Letter from a Reader (WiMPfas in a Nutshell)

Sometimes readers’ comments are worth publishing for all to see.  I couldn’t say it any better myself:

Dear Marina:

I’m a long time reader of your work. I’m glad to see you are active again. I’m sorry to hear about your channel – it’s a great loss. I hope you can manage to reupload the videos somewhere else. I wish I could some ideas, but all the alternatives I can think to youtube are dailymotion at most. I used to know some good competitors to jewtube back in the day, but of course, they went OY VEY SHUT THE COMPETITION DOWN. If I happen to come across some other platform where your/our rights to freedom of speech are minimally respected, I’ll love to inform you. Your monologues and your videos are a great loss not only to White Women, but for all the peoples of European origin. White male pussyfaggots cannot be trusted in the lead of the preservation of our peoples, and they only keep proving it, over, and over again, with their faggotry ways that never, ever fix anything, and only add more problems and more reasons for kikes to attack whites. Only race-conscious White Women are actually trustworthy.

And that brings me to my next point. I guess you must most likely heard about the mass shooting perpetrated in New Zealand by a lone “white” male in a mosque. Apparently this guy made a thread on 8chan announcing his intentions, and proceed to stream himself shooting down in real time not directly Orcs as the one who raped and beheaded those two poor girls months ago, as any actual sane White Man would do if they were actually honest in their stand, but… To a bunch of unarmed civillian women and children. Muslim, but still, unarmed, and civilian. The videos are online, he even played some upbeat music in the background, as if it was some sort of “meme” video. I heard he even shot down, and then run over a bystander white woman who was crying for help and the end of the video. I don’t have the guts to watch such savagery with my own eyes; but of course, the pack of hyennas that are his fellow Whine “Nationalists” were cheering up at the stream and endorse him as a martyr and a hero.

Unlike WiMPfas — who always rejoice at the rape, torture, & murder of White women & girls — orcs worldwide are complaining & making a fuss even more than usual over “terrorism” (which, of course, was originally created by their fellow sandnigs, Da Jewz, & has been carried out dozens of times against White Europeans by mudlims) Oy Vey, the irony.

When I heard the news, I couldn’t help but to remember about how much you talked about white male pussyfaggots. They are no simple meme or joke. It is a real problem of the white race – these emasculated “men”, who think that by creating mass panic and taking out their anger indiscriminately against a target (*always* a female target, or a extremely vulnerable one, like a young child. White Women are the number 1 victims simply by a matter of accessibility, and because we have mostly assimilated this reality through generations of mind programing; but when we are not accessible to their savagery, they will take it out on anyone who isn’t a stronger male who can fuck them up. Fucking coward pussies is what they are) instead of actually growing a pair of fucking balls and organizing themselves to tackle the actual problem. I’m still to see an honest fucking male who actually rises with initiative to organize resistance, or some movement, or tries to fix something – not or out of rage, or grudge, or out of emotional childish impulses; at most, males act out of greed to achieve power, or money, or easier access to women’s bodies, or to inflate their oversized egos. It’s always women who organize things while these animalistics, subhuman turds take the merit, or otherwise they do this sort of bullshit this manchild did. I am extremely angry at this mess, this only will fuel the kikemedia about how white people were terrorizing muslims too all along, and Orcs are little sweet victims! All thanks to one white male pussyfaggot who couldn’t stick his dick to some toy and had to take his childish emotional outrage to the real world. Lucky women were the “emotional” ones and we have to be saved by these “””rational””” turds, huh! I’m tired of manchildren. I’m tired of males being pathetic. Many radical feminists have guaranteed males are obsoleted – and the most I have to deal with them, I realize they are right.

Sorry for this small rant, I already saw some moronnials in social media pushing the rethoric of whitey being bad already. This whole incident feels like such a ridiculous amount of bullshit I’m really wondering if it isn’t some sort of falseflag or psyop. I want to know if you were thinking about writing about this whole mess, and what’s your take on it.

Kind regards, hope you are well.

My take is pretty much the same as yours.  I’d only add two disparate ideas.

(Keep in mind that I only heard about this “through osmosis” since I am a media dropout.  I have literally not seen or read any actual reports.  In fact, the first I’ve seen of the shooter, etc. is right now looking for photos for this blog post. So these are just my “knee-jerk” reactions.)

First, I don’t think that giving orcs some of their own medicine is necessarily a bad thing.  To me, what’s bad about it is that it was only a dumbkunt WiMPfa trying to make his 1.5 ounces of flesh hard.  I’m not against organized, intelligent “medication dosing” of our enemies.  I think this is what you are saying as well.

However, as long as WiMPfas continue their autistic circle-jerking, the Culpritics will only gain more power (and we’re a million miles away from intelligent organization).  Additionally, at this point I don’t think anything can stop what was set in motion hundreds of years ago.  As total Jew Rule gets closer, the process is speeding up more and more.  Thus, even if WiMPfas had some kind of collective “Ah Ha” moment — and given that there were enough of us racially-aware,–non-cocksucking White women who even cared to help them — it’s questionable whether this big, slime-covered, jew-hewn boulder could be stopped on it’s roll over what’s left of Western Civilization.

Thank you for your excellent comments (and thanks to everyone else who left comments).

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Who’s More Detestable? WiMPfas or Orcs?

I just heard about the rape, torture, and beheading of two young Scandinavian women in Dec. 2018.  

In trying to locate the video that the male muzzie orcs made while torturing and beheading these White women, I came across some utter filth written by a typical Moronnial WiMPfa (white male pussy faggot) on one of the most women-hating sites on the internet (and that’s saying something, since there’s a slew of competition).  The faggot goes by “pomidor” (he cannot write a decent sentence, so I understand why he’s not ‘fessing up to his real name).

Fatazz “white” “nationalist” Moronnials hate White women more than any other group

Fag Pomidor piled more misogyny onto the already-horrific crimes, which allowed me to immediately zoom my mental lens out from the violence of orcs against White women to the bigger picture:  Who Created the Zoo and Who Applauds the Violence against White Women.

(By the way, in perusing other articles, it appears that the majority blame or otherwise hate these 2 beautiful White women — what a surprise.  I can only wish that every single person who went out of their way to blame these women for their own rape, torture, and beheading will suffer similar fates.  I mean it.  I hope each and every one is raped or sodomized, brutally tortured, and beheaded on camera.  Better yet — I hope it happens to yer precious sprockets, ya cold-hearted faggots and bitches.  This goes triple for “white” nationalist faggots and bitches).  

I would have arrived at this conclusion anyway — but this time I didn’t even have a minute to despise the orc males before recognizing (again) who snickers into his sleeve every time nonwhites do his dirty work.  It’s pointless to despise the shadows on the wall while ignoring the faggot puppeteer. 

Muzzies (and every other group of orc males) kill White women to get back at white males (they are too dumb to understand that they are actually giving white males a vicarious thrill by targeting White women, and they’re too cowardly to go ahead and target white males directly), whereas white males rape, torture, and kill White women for sport (and they have done for thousands of years).  Faggot Pomidor is just one of millions of white male pussies who long to rape, torture and kill White women.  Most of them just don’t have the nerve, so they circle jerk with fellow faggots online about how much they hate us.

Under 40 WiMPfas are worthless in every respect.  They know it deep down, which is why they lash out against the only group the entire world doesn’t care about: White women and girls.

Remember, White women:  No one hates you more than those who will never get over their jealousy of your superiority in every area (except physical violence and other negative traits). 

Read for yourself (and I use the word “read” jokingly, as it is just the twittertarded chickenscratch of an unemployed, below average (80-85 IQ) 30-to-40-something WiMPfa.  Also keep in mind that — because this faggot needed to pad his little screed so as to make it appear to be more than testo scritto da un faggot misogino, much of it was written by others.  I think you’ll be able to tell what parts were written by le petit pédé:

GRAPHIC: Video of Backpacking Shield-Maiden’s Beheading Posted in Shield-Maiden’s Mother Facebook

Pomidor Quixote
December 31, 2018

White women are used to getting people to solve their problems and all kinds of gibs just by spreading their legs. The video shows that that doesn’t work for non-whites.

Most white people can’t even fathom the idea of beheading a woman after raping her, let alone the idea of raping a woman.

For non-whites, on the other hand, the beheading is the main dish. Raping her? That’s just the entrée. Uh… no pun intended.


Uncensored images of the severed and partially severed heads of two Scandinavian tourists murdered in the Moroccan mountains have been plastered all over the Facebook page of one of their grieving mothers.

Good. Let them see what their Menstrual Wisdom gets them.

It is not clear if the images were taken by investigators or the killers but the horror development came after friends and family urged people not to watch a video showing the decapitation of one of the victims circulating online.

A graphic video purportedly showing Ms Jespersen’s throat being slit, which was viewed this morning by news.com.au, is still being widely shared on numerous social media platforms despite pleas for the footage to be removed.

In the video, two male voices can be heard shouting at the women in Darija (Moroccan Arabic) as one of the killers is seen sawing at Ms Jespersen’s neck with a large knife.

In a shocking development, the Facebook page of Ms Ueland’s mother Irene has been spammed with hundreds horrible images of her daughter’s slit throat and Ms Jespersen’s severed head.



You can watch the video (WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHICALhere. And here. Also here. And here.

Every white woman should watch that video and understand that everything they enjoy is because of white men. We’ve been protecting them and shielding them from these monsters for so long that they believe the monsters are not real.

The monsters are very real, and they’re coming.

Our women and weak men invited them.

We tell our children they shouldn’t talk to strangers because it’s not safe. Women are like children, and we’ve let strangers do whatever they please with them. Yes, they’re useless whores, but they’re useless whores because we allowed them to turn into useless whores. We allowed them to forfeit their utility and sterilize themselves, which removed their purpose and is a constant source of suffering for them despite how free they claim to be when childless.

No matter how drunk they get from their endless stream of orgasms, deep inside, they suffer miserably. They see us, white men, not doing anything to stop their descent to chaos. What do you think that does to their feeble minds?

If your family saw you self-destruct without trying to stop it, you’d think they don’t care about you. That they don’t love you. That you don’t matter. That they don’t care about you.

That’s what our women feel.

We have to stop ignoring their plea for help. That’s all their attention-seeking self-harm is, really. A plea for help.

They want to feel loved. They want to feel we care about them.

The way to show them we love them and we care about them isn’t to compromise with them, it isn’t giving them what they ask for verbally either. No. It’s about setting boundaries and taking care of them, just as good parents would take care of their children.

If we continue to turn a blind eye when they misbehave and if we continue to treat them as equals, they’ll continue to suffer.

If we don’t guide them, no one else will.

We have to save their souls.

End of Faggot ramblings


WiMPfas are incapable of loving anything other than themselves.  There is not one example of WiMPfas helping his Creators.  NOT ONE. 

He has helped every group of orc males and females though.  For those White women who have a knee-jerk reaction when I speak the truth — go ahead and give me ONE example where the WiMPfa has ever helped White women as a group.  I’ve been waiting for over 5 years on this here blog.  You won’t find such an example — and you know it. 

Stop lying to yerself, stop spreading yer legs and pretending to like a dick in you — grow the eff up.

Comment here


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Dark Emails Lead to True Luv

It all started with an email:

<joy.linda40@yahoo.com.ph> wrote:

Subject: l need your help

From madam linda Joy

Dearest friend,


I am Madam Linda Joy

I am Madam Linda Joy-a citizen of Philippine, widow, and legitimate heir to the late former Minister of finance who was assassinated for been working with the ex-president Joseph .E in Philippine.I inherited a total sum of 8.4 million dollarsfrom my late husband,

The pressure from my decease husband’s family for this money has compelled me to leave Manila and have the money which is concealed in a metallic trunk box is deposited with a security and finance company Togo Lome under a secret arrangement as a family treasure. This means that the security company does not know the content of this box that was shipped from the Philippine to Togo Lome under a diplomatic coverage.


Madam Linda Joy as a child in Manila

My purpose of asking for your assistance boil down to the fact that I don’t want my late husband’s family to be aware or name involve, and the deposit statement of the box authorized the company to make this box available for shipment on request only to my foreign business representative,though unnamed.Hence I want you to contact the the security company as my business partner / associate, after receiving the prove from me to enable the company release the consignment to you diplomatically, while I join you on the arrival of the box.

I have paid all demurrage ,storage charges and the shipment fee, all you need do is to help me contact the security company and introduce yourself as my business partner /associate ,requesting the shipment of the box to your address which you will provide. And as soon as Diplomatic shipping agent approved the shipment and tell you the arrival date of the box then I will join you to give you 20% of the money instantly before I go on with the proposedinvestment in your domain provided is secured and investment friendly. Please if you are interested and willing to represent me as my business partner / associate kindly write me as soon aspossible I awaits your urgent response.

Best wishes
Linda Joy


From Sir Ima Coon III

Dearest Madam Joy,


Sir Ima Coon

I am Sir Ima Coon III, citizen of New Jersey, letch, and illegitimate son of late former Grand Master of Culpritic Fraud who was assassinated for working with the ex-Grand Poomba of the Kike Jewz.

I inherited a whole lot more than you did — a total sum of 84.4 trillion dollars from my late lover the Distinguished Jamil Schlamazzel Peckerwood. The pressure from my deceased boyfriend’s family for this money has compelled me to leave Camden. The money, which is concealed in a Captain Crunch box wrapped tightly with metallic duct tape, is deposited with another Jew company, Westealumyergoldstein Pronto, under a secret arrangement as the family jewelz.

The Pronto Jewz believe that this box contains solid gold nuggets shaped like Lucky Charms. Like you, they believe that I would be stupid enough to fall for your Philistine Philipino Phelony. Hmm, maybe it’s the asian blood in both you and in the Jewz that make you lean towards criminality rather than productive work. Perhaps a criminal tendency is what ties all of us mud races together. I only know that your concocted bullcraporama has me pining for you like no other turd world scammer.

Aeta phillipino

Sir Ima Coon visits the Philippines

By the way, I know that you aren’t a woman at all but possess a penis, albeit a small asiatic one. I know because, as a fellow mud, I too use female names in my “ventures” because let’s face it — who gonna trust a dark brown flip or coon “brutha” about anything? So my dearest Madam Joy (how I love yer name) — I would be very happy indeed to pick up yer “box” and do all kinds of despicable things to it and inside it. Please my love respond to my urgent desire.

Your Servant,

Sir Ima Coon III




 A    H A P P Y    E N D I N G


Madam Linda Joy (center) & Sir Ima Coon (in gorilla suit to her right) march in Manila’s 2017 Gay Parade

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Neverending White Male Privilege

by Ensconcé Wertlos-les Noirs

Five teenage boys with White privilege were randomly attacked with acid by an oppressed black man in South Ockendon, England last week.  The boys were waiting for a traIn when the downtrodden black man sprayed them all with acid, blinding one boy, and permanently damaging the mouth and tongue of another, while the others simply suffered permanent scars to their face, neck, ears, and hands.

In typically Orwellian fashion, White commentators have labelled this man a “terrorist” (his name has still been withheld by authorities because he is black, so I will refer to him as LaDulmay hereafter).  They say that the attack was “unprovoked,” but these boys are White and thus inhabit a place of White privilege so that they provoke us by their very existence.  I would like to speak to the misconceptions presented by the obviously privileged White commentators.

"Just look at those blue eyes, white skin and once-perfect features of these oppressive White boys."

“Just look at those blue eyes, blond hair, white skin and once-perfect features of these oppressive White boys.”

Calling LaDulmay a terrorist in a moment when 300 Nigerians are being raped and terrorized daily by their fellow Nigerians is not only intellectually and politically irresponsible – it’s ill.

LaDulmay was being provocative, and I imagine that the provocation has to do with asking us to think about what kind of harm White privilege does to peeps of color.  Conflating the potential discursive and psychic violence that LaDulmay’s actual actions does with LaDulmay himself is irresponsible privilege-based theorizing.

Because he's black, the assailant's name has been kept secret so I will call him "LaDulmay"

Because he’s black, the assailant’s name has been kept secret so I will refer to him as “LaDulmay”

But I also read it as LaDulmay playing with the possibility and plasticity of his image.

Maybe that means he’s complicit with whiteness, but it could also mean that like many of us, he is interested in all the ways he can be destructive.  But when relatively light-skinned men like LaDulmay are labeled “terrorist” it triggers deep shit for black people who struggle with colorism.

And calling a black man a terrorist when nothing could be further from the truth is an act of discursive violence.

It is not mere hyperbole. It is not metaphor. It is an act of violence.

When will White privilege ever end?

When will White privilege ever end?

And it is precisely this kind of untenable conflation of out-of-control black physical violence and verbal abuse towards Whites with our lack of frontal lobe function, low IQ, high T levels, and bottomless envy that emboldens White privilege even further.

Then there’s the intersectionality of how LaDulmay is seen as a violent black man at the same time that he is expressing his rage towards his very oppressors.  Just look at those blue eyes, blond hair, white skin and once-perfect features of these oppressive White boys.  I do think we have to remember the intersectionality of how racism, classism, heterosexism, ableism, and yes, Whiteness itself, interact as social systems to disadvantage people multiply placed along these axes.

Calling LaDulmay a terrorist is also designed to silence a generation of young niggahs who identify with his work and find something liberatory and productive about it.

I mean, what the entire fuck?

Listen: we always navigate questions of power within the space of these unjust systems not of our own making.  These teenage White boys of privilege made these systems that oppress us.

That’s that bullshit.  And time’s out for bullshit.

© 2016 Ensconcé Wertlos-les Noirs


Ensconcé Wertlos-les Noirs holds a NiG.D. in Afreekin Studies from DeFame University.  She is known for her revolutionary writings whereby she mostly cuts and pastes bullshit items written by equally-fucktarded black racists.  Despite her 85 IQ and lack of reasoning ability, she received a full scholarship for her affirmative-actionated slot at the U.  She is one of Amurrika’s leading black intellectuals.



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“White” Males: Imbibing Psychocyanide for Centuries

by Marina Orwell

A subscriber to this here blog recently asked me about what I thought about “white” males ages 20 – 40.  From what he had to say, I’m guessing he is not very impressed.  Well, as you’ve probably gathered by now, this here lil’ ole Doormat with Holes hasn’t been impressed with “white” males for quite some time.

joolywood fag who taught males that faggotry is good

One of Joolywood’s earliest metrosexuals, circa 1930. He taught “white” male lemmings that dressing up as an inarticulate cowboi beat the hell out of being friends with his Creators.

I am particularly unimpressed with their inability to see themselves as their Creators see them (this is one reason I say, quite correctly, that “white” males are autistic).  Their irrationality is so deeply ingrained, and they are so used to believing that nearly any kind of bunkum spouted by another male is “rational” and “logical,” that there doesn’t seem to be a way to cut through their psychosexual fruitloopmorass.  At this point it’s difficult to say how much of their spiritual cancer is due to autism via their degraded little apostrophe grandiosely mislabeled the “Y” chromosome, how much is their trademark childish stubbornness born from centuries of misogynistic programming, and how much is due to centuries of believing that Gawd gave them a right to lord it over their Creators (even the “white” social justicetards and liver-lipped cuntservadudes regularly treat White women like dogdirt even as they suck black, brown and jew cock with gusto).

It’s a Jungle In There

This autistic and man-made cachot spirituelle is overgrown, unsightly, and filled with poisonous flora and fauna.  However, as long as he has other WFU males to keep him company in his faggadocious dungeon, he remains in a psychic circlejerk.  White women and girls have never experienced even one minute of this kind of comaraderie síceolaíoch, so it’s difficult for us to comprehend just what El Testy Entrencho de Braino feels like — but we can judge by having to pick up after centuries of its fruits that the “white” males’ faggokike lullaby is false, futile, and destructive.

The fact that White women have never had even one minute of universal camaraderie — while simultaneously being the #1 target of ridicule, harassment, and rape — has made us the most psychologically hardy and agile group on the planet.   When you add to this the fact that we are also the most productive, most creative, most highly educated (even though we are at the bottom of the pay scale after “white” males, nonwhite males, and nonwhite females), the cheapest to keep (by far — White women should not only not be paying any taxes, we should be paid for merely existing — since we’ve added endless amounts of beauty, intelligence, and free labor to society), have higher IQs than “white” males, and are the least aggressive group on the planet — we should and could be a force to contend with.  Instead we are mostly a disorganized group of groid-luvin’ libtard toadies, Slave-Ho-Wifeys, and/or Culpritic corporate cocksuckers.

tough guy fags

Tough guy metrosexuals, circa 1955, taught “white” male lemmings that their fruitless “cause” was circlejerking with each other — while, as usual, Culpritic Schmecklewizards laughed all the way to the bank.

That thar has not “just happened” by accident.  The Culpritics have carefully crafted and orchestrated the war against White women for centuries now.  They’ve mostly used the “white” male as robofodder in their war — because the “white” male always proves to be such a willing dickbot — all the Culpritics have to do is yank on ole Whitey’s fake masculinity chain — and away these lemming testetards go.

White Women Proved Too Hard for Culpritics to Control

Joolywood whore circa 1940 teaches the "white" male that being a gangsta like his jew bosses while "banging" a peroxide "broad" was really, really cool.

Joolywood whore circa 1940 teaches the “white” male that being a gangsta like his jew bosses while “banging” a plastic “broad” would make ya popular wit yer fellow faggosteins n’ thus really really *manly*

Why have the Culpritics worked so tirelessly to control White women via the “white” male?  The answer is simple.  They’d rather only have to truly manage 1/2 of the population — and when they started their plan in earnest, they knew White women would be impossible to control.  However, the Culpritics also knew via observation that, given the opportunity, “white” males would leap at any chance to degrade, despise, and micro-manage their Creators — and that they’d do it more thoroughly and more cheaply (“white” dickwads have a very long history of happily doing El Jewboi’s dirty work for free — with maximum élan).   Additionally, false “femininity” makes Mr. Winkie feel good all the time — because everywhere he looks he can see palpable evidence that there’s a whole sex class “beneath” him, just dying to be rape/fucked or at least beat into submission — and this serves as a nice Pavlovian loop for El Scrototard’s service to his toucanoplastied massahs.  Thus Whitey freed the Culpritics to only truly have to “manage” the easily-manipulated “white” male.

Whereas managing dickwads takes money (e.g. the expensive paraphernalia of the militaryindustrialsecurity complex, the fakemasculinityaggression complex — which, come to think of it, is almost exclusively paid for with White women’s lives — and the overrepresentationofmalesinnearlyallmentalillnessesetc complex), “femininity” not only pays for itself, it turns a very nice profit (not only for the scads of unpaid services provided gratis by Doormats with Holes, but also via the dozens of requirements for keeping up jew-hewn “femininity” — the list here is actually endless — just watch yer typical Wifey-Ho apply massive-to-garganchuan amounts of fake-itude to all of her body, and realize that “she” is literally a transvestite.

joolywood whores

Because Mr. Winkie responded so well to peroxided, spackled, & kiked-up mannequins, dispicable whores like Monroe made millions spreading their psychic filth & degradation of White women to male lemmings of all colors — all around the globe.

Further, fully *understand* that yer pecker luvs anything that is the opposite of actual womanhood — painted, plastered, n’ dyed-in-the-wool fembots, “natural look,” tough-talking spread-em-bed-em spackletards, and disfigured transman bulimiaboys with artificial tits.  Now I fully understand that you don’t really want to see what your Wifey-Ho or Live-in-Thang does to hide her woman’s body from you — keeping yer faggot head in the sand is just part of the “white” male’s “charm.”  Wifey-Ho doesn’t want you to see her spackling n’bricklaying either — because she doesn’t want to admit to herself that you are a faggot — and that she is nothing more than a cellophane prostitute.)

Just Rinse & Repeat — He’s So Easy

To the “white” males’ seemingly natural propensity to back-slap each other into a circlejerking stupor, the Culpritics have been adding increasingly larger doses of all manner of misogynistic psychocyanide  with each new crop of lemming males.  The Culpritics have been leading the “white” male around by his schnozzlette since at least the beginnings of Krisstianity — when jew males “convinced” the “white” males that dat der Gawd was a big ole Joo Dude who said that dem lil ole Walking Uteri are Lesser Than because they are the Creators (and other irrational black-is-really-white, up-is-really-down forms of whackotestycognition).

 Typical male lemming behavior

Typical “white” male lemming behavior

Who knew that the “white” male — who was very insecure about the fact that he couldn’t create life like his Creators — would jump at any harebrained excuse to put his Creators in a jew-hewn box for centuries — with an all powerful dickwawdGawd who said that He Too Hated Creators.  The Culpritics knew — since male Culpritics are perhaps even more perverted, misogynistic, and power-hungry than other races of males — that anything that stroketh the penileindustrialcomplex would be a sure-fire hit wit da “white” male lemming goyim.

Who knew that seeing White women brutalized in pornography — which causes who knows how many rapes and murders each day — would prove to be such a turn-on for “white” dickwads?  Who knew that the “white” male would be stupid and short-sighted enough to sign up for his own obliteration — just to please his 1.5 oz. of flesh for a few seconds?  Well, non-lemming White women are not at’all surprised at anything that the testosterone-crazed are capable of — we started believing the “white” male (when he told us that he hated us) way back in 1870 when he gave negro males the vote while allowing his Creators to claw and fight for 50 more years to grab it from his nigger-luving hands.  Some of us do believe Whitey when he constantly reminds us of just how much he loathes us (actually, all White women realize it at some level, but most just let out their pent-up resentment via histrionics n’ passive-aggressiveness — while keeping dat dick-raising “femininity” intact).

but honey are u ashamed of dat lil ole turkey neck n gizzards

Metrosexual circa 2016. But hey lil “white” vanity slut — would John Wayne’ve hidden his turkey neck n’ gizzards like a pussy?

No, the only thing that surprises us is that more White women aren’t turning themselves loose from Culpritico Newspeak — whether it be breaking free of the Da Multyculty Going Nowhere Club that Follows the “Liberal” Jew Lied Piper, and/or stepping away from the garden-variety strokeumdapenisyessiree Hos Who Serve the Servants of the Jew Massahs Society — and joining us in reality.

© 2016 Orwell’s Daughter


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The “Princely” 80s: Normalizing Rape Culture

by Marina Orwell

Another step on Jacobstein’s Ladder of Perversion and the Hook-Nosed War Against White Women — one Prince Rogers Nelson — recently died of his own debauchery.  This barely-five-foot, talentless Negro was pushed into the kosher slimelight in the 1980s as a “mulatto” but as it gradually became unpopular to “admit” to having any “oppressor” blood — Mr. Nelson went back to being 100% sub-Saharan Afreekin.

When one listens to the garbage that made his low-IQ, short, ugly, and hideous-looking family uber-wealthy, it’s easy to trace the line from the rapist “culture” of black Afreekins and the revolting “lyrics” penned by der kleine schwarze Prinz.

And you said “But I just a virgin And I’m on my way to be wed
But you’re such a hunk So full of spunk,
I’ll give you Head
Til you’re burning up Head Til you get enough
Head Til you’re love is red Head
Love you til you’re dead
You know you’re good, girl
I think you like to go down
You wouldn’t have stopped
But I, I came on your wedding gown


His handlers liked to slather Mr. Nelson with ecru pancake makeup (along with gobs of mascare, eyeliner, etc.). They also had him wear tinted contacts so he could “pass” as half-White. Note how, when done up this way, this hideous turd looks just like a You-Know-Who.

Like most of the talentless “entertainers” put forth by Snipcock Nation for over 100 years, this unsavory dwarf was “made” because he looked like one of the Shylock Tribe (only darker) and because, like them, he was totally depraved.  He barely needed much grooming from his handlers in order to bring forth the “next step” in the degradation of White European society.  Like most talmudified toadies, he couldn’t wait to perform his role and get his filthy hands on El Retardo Whitey’s dinero — and the “white” male picked up this niggah’s smut with both hands and shoved it into his already screwed-up psyche.

Oy! Black & Ecru Whores Continue Culpritic Dirtywork

Like Michael Jackson --at his Culpritic handlers' urging -- Nelson banished the groid & embraced his inner kike. Here he is as a groid with eye makeup.

Like Michael Jackson — at his Culpritic handlers’ urging — Nelson banished the groid & embraced his inner kike. Here he is as a groid with eye makeup.

The Dead Sea Pedophiles wasted no time in propelling their Money-Grubbing n’ Perversion Protocol forward after they’d split open Amurrikan society in the 60s and 70s.  (Remember that they’d begun their project in earnest long before the 60s — they had already thoroughly pickled the “white” male in kosher brine by the 1940s via Joolywood whores, garganchuan doses of kiked gender roles, etc.).

The 1980s brought a new phase of Dead Sea perversion.  At the center stood two distinctively Culpritic visages with equally Heeb-Ho names (i.e. using kiked celebrotard names to hide their real identity just like their schnozzled bosses have done throughout the ages) — “Madonna” and “Prince.”

The most hideous whore of all time started out selling pictures of her tits and letting every jew in the music biz fuck her in every orifice. She is not only a psychic jew, as a sicilian she is genetically similar as well -- despite the peroxide, plaster of paris, and tinted contact lenses.

The most hideous, talentless whore of all time started out offering her malodorous cunt like a depraved animal, & letting every jew in the music biz fuck her in every orifice. She is not only a psychic jew — as a sicilian she is genetically similar as well — despite the massive peroxide, plaster of paris, tinted contact lenses, etc. Now she’s added several facelifts, assorted nose jobs & wattle-trimming to her desperate siciliojoo routine.

The revolting Madonna Louise Ciccone was cherry-picked from the same fetid tree as Mr. Nelson.  This utterly dispicable, ecru-spackled Thang has not only peroxided the black hair on her head for 50 years now, but also has to have the black hair scraped off her entire body every few days (there’s a reason that dark-variety Italians resemble jews — their females are very close genetically, which explains their psychic similarities as well — the jew Amurrican princess and the Italian Amurrican princess are twins.  No surprises here — the jews and sicilians are thoroughly crossbred and have been partners in various mafiosos since the old days on the Mediterranean Sea.)

(By the way, conditioning the lemmings to respond to made up first-name-only Pavlovian tags for kosher-created “stars” was not only a marketing ploy for the idiots who lap up kiked media, it was another way to break down racial boundaries to favor those who were as mongrelized and/or ugly as the Culpritics.  For just a few of their earlier examples:  “little Richard” nee Richard Wayne Penniman, a faggoty negro who paved the way for “Prince” with his disgusting lyrics about how negro females enjoy being raped/fucked; “Twiggy” née Lesley Hornby, a hideous-looking drug addict who helped the Culpritics normalize anorexia and generalized ugliness among women of White European descent so as to be less threatening to grotesque jewesses; “Cher” nee  Cherilyn Sarkisian, an utterly talentless and horse-faced turko-injun Thang who could easily pass as a kikess; “Joni” nee Roberta Anderson, a supremely talented and beautiful blond of Scots-Irish descent who had to be blended into the jewy, racemixed, talentless lineup of Usual Suspects — after all, real talent and beauty had to be made equal to the likes of toucanoplastied, screeching, peroxided, and plastic-surgeried mixedracecauruses.)

As Usual, the “White” Male Applauds the Degradation of White Women

That's right. A 5-foot-tall, degenerate faggot served as the Pied Piper of the ever-increasing rape culture. Mr. Winkie lapped it up like sick lemming attached to another sick lemming.

That’s right. A 5-foot-tall, faggot whore served as the Pied Piper of the ever-increasing rape culture. Mr. Winkie lapped it up like a sick little lemming (attached to a slightly-larger sick lemming).

So, while the vile Madonna instructed several generations of girls and young women on how to Please Fagomale Degenerates by being a Total Disembodied Whore, the disgusting Prince was preaching his Gospel of Rape is Sex, She Wants to Be Raped, She Can’t Wait to Suck Your Dick — to the ever-eager “white” males who worshipped at his feet.

As usual, the “white” male ignored actual anatomy and physiology (and, of course, what their Creators had to say about it) and went with what Snipcock Nation and its debased, nonwhite toadies were selling.  After all, no longer having to pressure her to “go all the way” on the first or second “date” (although pressuring could be rape-like and therefore fun) — or to give you a blowjob if she didn’t spread ’em on demand — was a real boon to the sons of “white” males whose dicks were programmed to stand at attention for debauched and talentless whores like Marilyn Monroe.

How liberating it was to have a Culpritic marionnette like Prince inform White women and girls that they were now expected to not only pretend to like being fucked, but to pretend to really really like sucking dick.  Now the male was not only the center of the universe, his dick was to be gratified in as many ways possible — as a sign that White women were just prostitutes for any color of male to fuck in every orifice (the “white” male thought that reducing his Creators to cumdumpster status would improve his odds of “fucking,” “screwing,” and “banging” his Creators, but, as usual, his jew masters hadn’t orchestrated their war against White women in order to make things easier for the dumbass “white” male, but rather to make it easier for jews and other nonwhites to “stick it to” White women and girls).

By the way, I don’t know and I don’t care if rape is just a part of brown and black “culture,” I just know that it’s very prevalent everywhere Afreekins, Arabs, and other purple penises stampede the landscape.  I don’t know why black women have always let males rape them without complaint (as long as the males are black), just as I don’t know why brown women let brown males rape little girls, including their own daughters, all the frigging time.  I just know that none of this was part of White European culture until the jew multiculted and savaged our culture.

I knew a girl named Nikki
I guess you could say she was a sex fiend
I met her in a hotel lobby
Masturbating with a magazine
She said, “How’d you like to waste some time?”
And I could not resist when I saw little Nikki grind*

*Unless Mr. Nelson just made this stuff up out of his filthy negro brain, it would seem that black females do encourage the Afreekin rape culture.

Sure, there was rape and sexual abuse of women and girls in White culture, but it wasn’t celebrated like it is now. The “sex” exalted by joolywood and by little negros like Prince whose only thought was his erect penis — is rape-y to say the least.  It is the “sex” of a bunch of feral tom cats who have a female cat pinned down while she screams and tries to get away (note how even animal shows that depict such a scene are romanticized by lemming males as “courtship.”)  Rape has been normalized to such an extent that most lemming women and girls just accept it and even provide the “sound effects” like they’re expected to — even though it is the opposite of anything pleasant.  Perhaps nonwhite women like being fucked like animals, but it took the jews to bring it to European culture as something that should be done to White women.

A Stiff Prick is the “White” Male’s Reason for Living

What's kind of funny is that it's obvious that the end game for the jew media is normalizing Whitey being fucked & abused -- let's see how he likes being treated like he's been treating White women. He's such a lemming, I say he'll suck black cock with gusto.

What’s kind of funny is that it’s obvious that the end game for the jew media is normalizing Whitey being fucked & abused — let’s see how he likes being treated like he’s been treating his Creators for many decades now. He’s such a lemming that I say he’ll suck purple cock with gusto (just as he’s sucked Culpritic cock for centuries).

White males of 100 years ago may have been WFU in many ways, but they didn’t hate White women and girls like they do now (and have done for at least 50 years).  Don’t get me wrong, the “white” male of 100 years ago didn’t consider White women to be full human beings, and he didn’t give a crap about her — but he was at least smart enough to recognize that he couldn’t openly stomp and persecute her — or she wouldn’t be fit to serve as maid, cook, sprocket maker, all-around-nigger, and fucktuffet.  The modern “white” male openly despises White women while the nonwhite males (and even the females) have joined in the “fun.”

The “white” male, being a total lemming to not only other males but to his 1.5 oz. of flesh (including, of course, all its “baggage,” such as anxiety over schlong endowededness that’s been stoked by all this “instruction” from negros like Prince), equates sticking his dick into someone as “screwing” them, “fucking” them, “banging” them, etc.  His language tells the story of the hatred that’s always in his mind when it comes to women.  He doesn’t mind “screwing” women even though he’s barely fit to “screw” an ecru whore like Madonna — let alone participate in anything with his Creators.

Besides the disgusting “culture” we are all subjected to by the jew media, just think about the psychic implications of the “white” males’ soiled collective psyche.  Really, I don’t understand how any White woman could let one of these creatures anywhere near her (it goes without saying that browns/blacks are the same or even worse).  His psyche has been utterly ruined by pornography via all of his senses — it drips from him.  Only a similarly-debased whore would let this into, on, or around her body.

This debauched old "white" man totally deserves a brown boy (he'll need to buy him some plastic tits).

This old “white” pedophile totally deserves a brown boy (but he really should buy him some plastic tits before bringing “her” back to Amurrika — after all, what will his fellow male lemmings say about his “banging” a brown boy?). The “white” male prefers females who are far more masculine than himself (e.g. blacks & mongoloids — i.e. all “females” except White women).

Until the “white” male cleans up his act, let him continue to pursue those brown Thangs who have the mentality for the jew-hewn “femininity” he’s been conditioned to want to “screw” — such animals deserve to “fuck” their psychic equals.

I once broke up with someone after I found out he supported the likes of Prince by buying his porno “lyrics” set to the “music” of simian simpletons.  This “white” boy never knew why I scrapped him, and I didn’t waste my time explaining it to him.  What was funny is how seemingly priggish this dude was — and a real Mama’s boy to boot.  However, when Mr. Winkie heard the call of the filthy Mr. Nelson — telling him that it was OK to express his rapist self all over another human being — I guess Mama’s boy had to split yet another part of his talmudi-fractured personality off into the Dead Sea Dustbin.  Faggotry mixed with rape mixed with misogyny mixed with “white” male psychic whackodynamics — no thanks.


fat pig tyka nelson will be even more rich gratis dumbass whitey

The already uber-wealthy porker known as “Tyka” was so choked up by her bro’s death that she just had to have her fro straightened & dyed purple. She’s handing roses to the jackassalopes who made her wealthy beyond her wildest negro dreams, & telling them “he luvved all of U”

Take a look at the jackassalopes who are “mourning” the decades-long suicide of the debauched Mr. Nelson.  They solemnly weep and knash their teeth while standing in the rain outside the tacky, electric-fenced compound where Mr. Nelson practiced sodomy and piled every kind of narcotic into his decrepid oversexed little black fuck machine.

But there are a few of us who could care less if El Perverso Prick is alive or dead — because the damage he did has already been done.

© 2016 Orwell’s Daughter

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7% of Non-White Males Pretend To Be “White”

by Marina Orwell

What White genocide?  We’re not being disappeared — we’re just getting browner.  Our eyes are blackening too, and our facial features are becoming more, er, Culpritic.

The new "white" trailblazer: George Zimmerman. The blatant & repeated lying by the media about the race of the obviously non-white Jewish Amerind George Zimmerman was a turning point for racial confusion (planned & applauded by those enemies of White people who masquerade as "white" so that they could take over all of our institutions).

The *new* “white” trailblazer: George Zimmerman. The blatant & repeated lying by the Culpritic media about the race of this obviously non-white Jew-Amerind mongrel was a turning point for racial confusion (planned & applauded by that Tribe of mixed-race enemies of White people who have masqueraded as “white” for centuries now — so that they can practice nepotism & grossly overrepresent themselves in all seats of power — while simultaneously screeching about anti-Culpriticism).

We’d thought that The Tribe was replacing us with brown people.  But in fact, the brown people are claiming that they’re not brown but “White.”  How’s that for whackodynamics?

We’re bombarded with the travails of the Gender Confused, but you can bet that Toucanoplastied Scribblers won’t be reporting on the racially confused.  An astonishing 7% of obviously-non-White males between the ages of 35 and 65 claim to be “White/Caucasian.”  There was a strong trend for those on the lower end of the observed age spectrum (35 to 45) to be more racially confused than older brown men (50 to 65).*

I don’t really believe that these brown males are confused.  Rather, they are imposters and they know it.  Why not?  Whitey won’t say or do anything.  He never does.  Their ruse will be backed up by Joolywood and the rest of the Culpritic media, so that young White people will be more and more confused about what their race actually looks like.

Put a tomahawk in this self-proclaimed "white" male's hand & he'd look just like the savages who raped, enslaved, & scalped White women 100s of years ago. Now their illegal whore mommies bring them right over the border as "anchor babies" & they rape White women to their hatred's content.

Put a tomahawk in this self-proclaimed “white” male’s hand & he’d look just like the savages who raped, enslaved, & scalped White women 100s of years ago. In modern times their illegal whore mommies just bring them right over the border as “anchor babies” & they live off of White taxpayer largesse until they are old enough to begin raping White women to their hatred’s content.

But why would these holier-than-thou men “of color” want to masquerade as “imperialist” “oppressors?”   Because — despite all of the massive Culpritic miscegenation propaganda — White women continue to prefer White men, and brown males want White women.  (They’ve been taking us as slaves for centuries, today’s passive enslavement is just a Cakewalk Conquest for these proboscis invaders, who have literally taken over White European countries with no bloodshed.  Also, who wants to be part of a race whose criminal profile is many times worse than that of White males — this is a turn off even to a libtard white woman, whose unconscious mind “chooses” lily White neighborhoods as well as that top 1% of black and brown people who “prove” that the rest of the savages are “equals.”)

I think that we will see this “racial imposter” trend increasing in the next decades.  Who wants to be brown when you can just claim to be “White?”  Why not make the brown males’ incredibly high violent crime curve level with Whitey’s (like the US government has been doing for decades (e.g. mixing “Hispanic” rapists and other violent criminals with White European statistics).

This Negro thang-with-a-'tude not only checked the "White/Caucasian" box, but he took it a step further by described himself as a "normal white person who is Swedish." Unfortunately, many White Europeans under the age of 40 will be confused enough to believe him.

This Negro-Arab thang-with-a-‘tude not only checked the “White/Caucasian” box, but he took his attempted hoodwinkery a step further by describing himself as a “standard American Swede.” Unfortunately, many White Europeans under the age of 40 will be confused enough to believe him. El Turdo says he is 5’5″ & 200 lbs (which means he is 5’3″ & at least 220). Listen, White women:  This outrageously hideous black man will “even look up from his iphone to look at you.” Look up at me, brown pigman, & I’ll shoot you between those black pools of darkness.

However, how much do you want to bet that these café con leche charlatans do not check the “white/Caucasian” box when they are applying for jobs, universities, taxpayer-funded handouts, et al.?  Also, when you generalize this information to census data and other self-disclosed information that openly encourages non-whites to lie about their race, it’s pretty clear that White Europeans reached minority status in Amerika around 1999 or 2000.

In case you don’t already know it, it was that ever-kvetching Tribe O Cliptipped Marauders who taught so-called minorities how to double-deal and steal while whining about “white privilege.”  They also taught them how to infiltrate and gene-hijack, all while screeching about Whitey.

It’s the same way The Tribe has accomplished many of the crimes they’ve committed against White Europeans.  They enlist the “oppressed” brown hordes (with a lot of help from Whitey’s tax dollars), and just keep pounding away with their media until lies become “fact.”  Simultaneously, of course, they’ve destroyed any semblance of White European scientific procedure from the social sciences.  Anything that uses statistics and labels things as they are (rather than what non-Whites want them to be) has been libeled as “racist” and relegated to the Dead Sea dustbin.

By the end of this century (if life on this planet hasn’t been completely obliterated by increasingly-autistic and fanatical male gorillas), brown people will be the new “white” people.  They will thoroughly believe that they are “white” — especially since clear blue eyes will only be a fading memory (not including those spooky-looking brown-blue eyes of some mongrels or the tinted contact lenses worn by near-white Italians and non-whites).

Naturally, every Tribe member checks the "White" box so as to continue their nepotism & gene-hijacking in plain sight. (No, that's not a hat. It's his hair.) Apparently, brown men believe that drinking wine is a "white" thing LOL. See more examples of the new "white" males at the end of the article.

Naturally, every Tribe member checks the “White” box so as to continue their nepotism & gene-hijacking in plain sight. (No, that’s not a hat. It’s his hair.) Apparently, brown men believe that drinking wine is a “white” thing LOL. See more examples of the new “white” males at the end of the article.

Mark my words.  In another 10 years we’ll see at least 20% of brown men claiming to be “white” and in 20 years it will be more than 50%.

What about the brown females, you ask?  I predict that most of them won’t play the old “race bait n’ switch” because nowadays white males luv Latrinas and Flips (as per the “little boys with tits”/transman syndrome brainwashing they’ve undergone, as I’ve described elsewhere) and this trend will just keep increasing.  After all, when even so-called “white” nationalists brag about their preference for little brown boys who spackle their marmoset faces with paint, why would they race-switch?

(Geesuz and his dickheaded Papa have been telling the “white” male for centuries that women are nothing more than slaves who — despite their greater rationality, higher IQ and educational level — should be “ruled” by males.  So, since most White women cannot pretend to be “lesser-than,” the “white” male sets his horny sights on brown women — whom he falsely believes are “feminine” — this is a code word for “docile,” “vapid,” “nothing but a brood mare” etc.)

Black females may be tempted to “switch” because they are the least wanted by any race, including their own.  However, I doubt that most of them will let go of their identity “of color” even momentarily because they derive immense enjoyment from swinging from trees in troops, belligerently screeching about “White women’s privilege.” (To idiotic black women, being the most likely of the races — by far — to be raped by every color of male — is “privilege.”)

Below this article are just a few of the brown males who classified themselves as White/Caucasian.  If Orwell was here today, he’d truly be too stunned to write 1984.

Dr. Orwell’s original research taken from self-disclosed data on an online dating site.  Out of 1844 males between the ages of 35 and 65, 128 (6.94%) claimed to be “White/Caucasian” when they are obviously not White.  We didn’t include the “questionable near-Whites” of which there were at least another 7%.  Only the “in your face,” obvious liars were counted.  

Choices of “races” included (& note that they put “White” last instead of first, where it belongs in a White European country:  


Black/African descent

East Indian

Latino / Hispanic

Middle Eastern

Native American

Pacific Islander

White / Caucasian


As you can see, none of these brown charlatans had an excuse for choosing the “White/Caucasian” box, as they had every other choice available, even the idiotic “native amerikan” box. (Thanks also to my assistant).

© 2015 Orwell’s Daughter

“Hey, if George Zimmerman is White, then I am too.  Besides, Whitey don’t care if we rape White women, if we steal the social services that White people worked their whole lives for — hell, he don’t even care if we walk across the border & steal the country his ancestors fought for — stealing his racial identity is a cakewalk.”

32 31 30 29 28 27 25 23 22 1319 18 16 15 10 9 6 5 2 121714“Sheeit homey, why you lie about being brown?”  “Pussy, my man, pussy.  Plus Whitey too chickenshit to call me on it.”


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The Psychological Genocide of White People (A Very Brief History)

by Marina Orwell


Joolywood’s hating on Whitey was profitable & great fun:  the jackassalope, the peroxide bubblehead, the stoopid old working-class ex-military “bigot,” and the jew-spewing, all-knowing guru of the “Silent Generation.”

The arbitrary pigeonholing of American goyim according to yid-dubbed “generations” was first introduced to the American Anglosphere when the jew media embarked on their “Your Elders Know Squat” campaign in the late 60s/early 70s (which they have continued and progressively escalated up until the present day).  This first campaign was mainly directed at the so-called “Baby Boomers” — many of whom watched the Woodstock footage while still in kindergarten.

By the early 1970s the jew media had already hypnotized white males with their Emotional Genocide of the White Woman/Trans-Man Agenda for over 60 years (by first injecting painted-up “vampish” jew whores into silent films early in the century, and progressively replacing heeb-hos with increasingly painted/fake “white” women — thus instructing the white male that the more coquettish/dumbass and shiksa-like “she” is, the more “feminine” and desirable).

Women were already on to the dangers of jew media (while the men were completely mesmerized by it).

Unlike the “Dingbat” portrayed by the jew media in both their television programming and in their advertising, White women were far more skeptical and hip to what the jew media was inflicting on their kids’ psyches and their culture. Unfortunately, however, they were dismissed as being nonentities and house niggers — just as the Culpritics had been instructing the white male to do for centuries with their anti-woman jewspew “holy” book and later via their silver(stein) screen.  Thus, the middle-aged white male of the early 1970s was already thoroughly pickled in jew brine and was “ripe” to be used as the first generation of American fathers whose parental authority was being full-frontally usurped by Big Jew Brother.

genocide of white women 1Whitey could now join Whitette in the cultural dispossession she’d already been experiencing for 60 or so years.  (Kikenstein methodology: First kidnap and warp the white males’ sexuality.  After that, everything else is possible.)

The so-called “Greatest Generation” (born 1906 to 1925) and older members of the so-called “Silent Generation” (born 1926 to 1945) were the last White people who tried to raise their own kids — while the Electric Jew undermined everything they did.

The ironically named

The ironically named “Silent Generation”

Thus, Boomers (born 1946 to 1965) were simultaneously fed mixed messages from both their flesh-and-blood elders and from Big Jew Brother.  Older Boomers watched the “Silent Generation” — via the blue glow of the ever-yammering picture tube — rip up everything Europa had created over the centuries (the majority of even the “oldest” Boomers were too young to participate in the 1960s anti-culture bash, although some were drafted into the military as the Vietnam War still pointlessly raged into the 1970s).

Younger Boomers and older “Gen Xers” were toddlers and grade-school kids as the Vietnam War started screeching to a close.  This group (born about 1956 to 1975) essentially became their own little genre of disenfranchised White people who had partially fallen through the cracks of total jew media control (jew media was busy concentrating on their own generation’s anti-White culture wars).


Younger “Boomers” & older “Gen Xers” rejected “hippy culture” & tried to rebel, but Heebison Ave/Joolywood had already turned rebellion into money-making fashion statements.

These disenfranchised young Whites looked with disgust at “hippie culture” — which had been essentially comprised of upper-middle-class and upper-class Whites who had been totally hogtied by both ends of the Jewish rope — Capitalism and Communism.  They were also the first cohort of young White Americans to suffer the anti-White prejudice and dire consequences of “affirmative” action — yet another unwanted “gift” from the “Silent Generation.”  At the same time they were also the first cohort to be affected by the economic decline/globalization orchestrated by the Culpritics, and they were the last White cohort to create their own sub-culture — although it was of course quickly bastardized/monetized by the Jew.

The majority of “Gen Xers” were raised with no parental authority — except for the Mao-like anti-White repetitions being broadcast by Snipcock Nation and the increasingly penitentiary-like public schools — while their “Silent Generation” parents mentally sucked their thumbs at Woodstock and had no desire to actually raise their own kids.  They didn’t speak a word about the jewification of the proletariat, or prepare their children for life in the USSA at all.  Rather, they let BIg Jew Brother do the “parenting” for them.  Ditto Gen Y and whatever other vapid names that Heebison Avenue has concocted for the purpose of further alienating young people and having them name their parents’ generation as the problem — thus serving as a shield to deflect blame away from the Culpritics for the ever-growing großen Haufen Scheiße that’s been foisted on each subsequent generation of goyim.

Almost 100% of the 60s nation-wreckers were part of the

Almost 100% of the 60s nation-wreckers were part of the “Silent Generation.” The ratchet-voiced Bobby Zimmerman “just happened” to “make it” as a folk song thief because of that vaunted El Culpritico talent — & not because the music industry was almost 100% jew-run.

I began noticing that the Jew media started trickling out “soft hate” for “Baby Boomers” around the same time as their last major financial rape n’ pillage of 2008.  It seems that they would like this last large cohort of mostly White people to just die already (even though even in 2015 they are only age 49 to 68).  As usual, the Culpritics would like young people to point their fingers at older goyim victims of their fraud, greed, usury, and massive nepotism. Meanwhile, the old fogey jew oligarchs of the “Silent Generation” continue to rule from behind the scenes as they have since the 1960s.

Maybe they were just rendered hoarse after all of that Woodstocking and hookah sucking, but I think that the oligarch jews of the “Silent Generation” just want to fade sneakily out of the picture while blaming their criminality and cultural skid-marking on others.  It seems to me that they want to keep demonizing Boomers because Boomers are the ones who put the most moohlah into their hook-nosed slot machines (e.g. social security) but will probably not see good returns on their forced investments (perhaps the older Boomers will, but the younger ones will be totally screwed).


The “Silent Generation” spawned grotesque jew oligarchs like Sheldon Adelson

Whereas the “Greatest Generation” and the “Silent Generation” have and are making out like bandits, everyone coming after them has had a lower standard of living.  The fact that Boomers are such a large cohort of White people means that these Culpritics literally cannot wait until they are out of the way — so that their own platinum-spooned, cap-toothed and toucanoplastied progeny can begin their rule without all of those pesky White people “using up” resources (and if you think their parents are bad, just wait until Spawn O Uber-rich Cliptipped Satan takes the helm).

Of course, this whole generational thing is just a shysteriffic marketing ploy that’s not only served as a way to advertise to the goyishe untermenschen, but, much more importantly, it’s a divide and conquer method.  Remember, there are always at least three ways that the Culpritics profit from any of their long-term psychological operations.

What the Future Oligarchs of Amerika did on their summer vacation

What the Future Oligarchs of Amerika do on their summer vacation

Once they settled on their first “targeted group” — which they named the “Baby Boomers” — the Culpritics had to literally make up names for a couple of the previous generations, including their own.  These “Silent Generation” Culpritics therefore not only named themselves (which is why they weren’t dubbed the “Nation Wreckers,” which would have been more accurate), but also the “Greatest Generation” before them (“Silent Gen” Tom Brokaw was likely spoon fed this Orwellian name by the jews who made him a rich, cue-card-reading goy boy).

After they fought to make the world safe for the Culpritics to take over nearly all White countries with either their Communism or their Capitalism, the “Greatest Generation” were kept quite content grazing on the lush, post-war talmudisod.  When they weren’t chewing their cud, they were — together with some of the future stoners (i.e. “Silent Generation”) — quite busy creating that last large cohort of American White people who would slave on the Culpritic plantation, be the subjects of Joolywood/Heeb Ave. psychological warfare, and generously fund the nefarious activities of the Culpritics via social security, etc.).

One of the millions of White Europeans who were victims of real holocausts. Even after Germany surrendered. Brit/Jew just couldn't stop murdering White Europeans. (a woman who was burnt alive during the firebombing of Dresden 1945)

One of the millions of White Europeans who were victims of real holocausts. Even after Germany surrendered. Brit/Jews just couldn’t stop murdering White Europeans. (a woman who was burnt alive during the firebombing of Dresden 1945)

I was thinking that maybe it would be easier to keep track of this heeb-hewn generation thing if they just named us by which of their wars we lived through.  But that wouldn’t work, because the “generations” would completely overlap since there have been so many Culpritic wars (killing off millions of White men in the military and stealing other nations’ resources while riling up Third Worlders against Whitey instead of the Jewish Mafia is another long-term Culpritic psy-op and a humongous part of this story).  The list is truly mind boggling:  All kinds of post-WW2 occupations of Europe and Asia, then Korea, Cuba, Vietnam, Cambodia, various involvements with the Jews’ mideast debaucles from 1948 up until the present, Iran, El Salvador, Libya, Lebanon, Egypt, Grenada, Honduras, Persian Gulf, Kuwait, Iraq, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia, Syria — and this is just a partial list.

Today’s young people have been raised with something that is not (yet) under complete Culpritic control — the internet.  As usual, however, this technology — which had been created by White people and funded by mainly-White taxpayers — was handed over lock, stock, and barrel to Jew corporations so that they could turn it into a toll road and another avenue to further their Emotional Genocide of the White Woman/Trans-Man agenda using a virtual cornucopia of brutally misogynistic porn.

genocide of white women 2Males of all races beat their meat to images of the despised White woman.  But the “fun” isn’t only for males.  From the fake outrage of jew-incited “minorities” of both sexes to the orchestrated faggotization of the “white” man, they all luv to see her anally gang-raped, then made to suck shit-covered dicks before being peed on.  Although she is the most highly educated of all groups, male or female, affirmative action has been doubly used against her (employers can “kill two birds with one stone” by hiring a brown woman, while saving their “white” slots for Jews and White men).  Thus, the Culpritics hope to drag her further into their prostituted hell-work, just as they’ve done to White women who were forced to live behind the Communist-Jew-made “iron curtain.”

Young “white” males (and, of course, the ever-squawking “minorities”) have been told that the bruised and beaten White woman is “spoiled” and deserving of abuse.  The emotional genocide of the White woman is near-complete, as the shrill voices of the self-proclaimed “oppressed” Inheritors of the Spoils of Affirmative Action and Thieves of Her Birthright bludgeon her further into oblivion.

The only “successful” “white” woman is a trans-man, with fake tits and an implanted audio device that jew-spews Stockholm Syndrome-Speak.

© 2015 Orwell’s Daughter

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Same Phylum, Different Class

by Marina Orwell

To those out there who believe that the Culpritic empire is going to collapse, I say: This big ole hook-nosed machine will take many decades to wear itself down.  And that’s the best case scenerio.

English? We can't even speak Spanish well.

English? We kant even speeka de Español good, Gringo.

Why will we continue to circle the drain?  Because there are, and always have been, two kinds of White people:  Ones who’ll stand up (less than 1%), and those who won’t.  The vast majority are milksops who would rather continue to allow any low-IQ semi-human to keep shitting in their faces, in their kids’ faces, and in their grandkids’ faces, than to ever stand up for themselves.

Well, I should qualify that.  They may gain the courage to stand up to a fellow White person, but they’ll never ever stand up to even the lowliest negro or gibberish-speaking illegal beaner.  N’ heabben knows they would rather put a stake through little ole Geezus’ heart before they’d ever Name Dat Toucanoplastied Tribe as the source of most of the egregious crimes against White Europeans worldwide.

Dropped my load 'cross da border. Yer an Amerrikan now, mierda poco

Dropped my load ‘cross da border, so yer an Amerrikan now, mierda poco, n’ dar’s half a dozen more lil slantsluts n’ beanerbros waitin at home fer Pappy to feed em mexipuke-flavored cheet-os n’ refried beanvomit given us gratis by dumbass gringos, care of WIC

People involved with the “alternative” media luv to hold forth about “sheeple” in order to make themselves feel superior to others, but these same name-callers likely never did a damn thing in their lives to stand up to somemud else.

In actual fact, the majority of the White population knows full-well that something is terribly wrong.  Many of these same folks also know — or at least suspect — wheww is at fault.  But they will literally eat the steaming caca of an illegal criminal before they’ll ever stand up for themselves, their children, or their grandchildren.  This is something we fail to recognize about our race that the Culpritics and their brown minions figured out a loooong time ago.  White people are pussies.

Whites are such pussies in fact, that they even lack empathy for their own offspring.  Thus, they’ve put off dealing with blatant and ever-growing problems for centuries now while continuing to force brand new little white pussies onto the planet.  (Nearly all White pussies are afraid to be alone, which is the only reason they breed to begin with — they hope to hoodwink at least one of their sprockets into taking care of their old decrepid asses after a lifetime of having to pretend to luv these self-serving, sheeny-glazed breeders).

butt-ugly, caca-colored platyrrhines

aggressive, butt-ugly, caca-colored platyrrhines

Now I could say all kinds of things about this pussy-fact that aren’t negative, but that would take me in a whole other direction than I wanted to take in this here little ole coffee-break diatribe.

Here’s something to stash in yer noggin and relate to yer young’uns (iffin there is a future for White people):  Mud doesn’t care what it mixes with.  Slime doesn’t care what it oozes with.  An intelligent, agile, and beautiful white cat, however, will run away from boisterous mud and abominable slime even though s/he is a far superior life form.

There’s nothing wrong with embracing our inner White European pussy as long as we keep our living space for ourselves alone.

The aggression of muds — especially that of Schnozzeleum — is anathema to us.  White Europeans’ collective sympathetic nervous system has been on the alert for so long that we’ve become even bigger basket cases than we innately are.  It’s true that the Culpritics are a people who really should dwell alone (but won’t because they are parasites).  White Europeans, however, are a people who must dwell alone — if we are to come within even 50% of our potential.

Pity that, like so many other useful and worthwhile things, the White European science of psychology was hijacked by the Culpritics beginning (in earnest) in the 1960s.  Today we would understand so much more about ourselves and about the other races.  Instead, like the population, what used to be science has become muddier and muddier under the strain of pretending that We’re All the Same.

Since this is clearly untrue and will never be true (even after several more centuries of the Culpritic KKK — Krisstianity, Kapitalism & Kommyidism), science and reasoning ability will continue to circle the drain.

Eugenics was an idea whose time was up 100 years ago, and it is now far too late to stop the flood of platyrrhines, macaca, and lilac-scrotummed baboons.  Likewise, the fact that White Europeans are pussies is an idea that will continue to be rejected by the male, whose psyche has been pickled in several varieties of kosher brine for so long that he literally has no recollection of what or who he was before the Culpritic salting of his White European soul.

© 2015 Orwell’s Daughter

same phylum, different class

same phylum, different class


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26% Have Realistic Views Re Culpritics

by Marina Orwell

In case y’all are frettin ’bout bein all by yer lonesome in yer anti-Culpritic outrage, calm dat goyim ass down, Whitey — you are so far from being singularmente solo sobre judios criminales.  We rarely hear good news — so don’t say I never told you none ;o)

That coven of giudaico mafioso, the ADL, recently released the results of a survey claiming that 26% (or 1.1 billion adults worldwide) have realistic attitudes about the Culpritics.  I am herein going to summarize some of the “findings” from that thar bonafide shycientific yidspittle while addin some of my own observations n’commentary.

A Disclaimer & a Sidenote:  I wouldn’t trust this cabal of caca de la caca to be capable of conducting any kind of research, which by definition is supposed to be nonbiased.  After all, it is due to this tribes’ overbearing and prolonged influence on academia that science is kaput in Amerika.  To be fair though, shysters of any persuasion are the very last people who should be conducting research, as most of them cannot put a box together without verbal instructions.  They tend to score in the fair-to-middling range on “verbal IQ,” which is really just vaunted Imitat wie Gorillas in a fancy, Culpritic wrapper, and has been given far greater weight than it deserves on IQ tests.  “Nonverbal IQ,” is closer to the stuff of which actual intelligence is made, but g-factor whiz, we can’t have those already-substantial differences in IQ between the races “suddenly” become even larger.  That would be decidedly racist (especially since self-proclaimed uber-smart Snipcock Nation would abruptly find itself beneath mestizos and other third-world critters if that inconvenient little scientific genie be let out of the Culpritic-corked bottle).  

P.S. There’s actually a much simpler explanation for the Culpritic propensity for imitation déguisée en intelligence which even so-called evolutionary “psychologists” could grasp with their barely-average pincerobellum:  Talk Is Cheap.  

But I’ve digressed.

The ADL claims that “more than” 53,000 people were surveyed in 102 countries (which, according to them, covers about 86% of the world’s population).  Although shysters are not the least bit qualified to be conducting research, at least their results are encouraging for those of us who are wondering when the effin Sheeplevonjudenfleecen are going to finally veer off the talmudisod a tad and begin breathing the fresh (albeit bitter) air of Things As They Actually Are (and not as Geesuz or other invisible Honcho Judios have been “telling” them).


—– It’s just a canard —–

The biggest shyster yidophile in this here world was very “sober” and “sad” Tuesday when he told his fellow tribesman in the media about the billions that the ADL spent on keeping paranoia hot n’ wallet-ready among all the baby ‘pritics (who, after all, are the chief enablers of the Big ‘Uns — despite what some of you ole softies want to claim about “good” ones and “working class” Culpritics.  I’ve known thousands, by the way, and have never yet met one who I would describe as “working class”).  This talmudic tamale even dragged out one of his favorite el tatturdo phrases for the occasion when he kvetched about “classic anti-Culpritic canards.”

But, despite the fact that dumbasses like me can always guess what the big cliptipped fox will say next, I do realize that it’s his tribes’ masterful intelligence — and not naked nepotism n’crime — that accounts for the fact that he and his kin comprise the vast majority of the wealthiest 1% despite only comprising 2% of the population.  Why, if only I could have made it through those six massive semesters of Shyster School instead of only plodding through more than ten years of 100+ hour weeks to become a lowly doctor — perhaps I too could have an airport on the roof of my penthouse.  Then again, I guess I would have had to at least married into the Westealumyergoldstein clan to even begin dreaming about being as “smart” as those of the toucanoplastied and forked-tongued persuasion.

Over Half Say “What Hoax?”

photo montage by Incogman

photo montage by Incogman

One of my personal faves among the “findings” was that 35% of those surveyed had never even heard of the Hoax (This lil goyishim gem will propel me into the entrails of heeborific yiderature to find out which countries had the highest percentages — after all, this here hipster cracker is always on the lookout for less scholomophiled pastures).  Oh, but that means that 65% admitted that they had “heard” about this filthy liarfigment of the Culpritics’ vicious imaginations (since, after all, there have been literally thousands of joolywood flicks about “it,” and it’s impossible to listen to anything on their worldwide media that doesn’t mention “it” every minute or two, 24/7).  Even so, of that 65%, about one-third said it was a either a big ole hoax or that it was at the very least greatly yidaggerated.  So, in summary, 35% of the world’s population never even heard tell of their massive hoax propaganda, and another 21.5% say “bullshit, Poptart Cliptips.”  Ain’t it great to know that the majority of the world ain’t privé de compréhension about Yidtimology?

Auntie Culpritics In Asia, Africa, & Europe 

As expected, high marks go to the Middle East and North Africa, where almost three-quarters have realistic views about Culpritics.  A stunning 93% of Gaza folk are realistic, while the Culpritic-maligned Iran was the least reality-based in the region at only 56% (but we know how the Dead Sea Pedophiles have a pattern of perverse vindictiveness toward those suffering the most from Culpritic-inflicted Stockholm Syndrome and/or who show them any kind of luv, respect, and/or lucre).  Iraq was 92% realistic, Yemen 88%, Algeria and Libya 87%, Tunisia 86%, Kuwait 82%, Bahrain and Jordan 81%.  Are we seeing a pattern here?  Can you say “familiarity breeds contempt” and “Joo-run U.S. military killing extravaganzas?”  (Israel wasn’t included in the survey because it would be awfully embarrassing to find out just how anti-Culpritic their very own little Bandit n’ Hideout state might be, ¿no?)

2Orsha1918aAfter the Mideast, Eastern Europe was next best — 34% are reality-based.  Are we again seeing a pattern here?  Can you say “familiarity breeds contempt,” “Jackbooted Joo Communist thugs,” and “Bolshevik butchers?”

When looking at individual countries outside of the mideast, that birthplace of Western Civilization — Greece — led the way with a whopping 69 percent.  France made a decent showing at 37%, Poland, at 45%, keeps proving the fallacy of that angloyid projection of “dumb Pollack,” while those German-murdering Czechs just can’t seem to get rational like the rest of the region (only 13%).  Additionally, there appears to be little correlation between percentages of the population who are realistic re the Culpritics, and being in a Talmudipooped cuntry where talking about historical accuracy can land you in the Hole (This was just sumthin observed by moi.  Besides the fact that judio el shyster cerebro doesn’t work in a non-linear fashion, naturally Abe’s Orwellian “civil rights” organization wouldn’t want to remind y’all about how they’ve been up to their dusky eyeballs with taking basic human rights away from tens of millions of peeps in the West).

Malaysia and Armenia are pretty hip at 61% and 58%, respectively.  About half of the Muslim population versus only about a quarter of Christians have their heads on straight or semi-straight.  Seeing as both of these Doddledegrossejewskei el hubris are based on Culpritic fairy tales, we can only conclude one of two things: either dem Muslims are smarter or dem Heeberoons have been playin Whitey like ye old fiddler on the roof.

Laos is the least realistic of all countries, perhaps because their name is a homophone for Culpritic.  Then we have Flips and Vietnamese, who are luving their commissar overlords (less than 6% are realistic).  ww22Ditto Sweden and the Netherlands.  No word about how Germany — that most slandered, brutalized, and maligned of all White European countries — tumblr_lybhhce5If1r6y3vao1_500has fared after being bombed nearly into oblivion by Culpritic-steered imbéciles crédulos, and then, after dozens of actual holocausts, was massively brainwashed for decades by the Culpritic Soviets and their Poohified allies.  There was never any talk of victimhood or “post traumatic stress” among those tens of millions of Germans who were near-starved, firebombed and raped repeatedly — not to mention the fact that they’d lost most of their loved ones — after all, these Unpeople committed the “crime” of wanting to keep their country and their culture for themselves and their children rather than continue to allow it to be hijacked by the Culpritics.

The “Special Case” of North Amerika

Now let’s get to that giant Culpritic plantation: North Amerika.  Here that bastion of shysteriffic schlomfoolery seems to be a bit confused (or they just count on the fact that most dumbass Amerikans don’t check up on what kind of crap their Culpritic masters feed them — even when it contradicts itself within a short span of time).  So, although their survey found that 14% of Canadians are realistic, this latest billion dollar Stroke’emdeyidparanoiathon allegedly found only 9% of U.S. citizens are realistic.  However, just a couple of months ago, El Shyster Judio reported that 12 to 14% were realistic.  Maybe they’re trying to guilt trip our slightly more realistic kinfolk to the north, or maybe dem uber smart Culpritic shysteroos do not know how to properly run statistical tests.

millions of white folk starve in jew-caused great depressionYou may wonder why the North American percentages are so low, given that familiarity breeds contempt n’ all.  Plus there’s those goyim lucre n’bloodletting sprees — whereby nearly everyone is completely fleeced — which happens every 75 years or so (a convenient segment of time that is just long enough for the majority of those Nichtjüdischevolks — who learned and remembered who caused their suffering — to go ahead and croak).  Millions have actually died from starvation during these heeboco$ts, but this isn’t called genocide because that would be considered anti-Culpritic.

imagesCAQIHZ622Well this here North America is the most shylockadocious place the Culpritics could’ve ever hoped to dig their triplespeakin fangs into.  Not only was/is it chock full of easily guilted, hard-working White people, these folks were also gracious enough to let vulturiffic quasi-humans just move on in — ripping off their genius while dreaming up ever more malicious ways to harm them via complete control of the media, near-complete control of the governments of both the U.S. and Canada, and a majority control over the wealth (including, of course, control of most of them thar big international personas judio known as corporations — yo).

by Incogman

———— by Incogman ————

It’s no surprise that older people are wiser — even in talmudipooped North America — with 34% over age 65 living in reality (versus only 25% under 65).  It should also be noted that about 30% of Americans were realistic in 1964 — this was, of course, many years before Photoshop or even PCs (both types) existed.  Thus, El Culpritico were still putting the finishing touches on their hoax stories, so naturally propaganda falsa alarma hadn’t even hit joolywood production yet.  Hell, in 1964 the paint was barely dry on the atrocity-storied buildings that the Soviet Culpritics had slap-dabbed down in the German work camps — after tearing down all and everything that they thought contradicted their Tall Tale of Woe (AKA The Hoax of the 20th Century).

Despite the fact that the massive Culpritic brainwashings’ focus has been mainly the White European people of North America and Europe, this piss-poor showing in the U.S. — 9 to 14% (depending on what side of the bed ole Abe got out of on the day of his Big Science project) — just goes to show that no amount of “rights” like freedom of speech can ever make up for the Shite-fer-Brains who keep imbibing Culpritic propaganda while being effed up the arse until their GMO-filled intestines are oozing out of their ears.  Those who want to believe that IQ equals intelligence ought to ponder the fact that Panama, the Dominican Republic, and U.S. blacks are at least several times more realistic than you are, Whitey (52%, 41% and 30% respectively).

Research Methods of the Shysteriffic

Now you might be wondering about the eleven extraordinario statements that comprise this great big ole scientific-like “survey” concocted by Flock O Heebgulls.  As usual, only the smartest and most highly trained prepared it.  After all, everyone knows that those who endured dem six big semesters of Shyster School should be qualified in not only advanced statistics, but in research methods as well.  So, we can just go ahead and trust in old El Culpritico Shysteroon when he “believes” that if respondents said that “the majority” of these shyientifically-tested statements are “probably true,” then that person is a bonafide anti-Culpritic.

Likert or not, this is how genuwine scientific investigation proceeds, especially when you’ve got billions in tax-exempt “mad money” to keep yer own mafioso game afloat. Plus you can go ahead and turn yer ole critical thinking lobe off, Whitey, because dat luvable and trustworthy fox has gone beyond the pale to make positively sure this here is unadulterated shyience.  “We were cautious, we were conservative, to understate rather than overstate.”  Well, straight from the pie hole of the Head-Shyster-O-Clan-who-created-Just-So-stories to yer lil ole goyimocortex.  That kind of extra special shyster consideration must surely make this here research double-blind n’ all.

fake“Jews talk too much about what happened to them during the Holocaust;    israel day parade in NYC 2013Jews are more loyal to Israel than to the countries they live in (most popular at 41%); sl_adelson_with hideous daughter  Jews think they are better than other people (more than one-third agreed); jew so called economists   Jews have too much power in international financial markets (more than one-third agreed);   Jews have too much power in the business world (more than one-third agreed); Jews have too much control over global affairs;  judea declares war on germanypeople hate Jews because of the way Jews behave;   bama w jewJews have too much control over the U.S. government;imagesCASDZV55   Jews have too much control over global media;   Jews are responsible for most of the world’s wars;   Jews don’t care about what happens to anyone but their own kind (more than one-third agreed).”


Tidbits N’Conclusions

Although Culpritics comprise less than 2% of the world’s population, more than half of the respondents significantly overestimated the pervasiveness of Talmudikin.  Sly old fox didn’t provide many specifics on these numbers, probably because they’re deemed too anti-Culpritic.  After all, just because more than half of the world’s population thinks that there are ten or twenty times more Culpritics than there are in reality cannot in any way be construed to mean that them thar Jooglers have too much power or too much money or too much control o’er da goyim.

Despite the billions of tax-exempt dollars they rake in annually by keeping the uberbrainwashed lil baby pussy ‘pritics all fearful that they may finally someday get what they deserve, zorro judío scrounged up even more Culpritic moolah for this here quasiscimotolike research.  Why, one of the thousands of uterine-made Culpritic billionaires came through just when the old fox thought he might have to break with a few shekels from his big ole Heebasaurus nest egg.

This genuine research was touted as the best thing since Roosevelt’s deliberate acts of treason or even that heeberlicious Balfour Declaration, both of which were major coup d’état el kikenstein.  Ole Shyster-in-Chief said that this here research will serve as a “baseline” (that’s schyience talk for “Where We Once Again Begin Hammering Away At Goyim Noggins ’bout Our Victim Status”).  “For the first time we have a real sense of how pervasive and persistent anti-Culpriticism is today around the world.”

Just in time too.  After all, the Culpritic-made “psyche” of the typical under-40 sheepbooking wankobyte is such that they don’t care ’bout no hoax.  And there’s only one thing more deadly to propaganda than actual facts and that is apathy.  Heeb-ho a few more years of Culpritic-caused “Depression” reruns on to the ole World Screen, and we just may see the population becoming more and more realistic lickety-split.

© 2014 Orwell’s Daughter

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Tastes Just Like Chicken!

Tastes just like chicken!

Tastes just like chicken!

by Marina Orwell

At the request of a “follower” who cannot discern WN bitchez (WNB) from their Culpritic overlords, I’ve prepared a brief compare/contrast to aid in this difficult, often “unpalatable” task.

Overall, WNB smell just like glatt kosher beef — without the spices (i.e. money & power), but taste just like chicken.  The following are some of the “ingredients” that make WNB such a ham-fisted (do pardon the pun) concoction.  Although I don’t necessarily recommend it, it is safe for even you kosher vegans out there to utilize when you need a mild laxative:

  • WNB tend to have authoritarian personalities, meaning, among other things, that everyone must conform to their blindered, extremely narrow field of vision.  WNB make Mao and Stalin look like highly successful libertarians.  Even the Culpritics allow a wider worldview.  I warn you: Their intellectual glaucoma can be contagious.
  • WNB tend to blame everyone else for their own dungheap.  Unlike the Culpritics, they haven’t figured out how to not keep soiling their own diapers & thus sitting in their own poop.  It is distinctly malodorous when they’re around, despite the fact that they’ll insist that their shit doesn’t smell.
  • Being somewhat inbred (in their “thinking” at least), WNB lack the typical creativity so often seen in White European people.  So, they mostly just recycle other people’s work.  Unlike the Culpritics, they don’t even “borrow” for the money or some greater “purpose,” but rather to engage in a ritualized circlejerk.
  • Unlike the Culpritics, WNB have no interest in tribalism beyond their own little group of talmudified authoritarians. Like ingrown toenails, they are useless and unsightly but in the grand scheme of things, they are just niggling piffle piles.  In an effort to “puff up” their otherwise pitiful selves, these ingrown toenails grandiosly believe that they are a major organ system.  They accuse anyone who disagrees with them of being a jew who wants to persecute them.  Smells just like Aunty Culpritic bacon to me.
  • Unlike the Culpritics, WNB take great delight in relegating 51% of their race to the proverbial shithole.  While Culpritic women are given golden parachutes to the top of every institution (while masquerading as “White” of course), WNB screech that dem White wimmins keep taking the jobs of dem undereducated-but-proud “White” men.  This leads to the basic difference between these very similar groups:
  • In keeping with their their very efficient plan to keep chasing their own tails, WNB hate White women more than any other group (going by actions, not words), with Black males being a close second.  This is nothing new, and history proves the point. For example, White men gave the vote to Black men but left White women out in the cold to have to fight relentlessly for 50 more years to attain the suffrage that “White” males gave to Black men gratis.  It’s no wonder that WNB wish to keep “playing dumb” re actual facts.  Rather, they continue in the lie that the Culpritics “created” feminism, and that the talmudified, ersatz “feminism” from the 1960s onwards is the same as the feminism created by White women — when even a cursory look at history reveals what a ridiculous theory that is.  White feminists accomplished the near-impossible against ridiculous odds (including “law” that wrote them in as mere chattel); can’t blame women-hating WNB chickens for fearing that.

I hope this helps.  But if you’re still in doubt, leave ’em a comment suggesting that White women have “abandoned” the White man (for who else but their imaginary nemesis, the Black man) because of the latter’s schlong-endowedness.  Then sit back & wait for the WNB “chimp out.”

To be continued, possibly.

© 2014 Orwell’s Daughter

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MarchinLootinKillin (& Rapin, & Slavin)

by Marina Orwell

mlk legacyHey lemmings — by now you already know that Mr. King was a plagiarist, and was also a firm believer in slavery when it came to black women.  He liked to rough up prostitutes.  In short, he was a trumped-up fraud who should have been behind bars.  Thanks to the Culpritics who continue to encourage this race of low IQ violent criminals, Mr. King’s legacy lives on.

Black males commit the majority of the slavery-raping/human trafficking offenses that are typically served up with an ugly side dish of kiddie porn.  During the randomly-chosen week of 8/19 to 8/26/14, all of the rapist-slavers in the FBI’s database were black males.   Also included below is one case of a black who didn’t attempt to enslave the female child (he “merely” raped her while his fellow gorilla laughed and used his phone to video the crime — these Amerikan citizens couldn’t even control their 1.5 oz. of flesh while visiting Greece).

Note that unfortunately the kinds of cases outlined below represent just a small percentage of the rapes/assaults that children endure during any given week.  The FBI got involved with these cases because of the additional involvement with attempting to create and sell child pornography on the internet and/or because of the human trafficking (i.e. sexual enslavement of minors) element.  Remember too, as you read, that the children who were brutalized by these animals are damaged for life — thus creating untold expense in both heartache and actual dollars.

Black “Man” Raped & Whipped Female Children into Slavery

Rahim McIntyre AKA “King Kobra,” 35, of Philadelphia, PA, was sentenced for raping and abusing girls aged 18 and younger into slavery.  Black pig McIntyre ran a prostitution business in Philadelphia and other major cities between early 2006 and late 2012 whereby he recruited female children and then psychologically manipulated them to comply with his demands through physical violence.  To top it off he also sold photos of his rape, enslavement, and other physical abuse to fellow male gorillas on the internet while of course using the same photos of pornified slavery to sell the children themselves.

Rahim & Rashaad McIntyre photos of these vicious rapist slavers are not provided anywhere by our dear government so I have made up my own nondescript black criminal mugshot for them

I combed the web for a photo of this notorious black POS & his black POS brother, but lo & behold! Only photos of White criminals are easily found — not the likes of these horrific black rapists & slavers of women & children like these two animals. Only one of the articles I found in my quest for a photo of this Pile of Black Excrement identified him as black. Even though I knew from their names that they are black, I wanted actual proof. Thus, these aren’t actual photos of Rahim & Rashaad but they are indeed black muslims (may their fake homohammed be praised for encouraging black rapists & slavers) so I used these nondescript photos.     It’s unbelievable that a White woman like me — who is increasingly victimized by animals like these two, doesn’t have access to photos of them.  White women are the most productive group while being the cheapest to “keep,” but we aren’t even deemed to be human enough to see the photos of the apes whose humongous shyster/prison bills we are forced to pay for, let alone those who rape, maim, & kill us.

McIntyre’s brother, Rashaad McIntyre, was in the same racket with his gorilla bro.  He pled guilty in December 2012 with sex trafficking of minors and production of child pornography.  After nearly two years, this animal is still awaiting sentencing.  His room, board, medical bills, and of course his huge shyster bills are all paid for by the victims of his inhuman crimes along with those males who aren’t rapists, slavers, and/or pornographers.

Please note that the dickheads of the FBI are as confused about who is a “girl” and who is a “woman” as the general public is, thanks to hundreds of years of Bible-thumpin, Geesus-lovin, hormonally-possessed male Chrisshtians trying in vain to keep their actual Makers (women) under their heels (especially White women, who are the least violent, most productive, most intelligent, most highly educated, and the least expensive group of any other group by far to the taxpayer).  Thus, the FBI often calls children “women” while often calling women over 18 “girls” throughout their reports.

Is it beginning to dawn on your Culpritic-steeped brain how you help increase crimes against children when you cannot properly identify minors from adults in your own whiggered speech?  Will you morons begin to understand that those who have an even lower IQ than you do (and/or are chronically irrational due to testosterone) are abetted by this constant, everyday blurring of lines between female adults and children?

For a good summary of what the law means by “sex trafficking” (raping into slavery) see just one of the expensive, taxpayer-paid judgments made against this Piece of Walking Black Shit earlier this year.

See the FBI release here

Black Animal Rapes & Enslaves a Runaway Child

Alan Cooley, rapist & slaver

Alan Cooley, rapist & slaver

Alan Cooley, 34, of Falls Church, Virginia, was indicted by a federal grand jury for engaging in the sex trafficking of a child and transporting a minor across state lines for prostitution.  Besides repeatedly raping her, he whipped her in front of the males he sold her to when she refused to engage in the even more vile and degrading than usual acts that he demanded of her.

If this isn’t the worst kind of slavery known to mankind, what the hell is?

See the FBI release here

Black Multiple Felon Free to Rape 3 Runaway Children into Slavery

Tyrell Richmon, rapist & slaver

Tyrell Richmon, rapist & slaver

Tyrell Richmond, 31, of Visalia California, raped and prostituted three runaway female minors into slavery via force, fraud and coercion.  This black POS had already been convicted three previous times of felonies, why the hell was he on the loose?

Why, at least partially because the entire “justice” system is forced to pretend that the rates of criminal behavior are the same between the races.  It’s also due to the fact that the Culpritics are making billions of shekels from their unbelievably overpriced, privatized prison system, which the taxpayer can no longer afford. Taken together, this means that there are probably ten black criminal apes on the loose for every one who’s been caged.

See the FBI release here

Two Blacks Traffick Children Into Prostitution & Also Try to Sell Children on the Internet

taurus devault toledo

Taurus Devault, rapist & slaver

Taurus Devault, 27, of Toledo Ohio was sentenced to 224 months in prison for raping and enslaving children, then trying to sell them on the internet.

Hill, Duane toledo

Duane Hill, Rapist & Slaver

This Piece of Walking Filth couldn’t resist wasting tens of thousands in more taxpayer dollars by delaying his sentencing multiple times with ruses such as requesting new shysters who conspired with this violent criminal to withdraw his guilty plea (and why not? “Our” government encourages violent black & brown criminals to spend as much of Whitey’s tax dollars as possible, thanks to the Culpritically-perverted “justice” system).

His fellow black animal is also from Toledo and was sentenced earlier this year (Duane Hill, 26).

See FBI release here

Yet Another Black Man Enslaves A Child

Kemont Bowie providence

Kemont Bowie — besides the untold human suffering this Walking Excrement has caused, just imagine how many millions he’s already costed taxpayers (& he’s only 34). Are you beginning to understand my statements about humanity missing the boat on eugenics at least 100 years ago?

Another POS who should have been permanently locked up many years ago was free to rape, enslave, and sell children.  Kemont Bowie, 34, of Providence Rhode Island, kidnapped a child and then tried to sell her.  This Wad of Black Excrement already had a long criminal history — with a pattern of either violating his probation or failing to show up in court.  Naturally, he was merely allowed to roam at will.  How much do you want to bet he’ll be out a-roamin’ again in less than a year?

See FBI release here

Black Savage Rapes a Greek Child While Another Black Animal Films It

We used to say that you could take a black out of Africa, but you can’t take the Africa out of a black.  Now that the U.S. has been home to the mostly Mulatto population (thanks to those irrational-via-testosterone “white” and Jew men who liked to fuck slave women, thus creating a new race that the Culpritics have been weaponizing against White people for the past 60 years), I guess we can say: You can even dilute black until it’s more than 75% White like an Eric Holder, but it will still behave in a black fashion.

Shahmell Robinson

This 21-yr-old Pile O Feces Shahmell Robinson couldn’t even stop raping children while visiting Greece

A truly dispicable piece of black filth, Shahmell Robinson, 21, of Rochester, N.Y., raped a female child while another piece of black filth, Jordon McCloud, 22, used his telephone to film the attack.  How did the two po’ brothas find their way all the way over to Greece (airfare is at least $1500)?  These two animals were laughing their gorilla asses off while raping a child.  The thing about having a borderline-to-low-average IQ combined with irrationality-via-testosterone is — you will be stupid enough to want to “show off” to yer fellow male animals on Sheepbook.  Guess what, dumb asses?  Advertising your criminal acts publicly will not only get you jailed for rape, publishing your raping of a child is considered child pornography — which, besides the fact that you must commit rape even while in a foreign country, is why the FBI was involved.

Public castration with a hot iron wouldn’t quite be enough of a punishment for these animals.  They should be publicly raped by a fellow black animal for weeks, maybe months on end — then castrated with a hot iron.  I’d make these sick sons of low-IQ black animals eat their own excrement.  All of the proceedings would be available via pay-per-view, and the proceeds would be given to pay any fees incurred by these animals, with the majority of the proceeds going to the victims and/or the victims’ families.

How many of these worthless animals would suddenly “grow” some frontal lobe functioning if they witnessed their brethren getting what they deserved?  Some of them would, but I’ll bet that at least 25% would not.  That’s how bad it’s become — we have that many soulless, brutish freaks running around who would not even stop raping, brutalizing, and killing even if they knew they’d get what they deserved.

There are so many examples in this Culpritic-occupied society of how the absolute worst are rewarded while us decent folk are not only at their mercy, but are made to pay for their upkeep.  We live in the worst kind of brutal tyranny, in case you haven’t already figured that out.  As we’ll continue to see, the rule of these descendants of Bolshevik Jews is far worse than the law of the jungle.  

Go ahead and thank members of the “Greatest Generation,” or most especially the “Silent Generation” (who came after those fools of the “Greatest Generation” but who did even more damage).  Even though “Boomers” are almost always blamed, it was the fattened-up porkers of the “Silent Generation” who were mostly responsible for the social upheaval of the 1960s.  “Boomers,” who were far too young to be the ringleaders (some hadn’t even been born yet), were mostly their clueless victims.

© 2016 Orwell’s Daughter



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