26% Have Realistic Views Re Culpritics

by Marina Orwell

In case y’all are frettin ’bout bein all by yer lonesome in yer anti-Culpritic outrage, calm dat goyim ass down, Whitey — you are so far from being singularmente solo sobre judios criminales.  We rarely hear good news — so don’t say I never told you none ;o)

That coven of giudaico mafioso, the ADL, recently released the results of a survey claiming that 26% (or 1.1 billion adults worldwide) have realistic attitudes about the Culpritics.  I am herein going to summarize some of the “findings” from that thar bonafide shycientific yidspittle while addin some of my own observations n’commentary.

A Disclaimer & a Sidenote:  I wouldn’t trust this cabal of caca de la caca to be capable of conducting any kind of research, which by definition is supposed to be nonbiased.  After all, it is due to this tribes’ overbearing and prolonged influence on academia that science is kaput in Amerika.  To be fair though, shysters of any persuasion are the very last people who should be conducting research, as most of them cannot put a box together without verbal instructions.  They tend to score in the fair-to-middling range on “verbal IQ,” which is really just vaunted Imitat wie Gorillas in a fancy, Culpritic wrapper, and has been given far greater weight than it deserves on IQ tests.  “Nonverbal IQ,” is closer to the stuff of which actual intelligence is made, but g-factor whiz, we can’t have those already-substantial differences in IQ between the races “suddenly” become even larger.  That would be decidedly racist (especially since self-proclaimed uber-smart Snipcock Nation would abruptly find itself beneath mestizos and other third-world critters if that inconvenient little scientific genie be let out of the Culpritic-corked bottle).  

P.S. There’s actually a much simpler explanation for the Culpritic propensity for imitation déguisée en intelligence which even so-called evolutionary “psychologists” could grasp with their barely-average pincerobellum:  Talk Is Cheap.  

But I’ve digressed.

The ADL claims that “more than” 53,000 people were surveyed in 102 countries (which, according to them, covers about 86% of the world’s population).  Although shysters are not the least bit qualified to be conducting research, at least their results are encouraging for those of us who are wondering when the effin Sheeplevonjudenfleecen are going to finally veer off the talmudisod a tad and begin breathing the fresh (albeit bitter) air of Things As They Actually Are (and not as Geesuz or other invisible Honcho Judios have been “telling” them).


—– It’s just a canard —–

The biggest shyster yidophile in this here world was very “sober” and “sad” Tuesday when he told his fellow tribesman in the media about the billions that the ADL spent on keeping paranoia hot n’ wallet-ready among all the baby ‘pritics (who, after all, are the chief enablers of the Big ‘Uns — despite what some of you ole softies want to claim about “good” ones and “working class” Culpritics.  I’ve known thousands, by the way, and have never yet met one who I would describe as “working class”).  This talmudic tamale even dragged out one of his favorite el tatturdo phrases for the occasion when he kvetched about “classic anti-Culpritic canards.”

But, despite the fact that dumbasses like me can always guess what the big cliptipped fox will say next, I do realize that it’s his tribes’ masterful intelligence — and not naked nepotism n’crime — that accounts for the fact that he and his kin comprise the vast majority of the wealthiest 1% despite only comprising 2% of the population.  Why, if only I could have made it through those six massive semesters of Shyster School instead of only plodding through more than ten years of 100+ hour weeks to become a lowly doctor — perhaps I too could have an airport on the roof of my penthouse.  Then again, I guess I would have had to at least married into the Westealumyergoldstein clan to even begin dreaming about being as “smart” as those of the toucanoplastied and forked-tongued persuasion.

Over Half Say “What Hoax?”

photo montage by Incogman

photo montage by Incogman

One of my personal faves among the “findings” was that 35% of those surveyed had never even heard of the Hoax (This lil goyishim gem will propel me into the entrails of heeborific yiderature to find out which countries had the highest percentages — after all, this here hipster cracker is always on the lookout for less scholomophiled pastures).  Oh, but that means that 65% admitted that they had “heard” about this filthy liarfigment of the Culpritics’ vicious imaginations (since, after all, there have been literally thousands of joolywood flicks about “it,” and it’s impossible to listen to anything on their worldwide media that doesn’t mention “it” every minute or two, 24/7).  Even so, of that 65%, about one-third said it was a either a big ole hoax or that it was at the very least greatly yidaggerated.  So, in summary, 35% of the world’s population never even heard tell of their massive hoax propaganda, and another 21.5% say “bullshit, Poptart Cliptips.”  Ain’t it great to know that the majority of the world ain’t privé de compréhension about Yidtimology?

Auntie Culpritics In Asia, Africa, & Europe 

As expected, high marks go to the Middle East and North Africa, where almost three-quarters have realistic views about Culpritics.  A stunning 93% of Gaza folk are realistic, while the Culpritic-maligned Iran was the least reality-based in the region at only 56% (but we know how the Dead Sea Pedophiles have a pattern of perverse vindictiveness toward those suffering the most from Culpritic-inflicted Stockholm Syndrome and/or who show them any kind of luv, respect, and/or lucre).  Iraq was 92% realistic, Yemen 88%, Algeria and Libya 87%, Tunisia 86%, Kuwait 82%, Bahrain and Jordan 81%.  Are we seeing a pattern here?  Can you say “familiarity breeds contempt” and “Joo-run U.S. military killing extravaganzas?”  (Israel wasn’t included in the survey because it would be awfully embarrassing to find out just how anti-Culpritic their very own little Bandit n’ Hideout state might be, ¿no?)

2Orsha1918aAfter the Mideast, Eastern Europe was next best — 34% are reality-based.  Are we again seeing a pattern here?  Can you say “familiarity breeds contempt,” “Jackbooted Joo Communist thugs,” and “Bolshevik butchers?”

When looking at individual countries outside of the mideast, that birthplace of Western Civilization — Greece — led the way with a whopping 69 percent.  France made a decent showing at 37%, Poland, at 45%, keeps proving the fallacy of that angloyid projection of “dumb Pollack,” while those German-murdering Czechs just can’t seem to get rational like the rest of the region (only 13%).  Additionally, there appears to be little correlation between percentages of the population who are realistic re the Culpritics, and being in a Talmudipooped cuntry where talking about historical accuracy can land you in the Hole (This was just sumthin observed by moi.  Besides the fact that judio el shyster cerebro doesn’t work in a non-linear fashion, naturally Abe’s Orwellian “civil rights” organization wouldn’t want to remind y’all about how they’ve been up to their dusky eyeballs with taking basic human rights away from tens of millions of peeps in the West).

Malaysia and Armenia are pretty hip at 61% and 58%, respectively.  About half of the Muslim population versus only about a quarter of Christians have their heads on straight or semi-straight.  Seeing as both of these Doddledegrossejewskei el hubris are based on Culpritic fairy tales, we can only conclude one of two things: either dem Muslims are smarter or dem Heeberoons have been playin Whitey like ye old fiddler on the roof.

Laos is the least realistic of all countries, perhaps because their name is a homophone for Culpritic.  Then we have Flips and Vietnamese, who are luving their commissar overlords (less than 6% are realistic).  ww22Ditto Sweden and the Netherlands.  No word about how Germany — that most slandered, brutalized, and maligned of all White European countries — tumblr_lybhhce5If1r6y3vao1_500has fared after being bombed nearly into oblivion by Culpritic-steered imbéciles crédulos, and then, after dozens of actual holocausts, was massively brainwashed for decades by the Culpritic Soviets and their Poohified allies.  There was never any talk of victimhood or “post traumatic stress” among those tens of millions of Germans who were near-starved, firebombed and raped repeatedly — not to mention the fact that they’d lost most of their loved ones — after all, these Unpeople committed the “crime” of wanting to keep their country and their culture for themselves and their children rather than continue to allow it to be hijacked by the Culpritics.

The “Special Case” of North Amerika

Now let’s get to that giant Culpritic plantation: North Amerika.  Here that bastion of shysteriffic schlomfoolery seems to be a bit confused (or they just count on the fact that most dumbass Amerikans don’t check up on what kind of crap their Culpritic masters feed them — even when it contradicts itself within a short span of time).  So, although their survey found that 14% of Canadians are realistic, this latest billion dollar Stroke’emdeyidparanoiathon allegedly found only 9% of U.S. citizens are realistic.  However, just a couple of months ago, El Shyster Judio reported that 12 to 14% were realistic.  Maybe they’re trying to guilt trip our slightly more realistic kinfolk to the north, or maybe dem uber smart Culpritic shysteroos do not know how to properly run statistical tests.

millions of white folk starve in jew-caused great depressionYou may wonder why the North American percentages are so low, given that familiarity breeds contempt n’ all.  Plus there’s those goyim lucre n’bloodletting sprees — whereby nearly everyone is completely fleeced — which happens every 75 years or so (a convenient segment of time that is just long enough for the majority of those Nichtjüdischevolks — who learned and remembered who caused their suffering — to go ahead and croak).  Millions have actually died from starvation during these heeboco$ts, but this isn’t called genocide because that would be considered anti-Culpritic.

imagesCAQIHZ622Well this here North America is the most shylockadocious place the Culpritics could’ve ever hoped to dig their triplespeakin fangs into.  Not only was/is it chock full of easily guilted, hard-working White people, these folks were also gracious enough to let vulturiffic quasi-humans just move on in — ripping off their genius while dreaming up ever more malicious ways to harm them via complete control of the media, near-complete control of the governments of both the U.S. and Canada, and a majority control over the wealth (including, of course, control of most of them thar big international personas judio known as corporations — yo).

by Incogman

———— by Incogman ————

It’s no surprise that older people are wiser — even in talmudipooped North America — with 34% over age 65 living in reality (versus only 25% under 65).  It should also be noted that about 30% of Americans were realistic in 1964 — this was, of course, many years before Photoshop or even PCs (both types) existed.  Thus, El Culpritico were still putting the finishing touches on their hoax stories, so naturally propaganda falsa alarma hadn’t even hit joolywood production yet.  Hell, in 1964 the paint was barely dry on the atrocity-storied buildings that the Soviet Culpritics had slap-dabbed down in the German work camps — after tearing down all and everything that they thought contradicted their Tall Tale of Woe (AKA The Hoax of the 20th Century).

Despite the fact that the massive Culpritic brainwashings’ focus has been mainly the White European people of North America and Europe, this piss-poor showing in the U.S. — 9 to 14% (depending on what side of the bed ole Abe got out of on the day of his Big Science project) — just goes to show that no amount of “rights” like freedom of speech can ever make up for the Shite-fer-Brains who keep imbibing Culpritic propaganda while being effed up the arse until their GMO-filled intestines are oozing out of their ears.  Those who want to believe that IQ equals intelligence ought to ponder the fact that Panama, the Dominican Republic, and U.S. blacks are at least several times more realistic than you are, Whitey (52%, 41% and 30% respectively).

Research Methods of the Shysteriffic

Now you might be wondering about the eleven extraordinario statements that comprise this great big ole scientific-like “survey” concocted by Flock O Heebgulls.  As usual, only the smartest and most highly trained prepared it.  After all, everyone knows that those who endured dem six big semesters of Shyster School should be qualified in not only advanced statistics, but in research methods as well.  So, we can just go ahead and trust in old El Culpritico Shysteroon when he “believes” that if respondents said that “the majority” of these shyientifically-tested statements are “probably true,” then that person is a bonafide anti-Culpritic.

Likert or not, this is how genuwine scientific investigation proceeds, especially when you’ve got billions in tax-exempt “mad money” to keep yer own mafioso game afloat. Plus you can go ahead and turn yer ole critical thinking lobe off, Whitey, because dat luvable and trustworthy fox has gone beyond the pale to make positively sure this here is unadulterated shyience.  “We were cautious, we were conservative, to understate rather than overstate.”  Well, straight from the pie hole of the Head-Shyster-O-Clan-who-created-Just-So-stories to yer lil ole goyimocortex.  That kind of extra special shyster consideration must surely make this here research double-blind n’ all.

fake“Jews talk too much about what happened to them during the Holocaust;    israel day parade in NYC 2013Jews are more loyal to Israel than to the countries they live in (most popular at 41%); sl_adelson_with hideous daughter  Jews think they are better than other people (more than one-third agreed); jew so called economists   Jews have too much power in international financial markets (more than one-third agreed);   Jews have too much power in the business world (more than one-third agreed); Jews have too much control over global affairs;  judea declares war on germanypeople hate Jews because of the way Jews behave;   bama w jewJews have too much control over the U.S. government;imagesCASDZV55   Jews have too much control over global media;   Jews are responsible for most of the world’s wars;   Jews don’t care about what happens to anyone but their own kind (more than one-third agreed).”


Tidbits N’Conclusions

Although Culpritics comprise less than 2% of the world’s population, more than half of the respondents significantly overestimated the pervasiveness of Talmudikin.  Sly old fox didn’t provide many specifics on these numbers, probably because they’re deemed too anti-Culpritic.  After all, just because more than half of the world’s population thinks that there are ten or twenty times more Culpritics than there are in reality cannot in any way be construed to mean that them thar Jooglers have too much power or too much money or too much control o’er da goyim.

Despite the billions of tax-exempt dollars they rake in annually by keeping the uberbrainwashed lil baby pussy ‘pritics all fearful that they may finally someday get what they deserve, zorro judío scrounged up even more Culpritic moolah for this here quasiscimotolike research.  Why, one of the thousands of uterine-made Culpritic billionaires came through just when the old fox thought he might have to break with a few shekels from his big ole Heebasaurus nest egg.

This genuine research was touted as the best thing since Roosevelt’s deliberate acts of treason or even that heeberlicious Balfour Declaration, both of which were major coup d’état el kikenstein.  Ole Shyster-in-Chief said that this here research will serve as a “baseline” (that’s schyience talk for “Where We Once Again Begin Hammering Away At Goyim Noggins ’bout Our Victim Status”).  “For the first time we have a real sense of how pervasive and persistent anti-Culpriticism is today around the world.”

Just in time too.  After all, the Culpritic-made “psyche” of the typical under-40 sheepbooking wankobyte is such that they don’t care ’bout no hoax.  And there’s only one thing more deadly to propaganda than actual facts and that is apathy.  Heeb-ho a few more years of Culpritic-caused “Depression” reruns on to the ole World Screen, and we just may see the population becoming more and more realistic lickety-split.

© 2014 Orwell’s Daughter


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A marooned visitor to this Big Barrel O Idiots reporting on the antics of Da Herd (especially the Culpritic 2%)
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50 Responses to 26% Have Realistic Views Re Culpritics

  1. Reblogged this on thegoychannel and commented:
    Wowsers, my friend Orwell’s Daughter continues to blow my mind with her humourous and information-packed articles. This one here has got to be The Best written in 2014 about the “Culpritics.” Brava.

  2. johnny2151968 says:

    You’ve kept me up past my bedtime with your wunderbar writing my sister. Thank you!

  3. 110 Never Again says:

    This is truly epic genius.

  4. DanD says:

    Extremely excellent, very funny & it is better news than I expected.

  5. Reblogged this on nomobrowntown and commented:
    This is good news for a change, brought to us by an “uber smart” and plentifully entertaining writer & doctor. Thanks OD.

  6. Dr. Justin Les Faits says:

    Hi Marina, this is BD’s colleague the *original* Dr. Justin Les Faits. I suppose that when I do finally get around to writing up some info about those imposters in the public schools who are calling themselves “psychologists,” I will have to now go by Dr. Justin Les Faits II.

    This is a brilliant article on many levels. First let me say that you honestly had me LOL-ing to the point where my secretary peeked her head in to ask what was so funny. I’d like nothing more than to read this aloud, but you can probably guess that certain people would not find it funny.

    What you said about IQ is true, and I couldn’t have put it half as succinctly or humorously as you did. Your remarks about the conduct of research by questionables is completely on target; by the time I got to “likert or not” my sides were splitting. What’s frightening to me is that our society is dummied down far more than what you indicate here. Egalitarianism has made the “scientific” opinion of any yahoo as “valid” as yours or mine. “Idiocracy” took over at least 20 years ago; now it’s simply considered normal.

    Thank you for embedding many useful links. I honestly don’t know much about the “hoax” except that the logistics of it never made sense to my scientist ears. I will be looking into it, as any real scientist would be compelled to do when confronted with such anomalies. Not just the ones surrounding the concentration camps, but also the high proportion of them in power. That doctored photograph is amazing evidence of foul play.

    • Thank you for the kind words. You know what they say about humor in dark times — plus a little levity helps the medicine go down ;o)

      I’m glad to hear you’re interested in investigating the hoax. Once you go down that “rabbit hole” so many other things will open up about “our” world — past, present & future.

      There are many great resources, & I suggest that you browse around the web (be careful of Culpritic-run sites of course). May I recommend Germar Rudolf’s “Lectures on the Holocaust.” You can find it free in pdf form or you can help support this very deserving & persecuted scientist by buying the book. Take a look at his website too (it may just be his name, but throw his name into google & it will come up). Let me know what you uncover, & also — there are several dozen people here (including me) awaiting any info from you on the counselor frauds calling themselves “school psychologists.”

      • Alliance of Jerkoffs says:

        Hey OD, have you seen Eric Hunt’s “Last Days of the Big Lie”? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NyMVWVBmGVo He’s looking for ppl to help in a new project so naturally I thought of you. Not that you’d want to be ‘helper’ with your talent but you should check it out. Here’s an interview with him: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/americanfreepress/2014/05/19/the-spingola-zone

        This is another great essay OD. Mirth & facts are very powerful indeed. Your ‘Reality History’ vids are the Best of Hoax Humor.

      • Dr.Justin Les Faits says:

        I’m finding the Rudolf book to be engrossing. Thanks for the rec.

        Recently I asked one of the lying excuses for human beings pretending to be a psychologist why she willfully defrauds parents. She replied “because everyone respects the title of psychologist while they scoff at counselors.” I said that perhaps this is why she should stop lying & defrauding, i.e. that parents believed this lowly counselor to be a psychologist. She replied “the government says that I can so I do.”

        I ask you, does it get any more corrupt than this? Even Wall Street isn’t as corrupt as a government who allows peons with degrees in imbecility to pretend to be doctors / psychologists.

        Just like “the hoax,” all we can do is spread the word.

    • Justin, I would recommend “The Hoax of the 20th Century” (Dr. Orwell has a link in her article). Also, “Germany Must Perish” http://www.ihr.org/books/kaufman/perish.html (this link gives a little write up on the jewish author as well as the book itself). It’s not directly about the Hoax, but it gives a flavor of how much this tribe detested Germans (they still so, obviously). They are the ones who declared war on Germany (Marina has posted a photo of the newspaper) but they turned it around so that they appeared the victim. They’ve been doing it for centuries. I’m pretty new to this topic myself but now I can’t seem to learn enough about it.

      Marina, this is another superb article. Love the references to research especially your quip about how Abe’s mumbo jumbo must make the research “double blind n’ all” LOL. I’ve never met a lawyer who wasn’t arrogant & who thought they knew everything (well our culture encourages them by giving them so much undeserved power). I’m sure Abe believes he’s the most highly qualified person on earth to conduct research. Do you know that many of them think that they should be called “Dr.” for their 6 semesters of “shyster school?” They don’t even have a master’s degree but their culturally-fed arrogance makes them believe they don’t have to earn things.

      • Dr.Justin Les Faits says:

        Thank you both for the references. I did look up Germar, and this is truly amazing what’s been done to this scientist. Now I can’t wait to read his writings.

        Marina, I just read this again in the privacy of my own home where I could laugh as loud as I wished. I also read a few others and will comment on them later. A philosopher-scientist and comedian-sacred-cow-killer for our times. May I be the first to crown you “Queen of Reality.”

    • Sorry old man, but you should really go by Dr. JlF the III :O
      They’ve had us convinced for quite some time now that to believe that there’s something wrong with young ppl is to just be “getting old.” Since they’ve also convinced us that getting old is the worst thing possible, then talking about how the young ppl have become more like electronics equipment than humans, is to be avoided. If you want to be “cool” that is. And who doesn’t want to be cool? If they were trying to prove that “nurture” (if you can call their media in all its ugly manifestations “nurture”) can win out over “nature,” I think they’ve proven it with each new generations of greater imbecility, especially since the 80s. Marina’s done some work about the different generations & the media, advertising, etc.

  7. Reblogged this on thanksjewsforfuckingupamerica and commented:
    Glad tidings are brought to us by a White Euro Angel. This article should be read by anyone who cares about the cabal who’s ruining our world. If you can afford to break into un-PC laughter, read this!!

  8. Demosthenes says:

    We are a tragic species. Not only our struggles, but their solutions also were identified many years ago. Yet, we stay idle waiting for a savior in physical or metaphysical form.

    These questions are highly comical. Most of them are just facts about Jews. How can one be antisemitic by knowing that they are overrepresented in business or the media? So, if you believe that Greece is bankrupt that means you hate me.

    • Well yes of course, it’s all about twisting the language (I just had a brain fart re thinking in words v. pictures & how maybe the former correlates w/being easily hypnotizable by propoganda). If you can make facts “offensive,” then everything we know is turned upsidedown. This has been the feat of the Culpritic media (w/help from their fellow tribesman in academia, the government, etc.).

      It is literally like you saying to me: “You are a White woman w/blue eyes” & for me to come back to say: “You take that back. It’s not only not true, it’s offensive.” The cherry on top is to make speaking about facts illegal. The chocolate sauce is to have the people not even recognize that they’re enslaved. All of this has already been done; their banana split (AKA shit sundae) is complete.

      • Demosthenes says:

        Indeed, it would be very funny to treat them with their own medicine and observe their reactions.

  9. Neermindthebollocks says:

    Super article & great writing. Brilliant wordsmithing that kept me laughing all the way through. THANK YOU!

  10. BrendaTheWhite says:

    If I haven’t already said so, I just love your writing style & look forward to your essays. I will be reading this one again because it’s rich in information & I want to follow up on the hot links. I take it that you recommend the books you’ve linked? Thanks for your hard work.


    Reblogged this on Ufohunterorguk.com.

  12. I’m in like with you & “yer lil ole goyimocortex.” To be able to express yourself so well in writing is almost a lost art. Not that I can think of anyone else who writes like you. You may be a modern day James Joyce walking among us.

  13. Elsie79 says:

    I think the statements they chose are very telling. Although the “big cliptipped fox” (LOL!! I love you) pretends to be so careful, it seems to me that he wanted to get as high a reading as he could. Making the statements moderate will make the numbers higher.

  14. lyonspaw53 says:

    Enjoyed the hell out of this essay. Isn’t it obscene that there is no where for the most highly qualified ppl like you to inform a wide audience about the ways their research is wrong etc.? This is true of everything because of their control of all media but this point does hit me over the head when I read you. The wrong ppl are reinforced with money, but the same ppl are the only ones who have a voice. As you noted, they’re pretty far from being qualified to talk about anything. Is there any end to it? This is not a rhetorical question. Id like to know your opinion.

    • Of course they’ll be an end to it. The questions are how & when. We could just keep sliding deeper into worldwide talmudland — including the exponential increase of the least capable people from the Turd World at the same time that droughts increase (not to mention the lovely scholomofiled cognition that will become increasingly pervasive) — or one of many crazy males who’ve been running this here Zoo could set off nuclear war, in which case some will be lucky enough to die outright, but the majority will linger on with radiation poisoning in varying degrees.

  15. I will refrain from reblogging this fantastic piece as several have already beat me to it!

    Here’s a little hint for those like me who are intimately involved in their kids or grandkids education. This excellent article would be a great launching point for teaching history, current events, & scientific methodology. Not to mention creative writing of course. Probably not suitable for little tykes but wonderful for precocious young teens or late teens.

    Thanks so very much OD. This will keep me going for at least a week during my time with the kids.

  16. XENUBIAN says:

    I see you make no mention of the stuff they’ve done to harm African Americans. Or Black people anywhere.

  17. Nicholas says:

    Good to see there are still Americans with sophistication in their humour. This I haven’t seen in a while.

  18. Hook-nosed Reich says:

    Do you have ‘the chosen’ pegged or what?? I feel like I just took a course in Advanced Kikology.

  19. JonS says:

    I came over to your blog after seeing your comment about gay men vs. trans at incogman. Every once in a blue moon I stumble upon someone like you…a white person who is a true Aryan and not a white nationalist or raging bigot. I use the word Aryan in the sense that you are white on the inside…not just on the outside. I say this from reading at least a dozen of your essays since reading said comment.

    As a gay man I can tell you that you were on target with your comment. However, these guys are mainly what the Jews have labeled them…haters. They don’t want to hear about what is fair or what is right. I also think you are correct in your perceptions that there are no “pro-white” groups who value women over being “walking uteri” (you are a very talented writer, more about that later) and water-carriers. This is true not only of the blatantly “macho male” jerkoff category of white nationalism, but it’s also true of the big gay men’s club within the “pro-white movement.” Maybe you weren’t even aware of that fact, but there is a whole big group of gay men, and their attitude about women is just the same as the “macho males” except that of course they don’t wish to “fuck” women. Both groups would be happy if women didn’t have vocal chords at all, just so they had reproductive equipment (the “macho males” naturally want big tits too).

    What’s sad, and rather frightening is that even though the “macho” group pretends to hate the “fags,” they mutually respect each other. As you have written about, these are also guys who respect brown men far more than white women. The only difference is that the gay men are a little more honest about where they’re coming from. You have already perceived correctly everything you need to know about white nationalism as a whole, just didn’t know if you realized how many gay men are actively considered white nationalists.

    With all that said, there is no place for women at all…well I should say there is no room for women who aren’t completely programmed to be servants, not persons. What I want you to know is that not all of us can stand them either, even though we could fit into their group (being a person with a penis). There are more white people like me, and like you, then they’ll ever be of them. Both the “machos” and the gay white nationalists want to live in an all-male dream world. They want to pretend that they’re doing something when they haven’t ever done anything to help white people (and they never will).

    Just wanted to let you know that there are more than you know who are Aryans or at least trying to be Aryans, who believe in white women just as much as white men. It all comes down to the right stuff. You are a shining light in the darkness…you are recognized.

    • Thanks for the compliment. No, I didn’t know that, but then it’s not like I’m an expert on the misogynyathon known as WN. I got a big enough snifter to run the other way. But I’m not really surprised. No offense, but a good % of gay men are pretty fair misogynists, so it would seem that they’d fit right in w/WN.

      You’re absolutely right, there are far more of us than of them. I’m here to let curious White people know that they’re not alone — not all of us are random haters, unemployed little boys living with their mother, MRAs who had a bitter divorce w/a peroxided, jewified Thang, dumbfuck Walking Uteri who are either lazy or desperate, or any of the other assorted charlatans & pussies who consider themselves part of that useless, pointless, do-nothing cult.

      • JonS says:

        Unfortunately I can’t disagree with you about most gay men, but I’m more puzzled that there’s even a higher percentage of straight men who are misogynists. Gay men aren’t doing anything to actively harm women, but I don’t think that can be said of straight men. Anyway, good for you for standing for what is right. Our folks , at least the ones who are normal, will recognize that about you. This is why they’ve always rejected the “do-nothing cult.” It smells of hatred for everyone except for white males.

  20. Abdulla Garwin says:

    I wonder how many people weren’t actually telling the truth? What if a little guy with a big nose & a beanie started asking questions about JEEEWS!

  21. Gary says:

    I am admittedly still confused by who exactly you mean by ‘culpritics.’ Reading your writing is like riding a wild horse….not complaining, I love it.

  22. Herr Wolf says:

    This is an epic panoramic view on the tribe of liars whose lies keep getting bigger. As for their survey, you would have to be living under a rock to not answer “probably true” to all of them. Even though at least 3/4 of them hide themselves by using an assumed name, etc.

  23. Thepitz1 says:

    Why can’t we always have stuff like this to read? You should start a newspaper or something.

  24. In case any of you who consider yourselves to be “on the left” are reading this, do you realize that all your favorite commentators & journalists are of the “toucanoplastied” variety? Some hide it (e.g. Cenk Ughur- sp?). Others pretend to be saintly (Amy Goodman – millionaire with an IQ of about 95 and the personality of a commissar). All of them support these jew criminal outfits like the ADL.

    Great article, chéri. I’d love to see what you’d with a full-on parody of “Snipcock Nation.”

  25. Ancient Realist says:

    What makes me angry is that all of our ancestors suffered far more than any of these ppl did in the German camps. Just take that “goyim lucre n’bloodletting spree” (LOL, excellent description) called the “Great Depression.” Not only did millions die across the US & Canada, those who did survive were malnourished with all that brings with it. It set up this generation to be passive minions to go off to war for the same jews who caused the Depression.

    Wonderfully funny & fact filled article. Thank you for sharing.

  26. Celticjane says:

    Excellent!! We’ll be looking further into this.

  27. Karen says:

    Marin, you have a delightful way of stating truths.

  28. Alliance of Jerkoffs says:

    Hey OD, I left you a comment Sunday with some links. Did you get it?

  29. BitterWhiteMan says:

    Whoa this is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long while. I didn’t think I could read anything new about the Jew, but your take is fresh, stingingly hilarious and you hit the bullseye every time with your psychological understanding of our parasites. Your insight is almost scary so I have to ask, are you one of Them? Please forgive me for asking. We can’t be too careful!

  30. Ophidian says:



    a member of any of the peoples who speak or spoke a Semitic language, including in particular the Jews and Arabs; a member of any of a number of peoples of ancient southwestern Asia including the Akkadians, Phoenicians, Hebrews, and Arabs; a descendant of these peoples.

    (But these people are “white” or “Caucasian” according to the dumb-dumbs, the ‘Jihadi Johns’, and the Stars of David themselves.)

    Apparently what the Zionists (a.k.a. “Israelis”) have been doing to the Palestinians for almost 70 years (ethnic cleansing and displacement) doesn’t count as anti-Semitism. Nor do the wars waged against the Middle East in favor of Zion by it’s Anglo pawns on both sides of the Atlantic (United States and the United Kingdom).

    I do have to admit. Everytime I hear the phrase anti-Semite/anti-Semitism I freeze up just a little bit. Maybe it’s because Americans (White European and non-white) and Europeans alike have been conditioned for many generations to give these sand people an exclusive sympathy that is never doled out towards any other race of people. Besides the American Blacks of course. But even non-blacks get tired of jiving to the tune of “500 years of slavery and racism”. As the Spanish saying goes: “Ese/este disco está rayado” (This disc is scratched).

    Another meme that never gets old is the “Evil German” stereotype, complete with the mock accent and fast, exclamatory dialogue that is supposed to make people roll on the floor laughing. I have never seen a group of people mocked more and shamed than the Germans. You see it in the big screen (directly and symbolically), the small screen, YouTube “Hitler Parodies”, and even inane terms like “Grammar Nazi”. And Aryan women are fair game in terms of how they have been allowed to be represented and degraded. I don’t know how these people do it without dying a little bit on the inside everyday or even realizing that they are not what the rest of the world says they are.

    The world will wise up to the Jews eventually. But by then it may be too late.

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