Cunterproposal for Sperm-Luvin’ Shyster

by Marina Orwell

Treasonous shyster frets about the sanctity of brown illegal sperm

Treasonous shyster frets about the sanctity of brown illegal sperm

Lindsay Anne Graham is a porcina perfecta example of the kind of shyster who “represents” us in this here Business Criminal Free-fer-All.  This son of liquor merchants got his fat ass through school gratis the taxpayer, and little Lindsay never did forget the sweet taste of that free milk spurting from the Big Teat of the Amerikan öffentlichen Geldbaum.  So, he became a shyster, and after making lots of money ripping people off “privately” (all shysters feed at the public trough, in case you didn’t know), he decided to go ahead and make his tit-sucking public by becoming part of that Big Culpritic Boyz Club in Warshington DC.

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Two prime examples of why “white” “men” are hated

Like the typical DC shyster, Lindsay Anne is firmly against the American people, while his erstwhile flaccid pecker stands at kriecherisch attention when spouting his luv for Da Jewz.  Like nearly all of his fellow travelers, he “legislates” things that are in direct opposition to stuff that he professes to amour et adorer.  This is what they all do in order to keep Amerikans quietly chewing their cud — only looking up glassy-eyed from their talmudisod pasture to kvetch that it’s da “liberals” or dem “conservatives” who are the real problem — while being too dumbass and addicted to Culpritic propaganda to ever recognize what’s been transpiring for many decades right under their nichtjüdischen schnozzlettes.

So here goes ole dyed-in-the-wool-misogynist Lindsay Anne again with his pornshopworn “Every Sperm is Sacred” routine.  He doesn’t give a flying fuck about the children and adults who are already here (especially if they, their grandparents, and their great-grandparents were the ones who built this country).  This fat ugly turdwad has always been Front und Center whenever there’s a possibility of screwing native-born Americans by rewarding more illegal criminals (he’s so hot for the slantslutinvaders that in the past he even bedded down with Ted Kennedy in order to shoot the treasonous yidcum).

These two Culpritic fags feel the need to control vaginas

These two Culpritic fags feel the need to control vaginas

That’s right.  Lindsay Anne is all for letting his Geldgeber Jewz keep Israel for Jewbois only, while simultaneously advocating for granting them thar little brown criminals — who’ve not only aggressed against Americans, but who continue to steal our resources — a big ole Pardon n’ Welcome Mat.  But wait — this Perfect-Example-of-Why-Abortion-Should-Be-Legal-Even-At-38-Weeks also wants to ensure that all those illegals just keep breeding like rabbits, even if Mrs. Brown Brood Mare gets it into her criminal-alien head that she may want to eject Dufus Replica of Asianig instead of saddling the ever-dwindling productive middle-class citizenry with yet another blood-sucking third-world cur.

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Always surrounded by criminals

I’ve got a better idea, Shyster Lindsay.  How about a 20-week ban on fucking?  I’ll do you one better — how about a 20-year ban on fucking?  Imagine the benefits to the environment.  Imagine the collective sighs of relief of women all over the cuntry (especially the billions of ’em who keep the lie going with their aural imitations of Culpritic pornography).  I know that gay misogynists like you, Lindsay Anne, don’t know this, so I’ll inform you:  Women don’t need y’all’s dicks, so why don’t you and yer pal Johnboi McCain design a new and better man-made vagina so you can stick yer little schlongs someplace inoffensive — and stop harming women.

After you’ve perfected them thar rubber weinerchokers, Lindsay Anne, go ahead and make a big ole batch with a map of the U.S. painted on the outside of ’em — one for each of y’all shysters and business criminals (including, of course, yer assorted dual-citizen stealemyergoldsteins).  Then, take yerselves off to another solar system — and fuck us in effigy from afar.

We don’t need you fucking us, women don’t need men fucking them, and we can all certainly live without yer fucking shyster triplespeak and treason.

© 2014 Orwell’s Daughter


About Orwell's Daughter

A marooned visitor to this Big Barrel O Idiots reporting on the antics of Da Herd (especially the Culpritic 2%)
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22 Responses to Cunterproposal for Sperm-Luvin’ Shyster

  1. DR says:

    Marina, I really don’t know where you’re coming from sometimes but I always love your blog.

  2. Alliance of Jerkoffs says:

    Oh my dear I’ve enjoyed your videos through the years but Your Creative Writing is Something Else. Never do I laugh so much as I have when reading you (well er Ok so many of your videos are funnier than hell too). No comedian has ever made me laugh half as much. Just thought you should know 😉

  3. DR says:

    And by the way, just because I don’t always know where you’re coming from doesn’t mean I don’t think you’re serious

  4. ShellyRF says:

    Just when I think you can’t outdo yourself…. I laughed all through this… very hard in parts. There’s an incredible cadence to your writing but it’s very visual as well. Nothing else like it. “Luv” it 😉

  5. These just come rolling out of ya with no enema, eh lassie? Sorry, but you’re the one who made the turd reference & I’m a bit scatological for a goy. I’m going to savor it again tomorrow because it’ll make me laugh just as much the 2nd time round. Think I’ll send a link to Lindsay Anne.

  6. Yep, this treasonous POS keeps the conservative idiots busy with their worry about sperm while the whole country is sold from under them. Brilliant on many levels.

    • Exactly. I don’t know who I find more dispicable….cunts like Graham who need to be brought to prairie justice….or the dumb cunts….expecially the ones with dicks, who are so worried about what women do with their equipment. Why don’t they complain about cutting off the dicks of men who cause the abortions? Why aren’t they glad that third world garbage has the chance to “eject Dufus Replica of Asianig” LOL;)

      This country is packed with these “pro life” morons. What they really are is “pro catastrophe.” I’d like to reeducate the lot of them….clockwork orange style….keep increasing the weight on their balls while asking “do ya STILL think her uterus is YOUR business, jackoff?” Then I’d round them all up in a big pen and drone down every last one of these sorry fucks.

  7. Reblogged this on antipornfeminist and commented:
    Here I go again reblogging the brilliant Dr. Orwell. She sees so clearly what the wealthy political class is and has been actually doing, without the huge spin put on by every last one of your favorite “progressive” or “conservative” talking heads. She expresses her condemnation of not only the DC beast & its handlers, but also those millions of “little” freeloaders who gladly aggress against the citizenry of America. She is the voice of reason for anyone who wants to break free of the myriad false dichotomies set up by the tribe who runs the media.

    Reading Dr. Orwell takes some getting used to because she is so uncontaminated by media brainwashing that she uses her massive intellect to describe what is ACTUALLY happening, rather than a preset formula created by the tribe who has hijacked both political parties as well as all of the social movements (including feminism) in this country (& much of the world).

    • I really like your descriptions of OD’s work. Well said. I don’t know of anyone else whos not writing as a member of some herd. If you know otherwise, please let me know.

      I “luv” the last couple of paragraphs especially. No fucking would not only save the environment, it would mean the end to one of the major levers of male supremacy.

    • Great description APF. OD’s debates with those who still hold on to their either/or mentality is what inspired my “handle.” You’re right she does take some getting used to, but then you wonder why you couldn’t see clearly before.

      • Being around someone who thinks straight is like a big gush of fresh air. It’s not just the controlled media that surrounds us. Even those of us who don’t watch it are still surrounded by people who do & whose minds are trapped in that narrow way of thinking.

        • Amen to that. Are you finding that the university aged kids are more far away than ever before? I don’t like to say it, but they seem more like electronic devices than humans. But far more trouble on the upkeep.

  8. 110 Never Again says:

    What great things you write. Facts wrapped in funnies. A little philosophy on the side.

    You’re so right about these white guys who are just as bad as joos. I don’t want to live with joos but I’m also not like the tards who blame the joos & only The Joos for every GD thing that happens.

  9. MiamiDN says:

    Great piece Marina…glad to have found you. You’ve slipped in several nuggets of truth about abortion amid the comedy. They’ve been using unresolvable issues like abortion to keep the cows chewing…damn right.

  10. BrendaTheWhite says:

    I’ve been wanting to ask you this for a while Marina. What are white men like Lindsay Graham so afraid of? Why do they hate women so much? Grrreat article as usual.

  11. Mr. Lasha DarkIslamicMoon says:

    As a darky Islamic man pretending to be a white woman, I’m outraged by the disrespect brown sperm. The idiot white men who are happy to go along with my charade are more interested in protecting ANY COLOR sperm over the interests of white women. A darky Islamic man like me, white supremists like Mr. Kev MacDonald, and shysters Lindsay Graham are all on the same page. We hate women and must control every aspect of their minds and bodies. That’s really all that’s important to us. When will you white bitches finally understand that?

  12. Cathi says:

    Thank you for speaking up for the downtrodden 51%!

  13. Viking Feminist says:

    It’s a mystery how England produced both Monty Python (Every Sperm is Sacred) & Maggie Thatcher.

    I love your work!

  14. JonS says:

    I’ve never understood why there are any women who go along with these anti-women extremists. You would think that even less intelligent women would see through them. It’s not as if they have to stand up against these men, but why go against your own best interests by standing with them?

    This is one of the funniest things I’ve read in a while. It’s a rare gift to be able to so effectively poke fun at your oppressors…especially when they’re as lame as these pro-misogyny folks.

  15. Shari says:

    I don’t understand why any woman lets herself be fucked….unless she’s being raped of course.

  16. Neermindthebollocks says:

    I love that you aim your wicked sense of humour at the 2 biggest evils on Earth: Joos and mens’ crotches.

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