Earth’s Intellectual Demographic Catastrophe

by Marina Orwell

This here life expedition is so chock-full of in-yer-face-yet-ignored whackodynamics du troupeau, that I have at my disposal a bottomless Barrel O Idiocy to inform my research and augment my creative endeavors.

One fascinating Insignien der Herde is the stalwart defense of whatever they themselves do, especially when their heroischen Lebenserfahrungen are comprised of animal impulses or inclinations fit für ein Schwein.  They’ll even put their boozy tripe forward as “the best” option for everyone else on the planet.  Indeed, these scum-guzzling trilobites will go so far as to insist that El Honcho Judio said so.

images (15)Basically, bottom-feeder lemmings’ self-protecting irrationality translates to something like this:  “I was too lazy and/or stupid to endure the protracted and arduous schlep required to become a doctor or other highly-trained professional.  Therefore I should be set above doctors because they’re just quacks anyway” and/or “I’m a lazy slag who netted myself a Mealticket.  Therefore upscale whoring is the biggest and best thing anyone can do.”  You get the idea.  I call it the “shoot low like I did” syndrome (SLLID).

Naturally there are several variations of SLLID.  One is the “I’m a SLLID, therefore you must also be a SLLID” (SLLID by proxy, or SLLID-BP).  One trope that SLLID-BP dickheads like to put forward is: “I’m a SLLID so all women have to be SLLIDs too.  To this end, every woman must be forced to raise the spawn of a dickhead like myself.”  One that SLLID-BP fembots put forward is:  “I was too much of a lollygagging trollop to do much else than spread my legs for whatever bifkin would have me.  Now I’m a reckless brood mare.  Therefore women who aren’t Prostitutas el converto de Espousa are evil feminists who want to kill 6 million Whiggers.”  (Note that the hypocritoblather of this particular variation of SLLID is always aimed at women.  This isn’t surprising, since Uteri-on-Legs will naturally be targets of SLLIDering by both Dickheads and their conjoined compadres, Doormats with Holes).

article-2255947-16BD6B82000005DC-958_634x422Another SLLID variation is “I’m not only a SLLID, I’m the absolute dregs of SLLID. Therefore, the best defense of my SLLIDiest behavior is a good offense” (SLLID-SLUDGE).  A good example of SLLID-SLUDGE are SLLIDs who’ve been married multiple times.  Remember when divorce was considered offensive?  Well, thanks to the radical egalitarianism of SLLID-SLUDGEs, it’s now esprit de lemmings (especially among the con-servative sludgocrites).  Don’t like the fembot or dickhead you married?  No problem; SLLIDs protect their own.  After all, SLLIDzillas would already be nearly bred out of the population if everyone was reinforced to do their best instead of their worst.  Unfortunately, the perverted schlomfoolery of the past 50 years has enabled SLLIDzillas to be the most prolific breeders.

I find the number of SLLIDs who’ve been married more than twice quite, shall we say, curiosamente informativo.  Seriously, folks, these are people who are advertising that they are not only unstable, but that they are the lowest form of prostituée désespérée.  Yet you’ll find SLLID-SLUDGE con-servatives squawking about abortion etc. — all while they themselves are Hos Extraordinaire.  Naturally plain vanilla SLLIDs defend the hypohocritical activities of SLLID-SLUDGEs because all SLLIDs are attracted to — and want everyone else to join them in their quest for — the lowest common denominator.

You may say that there are those who are well-educated (or who otherwise didn’t aim for the lowest branch of the tree) that also claim that their choices in life are the very best ones to be made.  While this may be a disagreeable habit, it does not at all qualify as SLLID behavior (because SLLIDs shoot low then insist that their choice is the best and most honorable one).

An example is a father who wants his son to become a doctor like himself.  Well, given that his progeny possesses stamina and intelligence (this is often not the case as I partially discussed here), what he does is the opposite of SLLIDing.  What the father does may be wrong for other reasons, but he is not SLLIDing his son by wanting him to shoot high.  This does not, however, preclude the same father from SLLIDing his daughter (in fact, it’s usually the case that daughters are SLLIDed by both non-SLLID and SLLID parents alike — a lamentable scenerio that’s hastened la estampida de los idiotas considerably).

Unfortunately, SLLIDs now comprise the vast majority of people (a Venn diagram of SLLIDs and lemmings would almost perfectly overlap).  This represents a mammoth demographic change over the past 50 years.  Whereas lemmings have always been by far the biggest demographic, SLLIDs used to be in the minority.

hazaña de idiotass

Not all that long ago, people who couldn’t (for whatever reason) attain more than a low to middling standing in the foothills at least respected those who were able to go the full nine yards to the mountaintop.  They understood that without the high climbers, the rest would still be dying in droves of scarlet fever and the like (thanks to the retard arrogante of SLLIDs, today humanity is again being exposed to diseases that had been previously been eradicated).

2976733183_5cccf5b8eeSLLIDs’ numbers are now so great that they are actually taking us all on a quick tour de force de crétins — right back to the middle ages.  Even more alarming is the fact that SLLIDs are now joining forces with SCUM (shysters and business criminals who are as ignorant as SLLIDs are, but love the big bucks they can filch because of the dumbassadocious paranoia of SLLIDs).

Now that the vast majority of people are SLLIDs, and they’ve joined forces with Culpritic SCUM, humans are on the fast track back to feudalism — except that in lieu of emaciated, hardworking peasants we now have undereducated-and-proud fatass SLLIDs.  (Personally after I retire I’ll be referring all SLLIDs to Oprah for help).

Eugenics was the boat humanity missed over 100 years ago.  Now all we can do is spare innocent children from this Titanic Meisterwerk der Idioten.

© 2014 Orwell’s Daughter


About Orwell's Daughter

A marooned visitor to this Big Barrel O Idiots reporting on the antics of Da Herd (especially the Culpritic 2%)
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31 Responses to Earth’s Intellectual Demographic Catastrophe

  1. NoMoBrownTown says:

    A most Excellent commentary on the psychology of the human rat race, my sister.

  2. Berk says:

    In our modern society people don’t have to work hard or be clever to survive, without anything meaningful in their life they drift into being a SLLID or leftist. Bizzarely the una-Bomber manifesto writes spot on about this degradation in humanity.

    The other issue is all these low speed people are multipling faster than our capitalistic system can pay handouts to them. The London smash and grab by the proles in 2011 is an example of the future of our big cities.

  3. Demosthenes says:

    Now, they can also buy sex toys with EBT, so they don’t have to work. Maybe they will fuck themselves to starvation. I suppose they will not be able to manage their points if there is more than one choice, just like they do with money.

    • Cocaine is the only thing rats will keep pressing the bar for — even forsaking food. I do think that today’s typical male possibly may masturbate to violence against women until death, but cocaine’s a sure bet ;o) Plus, it would be even more effective on the SLLIDs who are shysters & business criminals.

      • Craig says:

        I worked with a non-white in a Laboratory for a while, he use to brag about his cocaine abuse…and he wondered why I was promoted above him with less time under my belt…years later I found out he would actually dip his nob in it…Then he admitted one day at lunch he was now impotent and can’t get it up, little alone ejaculate.

        So I say give it to the brown masses as much as possible. 😆

      • Demosthenes says:

        Aha, so my evil eugenics plan must include free cocaine. Noted!

  4. Ancient Realist says:

    Great exposee on the state of humanity. Solutions?

  5. DanD says:

    Sadly the phenomenon you describe with such aplumb and humor is true of all the races. Whites led the way. Who could believe that whites are smarter than others? Contrary evidence is all around.

  6. notyetalemming says:

    Wonderfully perceptive & funny, as usual. I was surprised to see that you said “Whereas lemmings have always been by far the biggest demographic, SLLIDs used to be in the minority.” I’d have thought SLLIDs & lemmings would have always been the majority.

    Like your commentary on the multiply divorced. It is really & truly a measure of how effed up someone is, but is often held as a badge of honor nowadays. One such unstable multiple divorcee but always squawking about women, abortion, etc. is I wish someone would ask her how many men have effed her, since she’s on hubby #3 or #4. She also likes to criticize doctors since she’s only a glorified whore.

    Our feudal landlords are almost exclusively jewish.

    • Lemmings can be good worker ants if pointed in the right direction. Although they always & in everything follow the herd, they aren’t inherently lowlife. SLLIDs, on the other hand, are bottom feeders. The interaction of lemming behavior & SLLIDism is interesting in that now even non-SLLID lemmings may be tempted to follow the SLLIDs since there are so many of them.

    • Ezra says:

      I looked into it and found you are correct. The old ho has been married no less than 3 times but maybe more. So her hatred of women is a reaction formation of a sort. She gets the hatred of doctors from her latest spouse,a lawyer. Ever met a lawyer who wasn’t jealous of doctors? lol:

      • lyonspaw53 says:

        Why am I not surprised. Know of any shrill anti-abortion zealots who weren’t hiding a whole closet full of skeletons?

        Love this piece. Having SLIDS explained & named will make it easier to deal with them in future 😉

  7. BrendaTheWhite says:

    I’ve begun looking forward to your essays & you never let me down. It’s too bad the brainpower of half of humanity has been flushed thanks to ‘dickheads.’ A question, Are there differences between races in how many are SLLIDS & lemmings there are?

    • The short answer is “yes.” There are known IQ differences between races, & it’s known that IQ has a negative correlation w/just about all the bad stuff people do. So, putting 2 & 2 together, there’d almost have to be differences between races in quantity of SLLIDs (though not necessarily lemmings). There are also big personality differences between races that have never been properly studied. We don’t even know if these differences are mostly hardware (i.e. genetic) or software (SES factors). (Just think about the Culpritics. Are they so screwed up because of their genetics, or is it mostly a matter of their upbringing as “the chosen” etc.?)

  8. ShellyRF says:

    ”I was too much of a lollygagging trollop to do much else than spread my legs for whatever bifkin would have me. Now I’m a reckless brood mare. Therefore women who aren’t Prostitutas el converto de Espousa are evil feminists who want to kill 6 million Whiggers.” LMFAO! How very very true. These ppl dropping their litters think they’re doing us a favor. Personally I’m sick of paying their way.

    • If we, the responsible people, have to pay even one dollar towards the upbringing of a child, then we should have complete say over what children (i.e. who will breed w/whom) we will foster. After all, a mother or father who no longer lives w/the family is expected to pay child support — but they aren’t expected to pay child support for children who aren’t theirs. Most people would think this is a crazy notion. But in fact, we responsible people are forced to pay child support for every skank who feels like dropping a load onto the Earth. It’s possibly the biggest moral outrage one can think of. It is psychological/spiritual warfare.

      • Marty says:

        I never thought about this before. I can’t think of anything worse than forcing other people to support the kids of ANYONE, let alone those of the brown races. You’re so right. It is absolutely “psychological/spiritual warfare”.
        Please keep writing.

      • JonS says:

        This is a wonderful essay. You have a way of bringing truths not only to light, but you make us laugh at them too.

        I agree with your comment as well. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone put it so honestly before. You are absolutely right. Having to pay for other peoples mistakes is a huge moral outrage. Why do I say mistakes? If these children weren’t mistakes then their parents wouldn’t need the rest of us to pay for their upkeep, including the public schools.

  9. Bogus Dichotomy says:

    Your mind is a thing of wonder 😉 Love this piece, love the graphic too.

    I think you should start sending the SLLIDs to Oprah now, not later. Wouldn’t it be great to see all these a-holes fully at the mercy of their low iq celebs & beaurocrats?

  10. Art says:

    Excellent essay.

  11. The Anti-porn Feminist says:

    To tell the truth, if I had any idea how messed up this world was when I was younger, I probably would have just gone on welfare.

  12. Bill says:

    You make excellent points and present them in a humorous way ☆☆☆☆☆

  13. Reblogged this on thanksjewsforfuckingupamerica and commented:
    OD’s genius is in understanding the psychology of the masses.

  14. Elsie79 says:

    I’ve watched in horror as several GFs have become SLLIDS (LOL!). They can’t talk to me without complaining about what a hell their life is but at the same time they keep asking when I’m going to get married & have kids.

  15. johnny2151968 says:

    “El Honcho Judio” ROFLMAO

  16. FuckedWeapon in Boytown says:

    Until now I’ve been used to either the trailer trash cuntservatives who think they’re white nationalists or the typical liberal types.

    What solar system are you from Orwell’s Daughter? Take me to your homeland. I can’t stand to watch another white woman allow herself to be a “Doormat with Holes” I want to live where the real white women are.

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