Boxer’s “GTFO” Bill Stuns Congress

by Marina Orwell

Forty years of plucking T-bills from dat big ole Amerikan Geldbaum under the hot California sun — combined with chronic peroxide poisoning and a Borderline-range IQ — may have finally caught up with Senator Barbara “the Babbler” Boxer.  Babs, born in 1940, is just another member of the loud-mouthed, country-wrecking, ironically-named “Silent Generation” — a generation of silver-spooned lunatics who, among other things, were responsible for nearly 100% of the 1960s nuttery and ensuing fallout.


Boxer: “GTFO mudtards! Go home and wait for your bill from the American People for all of the services you’ve stolen, and for using our country like toilet paper.”

After more than 40 years of collecting the largest welfare checks known to mankind, Barbara has gotten off of her toucanoplastied arsebox and gone done sumpthin useful.  Boxer shocked her fellow Kosher Nostra comrades when she announced that she’ll be introducing the radical “GTFO and Stay Out” bill to Congress next week.

At least a dozen other bills have been recently offered to end “sanctuary” jurisdictions for illegal alien criminals (redundant, I know, but some of you just don’t seem to get the actual fact that all of the motley greasers and slantsluts from assorted Shitholes in the Turd World who are here illegally are by definition criminals — in addition to any of the numerous violent crimes and frauds that they also commit while stealing real Americans’ social services, shitting in their streets, and subjecting them to their nasty mud demeanor).

Boxer’s bill is, surprisingly, the boldest of the lot.  She simply proposes to “give them a week to GTFO before We the American People begin target practice.”

Marco & his "big-boned" amerind wife -- looks just like Barbara Boxer

Marco & his “big-boned” mestiza wife — who’s a dead ringer for Barbara Boxer at age 55 or so

Even more surprising is Boxer’s provision regarding “anchor babies” — the phenomena of preggers illegal criminals believing that their sprockets are “American citizens” because they dropped their black-eyed loads in the United States.  This unlawful activity has been “big business,” especially since 1983 (when this clearly-illegal insanity really took off because of Supreme Shyster corruption — another redundancy, I know).

In addition to the required self-deportation of “fresh wetbacks,” Boxer stipulated that all anchor babies also “GTFO with any and all crotchsprockets they spawned here” — although Boxer proposes giving these “ripe” illegals an additional 6 months to leave.

Interestingly, eviction of anchor babies and their progeny would include her colleague Marco Rubio, his chunk-style cur wife, and their four little carpet apes — among many other assorted government bureaucrats.  “Imagine how many jobs will open up in just the K-12 education system alone” Boxer quipped.

The hideous mud illegal Juan Lopez Sanchez killed Kathryn Steinle just because she was White

The hideous mud illegal Juan Lopez Sanchez killed Kathryn Steinle just because she was White

Boxer’s proposed bill was presumably a response to the cold-blooded shooting of a San Francisco woman by a dispicable Turd World pigman who had been deported five frigging times — but, instead of being beheaded and thrown back over the border in two oily pieces, was given the blessing by his fellow muds and dumbass “white” liberals — to roam, steal, pillage, and murder to his injun heart’s content.

“No, it wasn’t because of Kathryn Steinle” Boxer smirked.  “The murder of beautiful White women doesn’t bother us jew women in the least.”

Was it her impending “retirement” from sucking the Big Teats of Government — after 40-plus years of treason against the American people — that triggered what her fellow libtards glibly called “histrionics?”

---------     Oy!    -----------

——— Oy! ———–

“No,” Boxer replied.  “I just looked in the mirror and saw that despite all of the millions in taxpayer money I’ve spent on massive plastic surgery, kilos of makeup, a mouthful of veneers, and getting my rug spray-painted — I just look like an old Mexican hag.”

Babs continued, “Like the various zippispicaroons from south of the border and from Asia, we jews are a mixed-race mess. Why should we jewesses have to take on more competition?”

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