You’re Not a Psychologist, Kevin MacDonald

This “white” nationalist (who’s also a member of the nation-wrecking “Silent” Generation) thinks he’s still living in the 60s, when dudes like him could claim to be whatever they felt like — without those pesky sheepskins.

Bogus Dichotomy

by Dr. Justin Les Faits

Kevin MacDonald, former teacher in the Cal State system, is not a psychologist.  Not even close.  He does, however, refer to himself as one and he allows himself to be addressed as such.  I have contacted Mr. MacDonald through his website to warn him that a group of real psychologists intend to take action against him if he does not stop misrepresenting himself.

kevin-MacDonaldKevin MacDonald continues to allow himself to be misrepresented as a psychologist despite these warnings.  We know that MacDonald holds views that are unpopular, and we respect his freedom of speech.  He does, however, need to stop misrepresenting himself.  This is the last time the warning will be given.  If he continues this charade, action will be taken.

As an academic with no training whatsoever in professional psychology, Mr. MacDonald likely does not even realize that real psychologists have undergone more training than almost…

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