Part 2 of 3: Pro”White” Is a Code Word for Women-Hating Males

by Marina Orwell

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Marina Orwell:  Carolyn, I could regale you w/hours of stories about life on youtube w/the herd o’jackals & why I chose to stop letting them beat me up — but who cares? I reiterate: If I cared about what men think, I’d certainly not openly call myself a feminist (need I say it — in the pretalmudic sense of this term). After all, feminism/woman’s rights is the “last hurrah” when it comes to so-called “free” speech. All men gang up against it/women & try to silence us — men of all races & political stripes — when they’re not watching jew porn via jew cable, that is. 

his thang

The only reason I made videos was to reach out to other rational, educated (but still nonjewwise) Whites. Since the Herd repeatedly hindered my attempts to do this, why continue to waste my time? I think I could already qualify as a masochist after 2.5 yrs. of it.

When someone like me tries to do the difficult work of reaching out to “mainstream” Whites (via time-consuming works of art, I might add), I am beat to a bloody pulp by male WN extremists. I do not want a country that’s ruled by radical (that is, high on testosterone) not-so-bright little dudes — or populated by White people who all think along the same narrow track, for that matter. Diversity among White people IS a strength, but it is banished everywhere in WN. I think that I echo the opinion of the majority of White people when I say that I reject this narrow range.

As for the remarks made re my interview — I remember being censored after responding to a rude little dude who made much of my VERY LOW KEY remarks about feminism (like I said, talking openly about male’s irrationality when it comes to simple genetics is the final frontier — that Little Dude would have had a conniption fit had the interview actually been about feminism and/or actual facts about so-called gender). Really, the irrationality of most White males quite nicely mirrors that of the Culpritics but since they have consensual validation on their side (on the surface, at least), I don’t see this critical flaw being rectified in near enough time to stem complete Culpritic rule. After all, it’s the result of a much bigger, lengthier & more complex brainwashing campaign than even that of something like the Holohoax.

Anyway, I still make vids, but I have a private viewer list on youtube — the majority of whom are White males BTW (they too are sick to death of the antics of Herd O’Jackals & express many of the same sentiments toward WN as I do because of it). Meanwhile, the stripes on my back are nearly healed up but the scars will be there for a long time to come.

Carolyn Yeager: Marina – A very good comment. I did not realize that what you went through in posting your videos to Youtube was that bad and prolonged. Are you sure a lot of what you call a “herd of WN jackels” were not really jews pretending to be WN’s? I did recommend Tru-Tube to you, but you didn’t like them either.

Marina Orwell:  I possess the well-honed jewdar that you can only get from being trolled for years on Poohtube (I was making anti-Israhell vids before making pro-White vids).  Additionally, it’s pathetic but true – most White males are dolefully transparent.  In comparing the abuse of both groups (Culpritics & “White” males), it’s really hard to say which one is the most irrational.  It’s a tie (& this is what most White woman have decided, whether explicitly or implicitly).

It wasn’t about “like” & “dislike” but strategy.  Trutube attracts only die-hard “anti-semites.”  Further, the site had been hacked early on; I received repeated messages from Israelis via my Trutube account.  But the main reason Trutube didn’t appeal to me is that I had no reason to preach to the choir.

This is a point that you just don’t seem to understand, Carolyn, since your purpose is very different than mine.  You preach to the choir (as does everyone else except for me, as far as I could see); for what I was doing this is a complete waste of time.  

Also, almost all of my work was copyrighted & was plainly labeled as such.  I can’t tell you how many times little dudes ignored my requests, copied my work, & placed it on Trutube, right on youtube (what crass little codswallopers ;o) or elsewhere.  They wouldn’t even credit me (NEVER, I might add, did they credit me for my own work – how’s that for odds?  You can’t even say that the Culpritics are comprised of 100% swindlers).  It was perfectly clear that these faceless, voiceless pussies were only trying to attract the herd o’jackals to their talentless, contemptible, kleptomaniacal selves.

A large percentage of “pro-White” males attempt intellectual rape when it’s clear they don’t have a typically-compliant walking vagina in their midst who’ll bow & scrape to their every (unreasonable & undeserved) demand.  (To those who would protest that they don’t count themselves among this herd o’jackals, I say to you:  Your silence is consent. Your silence says one thing: You are a bonafide member of the herd o’jackals.  Enjoy your extended homoerotic circle jerk).

Mike Delaney was always good about taking down the vids when I requested it, by the way, but it was just another pain in the butt thing that I was sick to death of being forced to do (in case it isn’t clear – I was doing all this while working 60+ hrs. a week, unlike the vast majority of these lollygaggers).  Wanting to have control over one’s own work is a request that even a child could understand & comply with – but not the “White man” – at least if the request is made by a woman.  Nothing is ever enough – no amount of time, no amount of caring – to fill up what ails these unbalanced “men.”

Carolyn Yeager: As to me censoring your comment in reply to the “rude little dude” — you are right to still be peeved about that. I should not have done it. But at the time, it struck me as way over the top. I was seeing all these guys write in right away, praising the program and asking that I have you back again, so I didn’t want you to ruin their good reaction to you. I was “controlling the situation,” yes. So now I let you say whatever you want, and the guys can also say whatever they want to you.

Marina Orwell:  I don’t blame you, really, for censoring.  Firstly, it’s your right as the creator of your space (unlike these hypocritical little dudes, I am not a radical egalitarian).  Secondly, if you are to get along w/the mulish hypocrite you refer to as your “partner,” gawd knows you’ll have to tiptoe through the tulips somewhat.

I will note, though, that even if my remark was similar in “rudeness intensity” to the little dude’s (which it most certainly was not), I would have thought that someone who took the time to be interviewed — & who was also spending hundreds of hours actually doing something to help the cause — would have easily deserved more credence than a mere faceless, voiceless pussy.

But such is the deep roots of misogyny.  It’s a sad state of affairs when even highly intelligent & accomplished women are held in lower esteem than moronic, bombastic, undereducated & trumped-up little walking penises.

Ken: Dear Marina,

There does seem to be truth to the popular saying that “Anti Racism is a code word for Anti White”, just as I might add that in many cases “Feminism” seems to be a code word for “Anti-Male” or Misandry.

Am I a “Misogynist” for telling the truth about the sexes? Am I a “Racist” for telling the truth about the races? Am I a “Anti-Semite” for telling the truth about Jews? Who cares, for I only care about the Truth not what name someone calls me.

The only goal, career or lifestyle one should strive for is helping to raise and provide for a healthy Aryan family. Its not about YOU but about our CREATION, our CHILDREN.

Marina Orwell:  Pro“White” males like “Ken” adore “Just So” stories.  This is an old expression, but it well illustrates their characteristic irrationality.  “It’s this way just because I say it’s so & my buddies who are just like me also say it’s so.”  That’s the crux of a “Just So” story; circulus in probando à la Da Herd.  For practice, see if you can spot a few of the myriad “Just So” yarns woven into “Ken’s” invective.

I didn’t edit this comment out so as to give an example to the Reader of the superciliousness of a typical “pro-White” male.  It never occurs to him that his comments are inane.  However, he expects those w/thrice his intellectual capacity to “swoon” over his “profound revelations.”  Further, these types will often become belligerent if ignored — let alone put in their duly-earned, mediocre place ;o)

Now just imagine “Ken’s” repetitive, inane diatribes & multiply it by several thousand – this gives a flavor of how da Herd politely “argues” – irritating enough, but on Poohtube & elsewhere it’s a no-holds-barred Misogynyathon.

John /NotYet:  Marina, you would have to undergo a frontal lobotomy before you could be on par with these jackasses.  Really, if they were able to understand the concept of “just so” stories, they wouldn’t be the ignoramuses that they are.

Charles:  Carolyn, Can you suggest a good book on the “real roots of feminism,” as Marina Orwell referred to in one of her replies to you? How to perceive it apart from the Jewish influence?

Thank you.

Marina Orwell:  This is like asking for “a book” on WWII, except that the history of feminism is far larger since it encompasses half of the White race across many centuries.   

I do appreciate what I perceive as actual interest, though, Charles.  Forgive me for answering your question; I doubt that Carolyn would or could do so since she’s basically being censored by the mulish “Tanstaafl” ;o)  There’s plenty of material but there is no book specifically on pretalmudic feminism.  Therefore you have to dig a bit (unlike the Lazyboned-but-Know-It-All Billy Pierce), but if you are able to add 2 plus 2 — with even a little research, it should become crystal clear that dem dar joos didn’t “create” feminism.  

I’ll suggest 2 books; both can be had free online:

Eighty Years and More: Reminiscences, 1815-1897 by Elizabeth Cady Stanton.  I suggest this one because Mrs. Stanton was a feminist, wife & mother whose writing ability may knock your socks off (if only because we’ve become so quasi-illiterate today).  Although Stanton was a pillar of the feminist movement, this book is not about “feminism” per se.  It is something of an autobiography & you’ll be treated to accounts of day-to-day American life during the 1800s.  I choose this one because I think you’d enjoy it from many perspectives & because at the very least it should convince you that feminism was created by & for White women.

For a more “full frontal feminism,” also from the 18th century, I suggest The Subjection of Women by John Stuart Mill.  Read it & see how far the White male has fallen.

(Marina’s note: Ms. Yeager chose to not publish my thoughtful comment to Charles.  After all, who needs facts in the so-called “truth” movement, especially when facts may dissuade rational people from believing what the anti-women “patriots” & especially WN jackals want to believe?)

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A marooned visitor to this Big Barrel O Idiots reporting on the antics of Da Herd (especially the Culpritic 2%)
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19 Responses to Part 2 of 3: Pro”White” Is a Code Word for Women-Hating Males

  1. You really are a far nicer human being than any in this crowd will ever be. To go through the trouble of thoughtfully finding & suggesting reading material, only to be censored yet again by Carolyn the cunt Yeager. They all deserve more than a “fart noise” (double LOL) how about a full fledged shit sandwich right in the pie hole?

  2. I am reading this highly instructive series with my eldest granddaughter, and once again you are giving us an avenue to talk about the harassment that she already has encountered with boys. So your articles are cathartic to others as well! After she read ‘Ken’s’ comment, she looked at me with her big beautiful innocent blue eyes and asked “why do they hate us so much, grandpa? You don’t, do you?” I had a hard time explaining to this precious girl, who’s already experienced a truckload of misogyny, why men hate women so much. Can you imagine how damaged the women and girls are who are actually related to these WN and some of the other top misogynists? But I guess they’ll just grow up to be emotional whores, queen bees, or some other warped psychoprincess.

    Speaking of warped fake females, I’ll be putting the 3 times married Screechola under the microscope for scrutiny. She wails about other women, but what about being a whore not once, not twice, but three times? She complains about feminism to distract the retards who listen to her from asking her about her motley career as a cocksucker, and she complains about doctors so that no one will ask about her latest john, a shyster. Yeager may be a queen bee, but Schreechola could start an academy on how to suck cock for profit.

    Sorry to swerve off topic. We wanted to send you a hug and say “thank you” for being a sane voice in the wilderness of jewified misogynistic America.

    • Tina says:

      In the same breath as mentioning your ‘precious granddaughter, you use words like ‘c*cks#cker?


      • Sorry if I offended ye, but we curs on the outskirts of the herd have learned to use some shorthand when talking about the various misformed creatures inhabiting both male and female bodies.

        I am going to assume that you are an American woman, because they seem to be the only group who hold on to their puritanical outlook while looking the other way or even participating in the most vile forms of violence against women, porn. They’ll allow males to fuck them in every orifice, and without even washing, to go from ass to mouth, just like those brutalized broads in porn do.

        But Dear God don’t you say cocksucker. That’s SO dirty.

        • The Goy Channel says:

          LOL. You get the best retort award. ‘Tina’ couldn’t scare up more than an age related insult from her empty head.

          • notyetalemming says:

            Howdy TGC and thank you. I think what got me about her reply wasn’t the ageism but the fact that she referred to the horror I described as “everyone’s business in bed.” The fact that the typical woman doesn’t even recognize porn is a real testament to joo media.

  3. Tina says:

    NotYetLemming: Well, I’m glad you cleared THAT up, grandpa.

    I’m glad to see you know everyone’s business in bed. Far better than, Dear God, fighting what’s going on out there.

    Marina: You also touched on something about the ‘little dudes’ that I have noticed also: if you piss them off enough, they’ll lie about you; and when they do- they go big.
    But I guess you can do that hiding behind the computer screen. Once again, I am glad to make your acquaintance. There are so many intelligent WN and otherwise women out there to talk to now.

    Orwell’s Daughter replied: Nice to “meet” you too. NotYet means well, BTW. He’s a normal. I think he’s reacting to my many speeches about porn & because I’m always telling folks that women need to quit burying their heads in the sand & look at the heinous & escalating violence against women that males protect as “speech” (preview: there’s a vid/podcast coming up tomorrow re those who enjoy pairing orgasm w/violence against women).

  4. Pingback: Part 3 of 3: Here Comes the Herd O’ Pro”White” Jackals | Orwell's Daughter

  5. The Goy Channel says:

    ‘Ken’ & yeager are par for the white nationalist course. LOVE your response to him.

  6. Hook-nosed Reich says:

    So I take it that you would not call yourself a white nationalist. Is there any group you identify with?

    • If you find a group that isn’t male supremist & that also doesn’t participate in “social” media, let me know as I may be interested in joining.

      • notyetalemming says:

        I think you described “Tina” & the coven of “Viking” bitches very well in your latest post. Here’s another one who can’t wait to diss you to the likes of “Organistism” who is still ranting that you’re a Jew & that he’s so jealous that you’ve got an IQ at least 3 times his. I think “orginistism” should come out of the closet & join the Bitches!

  7. Outraged Caucasian says:

    Good for you for keeping at an intelligent approach even while being harassed by immature men. You do know that they are mad because only the lowliest wenches would have anything to do with them!

  8. Victor says:

    Ken and Carolyn seem to be intellectual equals.
    Of course she didn’t publish your response. It makes so much more sense and it’s tone is that of a very intelligent highly educated person. The WN herd doesn’t want any of that 😉
    Thanks for the recommended reading. Its not wasted on some of us.

  9. DanD says:

    P.S. I meant to also say that you are also on target about their misogyny being their main purpose. I was reminded while reading your recommendations to “Charles” which Carocunt (sorry but the women who enable these guys are just cunts pure and simple) wouldn’t publish. It doesn’t matter that white women have proven themselves over and above everything the white male could ever do (see my first post). What these guys want is complete control over women and women’s bodies. This is crystal clear from everything they say and do. They don’t care that Stanton was a genius or that you are a genius. They hate women and want to see her crushed under their boots. This is their main goal. You are right, there is no other explanation for their actions.

    • DanD, I did not receive a first post from you, just so you know.

      To everyone else: I’ll catch up on responding to yer comments by & by.

      • DanD says:

        Darn it! It was probably the longest comment I’ve left anywhere. Maybe it was too long and that’s why it was disappeared. I will have to recreate it. Thanks for letting me know.

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