Turds of “White” Nationalism (The Sequel)

by Marina Orwell


Maybe it’s all just part of JoMiLs’ uber-schyientific “evolutionary psychology”

It looks like that small cadre of barely-average jackals who call themselves “white” nationalists will continue to poop in their diapers, smear it all over themselves, and babble about “shitskins.”  This may seem all humorous-like to those of you who’ve been “initiated” into the behavior of these Joos Minus the Lucre (JoMiLs), but it’s awfully confusing n’ downright unnerving to most normal White Europeans.

It will just never dawn on JoMiLs that sane White Europeans avoid them with good reason — despite the fact that JoMiLs’ schizoid internal jabberer keeps insisting that It’s Dem All Pow’rful Joos who are keeping dem sheeple from their True Saviorz.  But, when you have absolutely nothing going for you but the belief that yer special and that all others are either “kwans” or “groids,” then yer internal tapestry very much resembles something hanging in a bonafide Kikenstein castle (only much less opulent, of course).

JoMiLs are fascinated with those few White European folk who, unlike themselves, aren’t radical egalitarians (this is why they insist on lurking on my little acre of this here Scribble n’ Bandit space).  Those of us of the véritable non égalitaire persuasion can fathom simple genetics and use yardsticks to measure it, such as actual achievements in the world (being a Legend in Yer Own Mind notwithstanding), intelligence level, productivity, etc. — and not the configuration of diddle-daddle and pubes.  JoMiL egalitarians, however — like their so-called liberal brethren — are authoritarians who cannot function without rigid yet arbitrary hierarchies based on El Testy Escroto, El Honcho Judio, or some other version of Le Pénis Infantile.  (I didn’t set out to do so, but I just described why the world is so extraordinarily effed up and why it will never change.)

she my doormat wit holes

She don’t mind gittin fucked as long as I call ‘er Honey. She my Doormat Wit Holes.

Usually JoMiLs merely lurk on my blog.  They know that I know that they’re “white” nationalists n’ as such I’m just one of their “guilty pleasures.”  They wouldn’t want their barrel-chested buddies (who typically either live with Mama n’ Papa or in the house bequeathed to them by el sire de la estúpida) thinking they were entranced with the likes of me — seeing as how I’m all puffed-up and human-like, defying — through my own efforts (fueled by die pristinely arischen Genen meiner Vorfahren) —  one of their most closely-cherished and self-serving “beliefs” — that Walking Uteri should function as their shitholes so that Le Cirque de Pénis can continue to run absolutely everything on the planet into the ground.

I don’t mind playing along — after all, this here Judenschmutzhof is just chock full of pretense n’ skullduggery, but even my stalwart stomaco da struzzo has its limits.  Thus, I was irritated to find that after scrubbing the thing clean last night, heute morgan I found the old jooglecoffer again crammed with jackalpuke.


When JoMiL Doormats with Holes spread their psychopuke, they magically keep it from ever touching their Massahs.  (Fer more general info on FDH — female branch of Da Herd — & what fuels their Bolsheviki-like bitchiocrity, go here)

Oy, how these “very exacting” minds of authoritarian JoMiLs (it’s redundant, I know) operate — like Käfige voller Poop und Wahnsinn — just waiting for a sucker like me to open the door.  (Since interacting with these types, I have a better understanding of the “pink stuff” in Dr. Seuss).

In short, I’m not overawed by the sludge pouring forth from parrotomatic gynospitters.

It would seem that my non-pre-fitted-and-bundled neurogambolry is anathema to those who need clearance from Da Herd before engaging the corroded retrochunk atop their décolletage.  Emotion — ever at the wheel of Da Herd’s carriage instead of reasoning — prefers to encourage the unhinged & puerile (because afterall, weakness and chinwaggery appeals to its inner donkey).  But then, JoMiLs never tire of chasing their tails.

JoMiLs don’t want to create a White European nation of course — they merely want to take a spin in Ye Olde Talmudic Time Machine (as brought to them by Joolywood and Heebison Avenue) — back to a time when they imagine that the Culpritic pasture was all green n’ plush n’ inviting.  An older version of this here talmudipooped world would be quite comfortable for them — after all, their esprit has been thoroughly pickled in Joolywood, Krisstiannity and other Culpritic brine — and, like all authoritarians, they lack the creativity and foresight necessary to imagine a world sans Pox Judaica.  

They can’t see it, and they can’t smell their own diapers.  They are ohne die Sinne, sans les sens, stunad.  Since this little layer of kosherized Kinderspeilspew will continue to stand in our way — White people are going to have to hold our noses and step over JoMiL on our way to El Gran Estadio Judío.

© 2014 Orwell’s Daughter

Male JoMiLs are fond of calling blacks “niggers” but as usual, the thinking person must observe actions, not words.  The real niggers have always been the more intelligent, more highly-educated, more productive and less expensive 51%.  This fact is obvious to any non-biased observer, but since that probably doesn’t include you, here’s just one concrete and very telling example:  The “white” man gave black males the vote, leaving their genetic equals (not quite true, going by statistics, and as even a cursory glance at their oddly-defective chromosomes reveal to any unbiased eye — but let’s not quibble here) to fight, tooth and nail for 50 long years before White women finally tore it from their “nigger” loving hands.  

It’s the penis — even a purple one — that these defective dullards hold dear.  It is as irrational a luv as their belief that a Jewboi died on a cross fer their “sinz,” or any number of absurdities — but irrationality’s surname is Peckerwood.  Every Doormat with Holes knows it (though few ever really talk back to Massah).

You Walking Uteri who are still capable of thinking for yourselves ought to ponder deeply what Rule by the Testosterone-Crazed has meant, and what the future holds as it stampedes unabated (also ponder yer own complicity via your own laziness). While yer at it, might as well really let the reality of the above-noted suffrage scenario sink in.

As fer the rest of you: Oy! It’s time fer ya’ll to grab yer scrotum, screech about “feminism,” and gather fer a penis party (AKA circle jerk).

More on JoMiLs (no pun intended):

Tastes Just Like Chicken! (A primer for newbies)

Part I of 3: Queen Bee’s Hive O’ Misogyny (an intrepid lioness’ foray into Droneville)

Part 2 of 3: Pro”White” Is a Code Word for Women-Hating Males (read JoMiLs in their natural habitat)

Part 3 of 3: Here Comes the Herd O’ Pro”White” Jackals (hear the hypocritical bleatings of WNs who like to fuck jewesses & more)

Evolutionary Chutzpah (a brief primer on how the “white” male has convinced most people that the irrational is the rational, and more specifically — that schyience is science).


About Orwell's Daughter

A marooned visitor to this Big Barrel O Idiots reporting on the antics of Da Herd (especially the Culpritic 2%)
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39 Responses to Turds of “White” Nationalism (The Sequel)

  1. Philosophy dressed in nonstop LOLs. I do believe your writing’s better than your vids. Well no, scratch that. You’re a Renaissance woman.

    I’ll need to savor this one again in the morn, after some good shut eye and a little pud pulling. Hey you’re not kidding it’s uncontrollable & irrational. That’s how it always gets its way 😉

  2. I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I’m not the best reader but I read every word of your blogs. If only I could have read something as captivating & pertaining to my life when I went through the government schools…

    You described the situation to a T. This is why so many believe most white nationalists are informants. It’s hard to believe ppl would act that way on purpose. Hard to believe they keep doing the same shit expecting different results. My opinino is that most ppl cling to whatever sorry group they’re in for dear life. If you;re a Jomil (lol) you almost have to. Who else will hang with the fecally challenged? But I hadnt thought about them being in our way. Very insightful.

  3. Victor says:

    If laughter is the best medicine then I’m glad ya keep refilling my script OD

  4. Dave says:

    How are WNists radical egalitarians?

    Orwell’s Daughter’s response:

    You give nothing, yet expect me to give even more to you. I’d say that’s as good an example as any of radical egalitarianism, “Dave.”

    Please note, intelligent readers, that “Dave” gives us an example of JoMiL’s typical first step. Like their overloards, the Culpritics, they start out w/the “I don’t understand you”/”I lack reading comprehension” ruse.

    They give nothing, don’t wish to understand anything, & only want to disrupt those of us who aren’t merely faceless, voiceless pussies like themselves.

    People who only give fart noises deserve only fart noises in return. Actually, they don’t even deserve that much, but I will use the lame attempt of this particular JoMiL – as well as the attempts of any Dead Sea codswalloper, Walking Uteri looking to spread cognichlamydia, or just plain old garden-variety smartass — if it serves to make some of you “wake up” out of centuries of being anesthetized by the shylockadocious fumes of yidcum — & begin seeing reality — & then hopefully living in it (possibly for the very first time in yer psychologically programmed lives).

    So, “Dave@yahoo.com” AKA typical JoMiL — here’s to you: *fart noise*

  5. Gary says:

    What’s your opinion of Tom Metzger?

      • BOYCOTTJEWTOWN says:

        Tom pretends that he’s building “Aryan resistance” by listening himself repeat the opinions of RT (Russia Today) and even an old liberal whos screwing a Mestizo half his age (Dennis Malloy). He’s got a tiny group of do-nothings that like to listen to “intel” about what to do if they’re ever arrested. LOL. His “lone wolves” expect to be arrested while sitting in their house watching Joo media all day.

        Your perpective is refreshing and funny as hell.

  6. Ho's R us the Avenger says:

    Hey, we resemble your description and would like to inform you that “pooping in our diapers, smearing it all over ourselves, and babbling about “shitskins”” is an activity that’s been patented by us. Although it’s still at the Patent Office and not quite complete, we want you to know that this scatological and self-injurious behavior is the property of us. Anyone imitating our patent will be prosecuted.

    • LOL. Thanks for the giggle & thanks for letting me know. I don’t expect to infringe on yer patent in the near future.

    • lol, & next time you make a pro-white video you may want to hire women who can at least speak clearly. Forcing your dowdy GF’s to mouth the words you wrote doesn’t cost you anything. But the only ppl who think your videos are good are other WN males who also have stupid ugly GF’s or can’t even get that much.

      another great essay OD. Remind me to tell you what my mom had to say about black men being given teh vote half a century before white women fought & finally pulled it from the white man’s nigger loving hands. LOL. Maybe I should have her talk to you herself.

  7. WN has done considerable damage to white ppl. Joos started it & do the most damage, but WN was right there acting as they usually do. Joos kept their cool while WN acted like clowns & madmen. The sad part is that they were doing this while white ppl in this country were still able to move. Yes they were already steeped in disgustingly Joo mideastern sexism that desecrated any respect white men had left for white women after centuries of Joo “religious” propaganda. But they hadn’t yet swallowed the racial crap. This they began pushing heavily in the 1960’s & 70’s. You did a piece on “All in teh Family” that was an excellent summary of this & more (would you please remind me of the name of this one if you remember). It was at that moment of history that WN turned the stomachs of most white ppl while the Joos acted cool as a cucumber on the sidelines as usual. Instead of being rational about it, we had WN retards dressing up as “Nazis” & making a scene. Their behavior didn’t get any better after that either. They literally handed the playing field over to the Joos so that they could finish off their psychological coup d’etat.

    Another one for the OD hit parade that I’ll be using with my grandkids. Another thing I like is your use of other European languages. It’s gotten them interested in learning history, languages, psychology, neurology & other sciences. Plus the old fart here always learns a lot too & continues to shake his head in wonder at your massive intellect.

    • Thanks for your kind words, my friend. To be fair, kikenstein already had pretty much a vice grip on the media by the 60’s. I’m blanking on the name of a particular guy I think you’re talking about. He had really screwball & infantile ideas about women (nearly all men did back then — well hell, they still do now ;o) but it’s my understanding that he used the Nazi uniforms etc. just to get attention. Come to think of it, his escapades are further proof of the fact that the ever-suff’rin jews hadn’t yet thoroughly entrenched the population w/their Holohoax crap.

      My criticisms are really about the current situation.

      Here’s a link to the post you mentioned.

      • Rockwell was his name. Even though most Americans hadn’t been brainwashed by the Joo Holohoax propaganda yet, they HAD been completely brainwashed by the war propaganda. So wearing a German uniform was a stupid thing to do. As far as I’m concerned there hasn’t been one WN who hasn’t been an embarrassment.

  8. Karen55 says:

    What pure delight it is to read your work. If even 10% of women had talked back to “Massah” instead of taking the easy way out, we’d have no “Jewish problem.” I’m not blaming the victim, I’m just musing. Women all know we can smell a man’s BS a mile away. Too bad he’s always been too thick skulled and hormone driven to stop putting us down.

  9. I must admit to being “barely average” myself OD. But I’ve grown smarter since meeting up with you. I find reading other blogs or even books that are supposedly really wise to be pretty boring now after reading The Master. (lol, hope you like that one). I’vd read some of your work several times & each time it’s like new & always funnier than hell. I always remember your take aways though. They stick with me & influence the way I see the world.

  10. I have a lot to catch up on, mon chéri, & you’ve sparked many things in my mind. For now I’ll just say that reading this was like taking a naked dip in cool water after one bastard of a day in “talmudland.”

  11. JonS says:

    Between & under & over & yon your uniquely hilarious writing are countless pearls of wisdom.

    We are at the brink, I believe, of no longer having people whose attention spans & reading comprehension are developed enough to read, let alone understand thoughts like yours. Just like the fact that those who know what really happened in Hitler’s Germany or what the Jewish commissars did to Eastern Europe are nearly all died off, soon those of us who can remember how to communicate beyond “textglish” & “hipster yidcum” will all be gone too. Will it really be “oppression” when the masses are happy on their “Culpritic” plantation?

    • Thanks for your kind words & thoughtful comments.

      Here’s how I see it playing out (this is the scenario I see happening if Da Boyz don’t start off a nuclear war, which is more likely IMO):

      Keeping all the morons happy watching Joolywood movies, texting their silly little phlanges to the bone, & tweeting hipster yidcum is only the “holding tank” phase. It’s perfect too, because jews love to achieve their aims cheaply, & it will cost them next to nothing to give the addicted dumbasses free cable, free internet, & hell, I’ll bet these generous hook-nosed benefactors would even throw in free cell phone (oops, they’ve already started doing that via Shyster ‘Bama’s free cell phone for nonwhites campaigns).

      Do you really think the Culpritics will allow our morbidly obese, useless Mestizo dickwads continue to fuck & breed like rabbits & our uber-violent black friends to cost them money in their prison systems (the White taxpayer is paying now, but this scenario takes place after nearly all of us have gone bye-byes)? Hell no. Nothing will please the Culpritics more (except for what he’s done to Whitey, of course) than to massacre the blacks & browns in as many evil ways as they can dream up (look at some photos of what the Jew commissars did to White Europeans for “inspiration” about just how sick these people are — unfortunately there aren’t a lot of photos for obvious reasons, but if you look hard enough you’ll find them & it’s well worth the hunting).

      They know the resources are dwindling. Besides the fact that they’re miserly, they will be eliminating the blacks & browns if only for this reason alone.

      • JonS says:

        Very astute thesis. So obvious but I hadn’t thought of it 😉

        Well for those of us who made the intelligent choice to not have children, all we have to do is stand back & watch it roll. Must be hell for breeders, knowing that their kids will die horrible deaths even if there is no nuclear war. But I guess thinking into the future isn’t something most breeders do, unless it’s to dream about what they want under the guise of what college Junior will go to or how well their daughter will take care of them when they’re old. Kids are hating their parents more than ever before, as they begin to wake up to the fact that breeding is a totally selfish act. Little Adam Lanzas will be a dime a dozen in another 10 years.

        It would probably be a good thing to have a couple of stray cyanide capsules lying around.

        • I’m actually surprised there aren’t more Adam Lanzas, given the kind of filth who are typically egotistical enough to replicate themselves. There are still some good people who are trying their best to be good parents though. It’s their little lambs that I really feel sorry for.

      • Dr.Justin Les Faits says:

        This scenario you describe will proceed faster than most people think. Thanks for the post about Obama too; made this all “click in” for me.

        The best part is that it will all be blamed on the white man. The masses are no longer capable of blaming Jews for all they’ve done, let alone think for themselves. How many decades have the Jews been beating the drums against white people while pushing their holocost propaganda (yes I’m now officially down the “rabbit hole”). The Jews have financially raped this country and the world even worse than usual just a few years ago, no one has recover or will recover, yet the masses still cannot see the greedy Jew for what he is and what he’s done.

        When it gets to the point where Jews are killing off the black and brown people, they could literally get on their media and say “ha ha it was us kikes” but the stupid blacks and browns would still blame the whites because they really are too stupid to grasp how they’re being used. Even if they had the intellectual capacity, they just aren’t interested in differentiating between whites and Jews. It just feels so good to them to keep blaming white people.

        Are your old commentaries to be found somewhere?

  12. So true and so funny from beginning to end.

    p.s. they DID evolve from hyena crap

  13. camdeng says:

    Adore ur humor

  14. Sums up the problem succinctly and with your trademark witty aplomb. The stench of WN hyocrisy alone is unbearable. So what to call ourselves? Personally it makes me sick that the mongrels invading our country have the nerve to call their racist organization “la raza.” Let’s take it back. What language wouldn’t offend most white Europeans? How about “Genus”?

    • I like the idea. Kikenstein will screech no matter what name we’d choose, so how about “The Aryans?” Or we could send them into shysteriffic apoplexy with “die weiße Rasse AKA übermenschen.” Or we could go totally cryptic with “y ras gwyn.”

      But, with all seriousness I think it’s a good idea.

      • norse canal says:

        You have an interesting perspective & a wicked sense of humor. Can’t resist either!

        “y ras gwyn” would be a great name.

  15. zoggytide says:

    Ah, a woman with intelligence and humor. It’s rare enough in the population at large, but non existent among the racially aware. Until you of course.

  16. hellsicu says:

    Have you read Ben Klassen’s White Man’s Bible? How about David Duke’s My Awakening? If so your opinion please.

    • Yes I’ve read both. Rather, I should say that I skimmed Klassen’s bunkum. Anyone w/more than a lukewarm IQ & at least a 3rd grade reading comprehension level cannot help but skim this tripe. Those of you who want a great example of “white” males circle jerking around mediocrity should definitely find a free copy online to eyeball. Those w/more than a 12th grade public education may find Klassen’s “ideas” about health & medicine particularly entertaining (not that all of his “ideas” are wrong — some are whacky-wrong, but others are so mundane as to almost be humorous — the fact that Klassen believes any of this is groundbreaking information — even in the 70s — is a perfect example of how the barely-average-yet-doggedly-egoistical “white” male mind works).

      But even more banal than Klassen’s lame attempts at writing & his decidedly non-creative “Church of the Creator” was his life itself. He was the typical “white” man of his time — vainglorious, greedy, & unable to judge his own (mediocre) abilities. This barely-average shamrock whirligig was also a business criminal in real estate (one of the slimiest forms of business criminality there is, & old Ben was up to his eyeballs in it). But we cannot say that this shylockadocious egomaniac wasn’t “creative,” because after all, he “invented” the electric can opener. LOL. Of course he did.

      Please note that the “phenomenon” of Klassen & his “church” are textbook examples of how Da “white” male Herd operates.

      Intelligent readers (especially of the Walking Uteri persuasion) would do well to make a psychological examination of impeccable specimens of the pumped-up-while-prosaic “white” males like Klassen. This is what his mediocre fan club (herd members, all) would like to see a rerun of: A time when barely-average business criminals like Klassen felt like they “ruled the world.” He’s the prototypical “white” male that everyone hates – w/plenty of reason.

      (BTW I don’t mean to pick on Klassen specifically, since there were/are millions of other egomaniacal “white” males just like him, but since I was asked, Klassen provides a great example).

      Also, compare his banal blatherings to those of Hitler (I use Hitler as an example because, like Klassen, he wasn’t a professional writer & he wrote about similar themes). While yer at it, compare the lives of these two men. On both counts, it’s like comparing a supercilious & selfish dullard to a noble & principled genius. (Please don’t write to me about Hitler’s “mistakes” – I understand that he was a human being who didn’t possess supernatural abilities. I’m also not part of that silly cult who worships at his shrine – to no purpose – something that, ironically, I think Hitler would have spat at).

      On to Duke. Yes, I did read “My Awakening.” It’s been years, mind you, but I remember that it was well written & contained many useful sources (if I remember correctly). I’m sure there were things I disagreed with (this is true of all of us who are able to put our own brains in gear rather than just having herdlike reactions, no?) but overall I’d recommend it highly — at least to those who don’t already have at least half of their arse already down the rabbit hole.

      • alabasterass says:

        Oh dear heavens I haven’t laughed so hard nonstop for quite some time. Tears streaming down my face. Great comments too. Just when I’d blown my nose and gathered my wits back together, I read the bit about Klassen being a “barely-average shamrock whirligig” and lost it all over again. What solar system do ya hail from?

  17. Reblogged this on antipornfeminist and commented:
    I’m reblogging still another one of Dr. Orwell’s brilliant essays not only because it describes part of the male’s intellectual disease perfectly but because I’m frustrated. I’m frustrated with the depressing state of most feminists. When will they break through their mental stupor and see that merely trashing “men” as one big lump group will go nowhere? When will they begin to understand that feminism was hijacked by an extremely wealthy tribe who also own the media and nearly everything else? When will feminists stop jumping to their tune? Do they even bother to read their real predecessors or is there writing too difficult for the dumbed down feminists of today? Who told you that it’s your “right” to enjoy yourself? Could it be the tribe who’s been busy taking over nearly everything in the world? I get so frustrated that some of the most intelligent among women have been so duped for so long. Get of the LGBTXYZ bandwagon and start thinking for yourselves. For God’s sake, before this greedy, hateful little tribe begins a nuclear war.

    P.S. Don’t forget to read Dr. O’s footnote.

  18. 2br6d says:

    Your right about them not getting out of our way. These guys make their living from it so they will never stop.

  19. Listening to “Mildred” has been like not being able to look away while watching a car crash. Now I know why WN’s first tenet is woman hating. But Pierce is comical too. He believes that the k-12 educational system is “feminist.” This just shows how far from reality Mildred was out there in WV playing with himself. Now I see why you say he did more harm than good. That’s putting it mildly.

  20. Thepitz1 says:

    I do literally LMFAO reading your blog. How you can do this when explaining everyday experiences like getting crap email, is beyond me. I love your choice of illustrations too. The female hyena is looking away, bored, probably disgusted but we can’t see her face. This is just what 100% of female humans would look like if it weren’t for all the propaganda telling us how great “gittin fucked” is. Not to mention telling us this is what we are for and he won’t like us if we don’t pretend to like “gittin fucked.” Love the Dr. Seus reference too. It’s even the right color, to connote the blathering of the underclass!

  21. 0jr says:

    they are the main reason whitey is weak and even oppose other whites also that they are crypto zionists

  22. Ancient Realist says:

    Here’s a sick underaged moron who the ‘white nationalists’ all follow

    Whose sicker, this teenage girl who performs in a padded slip or the middle aged joo thinkers who subscribe to her/it?

  23. BrendaTheWhite says:

    Hey OD, I wanted to read & maybe respond to the comments ppl made on my comments on your article about illegal alien killers. I can’t find it??

  24. Nate Middleton says:

    Trying to talk sensibly to white nationalists is worse than talking to liberals. I finally gave up. They have no solutions because they are so off base with so many of their premises. You are right, they quite selfishly keep at their circle jerking at the expense of the white majority. Personally I hope every last one is rounded up and shot so the rest of us can get on with problem solving.

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