The Backstory of the Crotch Sprocket Shortage

by Marina Orwell

The far more aggressive, less intelligent and less well-educated 49% (remember, these are statistics I’m summarizing, not opinions), mainly uses two tactics to keep female lemmings in petri-thrall to their hedgemalarkey (and, of course, to keep each individual barely-average male lemming convinced that he really is all that).

As an aside: Out of respect for that growing faction of men who have nearly broken free from the Willybeef-Culpritictube-Confabogynodustrial Complex, and are thus more or less able to cogitate with their head brain rather than with Mr. Winkie and/or some quasi-human amalgamation of the two, and who are inclined to not only “see” past their pubes and imagine the perspective of others — I will hereafter refer to your less-capable-but-alas!-stampeding-majority brethren as “Dickheads” (not the most original name, but the most apt).  Plod on, minority Menschen! The 51% as well as all of the flora and fauna applaud your fortitude! But I digress, so let’s leave this here to marinate a spell while we turn back to the two overcooked sheesh kabobs.

1) Implicit or explicit threats of violence.  I don’t think I need to trounce the reader’s noggin with this ubiquitous reality, since ERs across the country are filled to the brim with women who’ve been on the other end of Dickhead “justice,” and morgues are filled with the unrecognizable bodies of women who are almost always killed by either hubby or boy”friend.”

In case the slow learners out there want to claim that this is mostly the handiwork of black and brown males, you’d be wise to check out the statistics if you’re a woman or girl.  I’ll summarize:  White males are almost as prone to violence against their wives and girlfriends as are Black males (If you’re a doubting Dickhead, don’t expect this here maid, cook, and au pair of fucktuffetry to also be your research assistant. Go ahead and clear the talmudifreeze from yer brain with some old-fashioned research on something besides that which strokes schlongebellum).

It’s true that White males are far less inclined to aggress against people “of color” than vice versa, but they have no problem slamming and/or killing those Doormats-with-Holes they erstwhile fancied sticking their dicks into.  You see, White males may be pussies on the street, but they love to beat up dem wimmins at home.

Wheel of HegemonyIt makes sense if you think about it. After all, the larger political system mirrors the smaller political system (aka so-called nuclear family). Obey Big Daddy Dickhead or he’ll smash your head like a cantaloupe (or hire Dickheads-in-Training to play video games on real people in Iraq, Afghanistan, or wherever else they need a little reminder of Who’s Boss.  Which reminds me: Twice as many women were killed as the result of domestic abuse than the number of “U.S.” troops killed in these Poohish wars of aggression, but that inconvenient fact doesn’t interest anyone besides “feminazis” like myself).

2) “Just So” stories. The importance of “just so” stories (hereafter referred to as JUSOS) to the male supremacist narrative really cannot be underestimated. The typical male lemming pops out of his mother’s womb — well, not exactly. Mom spent 9 months feeding, carrying, and even breathing for the little ingrate and then spent gawd knows how many excruciating hours trying to squeeze his already cumbersome nob through an aperture inconveniently sized to fit something diminutive (e.g. Mr. Winkie).

Anyway, he arrives in a world already splendidly appointed with thousands of years of Dickhead JUSOS.  This is convenient, because the male who is destined for dickheadedness lacks the intelligence and creativity to come up with such piffling theories on his own.  Also, that critical gap must be filled — between the day Dickhead Jr. arrives on the scene — to when he is old enough to sit up and be plopped in front of Big Brother.  JUSOS seamlessly bridge that tremendous canyon while also serving to reinforce Herdspeak throughout his sequestero el homo lifetime.

By the way, JUSOS work even more efficiently on male lemmings than does Culpritic propaganda, because the former bypass the sensory apparatus completely and go straight to schlong.  There, they can be fused with Mr. Winkie’s filthy visuals of rape, abuse, and Woman-as-Fucktoy-Vassal-Ever-Smiling-Sycophant provided to him by Big Brother (and magically, as it were, “brought to life” by female lemmings who are simultaneously undergoing a brainwashing program that dovetails perfectly with his own).

To end this here tedious narrative about the travails of that boring, productive, nonviolent 51%, I’ll give you an example of each of the above-referenced tactics, as, by golly, scintillating examples arrived in my jooglecoffer just this past week.

One free-wheeling polluter of the-already-hideous-dickhead-dominated-internet threatened to ram his “massive member” up my derriere until his all-powerful 1.5 ounces of flesh utterly disemboweled dis here lil’ old damsel soon-to-be-in-distress-if-dickhead-had-his-druthers (Yawn. Really, jaundiced lunar plexuses like mine can almost always discern a Dickhead from a Culpritic by the kinds of crap that sends their thoroughly-pickled brains out of the ole brine. Dickheads spew their homoerotic filth when their Culpritic-created-and-maintained “masculinity” is “threatened.”  Culpritics spew their homoerotic filth when their Tribe is ratted out).

556827_371093646285514_733039433_nAnother Dickhead wanted to share a JUSO with me (even though he couldn’t scare up the author’s name from between those two remaining neurons that were left to duke it out with Mr. Winkie).  He “informed” me that we’d all “be living in huts if women ruled.”  Note not only the JUSO, but also the shining example of Football Team Mentality (and, needless to say, those millions now living in tents and boxes may consider a “hut” to be a real upgrade in living conditions).

Then he informed me that he was off to read Mr. MacD’s book about dem joos for the fifth time (at least he understands that via repetition, information will finally pass through the dIckhead-reptobrain barrier).  But his real message was that he just plain doesn’t care if Mr. MacD misrepresents himself.  After all, male fraud is what makes this here world go round.  Or, maybe not.  After all, he continued, he and his fellow dickheads would prefer “the occasional mushroom cloud” than to part with one inch of their unearned and undeserved hegemony (it wasn’t called the “nuclear family” for nothin you know).

Even though he preferred the “occasional mushroom cloud,” this even-more-irrational-than-yer-typical dickhead ended by saying that he “guesses we’ll be OK” if “we can keep the Marina Orwells of the world from getting their hands on nukes.”  Well, I’ll be darned.  Mr. Fagabeetastic finally got it off his near-eclipsed-by-a-beer-belly chest.  He doesn’t give a crap what happens as long as women don’t have any say in causing it.  Now this is the kind of prick who could give Nuttin Yahoo a run for his glatt kosher beef (but sadly, neither are a rarity).

“F*ck all the other denizens of the planet” Dickhead declares (and he’s never contradicted, except by evil feminists).

No female has the luxury of being a flatulent hammerhead, yet we still pretend that there’s such a thing as “civilization.” In reality, all there’s ever been is a playground for male gorillas.

Who but lemmings would continue to force children — especially girls — to live in a zoo whereby the nonviolent and productive 51% are caged while goons’ misrule continues unabated?  Statistics have shown that for decades now, the brightest and most well-educated women have voted (with their uteri) to stop this madness once and for all. Dickheads, as usual, found a way to interpret this so as to not implicate themselves (if they possess any talent besides violence, it’s the ability to deflect any and all “bad thoughts” about themselves via “just so” stories or plain vanilla psychotestostric whackodynamics).

Dickhead senses — perhaps correctly — that in a world which based its political system on actual facts rather than JUSOS et al., his kind would simply be castrated the first time they aggressed against others (resulting in the “genocide” of future replica da aggressiva el stupido subhumanoido).

I can dream, can’t I?

© 2014 Orwell’s Daughter


About Orwell's Daughter

A marooned visitor to this Big Barrel O Idiots reporting on the antics of Da Herd (especially the Culpritic 2%)
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23 Responses to The Backstory of the Crotch Sprocket Shortage

  1. wy398 says:

    Reblogged this on antipornfeminist and commented:
    Fantastic piece from the Renaissance woman!

  2. notyetalemming says:

    A really fine one OD. I’ll say more after I’ve read it at least once more.

  3. Elsie79 says:

    It’s been true for decades that the smartest, most educated women aren’t having kids. This never stops dickheads. They can always find some shaggy skank to impregnate. This has led to further consternation among the most able women. This resulted in even more of us deciding that it’s high time to pull the plug on male supremacy. Good luck to the latrinas and part negress-part Asians that dickhead goes for and their ugly crotch sprockets. lol haven’t heard that one in a while. Good luck to the desperate white women who continue to take on dickheads. It’s sad but even the ugliest most retarded dickhead can get some stupid woman to let him fuck her.

    There isn’t a male alive whose entire image of women has been shaped by porn. Being impregnated by men whose spirit is so dirty and weak can only lead to even more generations of spiritual hardship. No thanks.

  4. This is really a great piece OD. You are truly a philosopher as well as an artist.

  5. P.S. I think you should publish the email addresses & whatever other info you have on the aggressive little boys who sent you that disgusting trash.

    • chaosandconspiracy is the wordpress name (aka StukaPilot) of the dickhead who wrote me all that pertaining to the JUSOs. This is the type of low IQ freak attracted to WN.

      The other one is email only & I intend to run it past my attorney to see what he thinks I should do. I’m sick of being threatened by dickwads, especially when I have their IP address ;o)

  6. ShellyRF says:

    BRAVO!! The prisons would be almost empty if castration was the punishment for violent criminals.

  7. Cathi says:

    I love how you put things. Thank you for sticking up for women!

  8. Celticjane says:

    I see you’ve also noticed how mention of any facts about the violence inflicted on women by men is labeled a “feminazi.” White women are the most silenced group in the history of the world. Thank you for not being afraid to expose the misogynists of every color.

  9. Ophidian says:

    Love your Spanish, by the way. This is a gem of an article, just like your ‘Show Some Real Love to White Girls (& Women)’ article. It’s surprisingly elucidating to know that there are more women dying in what is supposed to be the safety of their abodes than the glorified hired killers and war fodder (i.e. “soldiers”, “troops”, “servicemen/women”, etc.) who are tricked into dying for Israel.

    • Thanks for the compliment.

      Yes, it would seem that there is nothing that will make the vast majority of men care about the stupendously high rates of violence against women. This is just another reason it totally cracks me up when I hear “white” males bragging about how “empathetic” they are — really, does it get any more deluded than that?

      As for the war fodder, I have had mixed feelings for many years but I more often swing more towards your way of seeing them. The only reason I would ever feel otherwise is that many (if not most) of them are so young, & don’t have parents who care enough about them to beg them not to throw away their lives (or just as bad, are patriotards). On the other hand, most young men have already been steeped the full 5 minutes in the ole Cult O False Masculinity brine, & in addition have raging testosterone (making them just itch to do violence — they’re too pussy to take their chances with committing violence like a free man, so they hide in the organized violence of being slaves in the military).

      Let’s face it. The puppetmasters have always had the problem of male violence (i.e. what would happen if dem testosterone-crazed little boys turned their aggression towards the Real Problem rather than at women & other oppressed groups?). Thus they’ve always focused the idiot males’ attention away from the WallSt.MilitarySecurityJoolywoodCorporateComplex & towards other idiots “on the other side” who are under the same puppetmasters’ control. Aggressive little boys get to wear their dicks on their heads & the bankers, et al. keep harvesting the profit. Problem solved.

      • Ophidian says:

        @Orwell’s Daughter — I understand your sentiments about young men being brainwashed to die for A’murika and it’s pet dog, Israel. They fall prey to these bogus ad campaigns designed to appeal to their youth, masculinity, and desire to serve a purpose. And young women do it to get a sense of pride and belonging. Either to be “one of the boys” or to prove something to themselves or their loved ones. They too fall prey to the “Girl Power” shtick that is all the rage in Hollywood.

        I would have been war fodder myself (I always wanted to be a sailor) if I didn’t already know that recruiters get paid to lie to naive youngsters to replenish the military’s ranks, and that every war since the 20th century was a lie. One of the reasons why America and Great Britain entered into World War II, and murdered millions of innocent Germans and Japanese in the process, was to selfishly get their countries out of the Great Depression. The “Axis of Evil” was the propaganda used to brainwash hot-headed dickheads into blowing things up and killing people they were told are the enemy.

        The only thing that is going to put an end to the culture of toxic masculinity is to detoxify the minds of young white women and girls who are conditioned into giving their hearts and their souls to people who will never give a shit about them. Whether it’s white males who have a superiority complex, or non-white entitlement which has spiraled out of control. Look at the way black, Arab, and “Latino” men talk about white women, as if they are whores in a brothel, itemizing their very beings and talking about the things they would do to them:

        “I’ma bag me a white girl to screw, cook, and clean. And if she can give me caramel-colored babies, all the better.” Like ripe avocados being plucked from a tree. It’s not like white women have personal autonomy or any say in whether they want to be fucked by these people or not. White men, from what I have seen on sites like YouTube, are worse in their conquistador mentality.

        • Ophidian: I’m very glad that you were saavy enough about recruiters. They are grossly overpaid criminals. They like to put women in this role for obvious reasons. I will have to dig up some of my old commentaries. I have one about the military, Navy Seals, rape, etc.

          Yes, the way all races of males talk about White women is very instructive. I’ve been to many forums (where the idiots post photos of themselves) where a “white” dude & a black dude shared all kinds of porn talk about White women. Hey, when I say that the White man GAVE black men the vote 50 years before White women were finally able (after 100 years of struggle) to tear it from their “nigger-loving” hands — I think that really says it all about the “white” males’ opinion of his own Creators.

  10. Positively brilliant. Your “just so” insights are so original but so obvious & true [the sign of a philosopher].

    • Thanks for the compliment my friend.

      • I watched about an hour of this interview between Bell Hooks (fuck her “special” spelling of her name) & Gloria Steinem. Although there is plenty that Steinem said that I disagree with, she comes across as a reasonable person whereas Hooks is just a puffed-up racist who lives high on the hog while bitching about how tough she has it. This interview highlights the place where the “2nd wave” went wrong (but then, some of these jew women did this on purpose. IMO I don’t think Steinem was one of them — I’ve always believed her to be sincere & too kind to people like Hooks for her own good). There is one part where they tell a story about when they first met & Hooks talks about White women having to “seduce” black women w/kindness. Of course, black women can just be as bitchy & unreasonable as they are naturally — we are supposed to crave their belligerent presence so much that we allow their full-frontal aggression. I puked in my mouth a little when the uber-privileged Hooks spouted her usual line about “let’s face it most of us black women haven’t been treated very well by White feminists.” Puleeese — & GTFO. Really, go back to Africa. We’ll pay for your one-way ticket.

        Here’s the comment I left there, in case it is deleted:

        Bell Hooks is a bold-faced racist. She’s also got a huge ego. She doesn’t give a crap about women; to her it’s all about being black. She is uber-wealthy & lives far better than 99.99% of White people do, yet she keeps on about “people of color” & “oppression.” When has Hooks lived in a bad neighborhood? Why doesn’t she say something about the out of control rates of black on white rape (36,000 per year, whereas there are ZERO white on black rapes per year). No, she holds tight to her racism & her hatred of White people. This is why “diversity” is only a strength for non-Whites.

        • This is a stunningly great essay, OD. I don’t remember seeing it before but then great literature can be read over & over & you learn more each time.

          I agree completely about Gong Crook. Hopefully she’ll croak soon but these fat old black women live on & on, eating up all kinds of medical care while they munch on fried chicken.

          I also agree that Steinem is sincere. I disagree with her on at least one thing that jumped out at me. She doesn’t think that the male problem is genetic. I emphatically do. Very few show any signs of normalcy.

          • Steinem, like most of her fellow tribe members, holds tight to the environmental excuse as the cause for nearly everything. You see, their idiotic perspective would come tumbling down if they started letting genetics come into it. That would lead to real science, & that would lead to bad consquences for the jew cultural agenda.

  11. Erimian A. says:

    @ Don̆a Marina
    I’ve brought an article from the Chronicle of Higher Education site, entitled, The End of Male Supremacy. It’s written by a male and it’s very interesting:
    What was sadly predictable was the vitriol in the comments below it. And guess where I found this link? 🙂 Don Black’s boy’s club, ‘stormfreaks.’ And as bad as that forum can often be, it wasn’t nearly as vicious as the posters on the Chronicle, which just goes to show that deep hatred of women is everywhere online, including among the supposedly ‘educated’ in PC pablum that think they’re better than everyone else. This paragraph apparently caused some real foaming at the mouth from the guys, which only served to prove its case:
    “Contrary to all received wisdom, women are more logical and less emotional than men. Women do cry more easily, and that, too, is partly biological. But life on this planet isn’t threatened by women’s tears; nor does that brimming salty fluid cause poverty, drain public coffers, ruin reputations, impose forced intimacies, slay children, torture helpless people, or reduce cities to rubble. These disasters are literally man-made. They result from men’s emotions, which are a constant distraction to them.”

    The stormfreaker who brought in that link didn’t get the misogynist gusto in responses he expected, not yet anyway, for I honestly believe there were a few readers there who were considering what the author had to say, or at least bothered to take time to read the article before barking and howling. I only saw it last night. I never post there anymore; I merely look for interesting links I may not have seen elsewhere. I’ve been banned from that forum half a dozen times under that many different names. It’s never because I broke any forum rules, I never even use profanity; I think my comebacks to the criminally-minded types were just too thorough for their sensitivities.

    One thing I find remarkable about that forum and others like it that may have an international membership: it is only among the English-speakers, and of those, 99% American, that I have ever seen open public support (don’t those idiots realize the internet is public?) for violence against women, as a way to ‘make them obey.’ I never saw another European language suggesting that ‘women shouldn’t vote’ and that they deserve any crimes committed against them. If I’d stayed in the foreign-language threads, I’d never have been banned, for 1. I never saw any really creepy posters there who needed a dressing-down and 2. the marginally-literate monolingual American moderators (read: censors) wouldn’t catch me out anyway. Perhaps other nationalities posting there just understand common-sense discretion better? It’s getting harder to tell the difference, online. between American men and the muzzie terrorists they’re supposed to be shooting overseas.

    • Erimian: Thank you for the article; I look forward to reading it. The quote you posted from it is spot on & is obvious to anyone who isn’t a total lemming and/or can entertain rationality for a few moments while they take a brief & honest glimpse over history.

      Oh yes, the libtards are every bit as misogynistic as the authoritarian-n’-proud connedservative boyz. I could tell you stories about the libtard pornographers on jewtube that would grow hair on your chest. Most of them are jews of course, & which group do you think they hated with the most passion? White women (& if anyone can look at porn & see anything but the deepest, most vile hatred — then I’d say you were brainwashed & it’s time to pull yer ole noggin out of the old talmudipoop).

      I have never posted on Stormfront, as just the hypocrisy of those who run it stopped me from ever wanting to. Of course, once I had a “good snifter” of WN from other “fronts” I had no reason to put myself through it all over again.

      Amerikan “white” men are the worst misogynists, it’s true. “Left” or “right,” they literally drip with hatred of White women. However, the UK is not far behind them IMO (& Amurrikan men sprung from them, after all). The men of continental Europe are far less misogynist than either of these groups. Thank goodness.

    • Ophidian says:

      @Orwell’s Daughter, @Erimian A. — You ladies might get angry and disagree with me for saying this, but I wouldn’t be so quick to prop up the man who wrote this article. He is right about most things (regarding misogyny and male supremacy), but overall he sounds like the type of liberal who likes to put white women and black people in the same boat (the habitual liberal comparisons to Women’s Suffrage and the effort to outlaw slavery, even though black people’s voices today far eclipses white women’s voices) and frame “racism” as something inherently white male.

      His worldview, even if it doesn’t show directly in his article, is that White European women are “friendly” to multiculturalism and mass immigration into European countries, and that white men are the evil, intolerant racists who want to keep non-white people down and out, when this is far from the truth. He even quotes how the Nazis wanted women at home and in the church (Kinder, Küche, Kirche), even though accusations of ‘Nazism’ are often made by MRAs as a jab to feminists, i.e. “feminazis”, with males in the role of the ‘ever-suffering’ Jews.

      There is no mention of white women in his article, and the hostility and discrimination they experience at all angles because of Affirmative Action and multiculturalism. He just talks about “women” as a whole. Mention to people like this how the Jews are the biggest misogynists, and he will probably lose his shit and call you an anti-Semite. What passes for modern-day Feminism, like anti-Feminism, is inherently anti-white female. At best, this guy is probably misinformed about “diversity’s” ill effects on Western civilization. But don’t believe the hype.

      This is just another one of the many “enlightening” articles coming from this website:

  12. Erimian A. says:

    @ Don̆a Marina
    I’ve brought an article I saw last night from the Chronicle of Higher Education site, entitles, The End of Male Supremacy. It’s written by a male and it’s very interesting:
    What was sadly predictable was the vitriol in the comments below it. And guess where I found this link? 🙂 Don Black’s boy’s club, ‘stormfreaks.’ And as bad as that forum can often be, it wasn’t nearly as vicious as the posters on the Chronicle, (maybe just because it hadn’t been there long) which goes to show, as if we doubted it, that deep hatred of women is everywhere online, including among the supposedly ‘educated’ in PC pablum that think they’re better than everyone else. This paragraph apparently caused some real foaming at the mouth from the guys, which only served to prove its case:

    “Contrary to all received wisdom, women are more logical and less emotional than men. Women do cry more easily, and that, too, is partly biological. But life on this planet isn’t threatened by women’s tears; nor does that brimming salty fluid cause poverty, drain public coffers, ruin reputations, impose forced intimacies, slay children, torture helpless people, or reduce cities to rubble. These disasters are literally man-made. They result from men’s emotions, which are a constant distraction to them.”

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