Part 3 of 3: Here Comes the Herd O’ Pro”White” Jackals

by Marina Orwell

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Continuing on…

Tanstaafl: The promotion of “feminism”/”woman’s point of view”, setting the specific interests of women apart from and in opposition to men, poses the same sort of menance to the White race as the promotion of homosexualism does.

Marina Orwell:  Despite your gross inability to understand the perspectives of those who are not like yourself, it is first & foremost your sleeping w/Jewesses that takes you out of the running as far as me caring about what you believe re these issues, Tanstaafl. 

"Even the most intrepid lioness grows weary of being attacked by jackals!" - Marina Orwell

“Even the most intrepid lioness grows weary of being attacked by jackals!” – Marina Orwell


Carolyn Yeager:  To Joe Northpal, ulf, Nemeth and Ken (whose newest lecture-diatribe I’m not publishing – you’ve already used up your space quota for this, Ken)

My program “The Narrow Road vs The Wide Avenue” was not even a little bit on feminism. Where are you on other issues I bring up?

Joe Northpal says: “Intelligent mature women should shut up, get out of the malls”. Joe is apparently confusing Marina with “oprah.”

Ulf digs up one female group in Germany from the 80′s (called underground-rats!) who wanted to legalize pedophilia. This is supposed to be relevant? Males dominate the whole sex-homosexual-pedophile behavior all over the world and always have. C’mon.

Nemeth wants proof that there are 10-15 (White) male race mixers to every female. Where is the proof that there are not? Proof works both ways. Among non-WN men race-mixing is common.

“White “men” gave the vote to black males but left White women out in the cold to have to fight relentlessly for 50 more years to attain the suffrage that White males gave to black males gratis.  What an effing travesty.” ~Marina Orwell

Marina Orwell: This is what they do ad nauseum.  Perfect example of how these rabid “White men” do harm w/their boundless irrationality.

If we were to pretend even just a little to be realistic rather than misogynistic, we could stop w/the fact that it was White men *alone* who created these mongrels to begin with (Spaniards seem to have had especially intractable peckers).  The only time White women were involved was if they were raped (which they often were, mainly by the savage mongols of N. America). 

After White males created billions of mulattos, mestizos, etc. — from the raping of black slaves & the fact that they just can’t control two ounces of flesh — they love to harp on the fact that women are now also participating (albeit to a much lesser degree) in the “sport” they themselves created & excelled at.

I could go on for many paragraphs about this, but I’ll just say two things; the first represents “just” an omnipresent “clue” re the actual state of affairs for women.  The second should give any non-lemming female a “hint” as to her “ranking” on the “White”manmade food chain:

1)     The vast majority of “White men” wouldn’t dream of calling a black man “boy,” but they regularly refer to White women of majority age (even those who are middle-aged or older!) as “girls.”  Oh, but that’s right.  Only Culpritics use Orwellian language to do damage to other groups ;o)  After all, it’s only considered damaging if it’s somehow harms the “real” people – i.e. White males.  As an Unperson I should just grin like a peroxided & siliconed halfwit when a male half my age refers to me as “girl.” 

2)     White “men” gave the vote to black males but left White women out in the cold to have to fight relentlessly for 50 more years to attain the suffrage that White males gave to black males gratis.  What an effing travesty.  

No wonder these “men” wish to keep “playing dumb” re actual facts.  Rather, they continue in the lie that talmudified, ersatz “feminism” is equivalent to White feminism when even a cursory look at history reveals what a ridiculous theory that is.  White feminists accomplished the near-impossible against ridiculous odds (including “law” that wrote them in as mere chattel); can’t blame male pussies for fearing that.

 Tanstaafl: Marina Orwell introduced “feminism” in the comments here, and you responded favorably to her statements, exchanging a total of seven comments regarding “feminism” before anyone else said anything else about it.

Marina Orwell:  Since you’re a pedant, Tan, I feel I must also pick nits.  In actual fact, what I “introduced” was one of the elephants in WN’s room:  That so many WN “men” are racemixers.  Go ahead & look at my first post.  But, I can’t blame you for trying to “red herring” that one away ;o)

 Tanstaafl: Indeed, the exchange here is evidence that “feminism” inspires hatred between White men and women.

In my opinion Marina identifies herself as a woman first, and you welcome her specifically for that reason. I think her opinions about White men are rooted more in self-pity, or self-conception as a “feminist”, than any concern for the race.

Marina Orwell:   Tan adds nothing here.  He avoids my actual main point; he just has to keep distracting from it by trying to drive his “anti-Marina” points home.  

“Self-pity” Classic projection.  Has Tanstaafl ever listened to his own voice?

“In my opinion Marina identifies herself as a woman first”

As usual, the “White” male accuses a White woman of creating the box he put her in.

We get it, Tan.  You, a miscegenator (w/a Jewess, no less), are insecure — & rightly so.  But I find it noteworthy that, after betraying your race, you proceed to disparage your family.

Obviously if race was a real concern, many “White males” in this “movement” would be excluded since so many, like you, have not only racemixed, but produced non-White children.  

Do you want to know why White males have become a laughingstock?  One reason is that you change the rules to suit yourselves, expecting no one else to notice.  Too bad – the gig’s up on that old ploy – at least where your intellectual equals (or betters) are concerned.

 Tanstaafl: It’s unreasonable to expect anyone but Marina to offer evidence for what Marina asserts about where she lives.

How Your Race Affects The Messages You Get (the Jewess’s husband is referring to an article put out by “OK Cupid” — not exactly something a real researcher would do ;o) describes the results of an online poll broken down by race and sex. There are some interesting differences, but no sign of anything like a 10-15X disparity between White men and women.

Among other things the poll indicates that Whites as a race are the least willing to mix.

Marina Orwell:  But what about you, “Tan?” And what about the other “White men” who are more than willing to “mix?”  Are you so autistic that you cannot fathom how blatantly hypocritical you appear to others?

Even though I have my differences w/Carolyn, & unlike me, she dares not be forthright about male behavior “for fear of the Pooh-like herd,” her comprehension skills & her ability to tolerate criticism far exceed yours.  The other ways that she outstrips you would take too long to detail, & I am not particularly interested in excising the cognition of hypocritical miscegenators. 

You see, I care enough about my race to not fuck mestizos, blacks, cryptojews, or even those adorable fillipinos – no matter how much their “masculinity” appeals to me.

Joe Northpal: “Today, all our men seem to be able to do is build websites and make videos” ??? Carolyn where you when they were bashing the heads of the south boston mothers against bussing. I don’t remember you being in Newark New Jersey when Tony Imperiale’s womens auxiliary were storming the city hall in the hostile downtown, or when (I saw nothing that day) ADL was beat up and thrown out of town. Maybe if all these new talkers were standing with their blue collar white brothers and sisters during the 60′s-70′s deindusrialization class warfare, we would not be in the position we are today. I guess the lure of that jew college degree leading to a pro-fession and not getting dirty hands was too much to lose.

If I am wrong, post pictures of your wounds and I will eat my words.
If not, TRY persuading your gender to at least ATTEMPT at being something worth fighting for.

Marina Orwell: It would seem, “Joe,” that it’s your “gender” that needs to “persuade” that they’re worth anything.  White women continue to pull themselves up by their bootstraps, despite the persistent sabotage that not only Culpritics perpetuate on us, but which our own men inflict on us.  When we out-perform you (despite centuries of living under your tyranny), you cry “foul” like little pussies.  Well boo-hoo-hoo it’s no wonder you hate Poohs – you act just like them (sans the money & power of course ;o)

Oh, & by the way, I fully agree. The world would be so much better if everyone was a devoutly-undereducated-but-proud whiner like you.

Carolyn Yeager: Joe, I don’t care if you eat your words or not. Why would I be in South Boston or Newark? And you don’t even say when it was. I am really not on your wavelength here.

However, I looked at your website for the first time and saw your stuff on “Wayne from Canada” who created “Justice4Germans” that everyone is so in love with. That caught my interest. I have not liked him from the beginning either, just like with John Friend. I saw through his “videos” that were not really his, but he just created the English-language soundtrack. He doesn’t speak German, but he can read it, I guess, and therefore translate it. He’s another one that Deanna Spingola promotes and treats like the second coming. Is this a rabbit hole or just stupidity and/or attention-seeking? I don’t know, but there is no end to it. Naturally, it will breed on the Internet.

Ken: I understand Carolyn, you must protect the weak from the strength of truth, for that is the only way UN-natural Marxist ideologies of Egalitarianism survive.

Marina Orwell: Methinks Carolyn is protecting “Ken” from his own repetitive inanity.

Carolyn Yeager: Not at all Ken, but you are a not going to use my comment section to repetitively post long (and I mean looong) sermons on your favorite subject.

Marina Orwell:  Faceless, voiceless pussies believe they deserve the same (or better) than those who “do.” Like I said, looks like these “White” males firmly believe in radical egalitarianism afterall!

Carolyn Yeager: Marina, you have convinced me. Even Tanstaafl felt he had to get into the act, I suppose to “defend his honor” among the guys. It’s pretty awful.

Marina Orwell:  Yup, I keep trying to tell you the truth about Tanstaafl.  You are being censored about “feminism” because it is far more demonized than even the Holohoax by nearly all men — e.g. check out what typical jew “liberal” males say about it — they sound just like “white” nationalist males.

Carolyn Yeager: After some deliberation, I decided not to publish your comment directed at Ken. It would be like a slap in the face to Tan and I am not ready to sabotage The White Network any time soon. you are so smart and creative. That’s why the men go bananas as soon as you show up. You are a bit too mean to them, however. (I know it comes easily to you – they make it easy – and is hard to resist.) You have opened my eyes quite a bit, but it’s uncomfortable territory.

Marina Orwell:  The fact that Carolyn’s herd o’ jackals are as “mean” a group as I’ve ever interacted with, &, as I stated at the beginning — these articles/comments were meant to serve as a catharsis after 2.5 yrs. of taking their brutal misogyny, not to mention how they peed all over my hard work — has no effect on Yeager.  These faceless, voiceless pussies do nothing but insult and denigrate women, but they still deserve more consideration than a productive female doctor.

It’s “uncomfortable territory” to quit pretending you have a penis, Carolyn.  Your WN pussies will never accept you because you’re a woman.

John/NotYet:  It’s so frigging obvious to even an old guy like me that the only “women” (I do use the term loosely as I don’t really think they qualify as fully formed human beings) who aren’t marginalized and harassed in the “movement” and all it’s subsets, are typically brainwashed little morons.  Orwell’s Daughter says “walking uteri” and I think that’s putting it mildly.  They are the type who are not only willing to be a cook, maid and prostitute, but will often be the one to bring home the bacon as well.  To not talk about the massive issues that men are causing and have caused on this planet is to not be a Truther but a Liar.

Postscript:  There is not a single group who gives a whit about womens’ & girls’ lives.  In case you think I’m talking only about “White” nationalists, I’m not.  I’ve yet to hear one whimper from the so-called “truthers” (a dumbass claim if ever there was one) about the fact that men are very expensive (look at who causes nearly ALL of the world’s problems – from wars to prisons to special education – all chock full o’ males).

Meanwhile, women are not only inexpensive, we are far more productive (the economy would be completely different if all of womens’ free labor wasn’t free — & some have estimated that womens’ free labor comprises about 60-70% of the total labor of the world).  Yet males insist on their tyrannical hegemony & screech & moan about any woman who puts herself forward as a leader (& they’re typically 10 times as educated, intelligent & rational as the men). Heck, they’ll autistically pull their own puds & gather round to circle jerk if a woman even suggests reality (i.e. actual facts) to them.

So-called “truthers” are always gnashing their teeth about other people “waking up,” but they cannot see one centimeter past their own blinders.  These visionless idiots relentlessly moan about how awful, terrible & bad women are – you know, women who are forced to get abortions by their deadbeat “partners,” women & girls are being forced by “boyfriends” to “perform” the heinous acts that males are sick enough to get hard from via their violent pornography – honestly the list is too long & I’m too sick of it all to even continue. 

It’s so effing obvious that any alien from outer space would have to conclude:  “49% of the population creates all of the problems, while 51% of the population does most of the work.  Ironically, the 49% openly hate the 51%, yet the 51% don’t seem to even notice.  It is indeed a planet of morons.”

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28 Responses to Part 3 of 3: Here Comes the Herd O’ Pro”White” Jackals

  1. I fully agree with your postscript. I’d add that Caroskank Yeatard is more Jewish than even the “faceless voiceless pussies” whose little cocks she loves to suck. To censor you over and over, to censor info that someone else requested, this is as Talmudic as it gets. Perhaps Mr. Kev MacDonald, who poses as a “psychologist” when he doesn’t even hold an undergrad let alone a doctorate in psychology, can explain his co-religionist’s behavior via the pseudoscience of “evolutionary psychology” (quadruple LOL). But then Kev, like other WN misogynists, doesn’t like women his own age, so he wouldn’t be bothered with helping old Yeagrrrr,

  2. Demosthenes says:

    I think it’s naive to expect from a movement that proudly supports christianity to be independent intellectually from judaism. I don’t know much about the other dogmas, but orthodoxy is the cornerstone of misogyny.
    I’d like to devote to you a Greek song and wish you good luck with your struggle. It’s nice to have some intelligent people with racial awareness. I’m sick with people asking me why I don’t support the morons of Golden Dawn. (note that the song was written by a man!)

    I am Mary Panagiotara, a working mother, a good housewife
    I’m nothing special or amazing, I’m just what we call typical specimen.

    As soon as I wake up early in the morning, before it dawns I say to myself “mule stand and put on your cloths, you have work to do”.
    And then I run to wake up, feed, water and dress up the children while simultaneously preparing breakfast for the pasha.

    I take it to his bed and automatically take the children to the schoolbus.
    I’m going to shop and the butcher in my haste grabs my …
    Taking care everyday for an ironed and clean shirt and undergarment, and pity me if I forget and he doesn’t find hot water.

    Tiding up the beds and the house, and preparing food for the children, and then leaving in a hurry and hungry for work.

    When I arrive breathless to work I have to make cofee for the boss.
    I have to deal with this guy that makes him angry and also grabs my…
    I have the telephone in my ear and above his own shouting, and then he sends me to do all the outside work.

    As soon as I finish work, I make haste to prepare the table for food, to fry, to prepare the salad, to cut and serve the bread.
    Here I’m a wreck that creeps from running and hunger and they are shouting because the food was not tasty.
    I wash the dishes, forks and knives and I feel like killing somebody, and the mister wants to grab my …

    Once he lies down and shouts silence, it’s the time I finish the dishes and have to help the kids study.
    It’s time for little devils to study, and then we’ll start running to ones private lessons and the others French lessons.
    After they overwhelm me completely and we finally return home, they will eat, have a bath, fight and go to sleep.
    And I will iron and wash, everything that a woman normally does, the mister will lie down in front of the TV.
    And when I finally go to bed and he has his mind on “evil things”, he’ll tell me “it’s your marital duty”.

    I’m Mary Panagiotara, a working mother, a good housewife. I’m nothing special or amazing. I am a normal moron so to speak.

    Excuse my horrible translation please.

    • Harley says:

      Mary could you please elaborate on your dislike of Golden Dawn. From my perspective they are leading the way in liberating the european people from Zionism, which has to be at least some improvement from enduring both the sexism of europeans and the simultaneous attacks from diversity. At least that’s how it looks from watching in the US, where I’ve endured horrible sexism but racism against whites has been even worse.

      Thanks for any feedback.

      • Harley says:

        Oh, in re-reading I see you don’t like to answer my question too much regarding Golden Dawn.

        Well I’ll still hope you might anyway. I fundamentally agree with the indignation here that european women are expressing towards the nationalist movements, but personally I still feel that the Diversity Cult has worse in store for us (I’ve suffered horribly already) and that we’d be best off uniting with them but in our own capacity as european nationalist women who won’t kowtow to their extreme sexism.

        At least among my ethnicity (I don’t know much about the Greeks) there is a rich history of the celtic women, and german too, enjoying and asserting freedom and peace with their men. Certainly Greece mythology featured strong and fascinating women, so perhaps there is some point of departure there.

        But I fear that if we allow the enemies of Europe to divide us utterly, we will all succumb to the worst subjugation and even genocide. We’re almost there now. So I counsel bridging the gap with equanimity whenever possible.

      • Demosthenes says:

        Hi Harley,
        as Marina states in this blog, Europe was diverse, and this diversity was good. Greece was not an exception. Every city-state had different ideals. You are probably aware of the two extremes Athens and Sparta. There were many philosophical schools with ideas that many times contradicted one another. I wish for such freedom to exist in modern times as well. Golden Dawn has messed up ancient Greece with christianity that destroyed it. They claim that christianity was the cultural evolution of Greeks. I prefer Greek philosophy and believe christianity is a Judaic plague infesting our minds.

        Particularly for women, you are right, there were indeed cities where they had many rights, and in Knossos they even had more than men. There were also some prominent figures like Sappho or Hypatia. But, if Golden Dawn gets elected they will implement the christian traditional way of life. They will take us back to when women were owned by their fathers till they changed owners by getting married at the age of 15. This is not some far distanced reality. My grandmother married that way at 16. My mother missed the chance to a university degree because the family believed she wouldn’t be able to marry that old. At least she was able to choose her husband. I wouldn’t want my daughters (theoretically, I don’t have children) to share that fate. Men that support that culture are the ones that are afraid no educated and intelligent woman would ever want them. They are right in believing so, but our people don’t go forward this way. Men should step up instead of dragging women down.

        I’m not sure in which time you are referring to. Do you mean Celtic and German women before or after christianity? If it’s after, then probably catholicism is a bit better. I can translate some passages from holy fathers of orthodoxy if you want to puke.

        Golden Dawn is quite firm in their beliefs. They indeed seem to be against the zionists in power, but they won’t bring us freedom. We won’t be able to disagree with them. We will just change tombs.

        I understand your concern about the beloved chosen tribe, but what if we won’t be able to have rights after Golden Dawn wins? What if fathers just beat their daughters till they behave and don’t “shame the family”? Is it much to ask for a fight against zionism while not simultaneously going backwards where we clearly have made some progress as a people? I hope not.

      • Demosthenes says:

        From their official site I can find that they want to ban abortion, protect unmarried mothers (not specifying how), and force military service for women as well.

        They also say they are against state-church separation. They want to restore the prestige of the church. They want a reborn orthodoxy and only allow freedom of religion for the dogmas that don’t derogate from Greek tradition and history, and don’t corrupt the power of the nation.

        Their thesis on religion doesn’t make sense for me, as I don’t see christianity the same way they do. Also, if they want to restore orthodoxy, I’m not sure what that means for women.

        In order to be as objective as I can, I sent them a message requesting some clarification on religion and more information about their opinion on the role of women in society. If I get an answer, I’ll update.

        I guess currently they are our best hope nevertheless. I’d prefer a better movement but maybe we have to do some damage control. We’ll get a test-drive after local elections later this year, if they win in any city. This will probably be the deciding factor for their political future.

    • Demosthenes says:

      It seems there was a misunderstanding. Mary is the hero of the song which I translated. Sorry I didn’t make it clear. I’m Demosthenes. (a man in case you wonder what name is that)

  3. Tina says:

    Tanstaafl: I can back Marina up, as to many WNs being racemixers. If you want their online names, I’ll give them to you.

    Orwell’s Daughter replied: “Tanstaafl” the hypocritical pedant is himself a racemixer (prepare to guffaw — w/a Jewess). He depends on logical errors to make his case (see his remarks & my answers to them — they’re some of my favorites). Really, many of these dudes make old Hoaxters appear evenhanded.

  4. Tina says:

    Whoops, forgot one more thing. Someone may have mentioned it already, and I missed it, but

    NEMETH is ‘the men’, spelled backward.

    Orwell’s Daughter replied: What I love most about “Nemeth’s” blatant lying is that Yeager published them while censoring me. Talentless, mediocre jackasses w/no creativity: this sums up WN. BTW, I do not, nor have I ever considered myself WN.

  5. The Goy Channel says:

    You creamed the milktoast Tanstaafl with every response but my faves are

    ‘“Self-pity” Classic projection. Has Tanstaafl ever listened to his own voice?

    “In my opinion Marina identifies herself as a woman first”

    As usual, the “White” male accuses a White woman of creating the box he put her in.’

    I think Tanstaafl would need a good BJ & ego rub from his jewess if he ever dared speaking to you, OD.

  6. Outraged Caucasian says:

    “Since you’re a pedant, Tan, I feel I must also pick nits.”
    LOL. You are the master of the precise yet funny retort. I also love the ones “The Goy Channel” already mentioned.

    • Thanks for the compliment. Yes, humor is the only way to deal w/these dickwads — then again it’s the only way to deal w/most of what we’re dealing with in this effed-up, Culpritic-run world. It’s doubly funny to wield irony/humor against WN dickheads because half of them are too autistic to get it, & the other half are too stupid to get it (or both).

      • “As usual, the “White” male accuses a White woman of creating the box he put her in.”

        Not only a brilliant comeback, but also succinctly describes pretty much everything the white male has concocted about white women since the beginning of recorded history.

      • jcnaj says:

        Ive been reading a lot of your work. I just stumbled on to it, can’t remember what I clicked on now. There is a lot of truth to some things but I can’t help wonder if your on the white side or if your a undercover Jew wanting to disrupt. It comes off as a lot of hatred towards white men which slot deserve. You said it you feel sorry for white children but I doubt 15 yrs ago if you seen me you would of felt sorry for the lil white boy. No I get a lot utter hatred for me and others of young men who were born not being taught to honor our selves and our women even more. I get the anger and the and how reality has made you resentful. The people that deserve everything my white father’s let be dehumanized. This world as we know it hates everything we’ve done and who we are, good or bad doesn’t matter were to be exterminated. Why cant we start really working together as brothers and sisters and push the devils that has tried at every turn to hurt us in the most horrific ways out of our birth rights and culture, off our soil that so many before died over. I read what is posted and it just encourages what I already know is true but how can we in such times still care for hurting one another, I’m just wagging my finger at you or white women who I adore but also us men and those who claim to be while this continues. You say things that put me in the box same as the way you say white men have done white women and yeah white women have always gotten the shity end of every deal, I know that. It keeps me up at knight! I’m still just a young mindless women raping buck who don’t deserve a bad life much less just a descent one in your eyes but why can’t my elder as one who is so designated by these things can only point a what’s been done and going on. Why can’t the older more wiser set a blueprint to defeat something you seem to understand so well. Instead of continuing petty guess within us. I know some are problems hopeless but if your so damn smart and great compared to me why can’t you direct instead of point and blame. All this bitching in lil internet circles only goes so far. I’m gonna spend the rest of my life fighting for the respect and peace that why women should have but I damn didn’t create this mess and there is alot of young like me who have seen these things. They’ve educated there friends and family fought back as much as they can, tried to erase the evil that gripped them growing up with emptiness of feeling forsaken and being blamed for being alive, watching a hateful world from blacks, arabic, mexicans, Asians while being told were to blame that we have no face or real dog in any fight that were more evil for sticking to our own then we are for acting like the very animals at our doors now. Ive personally have lost very special people that meant everything to me for sticking up for there rights and the beautiful blood that flows through there veins, shamed for wanting to protect them over jigs or whatever other proclaimed minority on the pyramid. For loving them and us and not wanting a world where they live in fear and can proudly where there heritage, a world where they’re inspired to be great and to be loved. Yeah I’ll spend the rest of my life in redemption for sins of my father’s and my mother’s are no where to be found but on websites calling there flesh and blood pussies.

        • maddy says:

          That’s a whole lot of bile even for a white boy. You sound just like a Jew, crying anti-Semite when anyone disagrees with you. /White boys cry “Jew” when their whacky beliefs about themselves are questioned. You have enough conceit for 100 ppl just like a typical whigger. Oh and I’d say Marina doesn’t owe you anything, nor should you expect pity from a white woman. This is just one reason you are despised by white women. You can’t even see it but you are a fucking crybaby and imperialist at the same time. Stick a sock in it, grow the fuck up, and stay away from white women is my advice.

        • @jcnaj: It seems to be that you should be addressing this to other males. White women had nothing to do with what you’re talking about. What you’ll find if you take your blinders off is that your male elders do nothing but encourage more misogyny. They never once stand up for women. Throughout history, they’ve NEVER done one thing for White women as a group (but they’ve done plenty for low IQ black/brown males — benefits which the black/brown males eagerly passed on to black/brown women — & now White women are at the bottom of the pay scale under every other group, for just one example). Ask your fellow “white” males why they despise their own Creators so much — so much that they cannot even acknowledge us as anything other than fucktoys, maids, & brood mares.

          My blog is the ONLY internet site that is for, & in defense of White women & girls. Most of us have no interest in cleaning up the pooped diapers of what “white” males have done — especially when they have nothing but hatred for us.


    Thoroughly enjoyed all 3 parts. It’s no wonder WN tards are afraid of you….you’ve got at least twice as many IQ points as any one of them….as for Yeager & her ilk, it’s more like 3 or 4 times. Oh & your responses to the constipated Blandstaafl are wunderbar. Why is he constipated? His co-tards may be taking it up the ass from other faggots, but Fagstaafl is taking it up the ass from an ugly kikess. EWWWW!!!!!!

    • Flimflamstaafl says:

      I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your slapdowns of the Jew-screwing Tanstaafl and the elderly Hitler lover. Interaction with any white nationalists only results in feelings of relief that the white race will soon disappear. The only reason human pestilence is still oppressing other life forms on planet Earth is because white ppl have stupidly kept it going. Once we’re gone, the rest will pretty quickly disappear. I do wish that I could see the grotesque end of the kike race. They will be killing each other once there are no non-kikes left to kill. Wouldn’t that be a sweet sight to behold!

      • kikefuckerstaafl says:

        LOL! Your screen names better than mine.
        The hypocrisy of these dudes sure is stunning. But it doesn’t stop there. A little faggot like Anglin cannot get a white woman to sleep with him….and who could blame them. So he screws dark brown whores. His own IQ is quite low but the niggers he fucks can’t be winning any scholastic contests either. So in addition to being a racemixing hypocrite he is also quite plainly stupid. Yet dudes twice his age are bowing to him. To tell you the truth, I was losing respect for white nationalism when racemixers like Scot Roberts and John Friend were welcomed with open arms. Both have had children with the equivalent of niggers (women from the Phillipines and from Aruba have darker skin and uglier features than the majority of American blacks). At least Roberts had a message even though he’s no more than average in intelligence. Friend is an imbecile who is also a shady character….this is where white nationalism began to lose even those few who were becoming interested. But Anglin…..holy sheeeit. If these ppl are too stupid to perceive what a nigger fucking dunce sounds like….goodbye, good luck.

  8. Carolyn says:

    I must agree with the other commenters. These little dudes would never want to argue with someone like you. Wherever there are groups of males, there are only mediocre women. They cannot tolerate even average women for fear their own stupidity will become obvious. That is why the most intelligent women stay away from males as much as possible. This is really only possible in private life – a “room of her own.”

    Thank you for being possibly the first person who’s been unPC enough to tell the truth about how white men gave the vote to black men while leaving white women to fight tooth and nail for another half century. I’ve read the sidenotes on your blog and the horrifying stats about black on white rape. This is how white women have been paid back by blacks men, or really by men in general. It never helps to put one’s own goals on hold for any one man or groups of men because he or they will always pay you back by pissing on you or raping you.

    I’m pretty sick of black women and their loud mouths too. I’ve never met a one who doesn’t think racially first and foremost. When will white feminists finally get this?

    I would be curious as to what ever made you interact with white nationalism. It seems pretty clear that they are the leaders in misogyny. IMO these are guys who’d rape ten times more than black guys. The only reason they don’t is they’re afraid of getting caught.

  9. Glenda says:

    Really interesting reading. Thanks!!

  10. Tyr Strom says:

    Excellent series on the losers of white nationalism. The negroid albino Andrew Anglin displays how he treats women:

    Who will continue to wonder why the white race faces extinction when nonintelligent, nay STUPID, racemixing brutes like this little boy are considered to be anything but white trash?

  11. LM says:

    You do realize that “Harley” also goes by “Urban Jungle Girl.” Yes, a 60 something woman goes by this name. We call her Urbane Jungle Cunt 😉

    • Craig says:

      LOL… @ “Urban Jungle Girl”, she’s a funny one hey.

      I’d though I’d have to wear my kilt and dirk. 🙂

      From memory she like weapons, yes?

      I was confused I think about really.

      I don’t consider myself a connotation that day ever comes, looking at what is happening have to work with what your given yeah…

      I attract more flies with vinegar, and muh imprint of memes would spread a man like me, children… Unless it’s my RAGE… getting in the way trying to psychically wound someone… Must be the Italian in me yeah? I love my Italian family.

      I’m still waiting for young boys

  12. mku says:

    Very sorry that you no longer blog. Just reading the 2 preceding make me understand why u gave it up. Who needs it?
    Hey I caught ur recent interview. Loved it. You should post it here….give the white nationalist faggots and their mush brained hags something to talk about. Not that they’d understand a discussion that isn’t just one dimensional 😉 You were right on about them, about jews, and about men in general. “I’m not a pussy, are u?” I about wet myself.

  13. Kendell says:

    Really good stuff. White nationalism is the reason white ppl are in the dumpster. Who wants to be associated with these women haters and assorted faggots? There’s no way for white ppl to organize while these faggots exist.

    Tanstafl is just another in a long line of faggot racemixers welcomed by faggot nationalists. Can you imagine how skanky his kike whore must be to remain married to him? Either Tanpussy keeps his jew hatred to himself or she’s a fat ugly typical kikess who can’t get anyone except a failed Italian misogynist.

    • @kendell — I’ve written about this issue (in my usual obtuse but comedic way) in here. White people will have to step over the odoriffic, shysteriffic & misogynistic (I think I’ve described all the closet homosexuals pretending to be “white” nationalists). Step over the WN trashbin, Whitey. Hold your nose & step over them because they’re too stupid & too invested in their perverse little world to ever stop hurting White people.

  14. maddy says:

    How old do you think this illiterate is? 20 or 25? Yet his ego & his feeling that he can tromp all over wherever there is women….these attributes are full grown even on teenage white males.

    Hey asshole who can’t even put a name down mr. pussy jcnaj…..go tell the kikes at Daily Jewfest the kind of puke you spread over here. See if the half nigger Angela Anglin will let you comment. Go ahead I dare you.

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