Tastes Just Like Chicken!

Tastes just like chicken!

Tastes just like chicken!

by Marina Orwell

At the request of a “follower” who cannot discern WN bitchez (WNB) from their Culpritic overlords, I’ve prepared a brief compare/contrast to aid in this difficult, often “unpalatable” task.

Overall, WNB smell just like glatt kosher beef — without the spices (i.e. money & power), but taste just like chicken.  The following are some of the “ingredients” that make WNB such a ham-fisted (do pardon the pun) concoction.  Although I don’t necessarily recommend it, it is safe for even you kosher vegans out there to utilize when you need a mild laxative:

  • WNB tend to have authoritarian personalities, meaning, among other things, that everyone must conform to their blindered, extremely narrow field of vision.  WNB make Mao and Stalin look like highly successful libertarians.  Even the Culpritics allow a wider worldview.  I warn you: Their intellectual glaucoma can be contagious.
  • WNB tend to blame everyone else for their own dungheap.  Unlike the Culpritics, they haven’t figured out how to not keep soiling their own diapers & thus sitting in their own poop.  It is distinctly malodorous when they’re around, despite the fact that they’ll insist that their shit doesn’t smell.
  • Being somewhat inbred (in their “thinking” at least), WNB lack the typical creativity so often seen in White European people.  So, they mostly just recycle other people’s work.  Unlike the Culpritics, they don’t even “borrow” for the money or some greater “purpose,” but rather to engage in a ritualized circlejerk.
  • Unlike the Culpritics, WNB have no interest in tribalism beyond their own little group of talmudified authoritarians. Like ingrown toenails, they are useless and unsightly but in the grand scheme of things, they are just niggling piffle piles.  In an effort to “puff up” their otherwise pitiful selves, these ingrown toenails grandiosly believe that they are a major organ system.  They accuse anyone who disagrees with them of being a jew who wants to persecute them.  Smells just like Aunty Culpritic bacon to me.
  • Unlike the Culpritics, WNB take great delight in relegating 51% of their race to the proverbial shithole.  While Culpritic women are given golden parachutes to the top of every institution (while masquerading as “White” of course), WNB screech that dem White wimmins keep taking the jobs of dem undereducated-but-proud “White” men.  This leads to the basic difference between these very similar groups:
  • In keeping with their their very efficient plan to keep chasing their own tails, WNB hate White women more than any other group (going by actions, not words), with Black males being a close second.  This is nothing new, and history proves the point. For example, White men gave the vote to Black men but left White women out in the cold to have to fight relentlessly for 50 more years to attain the suffrage that “White” males gave to Black men gratis.  It’s no wonder that WNB wish to keep “playing dumb” re actual facts.  Rather, they continue in the lie that the Culpritics “created” feminism, and that the talmudified, ersatz “feminism” from the 1960s onwards is the same as the feminism created by White women — when even a cursory look at history reveals what a ridiculous theory that is.  White feminists accomplished the near-impossible against ridiculous odds (including “law” that wrote them in as mere chattel); can’t blame women-hating WNB chickens for fearing that.

I hope this helps.  But if you’re still in doubt, leave ’em a comment suggesting that White women have “abandoned” the White man (for who else but their imaginary nemesis, the Black man) because of the latter’s schlong-endowedness.  Then sit back & wait for the WNB “chimp out.”

To be continued, possibly.

© 2014 Orwell’s Daughter


About Orwell's Daughter

A marooned visitor to this Big Barrel O Idiots reporting on the antics of Da Herd (especially the Culpritic 2%)
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23 Responses to Tastes Just Like Chicken!

  1. 110 Never Again says:

    This just about sums it all up. Cowardice and misogyny is the new white meat, lol.

    • chesser215 says:

      You had my sides splitting with your description of what they have the nerve to call ‘white’ nationalism. Whigger nationalism is what it is at best.
      Are there more racially aware women like you or are they all only marginally better than their knuckle dragging owners? an inquiring, educated & intelligent white male wants to know.

      • There are far more racially aware women than men; this has always been so (& is yet another reason that we’re in the state we’re in — because of the dumbass dick-operated males’ need to keep their equals down & not in leadership where we belong). You’re talking about the handful of Walking Uteri/Prostitutes who have no self respect & who fellate the tiny dicks of “white” nationalists. They aren’t “racially aware women” — they are truly desperate prostitutes & their massahs know it.

  2. Oh my, I already said this in another comment, but I really don’t know which I prefer, your written or extemp/spoken word. The ending is especially hilarious. Frog legs or big thick sausages.

  3. This is hilarious, and I agree with BD that the ending is perfect. Whitey’s awfully insecure about his schlong.

  4. Reblogged this on notyetalemming and commented:
    The best description of white nationalism I’ve ever seen.

  5. ThanksjewsforfuckingupAmerica says:

    You’re a great writer but I’m not surprised. I forgot to say that your banner nearly made me choke on my beer. Funniest thing I’ve seen since watching your Reality History vid a few days ago.

  6. Originist says:

    Reblogged this on Originism and commented:
    Okay, fans. This post alone puts a lot of what Dr. Marina has to say in a nutshell about her new blog’s favorite subjects, thus far – “white” men, white “men” and white men – and trying to wake the latter. To watch her feel so quick to reassure even the good ones is no isolated need, I can tell you – it shows just how much trouble our white cause is really in. There are two sides to everything in the universe, and it is my job to make sure each gets heard. Who better than an irreverent and witty, provoking yet thoughtful doctor who takes none prisoner to speak for our softer spoken white sisters? And did I mention she’s hilarious? Almost all her comments feature testimony from bursting out laughing in inappropriate situatiin to shooting milk out of their noses! As for me, she keeps me in stitches. Not that I’m TRYING to kiss her ass, but… there’s a reason she is called Orwell’s daughter after all. I dare you to have enough common sense to appreciate this.

    Go on – I dare you.

  7. notyetalemming says:

    Why does Originism call Dr. Orwell by her first name? Isn’t this just another way of calling full grown women “girls?” I hear men address other men with “Dr. Smith” even if it’s a doctorate of complete bullshit, like economics or history. Women who are smart and have done the work to achieve the highest degrees must be damped down in any way possible.

    Also, I think Orginism shows his male ego when he talks about Dr. Orwell’s choice of topics. As someone who’s listened to her for years, white men aren’t at the top of her list, let alone #1, 2 & 3 on the list.

    Wanted to let you know OD that your work here has led to my granddaughter researching the suffrage of white women. She just couldn’t believe that black men were given the vote before white women. I bet 99% of white women and girls don’t know anything about this history.

    • DanD says:

      This astounding fact has gotten ME to research women’s suffrage.

      • I’m glad; that’s why I do this. Isn’t it terrible how those White feminists thought that they should have the same rights as the ex-slave, low IQ black males had already enjoyed for 50 years?

        • Shaunee says:

          So your a racist barbarian & u also hate white men. Hmmm…

          • I have mixed feelings about your comment; you tickled my fancy with the idea of being a “racist barbarian.”

            From your previous comments, I surmise that you’re a black female. No matter, really, as what I have to say pertains to females of any color.

            A White man (note that I do not mean the ersatz, jooified, misogynistic pussy version so in vogue today) is worth all of your black & brown men combined. Even though these types are unfortunately exceedingly rare these days, I’d still take even a typical dumbass white male lemming over his brown/black counterpart. If forced to choose one of two alleys at night where 1) Alley A had a group of white men, & 2) alley B had a group of non-white men, my feet would be smart enough to choose the correct alley. Would yours? I think so.

            Even people like you — who hate White people — aren’t stupid enough to not know the basic crime statistics. The Culpritics can keep not reporting the violence of your brethern, but everyone knows — most black & brown men are too violent to be allowed to run loose in society.

            BTW, if you claim that your little black feet wouldn’t know to pick Alley A in the above scenerio, that’s good — one less dumbass “sistah” to incubate more vermin.

  8. ShellyRF says:

    This is hilarious and SO true.

  9. chesser says:

    My comment keep disappearing so forgive me if you get a mess of them on your end.
    You had my sides splitting with your description of what they have the nerve to call ‘white’ nationalism. Whigger nationalism is what it is at best.
    Are there more racially aware women like you or are they all only marginally better than their knuckle dragging masters? an inquiring, educated & intelligent mind attached to a white man who doesn’t consider white women to be “walking uteri” (LOL!) wants to know.

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