Evolutionary Chuzpah

by Marina Orwell

As I’ve said many times, testosterone is not, nor will it ever be, a tonic for lucidity.  It does, however, not only spawn aggressiveness, but it also greatly contributes to the herdlike mentality of many males.  The combination is — well, let’s just say that stampeding aggression is not conducive to rational thought or impartiality.  For one example, “White” males will conveniently never mention the latest research: That women now surpass men in not only educational level & grades in school, but in IQ as well.  But are women surprised that they commit these errors of omission?  Just like the Culpritics (sans the money & power, of course ;o), they bias information so that it favors themselves.

There is one big way that the Culpritics & their spiritual twins are not identical (rather, they are paternal — sorry I inherited my father’s bad pun gene) — Culpritics aren’t foolish enough to put down 51% of their race even though they are fiercely misogynistic (from where do we think the christians “inherited” this asinine propensity if it wasn’t from the Big Jew Book AKA Old Testament?).  Quite the contrary; we see Culpritic women masquerading as “White” in every institution in Amerika (& the world) while “White” males & all shades of so-called “people of color” wail about the “privilege” of these ersatz, cosmetically-uberenhanced, “White” women. baby gorilla bow pink

“White” males also display just what biased lemmings they are in the fact that they never look into the “credentials” of their “leaders” (Here I’m talking about their propensity for intellectual codswalloping in addition to their other blatant hypocrises — e.g. the fact that at least 1/2 of their “leaders” are miscegenators, etc.).

A friend of mine recently uncovered the facts about Mr. Kevin MacDonald, for example. This man continually misrepresents himself as a “psychologist,” but he doesn’t even possess an undergraduate degree in the subject, let alone a master’s degree, or of course a doctorate in psychology.  As those among you with two or more neurons to rub together may have already guessed, without the requisite 10 or more years of training, he also lacks a license — which would require years of postdoctoral work in addition to that decade of training.  The easiest way to “prove” that he is a fraud is by merely going to http://www.psychboard.ca.gov/, then hit the “verify” link (middle link toward the top of the page), then hit the “verify license” link, then hit “search by personal or business name,” then enter his name in the search fields. His name will result in nothing found — he has no license even in cosmetology, let alone clinical psychology (thanks to BogusDichotomy for the info re credentials of psychologists).

(BTW, I am not trying to pick on MacD here.  He is an intelligent man with many interesting insights, but he shouldn’t be blatantly misrepresenting himself).

I bring this up to not only point out The Lemming Factor in “White” males, but because this man also likes to hold forth about IQ, while he knows full well that he has no training or expertise in the subject. He is not even qualified to own any IQ test, let alone administer one, yet he continues in his intellectual fraud while Da Herd O Lemming Jackals circle jerk around him & gnash their teeth about Culpritic behavior. gorilla2

How does the “White” male do it? Well, with the same “tools” with which they began the pseudoscience of “evolutionary psychology.” It’s a combination of chutzpah, homoerotic circlejerking, & “Just So” storytelling (As BogusDichotomy has said many times: “Evolutionary psychology makes sociology look like neuroscience”).  Yet their intellectual superiors aren’t supposed to take notice of their Culpritic behavior.  In fact, the Culpritics learned most of what they know about intellectual fraud from the “white” man.

Until the best of the White men break off from Da Herd & begin living in reality, the White race will continue circling the drain.

© 2014 Orwell’s Daughter


About Orwell's Daughter

A marooned visitor to this Big Barrel O Idiots reporting on the antics of Da Herd (especially the Culpritic 2%)
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20 Responses to Evolutionary Chuzpah

  1. Originist says:

    It really is sad to read what I suspected the past four years I’ve been an earnest pro-white anti-nigger-fagola-jew. I looked for a movement which combined pride in a white country and its people with common sense. I gave up, obviously. Then I just wrote them off as halfhearted Jews to be hung by their ornaments. When I managed to find some who were pro-female and associated with them too, I had my worst fears confirmed. Does it not jump out at me from your pages, too?

    I spent most of my life living under a rock so I was a clean (and golden) slate, able to learn real information without any brainwashed concepts to kick out of my head. I spend most of life as a lone wolf and that seems to be my edge. Who’d want to be part of an awakened society that sees no reason not to hate themselves (opposite sexes included)?

    I admit it’s somewhat uncomfortable reading this but I think we’re involuntarily trained to thoroughly take any attack on our identity personally, so the reality of having many worthless brothers is something I must swallow. We all have a little brainwashing we can’t completely escape, and such abomination is made to feel natural on purpose. I know you don’t mean that every reader is guilty via penis ownership because I don’t think you aren’t like others, out to just spite us.

    When it is made legal, they will either give up their sperm or be given the rope. We certainly can’t let them raise our kids. They have the scissors held to their nuts and they can’t even pass THAT shit test by just slapping your hand away. I understand why you complain more about white guys than anyone else – are they not supposed to be the bread and butter of a white girl and what makes her life brighter, instead of being failures? I believe you invest more energy into them than the rest because you have so much more to lose with them as they can cause our destruction and make it impossible to replenish our numbers through their willing miscengenation. (Why wouldn’t more testosterone mean more race-mixers?) Why else would you be harsher on them if you didn’t care about them most of all?

    As for me, I don’t care what the minorities, even its females, do or believe in. I only fight for European women. They’re worth dying for. Meaning has almost been entirely stripped from this digital world, so why not?

    It’s hard to not sound like a kiss-ass but so far I can’t really argue with you on any of this. None of this resonates enough to actually offend me, and more than anything I’m still new and a bit confused because I’ve been pretty much underground until January cultivating positive whiteness and not soiling myself with filth, even from my own. But if I want survival, I must assist waking them up eventually. Right now, I’m still learning. At least you SEEM to be an honest and well-meaning teacher. (; Even a mother can love her sons and chastise them greatly for acting less than real men.

    Orwell’s Daughter replied: You have no reason to know this, but I have a very large body of work, especially time-intensive videos. Many of these vids sing the praises of White men (indeed, I created a whole series called “In Praise of White Men”). However, I soon found out that there were very few decent “White” males left. I won’t rehash here what I already wrote in my 3-part series on WN. I’ve also made many commentaries/videos criticizing women; in fact, these are probably more numerous than those on men.

    White women have been chased into a corner by various vicious brutes. There is no place that is safe for us. Did you know the #1 reason for women to go to the ER? From being beat up by boyfriends/spouses (“White” boys like to believe this pertains only to white women who are w/black men — & they hoot with glee over this violence against white women because she “deserves” it), but the statistics say otherwise. White boys may be pussies in public, but they love beating up on their own personal slave. Do you know who accounts for the vast majority of femicide? Right again, Sherlock; boyfriends & husbands.

    In short, what White woman will just passively acquiesce to the lies & abuse of “white” boys? Only defective “white” women.

    I certainly do not believe that all White men are losers; I can merely start w/my father — a beautiful, uberintelligent, gentle giant of a White man. If you notice, it is usually women who had abusive fathers (defective “white” women) who not only bow & scrape to despotic losers, but join in the misogynistic fun.

    Thank you for your thoughtful comments. They are most welcome & appreciated.

    • JonS says:

      I like your spirit, having decency despite having to deal with men who have half your intelligence and would like to see you dead. White men like to live under the delusion that they’d “die for” women but the reality as you know is quite different. IMO they love it that white women are being brutalized from every direction…as always, first & foremost from their own sweet selves of course. If they didn’t love it they wouldn’t love porn. Not just the gruesome stuff we have now, but all thru the ages…brutalizing & making fun of women while ejaculating at the same time. Sorry to get so graphic.

      As for MacDonald, what honest person would be surprised? A fraud leading misfits & keyboard warriors. Your description of “evolutionary psychology” is not only spot on, it’s perfect. None of these spiritual faggots would dare arguing with you.

      • Thanks for the compliment.

        There is no argument. That’s the point. The majority of men believe in force when it comes to women. They argue w/each other but they brutalize women. History shows us that’s all there is & that there will be no end to it. Except, of course, for that small group of (almost exclusively White) women who’ve decided that the only way to stop male crime against women is to stop participating in their rape/breeding game. The fact that the smartest, most highly educated women are the ones who comprise this small group will result in the continued degradation of what remains of the “white” race — which is comprised almost exclusively of kosherized whiggers.

        If one of these male criminals doesn’t start WW3 — eventually humanity will be one big, low IQ mass of caca-colored morons (a la Haiti, or Hades as is this hell hole’s more appropriate name). Then the caca-colored “women” will finally have to stop blaming White women for all of their own stupidity & perhaps finally reach the ever-blatant same conclusions about the rapist 49%. Or not. At that point, I don’t give a crap what happens. I will die knowing that I did not force anyone else (especially a female) into this shithole that gorilla males call “earth.” (Not that breeders lose one moment of sleep worrying about the end results of their selfishness & stupidity, mind you. This is why they can rape & spread their legs w/abandon — they could care less about anyone but themselves.)

        • JonS says:

          I too am proud to say that I haven’t forced someone else to be born. Although I admit that I hadn’t really thought of it in the way you are presenting. I always considered it more in the typical liberal way such as less environmental burden etc. Your formulation of the topic is unique. At the risk of sounding sexist, I don’t think I know of any other woman being honest about breeding and kids. Even the lesbians I’ve known have talked about kids & childbearing as if it was some kind of holy activity. Before now I’d not realized why this made me uncomfortable. They are lying to themselves. They want a cling-on of their very own with no regard to the real consequences for that person. I doubt I’ll have the nerve to address their lies with your brave truths in the future, but at least I’ll recognize why their adulation of breeding and kids makes me so uncomfortable.

          Oh and women aren’t the only ones brutalized by men. Men will brutalize any group of men who don’t fit with their narrowly aggressive ideas about humanity, namely gay men. This is true now but it was also true before they became “kosherized whiggers” (LOL).

  2. Another bit of OD brilliance for me to share with my granddaughters. Perhaps I’ll figure out how to do this blog thing by trying the reblog thing first 😉

    • notyetalemming says:

      Speaking of frauds (well not a fraud, but a right-wing lemming who likes to advertise his mediocre blog for free on other peoples work), Horse237 has his latest dribble on the home page of that deranged misogynist John Kikemiller’s RBS website. Losers all.

  3. I will have to share this with my colleague who was enraged that people like Kev MacD lie so boldfacedly about their training. It’s so simple to verify too. I think you’re spot on about jews learning the intellectual fraud biz from white men. This is a perfect example.

    I hope you publish some of your research here (even if in a dumbed down form).

  4. Originist says:

    Would you mind linking me to any of your videos? I’ll settle for podcasts. You can email me the links if you like.

    Orwell’s Daughter replied: Not much is up anymore. I’ve lost many accounts on youtube. However, I’ll be uploading some of them by & by. I do have a few that are hidden on CensorWhitey & I also occasionally upload private vids for friends. If you send me your youtube handle, I can make some private vids available to you (I won’t publish your youtube handle when you send it).

  5. NoMoBrownTown says:

    Very thought provoking as usual. I’ve been closely observing the behavior of my kind and am finding it very much wanting. I’m finding that white men lie as much as jews do, and large proportions of both groups actually believe what they’re saying.

    It would be very easy for MacDonald to disprove you if he could. But he and his gang will do what white men have done for hundreds of years. Kevin will ignore, and his herd won’t bother questioning him abuot his fraudulent claims. Once you have eyes to see, it’s easy to see how jews learned it all from white men.

    • It’s always been the same old story w/the “white” male. Now that their bad behavior & outright fraud is catching up w/them, they screech like little pussies who were taken away from mammy’s tit too soon.

  6. DanD says:

    Not surprised about MacDonald. Is there anything more Jewish than the pseudoscience he teaches to nonwhites in L.A.? Plus just look at how creepy he looks with his eyes darting all around.

    • Charliee says:

      I took your challenge & checked Mr. MacDonalds status myself. Nope. Not a psychologist. Liar, yes. Psychologist, no.

      He has NO degree in psychology. He’s a fraud. I’m so surprised since WN is so flush with upright, highly educated folk 😉

      Loving your blog. Keep up the good work.

  7. ShellyRF says:

    You can write excellent articles that even tickle the funny bone but dickheads like Orginsm still try to spread lies about women being “favored” in employment. What planet do these guys live on?
    I too am not surprised about Kev. I agree with Dan aobut how creepy/suspicious he looks as well.

  8. ALFRED says:

    It is truly a nice and helpful piece of info. I am happy that you shared this helpful info with us. Please stay us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

  9. 110 Never Again says:

    Well Marina Orwell, here’s another white male who’s broken off from the herd of women haters.

  10. Young hardworking white man says:

    The only reason Mr. MacDonald is still teaching is because of tenure. Tenure keeps lousy teachers like him in the system.

    Any one who has had the misfortune to take a class with him knows he ain’t smart enough to be a psychologist. He’s just a bitter old white guy who hates everyone else including white women. As such, he was hired on at a time when all it took was some half ass degree in anything to get a job at Cal State. That and having a penis.

    Thousands with better credentials are unemployed while mediocrity continues to plug up education due to tenure.

    Not at all surprised about women having higher IQs than men. I’m a man, but everywhere I look I see smart women working hard and dumb and dumber men who expect someone to hand them something for nothing. Sorry, fellas, the days of being handed things just for being a white male are over. Deal with it.

  11. Bourgeois Faggotry says:

    I would just like to say that as a white male with a low IQ, I love pseudoscience & “evolutionary psychology” is the best of the worst. Nuthin shows how irrational white males have become as our worship of anything that satisfies our emotionality.

    Oh & I hate wimmin like you who can earn doctorates & all the stuff I can never have because I think I’m just entitled to it without working fer it.

    If Mr. MacDonald actually had the gumption to go ahead and be a psychologist like he claims to be, lil old dumbasses like me wouldn’t be able to relate ta him a’tall. So I’m glad he’s an undereducated liar.

    I just love the balls off of Mr. MacDonald. If ole MacDonald had a farm, I’d be happy to plow his fields if ya know what I mean.

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