What You Don’t Know About “Mental Health Professionals” May Hurt You

GREAT article. I will be posting this in my waiting room. Doctors are sick to death of having to deal w/the vast mounds of turds left in the wake of these various & sundry “mental health professionals.” The schools are particularly rife with a plague of sundry dumbasses who are allowed to use whatever title the Dept. of Educratation dreams up. “Behavioral therapists” “counselors” et al…so many that I’m going to start a list of them. The best part is that they typically have less training in what their “title” alleges than the parent does ;o)

Yup, sacrificing more than a decade of one’s life, along with the tens of 1000s in debt, along with the scorn tossed at one now that the population is increasingly stupid, ignorant, & proud of it, just proves that you shouldn’t be trusted. After all, what the population wants is someone who’s as ignorant as they are, who’ll either lie or be too undereducated to tell them FACTS.

Why is there so much autism today? Well, the fact that every undereducated POS with some kind of “degree” in education or a watered-down version of “psychology,” gets to “diagnose” everything under the sun. But they’re SO NICE about it, so the morons actually contribute to this whole elaborate system of fraud.

Thank you for writing this. I will look forward to the sequels.

social workers & counselors graduating from dumdum U

Only the most intelligent (& most fashion saavy) make it into social worker & “counselor” programs. These are THE TOUGHEST university degrees in the land!

Bogus Dichotomy

by Dr. Justin Les Faits

Since beginning my investigation of the various groups who call themselves “mental health professionals,” I’ve been stupified at what a web of deceit has evolved out there. I will continue to write about this, but to give you the skinny right up front:  The only real mental health experts are doctors who are either licensed clinical psychologists or licensed psychiatrists.  One of the reasons things have run amuck in mental health is because there are literally dozens of people who either 1) didn’t have the brains and / or 2) didn’t have the tenacity to complete the over 12-year training required to become an actual doctor in the field of mental health.

Also keep in mind that, like a psychologist colleague of mine (who first inspired me to investigate all this) pointed out:

“The problem with these numerous groups of undereducated people who consider themselves…

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A marooned visitor to this Big Barrel O Idiots reporting on the antics of Da Herd (especially the Culpritic 2%)
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49 Responses to What You Don’t Know About “Mental Health Professionals” May Hurt You

  1. Originist says:

    My phone grieves me too much for today so I’ll put the comment I keep trying to post in a nutshell.

    Very impressive. It’s hard enough resisting the urge to avoid the untrustworthy doctor and just take that apple as it is. And I didn’t know you’re a doctor. Where’s your field? I have a book by a government whistleblower I’d like to recommend which unveils a mountain of information, the truth of doctors and quacks amongst it – and I have always wanted a doctor’s opinion of it.

  2. I don’t know how this thing works, but I will not approve comments aimed at your blog on my re-blog of your article. If that makes sense.

    It seems that you’ve stirred a little hornet’s nest, as VikingBich is a social worker or therapist, & wants the world to know that they are the same (if not way better) than el stupido clinical psychologists or psychiatrists. She felt it necessary to mock both of us as needing “therapists” (Quinto-LOL. Gawd save us from the “therapists” in all their rainbow glory).

    Anyway, your colleague may want to weigh in on this. It seems to me that if dem der “therapists” & “behavioral specialists” & “social workers” & “counselors” were the same as doctors (psychologists & psychiatrists), then why did this Zoo O’ Quackery have to branch out instead of just buckling down to those 12+ years of hardcore training etc.? I’d be curious to have your colleague’s view of this.

    My colleagues are emphatically agreeing w/your article, & saying that it’s a 2-headed beast: insurance companies who’ve helped to create this massive Dumb Down of mental health, along w/the k-12 system (of course, there’s much more to the gov’t malfeasance, as we also have to take a look at the dozens of city, county, state, & federal “mental health” clinics funded by our tax dollars.

    From one end there’s the shysters/biz criminals wanting to drive down everyone’s reimbursement but of course still reimbursing less for “therapists” (i.e. social workers & other sundry “therapists” given the green light to do similar work to that of clinical psychologists & psychiatrists, thereby passing off all the bad consequences to the consumer while passing on the added profits to shysters/biz criminals). From the other end we have The Biggest of All Gov’t Behemoths – the public school system, which needs to keep making up more & more positions for people who have lower & lower IQs (a la affirmative action etc.) so they’ve simply “allowed” people with little or lesser training to appropriate the titles of those who’ve actually earned them.

    She also went on a tear about how it’s not the educrats fault, it’s those non-White kids. Can’t hang w/the simplistic explanation. All I know is that parents are FED UP to the gills w/the public schools & most of its uncivil servants. We rarely hear complaints about any other entity except the K-12 system & its assorted “therapists.” And doctors hear the stories all day long, & are barraged w/requests from parents all day long because a nitwit educrat said their son “had ADD.” The morons not only practice medicine w/o a license, they can’t even get the alleged Dx straight.

    It’s an effed-up, dumbed-down world & we’re all getting to sample the fruits of the many groves of shitstorm planted by “The Greatest Generation.”

    • Odd but it seems that a “reblog” is treated as a separate post. I have different comments than you except for the one I’m responding to.

    • FireEveryEducratToSaveEducation says:

      We need smart, informed DOCTORS like you to be running talk shows instead of fat billionaire white hating dummies like Oprah. This fat pig had been at the forefront of the cheerleading for ‘education’ and the commie jews who run it. She and the jew sidekick Phil (talk about someone who’s masquerading as a ‘psychologist’ just see if you can find any kind of pro license for that piece of shit) led the way for every brown turd’s innate brain damage being a ‘disability.” Which is why we even have to contend with the forever growing heaps of more educrats who lie while calling themselves ‘psychologists’ etc.

      If even 10% of parents knew the facts you present here, there would be rioting in the streets. Ppl may take jews reaming them up the ass financially, ppl may not scream as jews continue opening our borders so that low life brown scum criminals can scurry across in the millions, but they will not take this kind of shit about their children sitting down. If even 10% of parents knew that these educrat scummotherfuckers were calling themselves ‘psychologists’ when they were in fact merely ‘counselors’ or other dumbed down products of the jew mentality, they would get up off their asses and put an end to it.

    • Brandy G says:

      Thank you so much for this information. It helps me understand why the “educrats” always ignore my questions about what hospital they did their residency, what doctoral program they attended, who supervised them yada yada. We’ve been plodding through this mess for years now and are just beginning to understand how deep the lies go.

      The only reason we have these dumbed down retards in the educational system is because of the teachers union.


    • UGG says:

      You cannot state the obvious to little women like “tina” and “aryangoddess” because they do not live in the real world. They are like children and the “men” lol as we can only imagine their degenerate “men” like ’em stupid. They defend their little circle of “traditional” ahem “women” no matter how preposterous the claim. Because “tina”denise’s “family member” thought they got “therapy” from a nurse, well this must mean that nurses are psychologists and doctors. Because “aryangoddess” thinks you are “too hard” on VB who is a very aggressive manlike Bitch indeed, to the point that the only way she could be impregnated is if medicine intervened, well you are expected to lay back and take whatever abuse VB dishes out. Hopefully VB puts her money where her gutter mouth is when one of her kids is really sick. Take them to a nurse or counselor for “therapy,” Bitch!

  3. BrendaTheWhite says:

    Terrific piece, including Orwell’s Daughters comments which filled things out for me. The troupes of paraprofessionals in the schools have gone bonkers. At least in years past they had a shadowy idea that we paid their salaries but now they act like they’re doing us a favor. But then so does Obama and his crew, so the attitude has just trickled down.
    I would echo the sentiments about not letting these paraprofessionals play doctor with your child but I’ll take it one step further. Don’t let your child go off to these prison camps where some of the dumbest and meanest members of society are the wardens.

  4. Anyone who’s earned a better title or who doesn’t agree that “therapists” “social workers” & “counselors” are as well trained as doctors is just a big ole Jew, according to VikingBitch, who also apparently suffers from a persecution complex.

    A sane person might ask: But who created all these mini zoos of Quackery called “therapists” “social workers” & “counselors” if it wasn’t the Culpritics. In fact, “therapists” “social workers” & “counselors” is exactly where science veered off into Culpritic Quackery. These are the people who’ll pretend to “analyze” your child’s innocent drawing in a public school, aiding & abetting in the demonization of all free thought. Hard science is “too hard” (as is math), which is why they love dumbed-down, ever-spreading flimflam.

    We can see how deep the canyon of BS, formed by years of eroding away what Europa had so painstakingly built.

    • Tina says:

      I’ve had family members treated by a therapist, her credentials were: RN (registered nurse), Masters (something/something- the therapist part- sorry to not remember the letters) and PP (Prescriptive Practice- could prescribe only anti-depressants and other such).

      This woman was worth her weight in gold (and yes, she was a bit heavy-lol); my niece did very well under her.

      Just my 2 cents.

      So to summarize, I have seen where a therapist can be as good as a doc, as no doc could’ve done what this woman had done.

      Orwell’s Daughter replied: I think you should read the original article again. Of course a therapist does therapy, just as an electrician or plumber can do what a doc can’t do. But these various “therapists” “counselors” & “social workers” shouldn’t pretend to diagnose, shouldn’t pretend to be doctors, & school employees who haven’t earned titles that are used in the “real” world shouldn’t be able to commit massive fraud against parents. That’s my reading of it. Let’s see if BD weighs in.

      I’m going to continue about nurses “prescribing” etc. in a blog posting. Thanks for your comments.

      • The reason it’s so easy for the chosen ones to come in and add dumbed down programs is that the general public are really too stupid to know or care what they’re getting. Now the peasants put down those who proved themselves while defending the defective, the lazy, the “RN” who couldn’t be bothered with becoming a doctor because you can’t do that by going to night school! LOL. They don’t wish to sacrifice anything, just want that upgrade in pay. Now they even get an upgrade in public perception.

      • The Goy Channel says:

        I’ve read both this one & BD’s & I’m still confused. Am I to understand that these great defenders of inequality are trying to equate doctors & therapists? Come to think of it that makes sense since white nationalism only attracts the ones who can only climb to the lowest branches. I hope you upload the vid that references ‘doctors’ of under water basket weaving.

    • Hit the nail on the head. A friend of my daughters had an interesting tidbit to say on this subject. He says that even someone with an IQ of 80 could get through these counselor programs which is why they were created and that it’s hard to believe anything could be more dumbed down than social work until the counselors came along. On the other hand, his son has tried for a couple of years now to be accepted into a clinical psychology doctoral program but according to him it’s one of the toughest if not the toughest to be accepted into. His son has a perfect GPA, sparkling references, and research experience. They only accept a few people at a time whereas there is virtually no limit on how many will be accepted into programs for the various groups of those who can’t cut the mustard.

    • The Anti-porn Feminist says:

      This has always been my experience too in trying to converse with right wing women. They unwittingly reinforce mens’ opinions of them as irrational.

  5. aryangoddess says:

    I think you’re being a little too hard on VB. Aren’t we all on the same team? I thought we were a team of white women who are sick of being abused and used. White women who can see are a rare breed indeed. You can delete my comment if you like. I’m a rational decent human being, my opinion counts for something and on this issue I feel you are wrong. When I first saw your blog, hurrah, another smart white woman on our side.

    Orwell’s Daughter responded: I’m not sure what you’re referring to, as I certainly did not start the yer-a-yid-athon. Further, you are personalizing an essay written by a doctor who knows his stuff (i.e. you are being completely irrational, perhaps this is why you can stomach the psychoantics of “viking bitch”?)

    I am not a part of any “team” that I’m aware of (I’m not making fun of you here). If you don’t believe I’m intelligent — and further, if you believe that I’m “wrong,” this is your perogative. I take no prisoners.

  6. Harley — “viking” bitch is transparent. She is the typical “bad grll” trying to attract a hubby to herself. She uses other women to attract the men since she herself lacks sex appeal. It took me a long time to get hip to the various “flavors” of female mendacity. What makes VB interesting is that she is a pretender. She is a “counselor” pretending to be in “health care.” She is a dyke pretending to be straight. She is a dyke who hates other women. She is a “counselor” who needs psychiatric help. If you see through her, you must be a jew ;o)

  7. Hook-nosed Reich says:

    Looks like some of ppl who commented could use a visit to a psychiatrist. Especially these shrill stupidass women who swoop in to defend Viking Loon Bleached Blond…..who is a lunatic namecaller. Guess that makes Janet aka Aryancuntess aka Dark side of my Barren Womb & Denise aka Tina looney too. Ignore them OD. Ya have more brain cells than the 3 combined.

  8. ShellyRF says:

    I’m glad to see that others are catching on to what parents have known for many, many years now. EVERY department of education should be closed…not only the BIG WASTE at the federal level, but EACH AND EVERY department of education in every college and university. ESPECIALLY THE LOWLIFE they’re pumping out as “counselors” etc. I love the photo because this is exactly what all so called educators and their fake mental health idiot sidekicks look like BIG FAT IDIOT PIGS who have done more to erode this country than Congress has. Many of us parents have known for a long time that these ‘mental health’ educators were FRAUDS because they couldn’t work anywhere outside of the k-12 educational system.

    Some of us are looking forward to EACH AND EVERY SO CALLED COUNSELOR AND OTHER SPECIAL EDUCATION FRAUD losing their fat paychecks. I can’t wait to see these fat assholes live off of their own fat after starving the rest of the country.

    • If the entire K-12 educational system were to collapse tomorrow (including, & most especially, “special” education), no one would even notice the difference. The parents would just have to hire babysitters at a couple of bucks per hour vs. the trillions of dollars we’re pouring into this deep bolshevik abyss.

    • DanD says:

      I’m surprised there haven’t been parents who took a gun to their local school. God knows many of us feel like it.

    • enc says:

      AMEN! I CAN’T WAIT FOR IT ALL TO BLOW! I’ll be eating sandwiches while watching the local overpaid “educators” kill and eat each other. Hope they start with these fake “mental health professionals” who couldn’t get a real degree even if someone gave them 10 IQ points.

      What does barbecued “counselor” taste like? Burning money.

      • killeducatorsnotkids says:

        Me too. With every school shooting I keep wondering when it will be a parent trying to blow away all the pompous pricks in special ed. Not a one of them can work outside their own perverted ‘educational’ system because they lack the education!! Yet they are paid more than twice what those with comparable degrees are paid & that’s not counting the fact that they have 4 months off every year!! I don’t know a single parent who’se had to deal with these special ed creeps who doesn’t want to see the lot of them 6 feet under!!

    • angry parent says:

      First of all, thank you to the doctor who wrote this. we have been going through hell with the special ed system and this goes a long way in explaining why. Everyone knows that education is a worthless field but we didn’t know they were allowed to pretend to be real professionals. I’m mad as hell that the abusers we’ve been dealing with aren’t psychologists at all but just some sort of half baked counselor or even worse, teacher. Looked them all up on the Psychology Board in our state and none of them are licensed. The fact is that the assh#l@ who calls herself a psychologist is no more a psychologist than I am!!!

      Every last educator who participates in this fraud should be jailed IMO. They do more damage to our society than any thief ever could. I’m so fricking mad I hope the group of them I’ve been dealing with all get beaten and killed. I should contain myself but to me they are so much worse than criminals. Imagine it, Lying right to our faces that she’s a psychologist. Cannot wait to blow these 45 or 50 year old fat ass fraud out of the water at our next meeting. Then I’ll be taking it to our local parents associations and onward from there. Fricking criminal liars are “practicing” on our kids!!!

      Second, I appreciate all the comments. It’s nice to see that I’m not the only parent who feels abused by special educriminals. I will be blasting this information as far and wide as I can.

  9. DanD says:

    These fags think they’re the only ones who are on to the Jews. They’re the only group who are possibly more self-centered than the yids.
    Very, very funny vid.

  10. Julie says:

    THANKS FOR WRITING THIS! It’s really nice to know that doctors are also fed up with the education cartel.

    PARENTS: JUST SAY NO to any request involving their subpar “professionals.” Go to a real professional. These ppl only have degrees in education.

  11. Doc FS says:

    I’m glad to see that other doctors are catching on to these massive scams.

    Rest assured that psychologists (real ones, that is) have only recently become aware of what the Dept. of Ed has been doing. We’re looking into it and, like you, are sickened by it. You might say that we’re sick with anger over the fact that our title is being abused in this way. If we’d chosen to go the simple route, we could have become counselors or social workers 20 times over in the time it took to become psychologists.

    Thank you for the excellent exposé.

    Love the photo. Isn’t it great that the below average and average can call themselves “psychologists” without any training in the subject?

    • Tom says:

      The photo must be from somewhere in the deep Midwest. What are called “counselor” programs don’t just have the stupid looking fat white women in them. No they are filled up with illegals (meaning that the illegal sow they call their mother pooped them out within the boundaries of the USA. This makes them illegals also IMO) and ghetto blacks. If you think these white women are weighty, you ain’t seen 4 ton illegals of both sexes and the black women who look like they are pregnant with an office building. I know because I was enrolled in a “counselor” program. I just couldn’t take the retarded classes anymore which would insult the intelligence of any average white 10 yr old. I’m now working on being a psychologist. It will take at least 4 times longer than “counseling” but I’m White and I like challenging classes and real science.

      You really wouldn’t believe how horrifyingly silly the coursework is in “counseling.” There isn’t one class that even comes close to being as difficult as a basic stat class. Heck, there isn’t one that comes close to being as difficult as a social psychology class. “Counseling” coursework is like college for the moderately mentally retarded (I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the illegals and blacks actually do fit this category. The whites who lower themselves to continue in “counseling” are either too stupid or too lazy to do anything else IMO).

      I didn’t know that these teachers-with-a-few-more-stupidass-classes are then being allowed to call themselves “psychologists.” I will be looking into this and spreading the word. My fellow students would start an insurrection about this gross injustice (not only to those who actually EARNED the title, but to the public) because it is more difficult to get into a doctoral program in clinical psychology (at a “research one” university that is, not one of these overpriced “professional” schools, which is the equivalent of going to med school in the Caribbeen) than it is to get into med school (I’m currently working on my master’s).

  12. Linda says:

    My daughter had to transfer from a ‘counseling’ degree program to something more challenging. ‘Counseling’ is just another stupid education degree for idiots. Her exact words were “it’s for retards.” Says something about those who stay, doesn’t it?

  13. Vanessa says:

    This is great info to have as we enter into another school year of fighting with the fools who pretend to be mental health pros. If you know of anywhere else we can get info on this topic it would be appreciated. Time to take down these con artists one school at a time!!

  14. russel_p says:

    I don’t know if I feel worse from paying taxes to help Israel kill everyone else in the Mideast or if paying taxes to the education cartel makes me feel worse. And that was BEFORE I read your fine piece. These ppl are scary enough without unearned titles. Leave it to Obama to let teachers pretend to be psychologists.

  15. RMB says:

    Excellent info. The walls are crumbling down around the lunatics of the educational establishment! Couldn’t happen to a more deserving group of scum.

  16. sqpeg says:

    Looks like you’ve already had run ins with the crazy little wimmon who hang with white nationalism. They defend the only one among them who has a degree. From what’s written here I take it she has a degree in social work or educational counseling. They don’t want blacks to have degrees in social work or counseling but they want their own morons to have them. Your response to “Tina” is like an adult responding to a child. “Tina” has to defend nurses since after teachers they are the stupidest and most overpaid hangers on in the pink ghetto. If both groups were all given their walking papers tomorrow, no one would notice the difference because both groups of fat overpaid women have all kinds of “aides” “LPN’s” and others to do their work for them.

  17. orion76 says:

    Many thanks for this very informative article. As we’re now fully into another year with the absolute morons of special education, we needed to have some ammo to use against them.


  18. Bruce says:

    I have a question that I’d really like the doctor to answer. I see lots of ppl claiming to have very high IQ’s. How can this be for real?

    • Bruce: I will forward your question to the doctor who wrote this article.

    • Dr.Justin Les Faits says:

      The short answer is no, it’s not for real. Now for the more detailed answer:

      1. Bruce, in all my years of practice I’ve never once encountered a “high IQ braggart” who was above average in intelligence. Not a single time. Many of these braggarts are even below average.

      2. IQ tests only go up to about 150. Anyone claiming an IQ over about 145 is lying, or has been lied to by an undereducated educrat (as partially explained in this article).

      3. Some people have received pen-and-paper tests given by undereducated educrats in a classroom setting and were misled into believing they took an “IQ test.” In actual fact, what they took was some kind of mish-mash-crap created by educrats that was very far from an actual IQ test.

      4. Only licensed clinical psychologists can administer IQ tests whose results will stand in a Court of Law. Next time someone makes such an obviously false claim, ask him or her to see the report from the licensed clinical psychologist who administered their test.

      • Bruce says:

        Thank you, Sir, for your response to my question. I don’t have any experience with your last 3 points since I am not a doctor but I do with your first point. I’ve observed time & time again that it’s the least intelligent who claim to have high IQ’s. What they lack in smarts they make up for in arrogance, lol. What I find most astonishing about their claims is that they would think anyone else believes them. Well it’s nice to have my observations validated by a doctor.

        Thanks also for the info about who can administer IQ tests. We plan on having our son evaluated & now we know who to look for

        • I agree entirely with Dr. JLF & will add that now these ppl go around getting their IQ “done” many times in attempts to find someone who will throw them a high-IQ “bone.” There are problems with what is called “practice effects” (which invalidate previous results that are done within about a year, but these “high IQ hunters” don’t tell the doctor that they’ve already had the same test done 2 or 3 times in the last year). It’s kind of funny because sometimes they can find themselves an imbecile “counselor” or school “psychologist” who will give the ‘tard a high IQ in exchange for $$$, but no then no one will accept the results from those who aren’t real doctors qualified to do the testing.

          Just more & more corruption is all we’ll be getting from every direction. But the morons who participate in the fraud of “special ed” don’t see any problem with what they do.

          • That’s incredible, but then, what hasn’t been mucked up and/or turned upsidedown? But hey, I thought that IQ doesn’t matter. Looks like these radical egalitarians (this includes not only “liberals” but 99% of the male population) don’t believe their own rheteric, eh?

  19. DR says:

    I’m a pussy man who likes to hang out where I’m not wanted.

    My narcissism is so intractable that I believe I can name-call & shit on total strangers & expect a positive response from them.

  20. Yes dear, that Viking Dyke just can’t leave you alone. She’ll follow you wherever you go:\

    • Thanks for the heads up. Frankly, I’d forgotten all about it & enjoyed reading it ;o)
      BTW, her peanut gallery doesn’t believe that a female doctor knows about anatomy. They just have to believe what joolywood & porn has told them about female sexuality — else they’d have to realize that their peckers are useless to anyone other than themselves. To say otherwise makes you a lesbian — will the WN irony never cease.

  21. Pingback: It’s Time the (Bitchy) Tale Were Told | cockscraw

  22. Staz says:

    lol, I know about this “Viking” bitch too. Cuntzwhiggers are pretty much interchangeable just like their porn addicted males like them to be. Are they all willing to suck dick? Check. Are they all willing to take it up the ass? Check. Are they either in a stupid job like “counseling” or worse yet, “house” niggers? Check. Do they shit in the face of other women? Check. When dumped by their white nationalist faggot, will they cry to other women who are as sick as they are? Check. Are they so desperate to duplicate their mediocre ugly cuntz that they’ll resort to turkey basting? Check.

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