Even If You Haven’t Climbed the Mountain, You Can Pretend to Enjoy the View

by Marina Orwell

A poster to Bogus Dichotomy’s article that I re-blogged brought up something I’d like to expand upon here. I’m going to give you a brief lesson on one aspect of how the Insurance-Shyster-Pharmaco-Eager.Undereducated.Beavers-Medical complex works.

Why be a sucker & actually climb the damn thing? You can just SAY that you did!

Having so-called nurse practitioners prescribing psychotropic drugs is another good example of insurance companies overseeing the dumbing-down of medicine in order to pad shyster/biz criminal wallets at the expense of the public. Do you know why antidepressants are “prescribed” at such outrageous rates? There are several reasons, but one of the biggest is that the Not-Suitably-Trained (the NST) have been “magically given” the ability to prescribe by Our Friends The Corporations & the NST just love doing it. Big Pharma could never convince doctors to do what these teeming armies of not-even-closers are more than happy to do.

By the way, for those who didn’t bother to read the decades-long memo, Big Pharma et al. are actually well on their way to abolishing Western medicine (as Europa fashioned it) for just this reason. It’s just so much easier to manipulate those who didn’t have the stamina, will, and/or brains to climb all the way up to the top of the damn mountain to do your corporate bidding than it is to bully dem der pesky doctors (who think we like, know more about medicine than shysters & business criminals). In fact, it takes no bullying at all to make the NST dance a corporate jig.

This is what the corruption of individuals looks like. They’ve been so thoroughly brainwashed by all-pervasive “egalitarianism” that they actually believe that they are “just like doctors,” especially when The Corporations keep prodding them on in their absurd “beliefs.”  (By the way, this may also mean you. How did so many people get the idea that they know everything about everything without any kind of technical training, if it wasn’t from Big Brother (who knows just how to stoke that old ego of yours in all the right places).

This “culture” is so rife with delusional thinking & pandering to the lowest common denominator that my advice to the young’uns is to just go ahead & be a shyster or business criminal rather than to foolishly devote decades of your life to becoming real scientists or doctors.  Not only do they not respect decades of service to humanity, Da Herd has been convinced that anyone who isn’t a Whiney Victim, Undereducated & Proud N’er-Do-Well and/or Self-Inflicted-Lesser-Than is not to be trusted.

When all the doctors have been banished & it’s down to the NSTs with various watered-down “degrees,” perhaps the nitwit public will ask Oprah to treat their children — who just happen to have cancer — gratis their good friends & brainwashers, The Corporations.

(For far more egregious examples of NSTs masquerading as doctors — this time in the K-12 public school system — while being allowed to use titles that they are as close to earning as any old person on the street —  see Bogus Dichotomy’s articles:  Number 1, Number 2).

© 2014 Orwell’s Daughter


About Orwell's Daughter

A marooned visitor to this Big Barrel O Idiots reporting on the antics of Da Herd (especially the Culpritic 2%)
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15 Responses to Even If You Haven’t Climbed the Mountain, You Can Pretend to Enjoy the View

  1. Very well said, even if you are *only* a doctor. Since I’m even lower on the herd’s totem pole than you (being part terrier & all) I too foolishly believe that I know more about medicine than shysters & business criminals.
    I may be good at digging up bones, but you’re able to so well explain how the unseen apparatus operates. You’ve gone a long way to explaining to the herd how corruption works. It’s funny to me that these nutjob WN ppl like the “help! The Viking’s being attacked by jews” broad can understand how zog has done this exact same thing with the B&Bs against whites. Unfortunately they aren’t smart enough to see how they themselves may be willing abettors in the same corruption game.
    Speaking of the crazed vikingess, I have barely figured out how to do anything on my blog. I just saw her comment before coming over here, but since she’s such a paranoid schizoid I’m not going to post it. She’s spattered enough vomit around already, thanks ever so.
    Oh well, in closing I’ll say that I guess it’s a good thing that we’re all forced to pay the kosher tax since after all these years it took some crazy dame to inform me I’m jewish.

  2. I just wrote you a note in regards to this in your responding to BD’s article. They’ve been able to do this because the public is too stupid to care that NSTs are the “new” standard of care. In another 10 years all these spanish speaking invaders will fit in very nicely as various RNs, therapists, counselors and other NSTs pretending to be doctors. It’s already happening. White people who were corrupt enough to take the easy way out instead of “climbing the mt” paved the way for them. It’s a pattern that’s been recreated over and over again in this country.

    The problem is that WN wants to blame The Jews for everything when Whitey as been pretty happy to not work for a sheepskin. No, these same ones cry that “all” university degrees are worthless. Well isn’t it just so convenient that they’re the ones who were too lazy and stupid to do the difficult work? They sat back on their arses while Jews and others worked. It’s true The Tribe used nepotism to further their aims, but Whitey’s laziness was the main reason there are so many Jews in the professions. They had to create “professions” for their black brothers, so they did, with these various NST programs. Whitey’s been very happy to go through the dumbed down programs himself instead of “climbing the mt.”

    It’s all come home to roost, Whitey. Whitey allowed the balkanization of everything, even medicine, into dumb groups of easily led ppl of color and mediocre whites, with The Chosen collecting more money at the other end with their “insurance” and other schemes. You’ve always said that they always benefit in at least 3 ways to every evil they enact.

    Hold on, Whitey. The flip nurse who could care less about her job and the stalinistic, uppity “counselor” are your new “doctors.” Ha.

    • What you said about the nurse gave me the shivers, as I’ve actually seen this in action. You may remember that I lost my best friend to breast cancer. When she had to go to the “regular” hospital it was actually pretty good, but she had to do a couple of stints in a “skilled care” facility (& I can tell you they weren’t skilled & they didn’t care). It was like a day in Calcutta. There were no Americans working there. It was scary to just be around all these people who were brusque, downright rude, & were barely understandable. To be in the hall there was like being in the kitchen of some restaurant in the 3rd world, w/people throwing silverware at linoleum (that’s what their chattering sounded like). They seemed to actually want to kill the patients, & I’m not exaggerating. I got my friend out of there at my own expense but that’s another story.

      • Flips have taken over most of the overpaid bedpan emptier positions in much of the country from what I’ve heard. To me they are the least capable of the Asians. Since they’re also physical midgets, Whitey is naturally attracted to them. Flips go into nursing not only because it’s one of the most overpaid given the small amount of training, but because they hope to catch a sucker doctor.
        I’m sorry about your friend. She was lucky to have you to help her.

        • enc says:

          Did you know that most retard “nurses” hold an associates degree? Most barely pass the 2 low level science classes they have to take. Then there’s the LPNs who have 6 wks of “training.” On top of all this we have noncaring, ugly Filipinos and other brown Asians with 75 IQs taking over these inflated salaries.

          • btw I know a doctor who finds himself checking what the “nurses” do because they make so many mistakes. He calls them welfare Moms with a bad attitude.

          • I did know this. Anyone who’s had to be in a hospital over the past 10 yrs & hasn’t noticed how messed up the nursing staff is must be living in Wyoming or someplace that’s still mostly White ppl.

  3. 110 Never Again says:

    Thanks for the important information that you presented so cogently. I’m not a doctor but am also a professional who’s been watching the same kinds of things happening in my field. They want a world of easily controlled NSTs (ha ha you’ve got a gift for putting a name to the newer species in our zoo) who eat, text, and work on the plantation for beans. Or wait is it beaners working for beans. I get so confused. But at least there’s ppl like you to give me some hope over my lunch break that there’s still intelligent life left.

    • Thank you for your kind words. All we can do is try to educate people. There are so many terrible things happening, & it’s almost always the Culpritics behind it. More & more people are starting to see; let’s all help draw back the curtain just a little.

  4. The Anti-porn Feminist says:

    They started trying to push the nurses and other paraprofessionals at us at least 15 years ago. Now those paraprofessionals believe they’re just like the real thing. Pretty airtight game they’re playing.

    Does anyone believe that any of the Wall St. criminals or their families see paraprofessionals instead of doctors? We’re already so far into being a third world country it’s unbelievable. The most interesting part is that the people are too stupid to even know that they’ve been had. “But my wife’s a nurse and she’s just so great, blah blah blah.” Do you think it’s more stupidity than corruption or are they equal?

    • I’ve yet to meet even one person in the 1/2 truth movement who wasn’t a mid-level to severe-range egalitarian. John has sent me several examples of Croup Movement nitwits who interview those who are perhaps even stupider than they are, about 900-level material. It’s great comedy though ;o)

  5. DanD says:

    Seems the blame’s been piled on the business side of medicine. Your article shows us it’s not that simple. The breakdown in prescription privleges started with dentists. Has anyone else noticed how cruddy dentistry is? Yet they make more than most doctors. These are ppl who just wanted to make as much money as possible. They have a subpar education & it’s scary that they write scripts.

    • Don’t get me started about dentists. Yes, they are subpar & anyone w/common sense (or even eyes) can see it. Notice how going to the dentist is like “a day in Calcutta?” Filthy offices, extremely long waits, & the majority of them are shysters who are trying to sell you crap you don’t need. Most don’t really know what they’re doing & are just shylocks “in business.” All this, & you’re right, they make far more than the majority of doctors. It’s just another example of how those who are subpar intellectually, & who only care about making money, are given a pass by Americans while they hammer away at docs. Why don’t we have dental insurance that actually pays for root canals, etc? Why don’t we have insurance for the legal profession? I’ll tell you why. Because both groups worship the almighty buck above all else, & they lobby against anything that may actually help the average citizen (like having insurance for both of these highly overpaid, not very well trained, groups of money-grubbing shylocks).

      Thanks for your comments.

  6. Cyndi says:

    One big thing all of us can do is reject the NST’s (lol, great expression) when they try to shove them on us. Insist on a doctor, as this is your right. Whether it’s an ER or whatever, ask them directly “are you a doctor” because so many NST’s are acting pretty self important nowadays.

    Also, reject the idiots who can’t speak English properly. Whether its the stupid Mexicans or the the Filipinos, why should we have to suffer through their garble? If we all did this, these morons would be out of jobs.

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