Part I of 3: Queen Bee’s Hive O’ Misogyny

by Marina Orwell                                                                       (go straight to the good part)

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This “article” will serve as a well-deserved cathartic tonic after 2.5 years of being relentlessly ridiculed & harangued by the insufferable herd o’jackals known as “White” nationalists.  If my candor offends the feebler sex, please remember this:  What I was regularly subjected to for several years was many dozens of times worse.  Indeed, the cacophony of misogynistic bleating was so shrill that I may suffer perpetual psychic tinnitus.

hive o misogyny

I exchanged remarks with Carolyn Yeager about the hypocrisy of the many “pro-White” males.  Keep in mind that Yeager’s drones are only a tiny group compared with the hordes of jackals who harassed me on CulpriticTube.  I only include some of their inane comments to give you a “taste” of their mental & emotional capacities (or lack thereof).  Also keep in mind that these drones behave themselves (more or less) with their Queen but, like the faceless, voiceless pussies that they are, love to circle jerk & attempt their emotional rape-&-pillage operations when Mommy, Queen Bee, some form of Big Daddy, or other “authority” figure isn’t there to keep them in line.

Marina Orwell:  These WN boys travel in packs & even the most intrepid lioness grows weary of being attacked by jackals!  Honestly, sometimes it seems quite plain that what many of these guys are *really* against are their own women. For just one example: They’ve been so jewified that they actually believe that Hollywood whores from old movies express “real femininity.” LOL!

Another favorite of mine is how they whine & harangue about White women w/black men (an infinitesimally small problem compared to the massive numbers of White men who are breeding interracially — where I live I see at least 10-15 male racemixers to every female. Why don’t they harangue other White men?).

They wonder why women aren’t interested in this “movement,” but really — & I say this in all seriousness & it gives me no pleasure to say it — what woman would prefer living among these talmudified jackasses rather than jews?  I’ve never met a one of them who was interested in the truth about the woman’s movement. After all, Saint Billy Pierce said that it was them thar jews who created feminism so it must be true!

Carolyn Yeager:  Hahaha. What a great observation. So true. Everyone is living in their imaginations and projecting what they want to see, and then believing it’s there. Well, that’s why “this movement” needs to be exposed to what intelligent mature women think, and how it looks to them. An all-male “movement” is never going anywhere; it’s only a cozy boy’s club for those who feel they are a part of it.

Marina Orwell: This “movement” seems to be mainly comprised of insecure, brash little boys who care more about how they appear to the herd rather than about crafting a strategy that may actually work.  Their love of keeping dem wimmins in their place (haven’t they noticed that only the absolute dregs of White women have remained “in their place?”), childishly insisting on their “right” to call black people “niggers,” & other juvenile antics are far more important to them than the health of their race.  After continually witnessing their satisfaction at their own folly, I’ve been forced to reconsider my assertions re Culpritics not being as intelligent as Whites ;o)

Since they are doggedly determined to disgust the vast majority of White people — & are also resolved to not allow anyone else to try to communicate w/non-extremist White people — I can only conclude that the majority of so-called “pro-White” boys do not wish the “movement” to go anywhere.

As much as they claim to “get it,” & as much as they groan about White people not being “awake,” they are the most fast-asleep of all.  Their unfortunate kids & grandkids will have to “get it,” but these Culpritic-boys-masquerading-as-White-men only wish to continue their autistic circle jerk.  The pathetic (albeit gay) truth is:  Given the choice between “having it all” or circle-jerking w/their brethren, most White males choose the latter.  Like mice who cannot stop pressing the bar that dispenses cocaine, White males are addicted to the false “masculinity” served up for many decades by the Culpritics.

Carolyn Yeager:  You say you don’t give a hoot what any man thinks, yet you stopped producing your videos because some of these guys attacked you as a Feminist (a derogatory term in their book) and “feminazi” etc. I think you are far more sensitive than you admit (or maybe you do admit it). When you were on my program last year, the comments from men were all favorable toward you and asked for you to return. Just a couple felt the need to preface their praise with “I-don’t-approve-of-Feminism-type remarks.” They are the ones who see “feminism” as the #1 evil, just as they see Eve as the original corrupter of the world. But they all wanted to see your videos and you immediately took them all down … because, I think, of just one comment from one guy. If you really want to educate both men and women about “the real truth about the woman’s movement,” you have to know there will be some idiots and trolls who will be trying to drive you away. You do know this, so I think you need to develop a tougher skin. Another reason, I think, is that you don’t want to do anything that will help these guys. You hate them more than they could ever hate you. And you are mentally their superior. But don’t expect them ever to admit that; they can’t.

Marina Orwell: Where did you get this info?  Certainly not from me (& I’d be the only one who would know).  “A comment from one guy”?  LOL!  Try HUNDREDS, Carolyn.  But really, you need to stop listening to these gossip-mongering “White” boys.  You have no experience in how Poohtube operates, & you don’t know a thing about the person you’re talking to, but you’d explain away why I sometimes hid my vids as being based on reactions to what da all-powerful White boys think.  You take the word of certain meanspirited, unemployed, barely-average vampires & eunuchs who, if you had any courage at all, should be slapped silly for their indolence & emotional incest alone (but then, this would require that you actually cared about achieving real results instead of being a Queen Bee on the Island of Lost Boys).  You also need to stop projecting & start internalizing reality: You’re the one who keeps swallowing whatever these misogynists throw on you.

In my video work I was trying to appeal to the “average” White person, who is — the research repeatedly tells us – politically moderate.  This selfless purpose was repeatedly sabotaged by the little dudes who immodestly call themselves White “men.”

I spent countless hours “trying to help these guys” until I was no longer willing to put up with their brutal attacks & their obnoxious, herd-like mentality.  Perhaps the stupendously- laudatory (& now I can sadly say, undeserved – as least as far as this herd o’jackals is concerned) “In Praise of White Men” (to name only one of dozens) just wasn’t enough to fill their bottomless ego-need?

That’s what it comes down to, Carolyn.  “These guys” are bottomless pits of neediness who are spoiling other peoples’ hard work instead of dealing w/their own emotional penury.  Culpritics sans the money & power.  Pathetic, really.  (By the way, you’d experience the depth & intensity of their full-bodied hatred if only you’d “dare” to suggest that White women aren’t Walking Uteri, fucktoys, maids, or vassals).

Since you seem to question my hardiness:  Any woman who’s repeatedly had to compete in big-time Boys’ Clubs (you can easily quadruple the misogynist “fun” in doctoral programs, hospitals, et al. — especially back when I went through them) hasproven ten-fold that she can “take it” & when need be has a “tougher skin” than 99% of people (& it seems pretty clear that it’s these boys who need to grow a pair).  But then, I don’t strive to be “tough.”  I actually strive to preserve my sensitivity, as it’s precious to me.  Doesn’t the mere fact of their meanspiritedness (which parallels their pussy touchiness to any & all criticism) say anything about how far White males have fallen?

You are absolutely right; males cannot “admit” simple genetics. The herd o’jackals simply cannot stand the facts — 50% of White women are more intelligent than 50% of White men.  Actually, the latest research has shown that women now surpass men in IQ, so I guess what I just said is no longer exactly true ;o)  Most White women simply aren’t willing to pretend to be “lesser than” any more – especially when the exact opposite is increasingly true.

You see, the majority of Culpritics aren’t stupid enough to try to keep their own women down.  No, they support & aggrandize their own, which is why nearly all important positions held by women in White countries are occupied by Culpritic women (although all women are grossly underrepresented — except for Culpritic women, who as usual are grossly overrepresented — White women are underrepresented even when compared only to other, non-Culpritic women).

The Culpritics brought this misogyny down on the whole planet w/their hideous “religions,” but you’ll note that only a small percentage of them practice virulent misogyny nowadays.  After they “gave” us misogynistic “religion,” the Culpritics quickly took complete control of all mass communication, which of course continues to this day.  Their degradation of (mostly White) women & the concomitant misogyny of males has proceeded so precipitously — & with no opposition (except from those gawd-awful feminists!) — that we now have 8-year-old boys committing sexual atrocities on girls as young as 3!

White males continue to defend the most despicable misogyny as “speech” because they’re so talmudified that the majority of them lost the ability to reason a very long time ago (“speech” includes mass raping/pillaging in every orifice to the point where the “porn actress’” insides are torn up – well, the physical brutalization enacted on these women is too vile to elaborate on here; it can be found on the internet).

Because misogyny’s been paired w/male orgasm for so many generations (& I include, of course, the ever-escalating “soft” joolywood porn that’s been served up since the 1920s), I see no easy way to fight against this multi-generational & self-sustaining classical conditioning.  Throw in testosterone (which has never been known to promote rationality in humans ;o) & the “pleasure” of having a whole sex class “beneath” you — & we have the steaming pile of entrenched & unmitigated misogyny we see today.

How the Culpritics have been laughing — not only all the way to the bank — but all the way to the White male psyche via their genital puppet strings as well!

Carolyn Yeager:  Of course, Pierce is an icon to WN men, and you are picking out the very one of his “beliefs” that is the least attractive in him, imo also. Women didn’t like him, nor did his wives stay with him, whereas women lined up for George Lincoln Rockwell. The same for Hitler; in spite of his reputation for being dismissive of the “weaker sex,” women did not get that impression about Hitler. Women know! Pierce was something of a misogynist, therefore many WN’s think that is the way to be. Blame all your troubles on Eve!

Marina Orwell:  LOL yes, the culpritic-created “Eve” fairytale.

Well, people must also be considered in the context of their time.  I don’t claim to know much about Hitler (besides having some knowledge about his tremendous courage vis-à-vis the Culpritics), but my impressions have been that he truly cared about his people & had the temerity to put his money where his mouth was.  He’d smack the crap out of the simpering pussies & assorted sick pups who pretend to worship at his shrine today.

Pierce wasn’t fit to lick the boots of Hitler in my opinion.  For the most part, he pre-prepared barely-average diatribes & served them up to his miniscule & near-exclusively male audience (whose homoerotic cowardliness must be thickly-veiled under the pretense of being Big Men Who Are Better than Everyone Else).  He did more harm than good, & the damage he did continues to live on today.  Even though he repeatedly imported desperate women from economically-ravaged eastern European countries (so as to have the best chance of “grateful” thralldom), apparently even they weren’t quailing or subservient enough to endure this egomaniacal crank.  Make no mistake that most of his allure to male lemmings is because of his unabashed misogyny.  Unlike Hitler, he mainly beguiles the most fatuous & least competent of our race.  Thankfully, by now the maggots have completely devoured his pedestrian brain.

“The movement” is chock full o’ pretty-boy charlatans, loud-mouthed egomaniacs, malignant n’er-do-wells, fat-ass watchers of Culpritic cable  – and, of course, the hordes of faceless, voiceless, codswalloping pussy nitwits who are being encouraged to thrash about & defecate on the work of those of us who are/were actually doing something.  Talk about radical egalitarianism! LOL!

~ On to Part II ~


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A marooned visitor to this Big Barrel O Idiots reporting on the antics of Da Herd (especially the Culpritic 2%)
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21 Responses to Part I of 3: Queen Bee’s Hive O’ Misogyny

  1. Glad to see you revised this to be harder on Yeager, but not nearly as hard as she deserves. My second reading of her vapid responses to you reinforces the fact that the WN idiots are her intellectual and emotional peers.

  2. Tina says:

    Marina: your experience with male WNs has been identical to mine: they herd up like jackals or hyenas; they don’t think; they’re ‘brave’ in a group and behind the screen; at least half of them have serious mental issues; and as Viking Bitch said: they’re pretty boys. I.E.: They don’t do anything in real life, they just play on the keyboards.

    Viking Bitch, VB, is in accord with this, as are you and other WN females. It’s good to know I’m not alone out there

    And for EVERYONE: we are close to the disastrous amnesty; I am spending all day Monday CALLING EVERYONE OF THE SENATORS on this issue.

    You say it won’t work? WELL WHAT ELSE DO YOU HAVE? Folks, this is 30 million illegals over 10 years’ time in this country, brought to us by the white-hating globalist bosses. That’s what this amnesty means. AND IT’S HAPPENING NOW.

  3. Hook-nosed Reich says:

    I was enjoying your writing so much I decided to start at the first posting. Wow, there are so many things to remark on but I’ll just say one thing then ask one question. Big kudos for you and your description of Pierce. It should be posted on his Wiki page. Maybe I’ll try. Now the question. Do you think there’s any hope that white men will stop being albino niggers with an attitude or is it something organic with them?

  4. BrendaTheWhite says:

    Wow, glad I’m not the only one who was treated like dogdirt by white nationalsits. So Yeager says that you’re the ‘mental superior’ of white nationalists although none can admit it including Yeager. So is it just for those who are mentally inferior?

    • 1776replay says:

      I had the same question. Why are these anti egalitarians against women whom they admit are their mental superiors? I know the answer to that question, it’s because they are against women in general. That’s clear and obvious. But it still begs the question, why does someone like Yeager not defend women? It’s clear from what she says that she agrees with OD.

  5. The Goy Channel says:

    I love your description of Mildred Pierce. Course you’re a classy lass & made the point that he was a DUMBSHIT FAGGOT without being as rude as I am.

    • sqpeg says:

      I’m totally loving your analysis. I’m puzzled why any woman would put up with WNs. I’m not talking about old hags like you so well explained, her payoff is being queen bee. I’m talking about the ones who put up with these woman haters in their “real” lives.

      You’re spot on about Pierce. As a matter of fact, his viral hatred of women is so palpable that I can’t believe it isn’t obvious to these women who put up with WN. Or can they really be that desperate? I got so intrigued by this phenomena that I started looking into old William Luther. It appears that maybe he was actually working for the jews he ranted about. That explains a lot if it’s true. It also appears that he was quite a pervert who was addicted to porn & liking sodomy. Here’s one interesting link

      You’re absolutely right about men being led around by their hormones. Jews have been manipulating them for centuries. They even found someone whose hatred of women was absolutely real to attract other misogynists to himself so that white people would just chase their tails & never have an organization that was in any way attractive to them. Who but other crazy men who had nothing going for them would be attracted to the National Alliance? I guess I shouldn’t say “other” since it would seem that Pierce had a pretty plush life. One that most of us could never imagine. Never working, living on hundreds of acres of land, buying long term prostitutes from Eastern Europe. Turns out his lifestyle was much jewier than even the yids of Wall st.

      • Well, that’s a lot of info in that link, but I’m not interested enough in Billy to read it all. Anyone who isn’t a woman hater or an “early adopter” of Joolywood (i.e. those idiots like Mildred Pierce who love kikenstein’s John Wayne, Marilyn Monroe, etc., & don’t see how utterly brainwashed they are) could not help but hear Mr. Pierce’s plaintiff misogynistic bleating for what it is. Yes, his lifestyle was that of a country gentleman (paid for by his idiot followers), but there was one thing old Mildred just couldn’t do. Despite proving to all the world that he was a defective codswalloper by marrying not 3, not 4, but 5 times — & despite importing 4 of his toadie whores from economically ravaged Eastern Europe — this autistic jackoff still couldn’t find a white woman desperate enough to be his adoring slave. Perhaps, like many of his penis-worshipping followers, he should have fucked him some amerind or flip or latrino meat (oops — that wouldn’t have worked since slantsluts want someone w/at least a little potential to suck off of).

        • sqpeg says:

          Your hilarious description of “Mildred” (LOL!!) couldn’t be more spot on. However I was referring to the possibility that he was backed by Jews. He was also known to be a porn aficionado. In fact any man who shops for mailorder brides could be said to be a pornography lover since these women advertise what whores they are to attract the likes of Mildred. This is what followers of Pierce believe women are for, whoring. One of his more notorious followers recently died in prison after his plot to kill his wife backfired on him. His wife is a real dingbat but unfortunately was no longer young and attractive even though she looked like the epitome of beauty and youth compared to him, lol. So he went shopping like Mildred for E. Euro whores. His dipshit continues to beg for attention from his misogynistic fellow travelers by claiming her hubby was blameless. Stockholm syndrome or even being semi retarded doesn’t quite explain this woman’s lack of one shred of self respect. Anyway I appreciate your writing about monsters like Pierce. Jews hiring men like him sealed the fate of white people.

        • FuckedWeapon in Boytown says:

          Women aren’t the only ones irritated by the misogyny of Pierce & his lemmings. He couldn’t even be successful despite being given every undeserved opportunity including an education paid for by the taxpayers. He wouldn’t make it though one day as a woman who had to put up with pigs like him. Let alone be pregnant while working full time, let alone pushing a human skull out his asshole. Personally I’d have loved to see how this cocksucker handled pain at the end. Bet he was crying out like a little baby. Men who talk tough, hate women, & encourage other men to commit crimes while they live like southern gentlemen without working a day in their lives richly deserve everyone’s scorn, men & women alike.

  6. Kali says:

    Finally someone has something to say about us women.

  7. Victor says:

    I have to hand it to you for treating Yeager like an equal when it’s pretty clear that she’s not.

  8. Absolutely brilliant. I hadn’t seen this before & am looking forward to reading the other 2 parts. Your remarks about male sexuality & porn are clear, cogent, logically irrefutable, & succinct. I’d reblog but I don’t wish to promote these totally jew formed men called “white nationalists” in any way. Which brings me to my questions. Why does this person “Tina” think you’re WN, especially after reading this? And, who the heck is Carolyn Yeager? You describe What she is, but I’m curious why you’d be talking to her.

  9. DanD says:


    Ok trying this again. Hopefully this time my comments will go through.

    I’ve been following and reading you for several months now but hadn’t seen these earlier writings about the so called pro-white ppl before.

    Before I say anything else I’ll preface it by saying that I know you, Marina already realize probably all that I’m going to say. I say it for the benefit for other searching white ppl, who may not be down the road as far as you or me.

    When Marina speculates that many of these ppl are working for jews or the US govt. which is run by jews, I must agree. How could some of these men keep doing the same jackassy things and not notice that it only makes matters worse? I have no proof but it seems quite plausible that many of them do indeed work for the ziostate. The rest, as Marina has noted, are assorted sick pups.

    “Joe Northpal” for example, is an angry misogynist who calls in to any one of these onanists who has a microphone and Audacity software to vent his hate filled spleen. There are only couple dozen men involved in this Far Right nonsense, and about a half dozen sick pup women at any one time who hangs with these males who openly disrespect them….most of them have already “hit on” your blog….the women are a “revolving door” somewhat, as even some of these sick pups get tired of being abused and move on. You can hear these very shrill women on these guys talk shows, sounding completely bipolar, pressure of speech and all, ranting and raving about “groids” and on how to be really good little girls for these big loser males they currently hang onto. By the way this dude Originist who brags about his high IQ sounds like a typical hayshaker who’d be lucky if his IQ was room temperature.

    My point here is that everything you say here and elsewhere is true, Marina. This tiny group of misfits are ruining the already small chances that white ppl have to get out from under the spell of the jew media. Whereas you’ve used your high IQ….and you don’t have to brag about it as anyone who reads you knows you have one and unlike these ner-do-wells you’ve achieved things in the real world to prove your high intellect….anyways while you’ve used your high IQ to detail what these sick pups have done and continue to do to their own race, most white ppl just get one whiff of their foul sh*t and run away, perhaps never to return.

    This is a big shame because there are a lot of ppl looking. Only if they’re lucky will they stumble upon someone like you Marina, who is sharp as a tack, who sees right through these Far Righters who are pretending to be pro-white, but who also sees through the jew and their media etc. What these little jerks have done is just build another obstacle to white unity. But they like the small amount of power they feel they have….given to them by the few imbeciles who follow them. This is why they propogate this “lone wolf” nonsense. It makes them kid themselves into thinking they’re actually doing something. It makes them think there are all kinds of “lone wolves” out there. In reality, they have nothing except for a handful of sick pups who have nothing better to do than to harass and abuse an intelligent fighter like you, Marina.

    White men have let white women to compoletely fend for themselves against everything from having to raise their dumbshit progeny on their own to having to deal with the increasing violence due to the #1 male pastime, pornography. The white woman has proven that she can survive all the worst that’s been thrown at her. The white man can’t say the same and of course the mud races could never make that claim. Just saying, Marina, that some of us understand more of what you’re talking about than you might realize.

    I’ve got a lot more to say but will stop here until later. If you’ve got another blog or other space, I’d appreciate you letting me know.

    • DanD, Thanks for your thoughtful comments. Much appreciated.

      I can’t do anything about the violence & misogyny women are forced to face every day “out in the world,” but I can keep it from invading my home. Therefore, I don’t follow these people any more than I do the Culpritic media.

      This little blog will stand as testimony to how the “pro-white” male herd operates. It’s only the tip of the iceberg — perhaps someday I’ll start posting all the pornographic and violent hate mail I’ve received from the “pro-white” male herd.

      The women are weak, but they’re no weaker than the men. They know what happens to any woman who doesn’t agree 100% with whatever a male says, no matter how vain, stupid, and irrational the male is. They know that 99.99% of males are herd animals who stick together & have no problem stampeding, raping, & pillaging any woman, anytime, anywhere (like they’ve done throughout history). They would rather not receive violent threats wrapped in misogynistic pornography — who can blame them?

      For myself, I cannot pretend to be less than I am for the sake of the egos of a few barely-average gorillas. But then, I’ve not just sat on my sweet behind & remained a dependent, like most women do. They made their bed & now they spread their legs in it.

      It’s very true that White women have survived through the worst the male can throw at her. I couldn’t help but think of all of the single moms I’ve known v. single dads. I don’t know one “single” dad who’s even managed to be the #1 caregiver for 50% of the time. Conversely, I don’t know one single mom who’s not managed to be 100% of the time.

      Thanks again for your comments.

    • 1776replay says:

      Lots to think about in what you say Dand. I will need to ponder it before making more comments but wanted to compliment you on your support of a strong Aryan woman. I do agree wholeheartedly about what you say about Marina but I’m not as sure about your more general statements.

  10. Marcus says:

    Carolyn Yeager is a Hungarian who thinks that her adoration of Hitler will make her an Aryan and a German. Compare her photo to that of the typical mixed breed Hungarian and you will see that genes do not lie. This short, dark eyed person whose skin is on the darker side of the white race, thinks that the tall, blue-eyed obviously Aryan peoples of the allegedly “Slavic” countries are inferior to the mongrels of the trash bins of Europe like Hungary.

    I agree with your observations about white nationalists. There isn’t a single one who is even slightly above average. They prove how silly it is to allow people like them to decide anything besides what they’ll have for dinner. Imagine having any one of these white nationalists having the power to make decisions for any of us. What a scary world it would be to try to reason with the likes of them. They are just convinced that they are better than others even though, as you so brilliantly pointed out, they have no proof of their “superiority” in the real world.

    Great Work!

  11. Keith says:

    Saw your nice comment about MCP over at TUT. Been browsing around chuckling cause you are a gifted and hilarious writer. You nail the Jews and you nail White Nationalism. You should go after Carolyn Yeager like she goes after everyone else. I see you don’t criticize her near as much as she so rightly deserves. It’s a good thing MCP died or she’d be starting up some shit about him as well. What a c*nt, pardon my Yiddish.

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