Geezus, Mary & Joseph

by Marina Orwell

The White repairman responded with anger when I said that the U.S. had been turned into a Banana Republic by aliens who had nothing to do with fighting for or building this country.

wic expenditures

Mongrel curs from the mideast opened the immigration floodgates to other mongrel curs in the 1960s. Since the wretched refuse are too lazy and/or stupid to work, WIC & thousands of other blood-sucking programs were implemented by the same treasonous mongrels from the mideast.

“Don’t even get me started” he said.  “Just this morning in a grocery store I stood behind a pregnant Mexican cow with her brood of unruly future welfare recipients as she kept us all waiting.  She angrily jabbered to the cashier in gutter Spanish while waving her WIC check around.  Apparently it wasn’t enough for this ugly Mexican to steal money from the American taxpayer.  She had to steal our time as well.”

“Why do you think D.C. has continued to allow the invasion of Mexico’s wretched refuse?” I asked him.  “Surely in this economy their lame excuse about needing wetbacks to pick grapes doesn’t hold up — not that it ever did.”

“The Fat Cats have been driving down wages of Americans for decades by importing Third World scum” he replied.  “Little by little they’ve stripped the American people of everything their great-grandparents fought and died for.”

Lyndon Kikenstein Johnson signs Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 that opened the floodgates to billions of low IQ, criminal, nonWhite wretched refuse from the Third World.

Lyndon Swindlespeak Johnson signs the “Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965” that opened the floodgates to billions of low IQ, criminal, nonWhite wretched refuse from the Third World. Note that even back then Culpritic shysters were using Orwellian language to fool White Americans. It should have been named “The Kikenstein Drive to Make America Look Like a Brown, Hook-Nosed Bazaar That White Americans Will Pay For in Jobs, Security, & Billions of Dollars While the Wretched Refuse Shits on Us” Act.  Or they could have simply named it “Making America Non-White for the Benefit of Jew Curs Act.”

“It’s true that businessmen are mostly criminals who’ve been abetted by their shyster brethren, but this wasn’t always the case” I responded.  “Back in the 1960s, when a newly-elected member of the Treason Coalition — Lyndon Swindlespeak Johnson — signed the law that opened the floodgates to the Third World, without any regard to the intelligence, criminality, or psychopathology of this wretched refuse — most of this country’s businessmen were outraged.  Most, but not all.  In fact, a small minority — who are always heavily represented among the shysters and business criminals — were the only group who fought for this open immigration act and all the others that followed it.  Whereas only four members of this tribe were responsible for the actual creation of this first treasonous debacle, most of their fellow tribesmen enthusiastically supported it.”

“Ah, you must be referring to those infamous nation-wreckers, the Jews” he said, laughing sardonically.  “It’s not for nothing that they’ve been kicked out of every European country over and over again.”

With that, he went off on a whole history of Jew transgressions against White Europeans, laying particular emphasis on their scheming to get Palestine via their talmudified prostitutes, Winston Churchhill and Franklin Roosevelt.  He related how Jews deliberately set about to destroy Germany, and after having been successful at doing so, have had the unmitigated chutzpah to continue to play the blameless victims via their Holohoax.  He said that he wished that Hitler really had gassed six million or even six thousand of them instead of mercifully feeding, clothing, and sheltering them in work camps, delousing the filthy Jews from their typhus-infected lice, and providing them with every assistance in emigrating out of Germany.


16,500,000 in 1938 and 18,700,000 in 1948 (World Almanac). Do the Jew math! That’s some kind of multiplication of the loaves & the gefilte fish!

“If 6 million of these vermin had been killed” he asked, “how was it that statistics show that their numbers had increased after World War II while White European numbers had either decreased or had remained static?”

His knowledge of ziotinkering in both World Wars was impressive, and athough he didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know, my mouth was hung open due to his frankness about calling out Snipcock Nation for the criminals, liars, and thieves that they are.  He told me about his German and Italian ancestors, and about how both Mussolini and Hitler had been slandered by the Culpritics because they dared to put their own nation and people first.

This man told me about how he’d been hoodwinked — like billions of working class White European men before and since — into fighting in the first Culpritic “Gulf” war.  He spoke about the fact that nary a Jew could be found in the military, except as planners and other highly-paid and treasonous string-pullers behind the scenes.  He related how he’d never met Jews among the ranks of those doing physical labor in any of his jobs, but rather were greatly over-represented as business owners who paid him as little as possible.  He railed about Culpritic involvement and takeover in the media and nearly every other aspect of our lives.

wic encourages illegal alien tit sucking from White taxpayers

WIC & thousands of other free-fer-alls for Wretched Refuse encourages illegal aliens & other non-Whites to suck the increasingly-exhausted teats of White taxpayers

I said little, only injecting verbiage here and there to keep his stream of consciousness going.  If I closed my eyes I could almost imagine that I was living in the country of my ancestors — a country built and stocked with White Europeans who freely spoke their minds and weren’t afraid to call a spade a spade or a Jew a Jew.

He spoke for over an hour before I asked “So what do you think we should do about them?”

“They are God’s chosen people” he replied.

Oh no no no, I thought.

“But you yourself agreed that they will continue on in their crimes if we don’t stop them” I said.

“They are God’s chosen people” he repeated.  “God must know what he is doing.”

Oh no, he’s a thoroughly indoctrinated godbag.  Next thing he’ll be “informing” this here doctor about the “Gawd given” magical substance that overrides simple genetics and makes women deserving of second-class citizenship as per le tome des kikenstein.

“Have you ever read their filthy Talmud?” I asked.

child injured7

Another undeserving recipient of the “righteousness” of Godbag’s “chosen people.”

“Believe me” he replied, “I ask God every day why he made this sorry lot his chosen people.”

“And how does God answer you?” I asked with a straight face.

“He tells me they are his chosen people and that’s that” he replied, equally straight-faced.

Oh my frigging Gawd.  Hell knoweth no idiocy like a Sheeplevonjudenfleecen shorn.

“But doesn’t Christianity teach that you should ‘do onto others?'” I asked.  “Surely this means that when people blatantly murder — whether it be via their Wall Street criminal activity, their illegal occupation of someone else’s country, or their psychological massacre of White Europeans via their lying, pornified, criminal media — that it is your duty to stop them — as a Christian and a White man whose first responsibility should be his own people.”

This is your brain on talmudipoop

Yer brain on Talmudipoop

“They are God’s chosen people” he repeated yet again.  “It says so in the Bible.”  Ah, the sound of a once-healthy White European mind slamming shut like a chintzy, Culpritically-crafted, commercial security gate.

This man understands all of the details of how and why this criminal tribe is genociding the White European race.  He knows about the Jew communist commissars who massacred tens of millions of White Europeans before and after causing the massacre of tens of millions in both world wars.  He’s lived through what they’ve done to the U.S. — step by vicious step — since the 1960s.  He sees that they have been stepping out from behind the curtain more and more with each passing year, as they nearly have their global plantation in full shysteriffic swing.  Yet he cannot read their “Bible” and see it for what it is — the transparently talmudic hogwash of murderous, megalomaniacal, genetically defective curs whose unapologetic brutality has been Lage im Grünen for centuries.

Geezus, Mary, and Joseph.  Anyone who espouses “nature” over “nurture” just doesn’t converse very often or deeply with the average White Amerikan — who is shoveling in slow-cooked Schnozzlerot (reyidgiosity) with one hand, and fast-food Talmudipoop (Culpritic media) with the other.  

In bocca al lupo, cretini!  

© 2014 Orwell’s Daughter


About Orwell's Daughter

A marooned visitor to this Big Barrel O Idiots reporting on the antics of Da Herd (especially the Culpritic 2%)
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61 Responses to Geezus, Mary & Joseph

  1. What a great story. You’re an excellent writer. Brings the reality of our situation to life.

  2. Herr Wolf says:

    I admit that sometimes I lie when I write “LOL” in comment sections. Never in yours though, OD.

    “Hell knoweth no idiocy like a Sheeplevonjudenfleecen shorn.”
    Purely brilliant LOLantastic!!

  3. JMJ I love you OD. Will share with the liberals I know who think all who are joo wise are bible thumping jesus lovers.

  4. BitterWhiteMan says:

    Crepi il lupo!

    How I love double entendres (& your writing) !

  5. Das Leben ist kein Ponyhof. Until OD is horsing around 😉

  6. Unlike others here I can think of nothing witty to say. You hit the nail right on the head. Yet again! How can somebody who understands so much about them still believe in their silly religions? Speaking of “Orwellian”….believing this tribe of crooks are “god’s chosen” is way past believing up is down & black is white.

  7. BrendaTheWhite says:

    You have a real knack for storytelling. White Euro storytelling that touches my White Euro soul. How all of us who aren’t totally jooed up love to hear the sound of a kinsman speaking in a voice that resonates with us. Thank you.

  8. Art says:

    You nailed it OD. Didn’t his precious Bible also say “What will it benefit a man if he gains the whole world yet loses his life?” Insert “knowledge about what Joos have been doing” for “whole world.” That’s what OD is saying here…for those “Geezus” lovers who are too slow witted to get it.

  9. FuckedWeapon in Boytown says:

    I’m reminded of the discussion going on about Pierce, who you correctly labeled autistic, gay & women hating. He was a lot like your repairman here. Willing to fill up his head with all kinds of information & then spout it out to the world, but unable to lay aside his own profound biases in order to see clearly & act rationally.

    • Both have psychological disturbances that are attached to their testosterone craziness, but only one of them has the possibility to finally think rationally. There’s hope for the repairman but there’s no hope for those pussies of both sexes who cannot grasp simple genetics, want the more productive, smarter, less expensive 51% to be unpaid niggers under the rule of the aggressive, less intelligent & less productive 49%, & are simply far-right nutcases who suck their thumbs & dream about the “idyllic” completely jewified 1950s.

      • I hope the white male’s arrogance continues to make his dick hard after the nukes begin flying.

      • I’ve noticed that most men look back fondly at times in the past that women were the most slave like & unhappy.

      • The Ghost of Mildred Pierce says:

        Iam afred you don’t understand good ole Texan white boyz Orwellsh Daughter. We demand reschpect an if we dunt git it we blame it on the feminishts, the homoshexuals, & the joos. In that order. I like girlths to be just like the onesh joos trained my wee pecker to reshpond to. Koshsher whores like Jean Harlow Marilyn Monroe Rita Hayworthth. Alththough I’m a fudge packer who rarely got to pack fudge, I liked pornography. The more violent the better. How I wanked at violence againsht girlths. Yesth I’m afred of women. They remind me of feminishts so I liked girlths. I ethpethially liked slavish slav girlths though it turned out they didn’t like me. Five times to be exact. An those were jusht the ones I married. You see they were feminishts, homoshexuals, & joos. No matter. I enjoyed the vishits I received from young men from all over the country who were jusht like me at that tender tight assh age. Gay, women hating, looking for our losht mean daddiesh, and hating the feminishts, the homoshexuals, & the joos.

        • You sibilant, shibilant antishemite. Made me choke on my water. Since it be anti Krisstchan n’ all superstitious like to believe in ghosts, I prefer to call you Mildred Pierce’s Lishp. Lateral Lishps can make a person sound drunk or stupid or both.

          • Glad to have made you merry, lassie. I owe you so many belly laughs.

          • sqpeg says:

            OD I left a comment about Pierce some time ago but on one of your old blog posts. So I’ll put it below. Oh & thaths an exthellent likeneth of his thpeechth. Kind like Daffy Duck.

            You’re spot on about Pierce. As a matter of fact, his viral hatred of women is so palpable that I can’t believe it isn’t obvious to these women who put up with WN. Or can they really be that desperate? I got so intrigued by this phenomena that I started looking into old William Luther. It appears that maybe he was actually working for the jews he ranted about. That explains a lot if it’s true. It also appears that he was quite a pervert who was addicted to porn & liking sodomy. Here’s one interesting link

            You’re absolutely right about men being led around by their hormones. Jews have been manipulating them for centuries. They even found someone whose hatred of women was absolutely real to attract other misogynists to himself so that white people would just chase their tails & never have an organization that was in any way attractive to them. Who but other crazy men who had nothing going for them would be attracted to the National Alliance? I guess I shouldn’t say “other” since it would seem that Pierce had a pretty plush life. One that most of us could never imagine. Never working, living on hundreds of acres of land, buying long term prostitutes from Eastern Europe. Turns out his lifestyle was much jewier than even the yids of Wall st.

            • Sorry but I missed yer other comment. I agree w/most of what you say about Mildred (or should we call him Daffy Pierce? LOL yer right. Hith lishp reshemblesh Daffysth). He was as effed up a “man” as I’ve ever heard. He hated women far more than he hated Jewsth. He had to thank histh lucky schtars that there are sho many male lemmingsth. Without them he wouldn’t have had even the few dozen fans that he did have (w/a few desperate cunts who acted as prostitutes for a few stray national alliance misogynists). But this business about Pierce working for jews is a bit far fetched IMO. For one thing, this is the “accusation” that’s usually hurled by low-IQ WNs at anyone who doesn’t agree w/their totally lemming-like authoritarian opinions. It’s been done to me right on this here blog by deranged WN chlamidophiles. This gives the already arrogant Culpritics an even more grandiose opinion of themselves — these faggotty all-powerful Joos whom the big followers of Mildred Pierce shrink at & wet their panties over. I don’t know or care why some people accuse old Daffy Pierce of working for jews. To me, the strongest evidence that he didn’t is the fact that his audience was abysmally small, comprised of misogynist losers who also typically were southerners who hate “niggers.” If he was backed by jewz, his audience would have been far larger. There are other reasons too, but we can stop at just that one.

              • sqpeg says:

                Given that it’s all speculation, guess I’ll have to agree with you. So why haven’t there been any less crazy ppl taking up the cause of white ppl? It still seems suspicious to me that we only hear about psychos like Pierce.

        • BOYCOTTJEWTOWN says:

          LOL good imitation. Very few could stand this hypocrite swindler. I mean even besides all normal women 😉 He’s given lip service else the faggots that love him get their silk boxers twisted. You see, these guys are very concerned to keep a front of manhood going at all cost. Even though everyone can see that they are faggots thru and thru.

        • LOL. I’ve listened to some of the mp3 files that J. sent. It’s amazing how this guy could manage to ask the wrong questions every single time. But that’s how bigotry/misogyny operates, doesn’t it? When you don’t think of women as human beings, you could never ask the right questions about them. Also, I got big laughs every time “Mildred” told his all male coven of listeners that he almost always dealt with “concrete facts” “ruther” than opinion. He could have been our first autistic comedian.

        • 2br6d says:

          About time someone did a full on spoof of the faggot fraud Pierce. I wonder if any of the, what half a dozen? Slavic whores he imported would be willing to help. LOL, of course they would since we already know they’d even f**k a faggot who hated women!

  10. Abdulla Garwin says:

    Like how you handled the situation. His knowing all he knows proves he can think, at least sometimes. Bet you gave him some fat to chew.

  11. Reblogged this on antipornfeminist and commented:
    Sometimes feminism isn’t just about being in a Grrl’s Club pissing & moaning about men. This is what I admire most about Dr. Orwell: her ability to stand with what is right despite the proclivities of “the herd,” including the “feminist” herd (I put it in quotes since it is just another social movement the Jews usurped in the 60’s & 70’s, changing it into the scary hydra that it is today). As the Jews continue to usurp more power & wealth from the rest of us, & as they continue to foment more & more unrest all over the world in order to finally completely rule over the rest of us, we need the clear, rational, creative, feminine, masculine, fearless voice of Marina Orwell more than ever.

  12. johnny2151968 says:

    Yup it’s another classic for Dr. Orwell’s Book of Parables.
    I keep trying to picture what the hell could’ve been going through the Romans or other European minds when they allowed this completely Jewish plague (so called Christianity) to envelop their kinsmens minds. These were saner and stronger ppl than we have today and on top of it they understood that Jews only caused trouble. Certainly they understood the damage this Jew fairy tale would do in the long run?!
    We enjoyed your radio show OD. Is this something you’ll be doing regularly?

    • Look around at the White male today or for the past 50 years. He likes to flex his flabby muscles pretentiously, thump his chest, & pretend that he’s king of the jungle. Look at how he gave black males the vote while leaving White women to claw tooth & nail for it. Yes, their former slaves had the vote 50 yrs. before the women whose great-granddaughters turned out to be more productive, far less expensive to the taxpayer while footing the bill for those expensive males, have a higher IQ — all while being slapped down by the White male the whole while. Do you think the Romans were any different? Rather than embrace the knowledge & intelligence of those who have much better frontal lobe functioning than they’ll ever have, the White male just continues thrashing about. He is exactly like the Jew (sans money & power of course). And present company excepted — I know I don’t need to tell YOU, but I feel I must qualify because those insanely sensitive-to-criticism White males fly into rages if ever those who made him (women) dare criticize his irrationality & folly.

      • Hook-nosed Reich says:

        yeah I’m starting to see what you mean…I’ve watched it many times online. Woman says something that doesn’t fit 200% with what these skinheads (sorry, don’t quite know what to call these abberations) and they all attack her. After that they all pee on her. It’s exactly how joos operate. Truth made contact thru me thick skull 🙂 Thanks

        Wonderful article too. Many thanks.

      • johnny2151968 says:

        I can’t say with any certainty “most” men, but certainly A LOT of men do not like the way women are treated. We are often influenced by other really aggressive men. It starts early in childhood. You could easily pick them out in the 1st or 2nd grade. Instead of curbing them, they get every encouragement to step up their aggression. Some of them aren’t physically aggressive, these are the ones who become lawyers and such. This is how the worst always rise to the top. Even in tiny organizations you’ll find the aggressive, usually not very intelligent dude at the top. Your right Jews learned this “technique” from the white man. But as it influences women, nearly all men have accepted their sick pecking order and are happy that they can always kick women around. This makes them feel a little bit like the big aggressive men who rule them.

        • Humanity is just a big ole layer cake made of caca & held together with religious belief.

          • Ancient Realist says:

            Any man over 40 has to acknowledge that testosterone has done nothing but harm. Well at least since “civilization” began in earnest. Joos have marketed male aggression big time to the lemmings. Helps keep their military stocked. Helps keep them stupid and immature. Now even old geezers want to pretend they’re boys. You never ever see men slap these “testosterone crazy” chaps around. No instead they try to mimic them. I’ve not heard an adult male’s voice ever tell these silly boys to STFU, to stop jacking off to violence against women, to learn that being a grown up is the opposite of what your stupid dick wants. The old geezers ard as silly as the boys. No wonder only Mexicans, Filipinos and other assorted third world trash want them.

            Thought provoking essay OD. I’m rooting for your repairman.

        • Good comment. Yes they not only aren’t curbed, they’re given attention. I’ve been inspired by OD’s work to look into statistics on the educational system. Boy is that whole thing almost as big of a waste as the military but it does maybe even more damage. Research shows that boys still get most of the teacher’s time in the classroom & are given more time to speak etc. The “special education” segment is almost ALL boys & always has been. Men have been screwing women coming & going. Just like the prison & “justice” system is almost ALL men & always has been. When the women who are increasingly overtaking the men as taxpayers begin to figure all this out, we’ll see about the male love of egalitarianism then. Now we have the racial angle thrown into the mix, but it’s still clear that men are extremely expensive but now very few earn their keep.

  13. Dark Side of the Moon says:

    When I encounter these kwans who spout the chosen bullshit, I simply ask them this? If jews are god’s chosen, what does that make you? I usually get that deer in the headlight look or their eyes glaze over. A few I’ve talked to at former tea parties just walk away and ignore me for the rest of the night.

    • I do not consider this White European man to be a “kwan” (that means “worthless coin” for those of you unfamiliar w/the lingo of the hardboiled “white” nationalists).

      • Dark Side of the Moon says:

        OD – he IS a kwan if he swallows the bullshit of jews being chosen. He may aware on all aspects of race, black on white and all others, but he’s still spouts the chosen line.

        That’s like leaving pizza sauce off of a pizza. You can’t one without the other.

        BTW, what happened to your article if it’s brown flush it down, why did you get rid of it?

        Hardboiled White Nationalist? Why are you trying to insult me? I’m merely pointing out the disconnect with your hired help and you throw that out. I don’t get it.

        • You sound like a typical Doormat with Holes who tries to deflect her own dubious status by calling working people “hired help” & by taking out her aggression on other women. Take yer Keeper’s dick out of your mouth & aim that authoritarian bossiness at him instead of at strangers.

          While you treat your cognichlamydia (or not), Akismet will just tuck you away in Ye Olde Memory Hole.

          • JonS says:

            Great response. She’s so proud to rattle off the ideas spoon fed to her by WN men. Now thinks she’s next in WN’s “chain of command” & can give you the interrogatory as if you owe her something.

            I’ve been around a bit in WN circles & never once met a woman who had inner or outer beauty. They range from dykesque to something along the lines of a Bolshevik butcher. Naturally this is all WN can attract, & they discard their scary women like toilet paper. She then typically finds herself a black guy LOL.

            Sad, silly little WN cumdumpsters. Excuse my language but what can you call them?

            I found it funny that these guys love to rant about “femininity” & the like, but the only women who were sorry enough to f*ck them had less “femininity” than most of the men had. I’m not counting all the various Asians they like to “nail” either privately or publically, since Asian women are always faking it (sometimes being a fag has its advantages) 😉

          • Viking Feminist says:

            LOL! No one deserves some straight talk more than these potty mouthed WN gals. If everything’s so black & white to them, why can’t they see that they come across as losers? I thought they were tripping over themselves to repeat their “keepers” party line, but here I find it was his dick they’re tripping on.

            Good job OD. Glad you didn’t just shit on this guy like the WN bitches would. The thing about the bitches is that if their hubbies told them tomorrow to believe that Joos are “God’s chosen ppl” they’d be repeating it all over the place & calling anyone who disagreed “kwans” or whatever other word hubby uses. They are sick old pet parrots who are compelled to repeat what they’ve been told.

          • Mr. Lasha DarkIslamicMoon says:

            As you know OD, we dark brown muslim men love to give lip service to “Geezus” so that Christians think we’re like them. It’s kind of like me pretending to be a white woman so that other white women will believe that there are other women who are as misogynistic as I am & get with the White Nationalist misogyny program. Kapisch?

            We’re pretty much as sneaky as our kikisch cousins, but whitey is so easy to fool that we dont even have to pull out all the stops. We had to fight for Constantinople but today whitey just hands his countries over to us without a whimper. Plus we crave white euro pussy & the more the fool white nationalist men supports darkies like me, the better my chances of raping me some more whitey.

            Looks like a real bitch is trying to steal my screen name. Does she mean there’s an even darker side to her moon? She should tell her white nationalist friends to flush brown down instead of racemixing like most of them do & encouraging darkies like me to spread my muslim crap all over their sites.

            There’s really nothing left for us darkies to do except shit right in whitey’s face. Kikes have done it so many times & it looks like loads of fun to watch whitey eat shit while smiling his clueless smile the whole time.

            • I tried to invite you to our recent international cock n’bull session because we was takin bets as to who y’all are — but my email to you came splatting back into my jooglecoffer. Might want to fix that Mr. Moon.

          • myrtlewhyte says:

            Lovin your writing, your vids, your comments. Glad to see an Aryan sister. We are more rare than a joo who’s not fuked up. Your answer to ‘darksideofhermoon’ aka ‘aryangoddess’ aka ‘annieoakley’ aka Janet the Bitch made me roar. This twat threw herself at some Stormfront dick who’s dumber than most. Since he made tons of cash in the total scam of dentistry, she can patrol the internet all day making sure she knows what various ppl are doing. She’s bossy and not very bright, so expect her to keep returning. Yet she wonders why even the other typical wn cocksuckers like herself can’t stand her. She and the idiot who’s dick she sucks (LOL!!!) have a combined intelligence of a cow or maybe only a sheep. Listening to either one of them talk makes nigga talk sound like genius.

            I hope you keep on liking white ppl enough to try to tell them what’s happening without beating them over the head like these wn cunts. We nondomesticated white women are the only ones in this world who’ve been smart enough to figure out the game of the joo and his white boys. Also the only group who aren’t dinosaurs.

      • Dark Side of the Moon says:

        Oh and OD your friend Incogman, did an entire articles on Kwans in 2012. You might be a kwan if……so your version of the term and mine are different.

  14. So close but no cigar. I like the way you left it open so as better to keep his mind open. Unlike some of us who’d have been tempted to insult him or knock some old fashioned sense into his head. A good lesson on how to deal with ppl whose minds are claptrap.

  15. Demosthenes says:

    Sometimes minor changes in interpretation can make a big impact. From what I remember from theology class, which we have to take in school, the Jews are not God’s chosen people. He just chose to reveal himself to them because they were already monotheistic and thus more likely to understand/accept him. This doesn’t mean he favors them in any way or that the rest are second class beings for all eternity. He used them as part of his plan, and that part of the plan is over. Of course all of this can be part of a propaganda scheme to make Orthodox Christians believe they are the best people in the world, but at least they don’t worship the Jews as God’s chosen people.

    • I think this disease was spawned by various protestant sects here in the U.S. (see my sidebar for a little description of these godbags) via their old pals the Culpritics (WASPs & Culpritics have been holding hands & even “going all the way” for centuries now). But the problem isn’t the psycho “christians” in the U.S. or anywhere else — it’s the belief that some Jewboi died on a cross “for our sins.” You couldn’t come up w/a bigger wad of crazy than just that (but of course there’s much more ;o)

      • Demosthenes says:

        That’s indeed another perversion. Jesus did not die for our sins. He showed the way to salvation. He said “anyone that wants to follow me, should pick up his own cross and walk”. I know there are differences between dogmas, but it is more likely that most Christians don’t even read the bible. One does not just get saved by accepting Jesus as a personal savior. There is much work to be done. It’s a watered down verion of Christianity for the indolent masses.

        I don’t really like Christianity and believe that it is incompatible with life on earth, but those Christians kept the bad parts and forgot anything good that may be there philosophically speaking.

        • Well that’s the big problem w/irrational claptrap (AKA “belief”), isn’t it? It can be “interpreted” to death – further, the only “interpretations” that “stick” are made by male gorillas who always “bend” things to their advantage (this even, & perhaps especially, includes science, where the White male psychologizes everything to his heart’s/benefit’s content. One example that comes to mind from viewing David Attenborough recently) — just listen to any wildlife program, where the male “schyientist” will fondly describe what looks like a blatant rape & chase scene as “courtship.”

          Really, there are so many examples that it makes my head spin. Of course, this is the shysteriffic blueprint of psycho-dogma that’s been passed between White males & jews for centuries. Jews, being the minority & underdog, learned their lessons well while the White male continued thumping his chest & watching the Jews strip everything — from the media to his governments — right out from under him.

          While the White male’s main obsession was keeping his equals (actually superiors, in many respects) down in the slavery shithole, they let every color Penis Person run rampant — even cheering them as they raped White women, took White womens’ jobs, & letting them do whatever they wished in “law” etc. — all while keeping their boots firmly on White womens’ necks. The folly of the White man really would make a great Dostoevsky-type novel.

          There is something clearly defective in most males that is not a defect in most White females. But, unfortunately, this defect thrives on real or perceived hegemony, lording it over women, & pretending that his selfish, nasty “work” is “for the betterment of mankind” or “blessed by Gawd” or any other sanctimonious cherry he feels like putting atop his shit sundae – so there’s no way to stop his egomaniacally destructive freight train.

          I hope you do understand that I talk in generalities. As a scientist, that is a necessity. Obviously I’m not describing all men or all women. But I think that my observations would at least partially resonate with those of an intelligent visitor from another planet who had viewed the “action” for a while.

          An aside & hypothetical question: Notice how when a man takes his extreme prejudice & writes it down, it’s called “science” & “objectivity.” When a woman does the same, it’s called “irrationality,” “being on the rag,” etc. When a woman uses the scientific method (statistics etc.) as a basis for her findings, males label it “feminazi.” Understand why I say that jews learned many of their techniques from the White man?

          • Demosthenes says:

            Yes, don’t worry, you don’t have to mention that not all men/women are like that. I understand basic statistics, confidence intervals, p-value etc.

            I agree that most men are retarded anyway. There are plenty of examples even university professors, who are supposed to be among the best intellectually, passing easily beautiful female students. “The Idiot” is surely an appropriate tittle. Women have their problems too, but at least they don’t stem from using their genitals at all costs.

            • Ah, I could write a whole book about just male professors – honestly, I could. They are so very, very far from anything “objective” that it’s almost Monty-Pythonesque. For the most part, they are only good at being replicators (if IQ tests weren’t filled w/all kinds of “fluff,” most of these guys would be barely-average at best). Their mad scramble for whatever Tits & Ass catches their fancy is identical to nearly all of their brethren in & out of the U. This irrational, unfair & downright grotesque malarkey is what most men call “luv” of women.

              The women who play along w/this farce — who, like their male cohorts in Da Herd, are in the majority — feel all proud that they get attention for their silicone & their painted-up hofaces (the older ones have to work harder – i.e. they must emotionally, intellectually, & spiritually “suck cock” – but even for these old hag fellators, it’s easier to be a trumped-up liar & prostitute since males rule the world & literally insist that women be nothing more than cock-suckers — so who can really blame them?)

              Of course, it’s a difficult thing to deal w/the silly attentions of someone who’s got your future in their hands when you’re NOT one to go along w/the game. “Men” like this don’t like it when their advances aren’t “appreciated” & will make their chosen victim suffer for their lack of “proper response.” So, in Walking Uteri Land, it’s heads you win, tails I lose.

            • On a totally different subject, I was thinking about you Domosthenes while reading on my stairmaster. Why? Because the author started thus:

              “We find the first Jews filtering into Europe some time before the Christian era,
              particularly in the region of Greece. The ancient Greeks spoke of these Asiatic invaders
              with considerable bitterness.”

              This little gem is turning out to be quite a page turner. It’s only about 60 pgs. & is jam packed w/info on our hook-nosed friends & their insistence on living in Europe, centering especially on Poland & Russia. Although (so far at least — I’m only about 1/3 through) I know much of the story he tells (“Behind Communism” by Frank Britton), he really compacts the info down for students & others who don’t have time to devour gargantuan tomes ;o)

              You can find a pdf here:

              • Demosthenes says:

                Thanks, I’ll give it a look. It’s been a while since I studied ancient Greek history, and most likely those particular Asiatic invaders did not catch my attention. It would be interesting to read again with the knowledge I acquired since then. Maybe wikipedia has an article about how Jews teached Greeks the secrets of trade, and how those ungrateful antisemites sacrificed 6 million of them to Poseidon in return. Hence the term holocaust.

  16. ABeliever says:

    This duped Christian-Zionist fellow should read something besides “Left Behind” for his theology. Nowhere in the New Testament are Jews referred to as God’s “Chosen People”. Christians are, as in John 15:16; 1Peter 2:9. The Scriptures are NOT a Jewish or Talmudic book. That’s what the Jews, especially the Rabbis, Scribes and Pharisees of Jesus’s day and of the centuries since have maintained, but that is absolutely not what Christ said. He stated that the Scriptures were about Him (John 5:39; Luke 24:25-27; Romans 1:1-4; 1Peter 1: 10-12; 2Peter 1:16-21). These are just a few verses which bring this out. The whole point of everything in the Bible and for that matter in history and eternity is Jesus Christ, NOT THE JEWS. The true Israel of God received Him. (Read “Letters to a Millenarian; the Present Jews Not the Lawful Heirs of the Abrahamic Will” by Rev. A Williamson.). The rest were cut off from all claims to be God’s people. This confused Christian man should read the Vineyard parable or the parable of the Wedding of the King’s son ( Matthew 21: 33-46; Matthew 22: 1-15). The Scribes and Pharisees of Jesus’ day understood that Christ was talking about them. Too bad most Christians today don’t see it. But then most contemporary Christians listen to “Prophecy Teachers” instead of actually searching the Scriptures themselves. Who does this Christian think the Synagogue of Satan is (Revelation 2:9 and 3:9)? Did he miss John 8:44-48 where Christ calls these Jewish people the children of Satan? How can people that hate Jesus be Heaven’s chosen? How can people who deny Christ and thus are by definition anti-Christs be Heaven’s Chosen?
    The key to bringing brainwashed, confused Christian “Dispensationalists” to the truth about this usurper group who call themselves Jews is not to attack Christ, but to show them the errors of their own Scriptural interpretation. They should actually read the Bible. They should read such things as the internet article ” Dispensationalism and the Problem of Vindication” by slaveofone; or various books by Philip Mauro: “The Hope of Israel:”, “The Gospel of the Kingdom”; and “Daniel and the Seventy Weeks”. For that matter, they should just go get a Matthew Henry commentary or one by Matthew Poole. Hey, read Martin Luther on the Jews. There have been down through the centuries multitudes of Christians who were Jew-wise.
    Dr. Gordon Ginn in his book “The Final Apostasy” states on page 174 ” …Christians bow and scrape before them(the Jews) , standing in awe of their “chosen” status. The final apostasy includes this obeisance to an entity (the Jewish people) that usurps the unique position of Jesus Christ…If the compromise of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ is not apostasy, then we had better invent a new dictionary.”
    Also, all Christians are not “retards”. The Kinists are quite orthodox in their beliefs and extremely racially aware and Jew-wise.

    • Thanks for your thoughtful comments.

      Geezus & Krisstiannity are hokum, balderdash, twaddle. We don’t need a jewboi to tell us how to live.

      For the record, though, I can’t help but notice that I consistently treat people in my day to day life w/more kindness & consideration than 99.9% of the so-called “Krisstians.” So, as you may have noticed, I didn’t say anything insulting to this intelligent & interesting White European man. Nor would I. Unlike the “Krisstians,” who are always busy warring w/each other over Jewboi, I know how to act w/o the hocus-pocus of the reyidgious sort. I’ll bet you a thousand dollars a “Krisstian” would have started arguing w/him. That’s just part & parcel of the utter monstrosity of bullshit “belief” in Sheeny in the Sky v. living a moral life that stems from within.

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