Once, Twice, Three Times An Egalitarian

by Marina Orwell

The roots of bolshebullshit run extraordinarily deep.  One could argue, quite correctly, that the foundations go all the way back to the first stirrings of the judeochristianislamoculpritic complex.  Goyim belief in a kosher god did, at the very least, provide fertile ground for further entrechodebraino talmuplague.  After all, if goyim could be cowed by a make-believe Sheeny in the Sky, then narratives spun by Joolywood — especially if introduced gradually — would be doddle in comparison.  Television was the vehicle whereby the Culpritics achieved total control of the goyim, and by 1965 nearly all American households had one.

media culpritics3In the 1960s Heeb de Corp already long controlled the press, and were well on their way to having a complete stranglehold on the visual media (which was stolen from Edison and other White men who created 100% of the science and technology behind moving pictures — and dragged as far as their stubby bifkin legs could carry them while still remaining on the North American continent.  As usual, International Schnozoleum put up the cash so that “poor” little Culpritics could buy up gobs of cheap land that would later become the Joolywood-Brainwashing-Complex.  If you want to induce vomiting, listen to the uberaffluent progeny of these thieves reminisce about how poor rhinogargantuan grandpa struggled to begin his filthy enterprises in what was to become Joolywood.)  But I digress.

Anyway, all of humanity (except for the Snoutentots, of course) have had their brains bloodied with the cherry at the top of a shit sundae — radical egalitarianism.  From the time of Joolywood’s first egalimessiah up to the present day pukefest of various runners-up for most disgusting and least talented Mixumracesauruses, Mao d’Snipcock has been broadcasting schlomfoolery 24/7.

As peroxided & talmudified as ever, Struthers is now a lush working on a criminal record.

As peroxided & talmudified as ever, Struthers is now a lush working on a criminal record.

Heebspew’s salad days began in real earnest with the 1971 debut of All in the Family, which introduced much of its trademark yidspittle.  Whereas Meathead was the ever-informed pundit of all-that-Culpritics-wanted-to-ram-down-goyim-throats, his wife Gloria was a peroxided moron who applied paint to her face with a spackle knife.  She wailed like a toddler on nearly every show, while providing eye candy to male viewers with her juvenile miniskirts (simultaneously informing female viewers that perhaps they too needed cumbersome udders in order to oblige the banal Mr. Winkie, who was already thoroughly talmudified via his compleat addiction to the “wares” of Joolywood starlet-hos).

AITF-screenshot-300x217Although Archie was portrayed as a working-class fucktard too stupid to fathom his son-in-law-cum-guru, at least he was permitted to hold his own opinions.  Edith, on the other hand, was the ultimate jackassalope.  She not only took orders from her daughter and her daughter’s boss, she’d actually chosen to be el stupido de bigoto’s maid, cook, brood mare, and whipping post.  Even the commercial breaks were a platform for teaching misogynistic jewversity.  From instructing women on schnauzemtastic fucktuffetry, to pounding it into their heads that they were born to be geishas who merrily scrubbed toilets — Heebison Avenue (a branch of the joolywood-Gynoindustrial complex) has not only created “femininity,” it’s made trillions doing so — all while causing irreparable damage to the psyches of women and men alike.

However, Joolywood and Heebison Avenue were only the latest in a series of gynobrainwashing schemes throughout humanity’s gendercheckered history.  Due to the fact that what is laughingly referred to as “civilization” is merely a zoo for male gorillas (more about that in another post), women have had egalitarianism forced down their throats for at least as long as recorded history.  After all, we Uteri-on-Legs are all pretty much the same and interchangeable, aren’t we?  (Don’t believe me?  Just see how quickly Mr. Bitter Divorcee finds another Doormat With Holes after you leave him.)

tv statsThat’s not to say that progress hasn’t been made with Big Jew Brother at the helm of White Europeans’ Ministry of Education.  Women who were once considered mere Walking Uteri are now widely thought of as Tits ‘Tween a Trio (of holes).  It’s this extra helping of ubersadomasochristowhore brainwashing which makes most womens’ egalitarianism intractable.  They may claim to be feminist, they may claim to be white nationalists — but deep down or not-so-deep-down they are radical egalitarian fembots.

Because nearly 100% of people have been thoroughly brainwashed by Heebspew (both by Big Jew Bro as well as yidreligiosity), it’s not surprising that most women believe that they’re inferior.  Therefore, they usually don’t have the nerve to spew their egalicrap at males, but they have no qualms about democrapping on other females.  If you’re a doctor, they’ll insist on calling you by your first name (I call this the “Professor & Maryann” Syndrome).  If you aren’t a cocksucking dependent like they are, they’ll try their best to drive a stake through your reputation.  If they perceive you as in any way superior to themselves (which frankly isn’t a status that is at all difficult to achieve), they’ll be the first to spread their cuntaphernalia against you.  In fact, they’ll do everything within their skankofungal power to try to maintain that, like them, you’re just a Trio O Holes.

The female branch of Da Herd (FDH) also loves to pander to the lowest common denominator, but with a twist.  For the most part, FDH will lick even the scrawniest balls but they’ll never truly respect another woman (aka “she’s just tits and ass like me, who does she think she is?”).  FDH will never admit another woman is smarter, more talented, or more highly educated than themselves (ironically, they usually only compliment women who are as catty, ignorant, & cockpleasing as they are — so to the untrained eye, they appear to be bestowing “genuine” compliments).

radical femininityI know this is hard for men who have to deal with FDH to fathom, but their treatment of you is d’or compared with the way FDH treat women who don’t fit into their very exacting (if only in its bitchiocrity) hoof prints.

Members of FDH don’t trust each other, and who can blame them?  But they don’t trust men either.  In fact, if males could be flies on the wall of a kitchen quartering a bonafide hens’ clutch, you would find out what these dyed-in-the-wool-purveyors-of-“femininity” really think about men.  Fembots use you, despise you behind your dumbhairyass back, and spit you out if they’re paintedtitsasstalmidifiedcocksucking enough to catch a better barse (just as you deserve, for fully endorsing “femininity,” and all its perverted, heebopornographic “charms.”)

Egalitarianism is now so pervasive that there is probably less than 1% of the population of the U.S. who aren’t fully or near-fully indoctrinated by it.  To give an example beyond the terminally “feminine” — the so-called “truth” movement (just that supercilious name gives a clue as to their psychology) loves to peck to death all and everything they have absolutely no knowledge of.  They find “experts” (i.e. charlatans who are either just as ignorant as they are in the subject at hand, or ex-professionals who lost their standing due to fraud, etc.) to back up their intellectual fart noises.  After all, if possessors-of-fifth-grade-reading-comprehension can research history and other liberal arts, why not take on highly technical subjects in the same manner?  To egalitarian-minded ignoramuses, all subjects are equal to their pedestrian musings.

It’s a fascinating psychological phenomenon, and one that’s tearing down Western traditions (e.g. medical science) from one end while the Corporashysterbizcriminal complex has already devoured the other.  The latter group of pillagers at least have a rational, if distasteful objective: power and money.  The former have nothing but vanity as their motive; their full-blown radical egalitarianism makes them believe that they can “debate” about any issue (even — and especially — those requiring a decade or more of technical training).  Thus, females may have been uberdosed with the disease of egalitarianism, but the whackodynamics involved in the egalitarianism of near-exclusively-male “truthers” is nothing less than spectacular.


“Femininity” made me filthy rich. It also brainwashed White dickheads into giving me & mine the vote 50 years before White women (w/o even having to fight for it like the women had to.  Also, don’t think that your women haven’t noticed y’all would rather have someone like me in the White House than someone like them ;o)

I’ll end this humble intro to a vast topic by saying that, despite detesting the way 99.9% of women cowtow to dickheads in one way or another, I still give them more credit than the herd o male jackal who actually believe that women were put here to cook, clean, breed, and be fucked for your benefit — all with that plastic 24/7 unismile women have been trained since birth to wear.  Because males benefit far more from the massive indoctrination techniques we have all been exposed to, their own programming (including egalitarianism) is even more incalcitrant.

Men love to complain about women, but you wouldn’t want them to be any other way.  After all, if women actually shed their egalifembotization, they’d immediately stop believing that they were born to be a sexslave class, and that would never do, would it?  Because no matter how much you may moan and groan about the Culpritics, it never really gets that bad for you, does it?  As long as you believe you have the right to stick your schlong wherever you please, to make substantially more money doing the same job as FDH, to expect a fembot to not only bring home the bacon, but to be your maid, cook, fucktoy and mommy, as long as you believe that your Big Daddy in the Sky is a penis-wielder like yourself who also wanks to abuse against women — you will remain packed tight in the Big Kosher Barrel O Idiots — just where you belong.

© 2014 Orwell’s Daughter


About Orwell's Daughter

A marooned visitor to this Big Barrel O Idiots reporting on the antics of Da Herd (especially the Culpritic 2%)
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29 Responses to Once, Twice, Three Times An Egalitarian

  1. Reblogged this on thanksjewsforfuckingupamerica and commented:
    I always learn so much from you. You’ve started Reality History. I think you should call your articles “Reality Education.”

  2. Really great one OD. Much food for thought.

  3. BrendaTheWhite says:

    Joolywood (lol) took the patriarchy and made it 10 times worse. Now boys never grow up even while they begin abusing women at even younger ages. This is an excellent explanation why most women are the way they are. What about solutions?

      • BrendaTheWhite says:

        Too late for me, had them before I was old enough to know better. They’re grown now, neither want kids.

      • Thepitz1 says:

        I agree. Don’t make anyone else come here. Get over your selfishness, breeders.

        • Hook-nosed Reich says:

          So should children just be abandoned? Should we just give up and hand everything over to nonwhites?

          • Do you think they should be abandoned? Because I never said any such thing. I truly feel sorry for the kids who are being forced into this hell hole. If people could think with their brain instead of their gonads/emotional neediness, they certainly wouldn’t be able to do this to others.

            As far as “handing things over,” that happened quite a long time ago. The last chance for survival was nixed 70 years ago. That belligerent attitude of “I’m going to have kids to spite nonwhites” is really sick — just another sign of psychopathology in WN (It’s hard to say who’s sicker, the males who think they’re creating “little me’s” or their desperate brood mares). You can pretend that whites are “handing” something over as if we own everything. The fact is, the nonwhites will take it whether you force children to come here or not. If you can live w/that knowledge, then go ahead & fornicate away.

  4. 2br6d says:

    Well written and interesting. I like illustrations too especially the ones you made. The photo of Lionel Richie & your caption really brought some of your points home. It’s outrageous that blacks have been treated with more care & respect than white women for what? 100 yrs now. Time for white men to own their folly.

  5. notyetalemming says:

    My late wife used to say that men get behind strong men while women spit at strong women. She, like I, were part of the last generation of Americans who grew up without the ever present Big Jew Brother. We’d been brainwashed plenty by Joolywood movies though. How did America allow these oily kikes to steal Edison’s genius?

    OD, will you ever upload your epic video about Joolywood?

    • “America” is & always has been a cover for the crimes of the Culpritics (including the “white” male variety). At least Edison made money for his inventions, even though he was financially raped & pillaged by the jooey joolywood joos. There hasn’t been anything but chutzpah for 100 yrs now. Bill Gates & Steve Jobs are prime examples — hyped as geniuses when they are/were just business criminals. How many more books & movies will there be about the barely-average Jobs? Now that it’s been 100 yrs of Culpritic rule, there isn’t even the brains or desire in the population as a whole for anything but the very same propaganda Joolywood et al. spit out. There will be no more Edisons.

      Which vid about Joolywood?

      • notyetalemming says:

        Had to look through my stash & I did find it so never mind!

        These whigger nationalists are a bigger cancer than jews. I’m reminded yet again how much they hate white women, with yet another nonsensical yet violent comment left on your vid which I uploaded. I’ve come full circle OD. White males created almost all of the hell on this planet. Jews just watched, learned, & took advantage. The difference between white males & all other groups is that on average white males never learn.

  6. The Goy Channel says:

    Loving your essays OD. What you describe isn’t just an American phenomenon. Believe me, there are just as many Kardashian imitators back in the old country. My sister went through an experience with a “fembot” (lol! love it) who married into our family (and who has since moved on to a “better barse” (pure genius). I may have to share this with her except that she is still a kike-loving and dicksucking typical female.

  7. 110 Never Again says:

    So are you saying that women are as messed up as men are?

  8. ShellyRF says:

    “Just see how quickly Mr. Bitter Divorcee finds another Doormat With Holes after you leave him.” LOL. Truer words never spoken. He likes to find younger meat who might not yet be hip to how white men operate.

  9. The Anti-porn Feminist says:

    Your analyses are really brilliant. Have you introduced your ideas widely to other feminists?

    • Thanks, my friend. Since Culpritics have mostly taken over feminism, what kind of reception do you think my analyses would get?

      • The Anti-porn Feminist says:

        I guess for me the bottom line is a person’s ability to see past their conditioning. I don’t think Jews ever will, but I still have hope for gentiles. Your feminist blog would be a better platform. We’re waiting for you maestro 😉

        • Elsie79 says:

          I’m really enjoying your work. There is very little real feminism these days. What is your other blog?

  10. 2br6d says:

    I learned the hard way that what you say about women is true.

  11. Shari says:

    What about how most women treat their daughters? I guess what I mean is how they treat daughters compared to sons. This is where the evil behavior starts imo.

    • Misogyny begins w/parents, I agree. Most women have been “raised” by “men” who prefer boys. The damage goes from having a father who paid no attention to you, to a father who constantly belittled you, to a father who sexualized you w/o raping you, to the father who molests &/or rapes his daughters (then of course there’s the molestations/rapes from other male family members). These girls grow up to be damaged goods, & the pattern continues. Even if she’d previously managed to keep a lid on it, misogyny comes flaming out once she has a boy. Finally, she gets the recognition she tried to get from daddy all those years. Suddenly she’s “all about boys” & will openly “defend” the “right” of males to earn more, be pigs, etc. I really pity the girls who have brothers, since they get to feel the misogyny up close & personal, before they’re old enough to understand why they’re being treated like a second-class citizen (usually girls repress these extremely painful feelings & eventually turn into raging misogynists themselves, who feel they “must” have kids in order to “fulfill” their brood mare role — & the cycle continues). See also the “What?” section. Although Whites don’t actively kill baby girls physically like still is happening in other cultures, they do an excellent job of murdering them spiritually.

      • Shari says:

        You’ve just described all my GFs who have kids. I see what you mean about the ones who have boys but to me breeders are all equally screwed up. Any breeder who doesn’t have a boy may at any time have one. Then they’ll keep passing misogyny along through the generations. Breeders are defective IMO. They are ignorant & desperate. But more than anything else breeders are SELFISH as all hell. Since they have a big club they get to keep beating the drum about motherhood, but they are just the most selfish bitches on earth. This year I’m going to send “fuck you” cards to all the breeders I know for both male & female Breeder Days in May & June.

  12. Gary says:

    I don’t get it.

  13. ThanksjewsforfuckingupAmerica says:

    I couldn’t open your latest. Says a password is needed.

  14. Ophidian says:

    I’m glad I wasn’t alive in the 1970’s. People who are old enough to reminisce over this era (like my mother) see this time in American history as a period of novelty and free expression. I can see where it all went wrong for white women (just when it was supposed to be getting better for them), even though the misogynists and their yes women see this era as a bane to their existence (because white women were finally getting theirs).

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