-em spackletards, and disfigured transman bulimiaboys with artificial tits.  Now I fully understand that you don’t really want to see what your Wifey-Ho or Live-in-Thang does to hide her woman’s body from you — keeping yer faggot head in the sand is just part of the “white” male’s “charm.”  Wifey-Ho doesn’t want you to see her spackling n’bricklaying either — because she doesn’t want to admit to herself that you are a faggot — and that she is nothing more than a cellophane prostitute.)

Just Rinse & Repeat — He’s So Easy

To the “white” males’ seemingly natural propensity to back-slap each other into a circlejerking stupor, the Culpritics have been adding increasingly larger doses of all manner of misogynistic psychocyanide  with each new crop of lemming males.  The Culpritics have been leading the “white” male around by his schnozzlette since at least the beginnings of Krisstianity — when jew males “convinced” the “white” males that dat der Gawd was a big ole Joo Dude who said that dem lil ole Walking Uteri are Lesser Than because they are the Creators (and other irrational black-is-really-white, up-is-really-down forms of whackotestycognition).

 Typical male lemming behavior

Typical “white” male lemming behavior

Who knew that the “white” male — who was very insecure about the fact that he couldn’t create life like his Creators — would jump at any harebrained excuse to put his Creators in a jew-hewn box for centuries — with an all powerful dickwawdGawd who said that He Too Hated Creators.  The Culpritics knew — since male Culpritics are perhaps even more perverted, misogynistic, and power-hungry than other races of males — that anything that stroketh the penileindustrialcomplex would be a sure-fire hit wit da “white” male lemming goyim.

Who knew that seeing White women brutalized in pornography — which causes who knows how many rapes and murders each day — would prove to be such a turn-on for “white” dickwads?  Who knew that the “white” male would be stupid and short-sighted enough to sign up for his own obliteration — just to please his 1.5 oz. of flesh for a few seconds?  Well, non-lemming White women are not at’all surprised at anything that the testosterone-crazed are capable of — we started believing the “white” male (when he told us that he hated us) way back in 1870 when he gave negro males the vote while allowing his Creators to claw and fight for 50 more years to grab it from his nigger-luving hands.  Some of us do believe Whitey when he constantly reminds us of just how much he loathes us (actually, all White women realize it at some level, but most just let out their pent-up resentment via histrionics n’ passive-aggressiveness — while keeping dat dick-raising “femininity” intact).

but honey are u ashamed of dat lil ole turkey neck n gizzards

Metrosexual circa 2016. But hey lil “white” vanity slut — would John Wayne’ve hidden his turkey neck n’ gizzards like a pussy?

No, the only thing that surprises us is that more White women aren’t turning themselves loose from Culpritico Newspeak — whether it be breaking free of the Da Multyculty Going Nowhere Club that Follows the “Liberal” Jew Lied Piper, and/or stepping away from the garden-variety strokeumdapenisyessiree Hos Who Serve the Servants of the Jew Massahs Society — and joining us in reality.

© 2016 Orwell’s Daughter


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The Psychological Genocide of White People (A Very Brief History)

by Marina Orwell


Joolywood’s hating on Whitey was profitable & great fun:  the jackassalope, the peroxide bubblehead, the stoopid old working-class ex-military “bigot,” and the jew-spewing, all-knowing guru of the “Silent Generation.”

The arbitrary pigeonholing of American goyim according to yid-dubbed “generations” was first introduced to the American Anglosphere when the jew media embarked on their “Your Elders Know Squat” campaign in the late 60s/early 70s (which they have continued and progressively escalated up until the present day).  This first campaign was mainly directed at the so-called “Baby Boomers” — many of whom watched the Woodstock footage while still in kindergarten.

By the early 1970s the jew media had already hypnotized white males with their Emotional Genocide of the White Woman/Trans-Man Agenda for over 60 years (by first injecting painted-up “vampish” jew whores into silent films early in the century, and progressively replacing heeb-hos with increasingly painted/fake “white” women — thus instructing the white male that the more coquettish/dumbass and shiksa-like “she” is, the more “feminine” and desirable).

Women were already on to the dangers of jew media (while the men were completely mesmerized by it).

Unlike the “Dingbat” portrayed by the jew media in both their television programming and in their advertising, White women were far more skeptical and hip to what the jew media was inflicting on their kids’ psyches and their culture. Unfortunately, however, they were dismissed as being nonentities and house niggers — just as the Culpritics had been instructing the white male to do for centuries with their anti-woman jewspew “holy” book and later via their silver(stein) screen.  Thus, the middle-aged white male of the early 1970s was already thoroughly pickled in jew brine and was “ripe” to be used as the first generation of American fathers whose parental authority was being full-frontally usurped by Big Jew Brother.

genocide of white women 1Whitey could now join Whitette in the cultural dispossession she’d already been experiencing for 60 or so years.  (Kikenstein methodology: First kidnap and warp the white males’ sexuality.  After that, everything else is possible.)

The so-called “Greatest Generation” (born 1906 to 1925) and older members of the so-called “Silent Generation” (born 1926 to 1945) were the last White people who tried to raise their own kids — while the Electric Jew undermined everything they did.

The ironically named

The ironically named “Silent Generation”

Thus, Boomers (born 1946 to 1965) were simultaneously fed mixed messages from both their flesh-and-blood elders and from Big Jew Brother.  Older Boomers watched the “Silent Generation” — via the blue glow of the ever-yammering picture tube — rip up everything Europa had created over the centuries (the majority of even the “oldest” Boomers were too young to participate in the 1960s anti-culture bash, although some were drafted into the military as the Vietnam War still pointlessly raged into the 1970s).

Younger Boomers and older “Gen Xers” were toddlers and grade-school kids as the Vietnam War started screeching to a close.  This group (born about 1956 to 1975) essentially became their own little genre of disenfranchised White people who had partially fallen through the cracks of total jew media control (jew media was busy concentrating on their own generation’s anti-White culture wars).


Younger “Boomers” & older “Gen Xers” rejected “hippy culture” & tried to rebel, but Heebison Ave/Joolywood had already turned rebellion into money-making fashion statements.

These disenfranchised young Whites looked with disgust at “hippie culture” — which had been essentially comprised of upper-middle-class and upper-class Whites who had been totally hogtied by both ends of the Jewish rope — Capitalism and Communism.  They were also the first cohort of young White Americans to suffer the anti-White prejudice and dire consequences of “affirmative” action — yet another unwanted “gift” from the “Silent Generation.”  At the same time they were also the first cohort to be affected by the economic decline/globalization orchestrated by the Culpritics, and they were the last White cohort to create their own sub-culture — although it was of course quickly bastardized/monetized by the Jew.

The majority of “Gen Xers” were raised with no parental authority — except for the Mao-like anti-White repetitions being broadcast by Snipcock Nation and the increasingly penitentiary-like public schools — while their “Silent Generation” parents mentally sucked their thumbs at Woodstock and had no desire to actually raise their own kids.  They didn’t speak a word about the jewification of the proletariat, or prepare their children for life in the USSA at all.  Rather, they let BIg Jew Brother do the “parenting” for them.  Ditto Gen Y and whatever other vapid names that Heebison Avenue has concocted for the purpose of further alienating young people and having them name their parents’ generation as the problem — thus serving as a shield to deflect blame away from the Culpritics for the ever-growing großen Haufen Scheiße that’s been foisted on each subsequent generation of goyim.

Almost 100% of the 60s nation-wreckers were part of the

Almost 100% of the 60s nation-wreckers were part of the “Silent Generation.” The ratchet-voiced Bobby Zimmerman “just happened” to “make it” as a folk song thief because of that vaunted El Culpritico talent — & not because the music industry was almost 100% jew-run.

I began noticing that the Jew media started trickling out “soft hate” for “Baby Boomers” around the same time as their last major financial rape n’ pillage of 2008.  It seems that they would like this last large cohort of mostly White people to just die already (even though even in 2015 they are only age 49 to 68).  As usual, the Culpritics would like young people to point their fingers at older goyim victims of their fraud, greed, usury, and massive nepotism. Meanwhile, the old fogey jew oligarchs of the “Silent Generation” continue to rule from behind the scenes as they have since the 1960s.

Maybe they were just rendered hoarse after all of that Woodstocking and hookah sucking, but I think that the oligarch jews of the “Silent Generation” just want to fade sneakily out of the picture while blaming their criminality and cultural skid-marking on others.  It seems to me that they want to keep demonizing Boomers because Boomers are the ones who put the most moohlah into their hook-nosed slot machines (e.g. social security) but will probably not see good returns on their forced investments (perhaps the older Boomers will, but the younger ones will be totally screwed).


The “Silent Generation” spawned grotesque jew oligarchs like Sheldon Adelson

Whereas the “Greatest Generation” and the “Silent Generation” have and are making out like bandits, everyone coming after them has had a lower standard of living.  The fact that Boomers are such a large cohort of White people means that these Culpritics literally cannot wait until they are out of the way — so that their own platinum-spooned, cap-toothed and toucanoplastied progeny can begin their rule without all of those pesky White people “using up” resources (and if you think their parents are bad, just wait until Spawn O Uber-rich Cliptipped Satan takes the helm).

Of course, this whole generational thing is just a shysteriffic marketing ploy that’s not only served as a way to advertise to the goyishe untermenschen, but, much more importantly, it’s a divide and conquer method.  Remember, there are always at least three ways that the Culpritics profit from any of their long-term psychological operations.

What the Future Oligarchs of Amerika did on their summer vacation

What the Future Oligarchs of Amerika do on their summer vacation

Once they settled on their first “targeted group” — which they named the “Baby Boomers” — the Culpritics had to literally make up names for a couple of the previous generations, including their own.  These “Silent Generation” Culpritics therefore not only named themselves (which is why they weren’t dubbed the “Nation Wreckers,” which would have been more accurate), but also the “Greatest Generation” before them (“Silent Gen” Tom Brokaw was likely spoon fed this Orwellian name by the jews who made him a rich, cue-card-reading goy boy).

After they fought to make the world safe for the Culpritics to take over nearly all White countries with either their Communism or their Capitalism, the “Greatest Generation” were kept quite content grazing on the lush, post-war talmudisod.  When they weren’t chewing their cud, they were — together with some of the future stoners (i.e. “Silent Generation”) — quite busy creating that last large cohort of American White people who would slave on the Culpritic plantation, be the subjects of Joolywood/Heeb Ave. psychological warfare, and generously fund the nefarious activities of the Culpritics via social security, etc.).

One of the millions of White Europeans who were victims of real holocausts. Even after Germany surrendered. Brit/Jew just couldn't stop murdering White Europeans. (a woman who was burnt alive during the firebombing of Dresden 1945)

One of the millions of White Europeans who were victims of real holocausts. Even after Germany surrendered. Brit/Jews just couldn’t stop murdering White Europeans. (a woman who was burnt alive during the firebombing of Dresden 1945)

I was thinking that maybe it would be easier to keep track of this heeb-hewn generation thing if they just named us by which of their wars we lived through.  But that wouldn’t work, because the “generations” would completely overlap since there have been so many Culpritic wars (killing off millions of White men in the military and stealing other nations’ resources while riling up Third Worlders against Whitey instead of the Jewish Mafia is another long-term Culpritic psy-op and a humongous part of this story).  The list is truly mind boggling:  All kinds of post-WW2 occupations of Europe and Asia, then Korea, Cuba, Vietnam, Cambodia, various involvements with the Jews’ mideast debaucles from 1948 up until the present, Iran, El Salvador, Libya, Lebanon, Egypt, Grenada, Honduras, Persian Gulf, Kuwait, Iraq, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia, Syria — and this is just a partial list.

Today’s young people have been raised with something that is not (yet) under complete Culpritic control — the internet.  As usual, however, this technology — which had been created by White people and funded by mainly-White taxpayers — was handed over lock, stock, and barrel to Jew corporations so that they could turn it into a toll road and another avenue to further their Emotional Genocide of the White Woman/Trans-Man agenda using a virtual cornucopia of brutally misogynistic porn.

genocide of white women 2Males of all races beat their meat to images of the despised White woman.  But the “fun” isn’t only for males.  From the fake outrage of jew-incited “minorities” of both sexes to the orchestrated faggotization of the “white” man, they all luv to see her anally gang-raped, then made to suck shit-covered dicks before being peed on.  Although she is the most highly educated of all groups, male or female, affirmative action has been doubly used against her (employers can “kill two birds with one stone” by hiring a brown woman, while saving their “white” slots for Jews and White men).  Thus, the Culpritics hope to drag her further into their prostituted hell-work, just as they’ve done to White women who were forced to live behind the Communist-Jew-made “iron curtain.”

Young “white” males (and, of course, the ever-squawking “minorities”) have been told that the bruised and beaten White woman is “spoiled” and deserving of abuse.  The emotional genocide of the White woman is near-complete, as the shrill voices of the self-proclaimed “oppressed” Inheritors of the Spoils of Affirmative Action and Thieves of Her Birthright bludgeon her further into oblivion.

The only “successful” “white” woman is a trans-man, with fake tits and an implanted audio device that jew-spews Stockholm Syndrome-Speak.

© 2015 Orwell’s Daughter

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Turds of “White” Nationalism (The Sequel)

by Marina Orwell


Maybe it’s all just part of JoMiLs’ uber-schyientific “evolutionary psychology”

It looks like that small cadre of barely-average jackals who call themselves “white” nationalists will continue to poop in their diapers, smear it all over themselves, and babble about “shitskins.”  This may seem all humorous-like to those of you who’ve been “initiated” into the behavior of these Joos Minus the Lucre (JoMiLs), but it’s awfully confusing n’ downright unnerving to most normal White Europeans.

It will just never dawn on JoMiLs that sane White Europeans avoid them with good reason — despite the fact that JoMiLs’ schizoid internal jabberer keeps insisting that It’s Dem All Pow’rful Joos who are keeping dem sheeple from their True Saviorz.  But, when you have absolutely nothing going for you but the belief that yer special and that all others are either “kwans” or “groids,” then yer internal tapestry very much resembles something hanging in a bonafide Kikenstein castle (only much less opulent, of course).

JoMiLs are fascinated with those few White European folk who, unlike themselves, aren’t radical egalitarians (this is why they insist on lurking on my little acre of this here Scribble n’ Bandit space).  Those of us of the véritable non égalitaire persuasion can fathom simple genetics and use yardsticks to measure it, such as actual achievements in the world (being a Legend in Yer Own Mind notwithstanding), intelligence level, productivity, etc. — and not the configuration of diddle-daddle and pubes.  JoMiL egalitarians, however — like their so-called liberal brethren — are authoritarians who cannot function without rigid yet arbitrary hierarchies based on El Testy Escroto, El Honcho Judio, or some other version of Le Pénis Infantile.  (I didn’t set out to do so, but I just described why the world is so extraordinarily effed up and why it will never change.)

she my doormat wit holes

She don’t mind gittin fucked as long as I call ‘er Honey. She my Doormat Wit Holes.

Usually JoMiLs merely lurk on my blog.  They know that I know that they’re “white” nationalists n’ as such I’m just one of their “guilty pleasures.”  They wouldn’t want their barrel-chested buddies (who typically either live with Mama n’ Papa or in the house bequeathed to them by el sire de la estúpida) thinking they were entranced with the likes of me — seeing as how I’m all puffed-up and human-like, defying — through my own efforts (fueled by die pristinely arischen Genen meiner Vorfahren) —  one of their most closely-cherished and self-serving “beliefs” — that Walking Uteri should function as their shitholes so that Le Cirque de Pénis can continue to run absolutely everything on the planet into the ground.

I don’t mind playing along — after all, this here Judenschmutzhof is just chock full of pretense n’ skullduggery, but even my stalwart stomaco da struzzo has its limits.  Thus, I was irritated to find that after scrubbing the thing clean last night, heute morgan I found the old jooglecoffer again crammed with jackalpuke.


When JoMiL Doormats with Holes spread their psychopuke, they magically keep it from ever touching their Massahs.  (Fer more general info on FDH — female branch of Da Herd — & what fuels their Bolsheviki-like bitchiocrity, go here)

Oy, how these “very exacting” minds of authoritarian JoMiLs (it’s redundant, I know) operate — like Käfige voller Poop und Wahnsinn — just waiting for a sucker like me to open the door.  (Since interacting with these types, I have a better understanding of the “pink stuff” in Dr. Seuss).

In short, I’m not overawed by the sludge pouring forth from parrotomatic gynospitters.

It would seem that my non-pre-fitted-and-bundled neurogambolry is anathema to those who need clearance from Da Herd before engaging the corroded retrochunk atop their décolletage.  Emotion — ever at the wheel of Da Herd’s carriage instead of reasoning — prefers to encourage the unhinged & puerile (because afterall, weakness and chinwaggery appeals to its inner donkey).  But then, JoMiLs never tire of chasing their tails.

JoMiLs don’t want to create a White European nation of course — they merely want to take a spin in Ye Olde Talmudic Time Machine (as brought to them by Joolywood and Heebison Avenue) — back to a time when they imagine that the Culpritic pasture was all green n’ plush n’ inviting.  An older version of this here talmudipooped world would be quite comfortable for them — after all, their esprit has been thoroughly pickled in Joolywood, Krisstiannity and other Culpritic brine — and, like all authoritarians, they lack the creativity and foresight necessary to imagine a world sans Pox Judaica.  

They can’t see it, and they can’t smell their own diapers.  They are ohne die Sinne, sans les sens, stunad.  Since this little layer of kosherized Kinderspeilspew will continue to stand in our way — White people are going to have to hold our noses and step over JoMiL on our way to El Gran Estadio Judío.

© 2014 Orwell’s Daughter

Male JoMiLs are fond of calling blacks “niggers” but as usual, the thinking person must observe actions, not words.  The real niggers have always been the more intelligent, more highly-educated, more productive and less expensive 51%.  This fact is obvious to any non-biased observer, but since that probably doesn’t include you, here’s just one concrete and very telling example:  The “white” man gave black males the vote, leaving their genetic equals (not quite true, going by statistics, and as even a cursory glance at their oddly-defective chromosomes reveal to any unbiased eye — but let’s not quibble here) to fight, tooth and nail for 50 long years before White women finally tore it from their “nigger” loving hands.  

It’s the penis — even a purple one — that these defective dullards hold dear.  It is as irrational a luv as their belief that a Jewboi died on a cross fer their “sinz,” or any number of absurdities — but irrationality’s surname is Peckerwood.  Every Doormat with Holes knows it (though few ever really talk back to Massah).

You Walking Uteri who are still capable of thinking for yourselves ought to ponder deeply what Rule by the Testosterone-Crazed has meant, and what the future holds as it stampedes unabated (also ponder yer own complicity via your own laziness). While yer at it, might as well really let the reality of the above-noted suffrage scenario sink in.

As fer the rest of you: Oy! It’s time fer ya’ll to grab yer scrotum, screech about “feminism,” and gather fer a penis party (AKA circle jerk).

More on JoMiLs (no pun intended):

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Evolutionary Chutzpah (a brief primer on how the “white” male has convinced most people that the irrational is the rational, and more specifically — that schyience is science).

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Earth’s Intellectual Demographic Catastrophe

by Marina Orwell

This here life expedition is so chock-full of in-yer-face-yet-ignored whackodynamics du troupeau, that I have at my disposal a bottomless Barrel O Idiocy to inform my research and augment my creative endeavors.

One fascinating Insignien der Herde is the stalwart defense of whatever they themselves do, especially when their heroischen Lebenserfahrungen are comprised of animal impulses or inclinations fit für ein Schwein.  They’ll even put their boozy tripe forward as “the best” option for everyone else on the planet.  Indeed, these scum-guzzling trilobites will go so far as to insist that El Honcho Judio said so.

images (15)Basically, bottom-feeder lemmings’ self-protecting irrationality translates to something like this:  “I was too lazy and/or stupid to endure the protracted and arduous schlep required to become a doctor or other highly-trained professional.  Therefore I should be set above doctors because they’re just quacks anyway” and/or “I’m a lazy slag who netted myself a Mealticket.  Therefore upscale whoring is the biggest and best thing anyone can do.”  You get the idea.  I call it the “shoot low like I did” syndrome (SLLID).

Naturally there are several variations of SLLID.  One is the “I’m a SLLID, therefore you must also be a SLLID” (SLLID by proxy, or SLLID-BP).  One trope that SLLID-BP dickheads like to put forward is: “I’m a SLLID so all women have to be SLLIDs too.  To this end, every woman must be forced to raise the spawn of a dickhead like myself.”  One that SLLID-BP fembots put forward is:  “I was too much of a lollygagging trollop to do much else than spread my legs for whatever bifkin would have me.  Now I’m a reckless brood mare.  Therefore women who aren’t Prostitutas el converto de Espousa are evil feminists who want to kill 6 million Whiggers.”  (Note that the hypocritoblather of this particular variation of SLLID is always aimed at women.  This isn’t surprising, since Uteri-on-Legs will naturally be targets of SLLIDering by both Dickheads and their conjoined compadres, Doormats with Holes).

article-2255947-16BD6B82000005DC-958_634x422Another SLLID variation is “I’m not only a SLLID, I’m the absolute dregs of SLLID. Therefore, the best defense of my SLLIDiest behavior is a good offense” (SLLID-SLUDGE).  A good example of SLLID-SLUDGE are SLLIDs who’ve been married multiple times.  Remember when divorce was considered offensive?  Well, thanks to the radical egalitarianism of SLLID-SLUDGEs, it’s now esprit de lemmings (especially among the con-servative sludgocrites).  Don’t like the fembot or dickhead you married?  No problem; SLLIDs protect their own.  After all, SLLIDzillas would already be nearly bred out of the population if everyone was reinforced to do their best instead of their worst.  Unfortunately, the perverted schlomfoolery of the past 50 years has enabled SLLIDzillas to be the most prolific breeders.

I find the number of SLLIDs who’ve been married more than twice quite, shall we say, curiosamente informativo.  Seriously, folks, these are people who are advertising that they are not only unstable, but that they are the lowest form of prostituée désespérée.  Yet you’ll find SLLID-SLUDGE con-servatives squawking about abortion etc. — all while they themselves are Hos Extraordinaire.  Naturally plain vanilla SLLIDs defend the hypohocritical activities of SLLID-SLUDGEs because all SLLIDs are attracted to — and want everyone else to join them in their quest for — the lowest common denominator.

You may say that there are those who are well-educated (or who otherwise didn’t aim for the lowest branch of the tree) that also claim that their choices in life are the very best ones to be made.  While this may be a disagreeable habit, it does not at all qualify as SLLID behavior (because SLLIDs shoot low then insist that their choice is the best and most honorable one).

An example is a father who wants his son to become a doctor like himself.  Well, given that his progeny possesses stamina and intelligence (this is often not the case as I partially discussed here), what he does is the opposite of SLLIDing.  What the father does may be wrong for other reasons, but he is not SLLIDing his son by wanting him to shoot high.  This does not, however, preclude the same father from SLLIDing his daughter (in fact, it’s usually the case that daughters are SLLIDed by both non-SLLID and SLLID parents alike — a lamentable scenerio that’s hastened la estampida de los idiotas considerably).

Unfortunately, SLLIDs now comprise the vast majority of people (a Venn diagram of SLLIDs and lemmings would almost perfectly overlap).  This represents a mammoth demographic change over the past 50 years.  Whereas lemmings have always been by far the biggest demographic, SLLIDs used to be in the minority.

hazaña de idiotass

Not all that long ago, people who couldn’t (for whatever reason) attain more than a low to middling standing in the foothills at least respected those who were able to go the full nine yards to the mountaintop.  They understood that without the high climbers, the rest would still be dying in droves of scarlet fever and the like (thanks to the retard arrogante of SLLIDs, today humanity is again being exposed to diseases that had been previously been eradicated).

2976733183_5cccf5b8eeSLLIDs’ numbers are now so great that they are actually taking us all on a quick tour de force de crétins — right back to the middle ages.  Even more alarming is the fact that SLLIDs are now joining forces with SCUM (shysters and business criminals who are as ignorant as SLLIDs are, but love the big bucks they can filch because of the dumbassadocious paranoia of SLLIDs).

Now that the vast majority of people are SLLIDs, and they’ve joined forces with Culpritic SCUM, humans are on the fast track back to feudalism — except that in lieu of emaciated, hardworking peasants we now have undereducated-and-proud fatass SLLIDs.  (Personally after I retire I’ll be referring all SLLIDs to Oprah for help).

Eugenics was the boat humanity missed over 100 years ago.  Now all we can do is spare innocent children from this Titanic Meisterwerk der Idioten.

© 2014 Orwell’s Daughter

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Once, Twice, Three Times An Egalitarian

by Marina Orwell

The roots of bolshebullshit run extraordinarily deep.  One could argue, quite correctly, that the foundations go all the way back to the first stirrings of the judeochristianislamoculpritic complex.  Goyim belief in a kosher god did, at the very least, provide fertile ground for further entrechodebraino talmuplague.  After all, if goyim could be cowed by a make-believe Sheeny in the Sky, then narratives spun by Joolywood — especially if introduced gradually — would be doddle in comparison.  Television was the vehicle whereby the Culpritics achieved total control of the goyim, and by 1965 nearly all American households had one.

media culpritics3In the 1960s Heeb de Corp already long controlled the press, and were well on their way to having a complete stranglehold on the visual media (which was stolen from Edison and other White men who created 100% of the science and technology behind moving pictures — and dragged as far as their stubby bifkin legs could carry them while still remaining on the North American continent.  As usual, International Schnozoleum put up the cash so that “poor” little Culpritics could buy up gobs of cheap land that would later become the Joolywood-Brainwashing-Complex.  If you want to induce vomiting, listen to the uberaffluent progeny of these thieves reminisce about how poor rhinogargantuan grandpa struggled to begin his filthy enterprises in what was to become Joolywood.)  But I digress.

Anyway, all of humanity (except for the Snoutentots, of course) have had their brains bloodied with the cherry at the top of a shit sundae — radical egalitarianism.  From the time of Joolywood’s first egalimessiah up to the present day pukefest of various runners-up for most disgusting and least talented Mixumracesauruses, Mao d’Snipcock has been broadcasting schlomfoolery 24/7.

As peroxided & talmudified as ever, Struthers is now a lush working on a criminal record.

As peroxided & talmudified as ever, Struthers is now a lush working on a criminal record.

Heebspew’s salad days began in real earnest with the 1971 debut of All in the Family, which introduced much of its trademark yidspittle.  Whereas Meathead was the ever-informed pundit of all-that-Culpritics-wanted-to-ram-down-goyim-throats, his wife Gloria was a peroxided moron who applied paint to her face with a spackle knife.  She wailed like a toddler on nearly every show, while providing eye candy to male viewers with her juvenile miniskirts (simultaneously informing female viewers that perhaps they too needed cumbersome udders in order to oblige the banal Mr. Winkie, who was already thoroughly talmudified via his compleat addiction to the “wares” of Joolywood starlet-hos).

AITF-screenshot-300x217Although Archie was portrayed as a working-class fucktard too stupid to fathom his son-in-law-cum-guru, at least he was permitted to hold his own opinions.  Edith, on the other hand, was the ultimate jackassalope.  She not only took orders from her daughter and her daughter’s boss, she’d actually chosen to be el stupido de bigoto’s maid, cook, brood mare, and whipping post.  Even the commercial breaks were a platform for teaching misogynistic jewversity.  From instructing women on schnauzemtastic fucktuffetry, to pounding it into their heads that they were born to be geishas who merrily scrubbed toilets — Heebison Avenue (a branch of the joolywood-Gynoindustrial complex) has not only created “femininity,” it’s made trillions doing so — all while causing irreparable damage to the psyches of women and men alike.

However, Joolywood and Heebison Avenue were only the latest in a series of gynobrainwashing schemes throughout humanity’s gendercheckered history.  Due to the fact that what is laughingly referred to as “civilization” is merely a zoo for male gorillas (more about that in another post), women have had egalitarianism forced down their throats for at least as long as recorded history.  After all, we Uteri-on-Legs are all pretty much the same and interchangeable, aren’t we?  (Don’t believe me?  Just see how quickly Mr. Bitter Divorcee finds another Doormat With Holes after you leave him.)

tv statsThat’s not to say that progress hasn’t been made with Big Jew Brother at the helm of White Europeans’ Ministry of Education.  Women who were once considered mere Walking Uteri are now widely thought of as Tits ‘Tween a Trio (of holes).  It’s this extra helping of ubersadomasochristowhore brainwashing which makes most womens’ egalitarianism intractable.  They may claim to be feminist, they may claim to be white nationalists — but deep down or not-so-deep-down they are radical egalitarian fembots.

Because nearly 100% of people have been thoroughly brainwashed by Heebspew (both by Big Jew Bro as well as yidreligiosity), it’s not surprising that most women believe that they’re inferior.  Therefore, they usually don’t have the nerve to spew their egalicrap at males, but they have no qualms about democrapping on other females.  If you’re a doctor, they’ll insist on calling you by your first name (I call this the “Professor & Maryann” Syndrome).  If you aren’t a cocksucking dependent like they are, they’ll try their best to drive a stake through your reputation.  If they perceive you as in any way superior to themselves (which frankly isn’t a status that is at all difficult to achieve), they’ll be the first to spread their cuntaphernalia against you.  In fact, they’ll do everything within their skankofungal power to try to maintain that, like them, you’re just a Trio O Holes.

The female branch of Da Herd (FDH) also loves to pander to the lowest common denominator, but with a twist.  For the most part, FDH will lick even the scrawniest balls but they’ll never truly respect another woman (aka “she’s just tits and ass like me, who does she think she is?”).  FDH will never admit another woman is smarter, more talented, or more highly educated than themselves (ironically, they usually only compliment women who are as catty, ignorant, & cockpleasing as they are — so to the untrained eye, they appear to be bestowing “genuine” compliments).

radical femininityI know this is hard for men who have to deal with FDH to fathom, but their treatment of you is d’or compared with the way FDH treat women who don’t fit into their very exacting (if only in its bitchiocrity) hoof prints.

Members of FDH don’t trust each other, and who can blame them?  But they don’t trust men either.  In fact, if males could be flies on the wall of a kitchen quartering a bonafide hens’ clutch, you would find out what these dyed-in-the-wool-purveyors-of-“femininity” really think about men.  Fembots use you, despise you behind your dumbhairyass back, and spit you out if they’re paintedtitsasstalmidifiedcocksucking enough to catch a better barse (just as you deserve, for fully endorsing “femininity,” and all its perverted, heebopornographic “charms.”)

Egalitarianism is now so pervasive that there is probably less than 1% of the population of the U.S. who aren’t fully or near-fully indoctrinated by it.  To give an example beyond the terminally “feminine” — the so-called “truth” movement (just that supercilious name gives a clue as to their psychology) loves to peck to death all and everything they have absolutely no knowledge of.  They find “experts” (i.e. charlatans who are either just as ignorant as they are in the subject at hand, or ex-professionals who lost their standing due to fraud, etc.) to back up their intellectual fart noises.  After all, if possessors-of-fifth-grade-reading-comprehension can research history and other liberal arts, why not take on highly technical subjects in the same manner?  To egalitarian-minded ignoramuses, all subjects are equal to their pedestrian musings.

It’s a fascinating psychological phenomenon, and one that’s tearing down Western traditions (e.g. medical science) from one end while the Corporashysterbizcriminal complex has already devoured the other.  The latter group of pillagers at least have a rational, if distasteful objective: power and money.  The former have nothing but vanity as their motive; their full-blown radical egalitarianism makes them believe that they can “debate” about any issue (even — and especially — those requiring a decade or more of technical training).  Thus, females may have been uberdosed with the disease of egalitarianism, but the whackodynamics involved in the egalitarianism of near-exclusively-male “truthers” is nothing less than spectacular.


“Femininity” made me filthy rich. It also brainwashed White dickheads into giving me & mine the vote 50 years before White women (w/o even having to fight for it like the women had to.  Also, don’t think that your women haven’t noticed y’all would rather have someone like me in the White House than someone like them ;o)

I’ll end this humble intro to a vast topic by saying that, despite detesting the way 99.9% of women cowtow to dickheads in one way or another, I still give them more credit than the herd o male jackal who actually believe that women were put here to cook, clean, breed, and be fucked for your benefit — all with that plastic 24/7 unismile women have been trained since birth to wear.  Because males benefit far more from the massive indoctrination techniques we have all been exposed to, their own programming (including egalitarianism) is even more incalcitrant.

Men love to complain about women, but you wouldn’t want them to be any other way.  After all, if women actually shed their egalifembotization, they’d immediately stop believing that they were born to be a sexslave class, and that would never do, would it?  Because no matter how much you may moan and groan about the Culpritics, it never really gets that bad for you, does it?  As long as you believe you have the right to stick your schlong wherever you please, to make substantially more money doing the same job as FDH, to expect a fembot to not only bring home the bacon, but to be your maid, cook, fucktoy and mommy, as long as you believe that your Big Daddy in the Sky is a penis-wielder like yourself who also wanks to abuse against women — you will remain packed tight in the Big Kosher Barrel O Idiots — just where you belong.

© 2014 Orwell’s Daughter

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Tastes Just Like Chicken!

Tastes just like chicken!

Tastes just like chicken!

by Marina Orwell

At the request of a “follower” who cannot discern WN bitchez (WNB) from their Culpritic overlords, I’ve prepared a brief compare/contrast to aid in this difficult, often “unpalatable” task.

Overall, WNB smell just like glatt kosher beef — without the spices (i.e. money & power), but taste just like chicken.  The following are some of the “ingredients” that make WNB such a ham-fisted (do pardon the pun) concoction.  Although I don’t necessarily recommend it, it is safe for even you kosher vegans out there to utilize when you need a mild laxative:

  • WNB tend to have authoritarian personalities, meaning, among other things, that everyone must conform to their blindered, extremely narrow field of vision.  WNB make Mao and Stalin look like highly successful libertarians.  Even the Culpritics allow a wider worldview.  I warn you: Their intellectual glaucoma can be contagious.
  • WNB tend to blame everyone else for their own dungheap.  Unlike the Culpritics, they haven’t figured out how to not keep soiling their own diapers & thus sitting in their own poop.  It is distinctly malodorous when they’re around, despite the fact that they’ll insist that their shit doesn’t smell.
  • Being somewhat inbred (in their “thinking” at least), WNB lack the typical creativity so often seen in White European people.  So, they mostly just recycle other people’s work.  Unlike the Culpritics, they don’t even “borrow” for the money or some greater “purpose,” but rather to engage in a ritualized circlejerk.
  • Unlike the Culpritics, WNB have no interest in tribalism beyond their own little group of talmudified authoritarians. Like ingrown toenails, they are useless and unsightly but in the grand scheme of things, they are just niggling piffle piles.  In an effort to “puff up” their otherwise pitiful selves, these ingrown toenails grandiosly believe that they are a major organ system.  They accuse anyone who disagrees with them of being a jew who wants to persecute them.  Smells just like Aunty Culpritic bacon to me.
  • Unlike the Culpritics, WNB take great delight in relegating 51% of their race to the proverbial shithole.  While Culpritic women are given golden parachutes to the top of every institution (while masquerading as “White” of course), WNB screech that dem White wimmins keep taking the jobs of dem undereducated-but-proud “White” men.  This leads to the basic difference between these very similar groups:
  • In keeping with their their very efficient plan to keep chasing their own tails, WNB hate White women more than any other group (going by actions, not words), with Black males being a close second.  This is nothing new, and history proves the point. For example, White men gave the vote to Black men but left White women out in the cold to have to fight relentlessly for 50 more years to attain the suffrage that “White” males gave to Black men gratis.  It’s no wonder that WNB wish to keep “playing dumb” re actual facts.  Rather, they continue in the lie that the Culpritics “created” feminism, and that the talmudified, ersatz “feminism” from the 1960s onwards is the same as the feminism created by White women — when even a cursory look at history reveals what a ridiculous theory that is.  White feminists accomplished the near-impossible against ridiculous odds (including “law” that wrote them in as mere chattel); can’t blame women-hating WNB chickens for fearing that.

I hope this helps.  But if you’re still in doubt, leave ’em a comment suggesting that White women have “abandoned” the White man (for who else but their imaginary nemesis, the Black man) because of the latter’s schlong-endowedness.  Then sit back & wait for the WNB “chimp out.”

To be continued, possibly.

© 2014 Orwell’s Daughter

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Part 2 of 3: Pro”White” Is a Code Word for Women-Hating Males

by Marina Orwell

(back to Part I)                                                                (on to Part III)

Continuing on…

Marina Orwell:  Carolyn, I could regale you w/hours of stories about life on youtube w/the herd o’jackals & why I chose to stop letting them beat me up — but who cares? I reiterate: If I cared about what men think, I’d certainly not openly call myself a feminist (need I say it — in the pretalmudic sense of this term). After all, feminism/woman’s rights is the “last hurrah” when it comes to so-called “free” speech. All men gang up against it/women & try to silence us — men of all races & political stripes — when they’re not watching jew porn via jew cable, that is. 

his thang

The only reason I made videos was to reach out to other rational, educated (but still nonjewwise) Whites. Since the Herd repeatedly hindered my attempts to do this, why continue to waste my time? I think I could already qualify as a masochist after 2.5 yrs. of it.

When someone like me tries to do the difficult work of reaching out to “mainstream” Whites (via time-consuming works of art, I might add), I am beat to a bloody pulp by male WN extremists. I do not want a country that’s ruled by radical (that is, high on testosterone) not-so-bright little dudes — or populated by White people who all think along the same narrow track, for that matter. Diversity among White people IS a strength, but it is banished everywhere in WN. I think that I echo the opinion of the majority of White people when I say that I reject this narrow range.

As for the remarks made re my interview — I remember being censored after responding to a rude little dude who made much of my VERY LOW KEY remarks about feminism (like I said, talking openly about male’s irrationality when it comes to simple genetics is the final frontier — that Little Dude would have had a conniption fit had the interview actually been about feminism and/or actual facts about so-called gender). Really, the irrationality of most White males quite nicely mirrors that of the Culpritics but since they have consensual validation on their side (on the surface, at least), I don’t see this critical flaw being rectified in near enough time to stem complete Culpritic rule. After all, it’s the result of a much bigger, lengthier & more complex brainwashing campaign than even that of something like the Holohoax.

Anyway, I still make vids, but I have a private viewer list on youtube — the majority of whom are White males BTW (they too are sick to death of the antics of Herd O’Jackals & express many of the same sentiments toward WN as I do because of it). Meanwhile, the stripes on my back are nearly healed up but the scars will be there for a long time to come.

Carolyn Yeager: Marina – A very good comment. I did not realize that what you went through in posting your videos to Youtube was that bad and prolonged. Are you sure a lot of what you call a “herd of WN jackels” were not really jews pretending to be WN’s? I did recommend Tru-Tube to you, but you didn’t like them either.

Marina Orwell:  I possess the well-honed jewdar that you can only get from being trolled for years on Poohtube (I was making anti-Israhell vids before making pro-White vids).  Additionally, it’s pathetic but true – most White males are dolefully transparent.  In comparing the abuse of both groups (Culpritics & “White” males), it’s really hard to say which one is the most irrational.  It’s a tie (& this is what most White woman have decided, whether explicitly or implicitly).

It wasn’t about “like” & “dislike” but strategy.  Trutube attracts only die-hard “anti-semites.”  Further, the site had been hacked early on; I received repeated messages from Israelis via my Trutube account.  But the main reason Trutube didn’t appeal to me is that I had no reason to preach to the choir.

This is a point that you just don’t seem to understand, Carolyn, since your purpose is very different than mine.  You preach to the choir (as does everyone else except for me, as far as I could see); for what I was doing this is a complete waste of time.  

Also, almost all of my work was copyrighted & was plainly labeled as such.  I can’t tell you how many times little dudes ignored my requests, copied my work, & placed it on Trutube, right on youtube (what crass little codswallopers ;o) or elsewhere.  They wouldn’t even credit me (NEVER, I might add, did they credit me for my own work – how’s that for odds?  You can’t even say that the Culpritics are comprised of 100% swindlers).  It was perfectly clear that these faceless, voiceless pussies were only trying to attract the herd o’jackals to their talentless, contemptible, kleptomaniacal selves.

A large percentage of “pro-White” males attempt intellectual rape when it’s clear they don’t have a typically-compliant walking vagina in their midst who’ll bow & scrape to their every (unreasonable & undeserved) demand.  (To those who would protest that they don’t count themselves among this herd o’jackals, I say to you:  Your silence is consent. Your silence says one thing: You are a bonafide member of the herd o’jackals.  Enjoy your extended homoerotic circle jerk).

Mike Delaney was always good about taking down the vids when I requested it, by the way, but it was just another pain in the butt thing that I was sick to death of being forced to do (in case it isn’t clear – I was doing all this while working 60+ hrs. a week, unlike the vast majority of these lollygaggers).  Wanting to have control over one’s own work is a request that even a child could understand & comply with – but not the “White man” – at least if the request is made by a woman.  Nothing is ever enough – no amount of time, no amount of caring – to fill up what ails these unbalanced “men.”

Carolyn Yeager: As to me censoring your comment in reply to the “rude little dude” — you are right to still be peeved about that. I should not have done it. But at the time, it struck me as way over the top. I was seeing all these guys write in right away, praising the program and asking that I have you back again, so I didn’t want you to ruin their good reaction to you. I was “controlling the situation,” yes. So now I let you say whatever you want, and the guys can also say whatever they want to you.

Marina Orwell:  I don’t blame you, really, for censoring.  Firstly, it’s your right as the creator of your space (unlike these hypocritical little dudes, I am not a radical egalitarian).  Secondly, if you are to get along w/the mulish hypocrite you refer to as your “partner,” gawd knows you’ll have to tiptoe through the tulips somewhat.

I will note, though, that even if my remark was similar in “rudeness intensity” to the little dude’s (which it most certainly was not), I would have thought that someone who took the time to be interviewed — & who was also spending hundreds of hours actually doing something to help the cause — would have easily deserved more credence than a mere faceless, voiceless pussy.

But such is the deep roots of misogyny.  It’s a sad state of affairs when even highly intelligent & accomplished women are held in lower esteem than moronic, bombastic, undereducated & trumped-up little walking penises.

Ken: Dear Marina,

There does seem to be truth to the popular saying that “Anti Racism is a code word for Anti White”, just as I might add that in many cases “Feminism” seems to be a code word for “Anti-Male” or Misandry.

Am I a “Misogynist” for telling the truth about the sexes? Am I a “Racist” for telling the truth about the races? Am I a “Anti-Semite” for telling the truth about Jews? Who cares, for I only care about the Truth not what name someone calls me.

The only goal, career or lifestyle one should strive for is helping to raise and provide for a healthy Aryan family. Its not about YOU but about our CREATION, our CHILDREN.

Marina Orwell:  Pro“White” males like “Ken” adore “Just So” stories.  This is an old expression, but it well illustrates their characteristic irrationality.  “It’s this way just because I say it’s so & my buddies who are just like me also say it’s so.”  That’s the crux of a “Just So” story; circulus in probando à la Da Herd.  For practice, see if you can spot a few of the myriad “Just So” yarns woven into “Ken’s” invective.

I didn’t edit this comment out so as to give an example to the Reader of the superciliousness of a typical “pro-White” male.  It never occurs to him that his comments are inane.  However, he expects those w/thrice his intellectual capacity to “swoon” over his “profound revelations.”  Further, these types will often become belligerent if ignored — let alone put in their duly-earned, mediocre place ;o)

Now just imagine “Ken’s” repetitive, inane diatribes & multiply it by several thousand – this gives a flavor of how da Herd politely “argues” – irritating enough, but on Poohtube & elsewhere it’s a no-holds-barred Misogynyathon.

John /NotYet:  Marina, you would have to undergo a frontal lobotomy before you could be on par with these jackasses.  Really, if they were able to understand the concept of “just so” stories, they wouldn’t be the ignoramuses that they are.

Charles:  Carolyn, Can you suggest a good book on the “real roots of feminism,” as Marina Orwell referred to in one of her replies to you? How to perceive it apart from the Jewish influence?

Thank you.

Marina Orwell:  This is like asking for “a book” on WWII, except that the history of feminism is far larger since it encompasses half of the White race across many centuries.   

I do appreciate what I perceive as actual interest, though, Charles.  Forgive me for answering your question; I doubt that Carolyn would or could do so since she’s basically being censored by the mulish “Tanstaafl” ;o)  There’s plenty of material but there is no book specifically on pretalmudic feminism.  Therefore you have to dig a bit (unlike the Lazyboned-but-Know-It-All Billy Pierce), but if you are able to add 2 plus 2 — with even a little research, it should become crystal clear that dem dar joos didn’t “create” feminism.  

I’ll suggest 2 books; both can be had free online:

Eighty Years and More: Reminiscences, 1815-1897 by Elizabeth Cady Stanton.  I suggest this one because Mrs. Stanton was a feminist, wife & mother whose writing ability may knock your socks off (if only because we’ve become so quasi-illiterate today).  Although Stanton was a pillar of the feminist movement, this book is not about “feminism” per se.  It is something of an autobiography & you’ll be treated to accounts of day-to-day American life during the 1800s.  I choose this one because I think you’d enjoy it from many perspectives & because at the very least it should convince you that feminism was created by & for White women.

For a more “full frontal feminism,” also from the 18th century, I suggest The Subjection of Women by John Stuart Mill.  Read it & see how far the White male has fallen.

(Marina’s note: Ms. Yeager chose to not publish my thoughtful comment to Charles.  After all, who needs facts in the so-called “truth” movement, especially when facts may dissuade rational people from believing what the anti-women “patriots” & especially WN jackals want to believe?)

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“Pro White” is Code for Hating on White Women

You can comment here if you wish:  Your Commentary on “White” Nationalism.  You can actually find commentary about what real White people think about these faggots (& their few-and-far-between dumb cunts) all over my blog.  They are despised by everyone, but they are too autistic and stupid to GTFO of the way.

Welcome to all the White people who have found the only place (here & on jootube) where White women are considered to be part of the conversation about “White people.”  Welcome especially to White women — with apologies — as some of you are just discovering how very much most “white” males hate you and/or how little they care about your present, past, or future.  

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