White Women (& the Men Who Hate Them)

by Marina Orwell

“What is wrong with these dudes?  Why do women put up with it?”  These are questions I am often asked.  Part of the answer is there in the 3-part series I wrote about that small cadre of misogynists who call themselves “white” nationalists.  Much of this also pertains to “garden variety” White men — who are largely just porn-fed, adolescent wastrels who want a maid, cook, full-time earner, and fucktuffet (as long as she will STFU about it).

The short answer is:  The few women who hang with this herd don’t care about what is “right” or “true” — it matters not that most “white” nationalists are vicious misogynists.  It matters not that the White race will continue to go down the drain if the male continues in his massive delusions/jewified psyche.  It matters not that tens of millions of White girls and women are being subjected to the worst psychic and physical terror this always-violent planet has ever witnessed.

She wants to be a Queen Bee (even if her male MRA drones don’t respect her and she knows it — this too matters not).  She may look like a woman, but her insides are cock-owned, like this “culture” at large.

male dullards are never bored

Nearly 100% of these anorexic hos have plastic breasts. Ain’t it interesting that nearly 100% of males luv the “little boy with tits” look (i.e. the trans man look)? Even obese males — who had to work THRICE as hard to become fat (testosterone allows males to burn far more energy than females) — insist that women be preternaturally thin. The ones who like to screech about what is “natural” seem impervious to their own massive hypocrisy — almost as if they were completely brainwashed ;o)

Males are stampeding herd animals much more so than females and no where is this more evident than among the “white” nationalists.  But just cruising the internet will suffice to prove this point (for those who are capable of engaging their sensory apparatus and head brain instead of merely codswalloping through life with those two vole-like neurons barely rubbing together while los ganglios del Señor Winkie is in control of ihre jüdischen Schafe Wagen).

Now for the long answer.

White women were chattel (see “Coverture” for just one legal travesty that bludgeoned women up until quite recently) per the “white” man’s “law.”  And that’s just the tip of the effing anti-woman iceberg.

Yet without total hegemony (i.e. the fact that nowadays women aren’t complete slaves — again, this is a relatively recent event), these boyz cry and scream like jewified pussies.  White women haven’t even regained 10% of what’s been either stolen or brutally beaten out of us, but even this paltry amount scares the hell out of these talmudified étrons chatte.  For just one small example, listen to their screeching about “affirmative action” — it matters not that they cannot substantiate what they say — they’ll just keep whining about how it benefits White (non jew) women — despite the fact that a little research would show that White women are at the very bottom of the heap when it comes to employment in this here 100%-always-and-in-everything-male-controlled cuntry.

These maricones (pronounced fairyconz or Marcyconz) cannot even begin to perceive the fact that their treatment of their equals (and, in many ways, superiors) is the axis from which nearly all of the Culpritic anti-White agenda has taken hold and gained control.  The only way to describe them is thus:  Blindered autistic beasts who have armed assassins all around their periphery, but who will viciously kick and bite if their kindly mental superiors try to ease their blinkers off.  It’s an impossible situation — how hilarious the whole thing is to the Big Jewz who are the only winners in this centuries-old game.

this is what the male calls free speech

Imagine how the little menz would screech if animals were tortured — & the photos of their torture were sold. But that’s not all — these photos were sold so that sickos could ejaculate to it. Is there anyone, even a male, who can truly respect males? Irrational, led-by-their-gonads to the very core — & who screech if women notice this obvious & pervasive fact.

At the crux of the “white” male’s perverted, Culpritified psyche is that he is unable to look at himself. It cracks me up when I hear these buachaillí Eabhrais jabbering about how “empathetic” they are (yes, these “empathetic” males have supported increasingly violent porn for 100 years because they are so effing “empathetic”).

Although their claim of empathy would probably result in riotous chortles from the browns and blacks, “white” males continue their pattern of giving the members of these groups far more respect and “rights” than their own Creators — White women.  They have never had any empathy for women — quite the opposite (just a cursory look at the “white” male’s “law” regarding women would disabuse any even semi-rational person of this notion).  In fact, they have always shown more empathy for animals than for women — this is still true today.

Now, “never” is a strong word — but let’s put it this way — it’s been so many hundreds of years since the “white” male has had any empathy for White women that there is no trace of remembrance of it in the psyche of either women or men.  No that’s Culpritified.

Needless to say, considering black and brown men as “equals” was easy for them:  “They have dicks just like me.  They want to fuck women and own women and they want to own women’s children too.”  Interestingly, their perceived togetherness via their precious 1.5 ounces of flesh also causes the “white” male a lot of anxiety about his schlong endowedness.  His anxiety is really fear bordering on terror, and his emotionality is (as usual) taken out on women.  After all, he lacks the balls to face his fears of black and brown men, especially black men.  It’s much easier, and far more fun, to simply add it to the already-lengthy list of Things to Blame on White Women.

Just as they continue to support the increasingly violent pornography industry, the “white” male tacitly supports the increasingly violence against women that porn incites (especially in males who have sub-par intelligence with concomitant lack of frontal lobe functioning).  Despite decades of women attempting to enlighten his almost unbelievable ignorance and cavalier attitude regarding rape (but remember, this is what he calls “empathy” ;o), he continues to view rape as “sex” rather than the most hateful act a person can perform on another person.  Raping a male is a hateful act, raping a female is “sex.”  Yet he wonders why some women conclude that for males, sex equals rape.  If he wants to claim this isn’t true, then who taught him that rape is “sex?”

His "Christian" ancestors created this huge tribe of mixed-race invaders. Today, "white" males continue this tradition -- all because they crave slaves instead of partners.

His “Christian” ancestors created this huge tribe of mixed-race invaders (just as they also created the U.S. “black” population, which is almost 100% Mulatto). Today, “white” males continue this tradition — all because they prefer slaves to partners. (In general, the “white” male prefers other males, & mongoloid “women” — who are more masculine than White people of either sex — are happy to oblige by either acting Lesser Than while looking like Boys Who Wear Warpaint & Ho Clothes, or by actually being vapid mongrel morons).

In defense of those women who hang with misogynists — who wants to be stampeded by these beasts? They aren’t “deep thinkers,” they are mostly n’er-do-wells.  (But then again, no one’s forcing them to be complicit with this blatantly women-hating herd).

If you look at some of the responses I’ve received from “white” nationalist women, all agree that there is something terribly wrong with men, but when push comes to shove, they bend over and fellate those who openly despise them (this is part of the constant “hazing” process these women must submit to in order to “hang out” with these pussy misogynists — they must repeatedly prove that they don’t even give a crap about their own daughters — let alone females whom they don’t even know).

Again, why do these women hang out this herd? Why not grow a spine and stand up for what they believe in? These women may be dumb but they ain’t stupid.  They knowingly do the wrong thing in order to “hang” with the little herd o boyz — even though they know these boyz have zero respect for them.  They know full well that the only way to make these gorillas give one crap about women and girls is if they are forced to — but these women care more about running with the lemmings than they do for even their own female relatives.

Even blacks during slavery partook of more freedom of speech than these “white” women “dare” engage in.  She quickly scampers away with her tail between her legs if her low-IQ drones begin to screech “feminist.”

Is there really any question why I put “white” in quotations when referring to these people?

By the way, you can find the above-detailed pattern in all aspects of society — from the women who submit to being referred to as “hos” by hip-hop gorillas to those few “powerful” women who merely act as decoys for The Men Who Rule the World.

You may argue that many social groups have a “hazing” process of one sort or another for everyone, and I would agree.  However, the difference is:  For most women, the hazing never ends nor does it typically “buy” them anything but more abuse, whereas for men it “buys” them power in the group.  (Also, even if you reject most of what I describe in this essay, at least take a look at the fact that the vast majority of “white” women in positions of power are not White but are in fact Culpritic).  Queen Bees are an interesting variant of the women in “high” places.  The “place” she seeks is usually so piddling that it is barely laughable, and she typically achieves absolutely nothing in her quest for even this piffling amount of “power.”

Not to blame the victims of male tyranny, mind you, but unfortunately it will have to be up to women to do the difficult work of standing up to misogyny. It is obvious to anyone who’s lived life a bit, and who is capable of taking a good hard look at reality, that males are incapable of being rational — and here I’m talking about all males, not just these uber-Culpritified “white” nationalists.  All of recorded history demonstrates the distinct, unchanging pattern of male irrationality (yet they abuse and harangue anyone who tries to tell them why that is).  There is a reason for their attack on women who tell it like it is — this propensity was described very well by the brilliant Abigail Adams:

“Do not put such unlimited power into the hands of the Husbands. Remember all Men would be tyrants if they could. If perticuliar care and attention is not paid to the Laidies we are determined to foment a Rebelion, and will not hold ourselves bound by any Laws in which we have no voice, or Representation.  That your Sex are Naturally Tyrannical is a Truth so thoroughly established as to admit of no dispute, but such of you as wish to be happy willingly give up the harsh title of Master for the more tender and endearing one of Friend. Why then, not put it out of the power of the vicious and the Lawless to use us with cruelty and indignity with impunity.”

this makes his dick hard

“Why then, not put it out of the power of the vicious and the Lawless to use us with cruelty and indignity with impunity.” Abigail Adams’ words, of course, were ignored.

The jews’ handiwork on the “white” male psyche was/is childsplay, whereas it has taken constant brow-beating and relentless anti-female propaganda (massive amounts of increasingly violent porn in all spheres & from all sides for 100 years now) to keep dem wimmins in their “place.”

A few of us, however, are as fearless as we are unbeguiled.

© 2015 Orwell’s Daughter



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A marooned visitor to this Big Barrel O Idiots reporting on the antics of Da Herd (especially the Culpritic 2%)
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54 Responses to White Women (& the Men Who Hate Them)

  1. White males have all the empathy in the world for each other. If liberal they have tons of empathy for brown men too. The only time the white male shows empathy for a female is when he thinks he “owns” her. This isn’t even really empathy but protection of his “stuff.” He could watch a female being gang raped & even join in if he didn’t consider her his “property.” If she is “his wife” or “girlfriend” the white male will still just stand & watch. 100 years ago he may have protected “his property” if he could get together a posse of other little dudes.

    This total lack of any feeling is called “love.” His pecker is hard & he wants to stick it in. This is what the white male calls “love.”

    • The wooden fraud Kevin MacDonald is one of the key proponents of the “empathy” nonsense. According to Mr. MacD, who misrepresents himself as a psychologist, white males have wreaked so much havoc in the world because they have so much empathy. It was all that empathy that caused them to turn the whole globe into a plantation for their corporations. It was all that empathy that caused them to treat women as slaves, to resist any laws that admitted she was even a human being, to even slap the wrists of white males who beat their wives to death. It was again all that empathy that caused them to steal the resources in other peoples’ lands, & even more empathy that caused them to rape brown women & create mongrels who now rape white women because they’re too mongrelized & stupid to rape the white men. Why it’s even all that empathy that caused the dewy-eyed white man to turn over the reins to Jews. What’s especially funny about Mr. MacD’s theories is that they’re delivered in a monotone by a creepy looking autistic & repeated by his troops of misogynistic fags & oddballs.

      • alabasterass says:

        There are 2 folks who can make those of us who were leaning toward white nationalism run away from it. They are polar opposites. One is the Asspergery MacDonald who makes up all kinds of theories & calls them “science.” That’s in addition to his tedious style creepiness & hypocrisy. On the other end is OD who has made the most rational arguments, the best vidios by a landslide, & is one of the best writers I’ve ever read. All the white nationalists can do is put her down & rally around retards & miscegenators like Anglin & proven losers like Duke & Metzger. What’s not to hate about these clowns.

        • orion76 says:

          I agree mostly. MacDonald is nothing but a pseudo scientist. He’s one of the better ones as far as the white nationalist lineup though. Can anyone who is sane see anything worthwhile about the race mixing midget Anglin? There are a few other dough boys like him without the race mixing. None of them worthy of being 9th grade class vice president in an Amurrika Dieversity public school. Any clown who says so no matter how ignorant or hypocritical is welcomed to the fold. I don’t get it.

          • UncleTom's handgun says:

            Join the club. I think I know why clowns like David Duke are in this…….the guy has made his living from it. He’s traveled the world while idiots fund him & his plastic surgery. Duke embraces race mixer morons like Andrew Anglin because he knows Anglin’s papa has deep pockets. Anyone with deep pockets is OK by Duke. That goes for his buddy Don Black too. Did you know they also share women? Duke was married to the whore before passing her on to Black. I do like to watch the reconstructed by plastic surgery face of David Duke hold forth about family values when even a peek into his past would show what a total hypocrite he is.

            Jews don’t have to worry at all about so called white nationalism because these are idiots who are always wearing ‘white ppl repellent.” Normal white folks would avoid them more than rioting niggers.

            Orwell’s Daughter caught on right quick about who the first enemy to conquer is, & that’s the so called white nationalists. Sharp lady & brilliant vidio maker & writer.

  2. BrendaTheWhite says:

    I first saw porn before I was 10 when I found my dad’s stash. I didn’t understand what it was but my little body reacted with nausea. A few years later when I more or less understood the meaning of porn I wanted to kill both of my parents. My mother had to know that she married a pervert. At least he didn’t rape me like so many girls experience when their fathers like porn. But I knew he viewed me as meat. I liked to watch him when we were out at the mall or whatever. This pervert wolf looked with lust at girls my age and even younger. My mother pretended to not notice. I began watching other men too. They did the same. This is how I came to understand that human males are sick animals forever raping in their minds.

    • Victor says:

      Males too are introduced to porn by finding their father’s stash. My body also reacted by feeling sick. It takes all the nonpornographic propaganda against women….in addition to porn….to brainwash males.
      My mother too pretended to not notice. But even to this day she paints her face and dyes her hair. She still looks good while my fat father is busy eyeballing every female who comes near him.

      • No one teaches boys to hate women like his own father. It takes a lot of time and strength to overcome it. You’re absolutely right that it takes more than frank porn to instruct males in misgyny. It is, though, the “big brother” that does teach the world, esp. the jew run Western world, how every white woman is to be treated.

        Now the jew run “men’s movement” is trying to make sure that any white woman who resists being fucked/raped/debased/ridiculed is a “feminist.” They paired feminist with “nazi” decades ago so that now the male lemmings will have a knee jerk reaction to the word. They even pay horrifying lesbians like Karen Straughan to egg men on against women (this fat assed atrocity is worshipped by white males because she reassures them that jew lies and their misogyny is healthy and right. She is a fat dyke with 3 kids and she found a way to get paid nicely for doing nothing. She may be a jew, sure llooks and acts like one.)

        In case you haven’t already seen OD’s takedown of one of RT’s prostitutes and the horrifying pornographer she interviews:

    • Brenda, I’m sorry about this experience. I think that everyone alive has unfortunately had a similar experience; that’s how ubiquitous pornography is. In my case it was finding an uncle’s porn by accident.

      I think that wanting to kill your parents was a natural reaction. When little girls find out what their fathers & nearly all adult males really think about females, & when they realize that their mothers & most adult females accept this rubbish without a care about their own daughters — this is to realize that people are total shitheads. I do wonder about the whackodynamics that has to happen inside of a woman as they stuff these feelings & allow some Nigel to do the same to them & any sprockets they have (& how she can stand to know that these children were conceived with a vile pornographer who needed to visualize filth in order to “spurt”)

    • Celticjane says:

      Brenda, I had a similar experience. I think it should be against the law that teenage and adult men (they never grow up, but i’m just talking physically) be anywhere around children. There’s a reason why many females in nature kick the sick fucker out. My father refers to women as “broads” and other nasty gems. He will even call women who are older than him “girls.” He couldn’t get it up if his life depended on it but he’s sure to ogle every female he sees (even my friends). I would have killed the bastard but he wasn’t worth the jail time.

  3. The thing is OD that it takes a lifetime to undo the effects of joo porn. Less than 1% of men have any interest in becoming human beings. It’s a lot easier to continue to react like an animal.

  4. Thepitz1 says:

    Let’s not forget that it was white men who created pornography. Jews just come along to take advantage after white males create the filth. If white males didn’t always consider women to be less than animals, porn would never have been possible.

    I’ve been collecting a sampling of porn to show those women who refuse to look at what makes their douchebags beat off. Since the morons are too scared to look at how much their hubbies & sons hate them, I take the initiative for them 😉 Next time Nigel wants to fuck I want them to realize that he considers her to be a trashbin he wants to fill with his hatred. Maybe Mollymoron will have a twinge of conscience next time she turns her own daughter out on a “date” with one fo these rapists. We all know their perverted daddies don’t care.

    • That’s a great idea but how to upload to my tablet without then being harassed by freak porn companies for all time?
      I love it when these cumdumpsters babble on about finding porn on *his* computer, like it was a few naked pics of hollywood whores. No Miss MarriedtoaRapist, he wants to gang fuck women to death. He wants you to eat his shit & drink his piss before you do.

    • Women are experts at denial & avoidance. It’s the only way they can allow vile pornographers to father their children. Forcing them to see what kind of horrific filth actually excites their Nigel may bring on “the vapors.” Be prepared ;o)

  5. Ancient Realist says:

    Well Marina, so called Gen X’ers have been worshipping the Talmud through pornography since they were barely out of diapers. Now they’re middle aged & we see the results. The only sex Gen X’ers have experienced is degradation. The women don’t even realize that their grandmothers, or in some cases even their mothers, only allowed sex of the intercourse variety as a favor, & a big favor at that. This was clearly understood by both genders. While it’s true that their male cohorts are for the most part mangy pornified good for nothings, the women have been propagandized to believe that they are supposed to like being f*cked. Gen X women even created the anti-feminist feminism called “sex positive,” which serves as a way for prostitutes to advertise that they welcome being f*cked in every orifice. These are the same women who as 10 yr old girls were wearing bracelets with charms that served as signals to the boys that they performed blowjobs & more. Have you seen the children of Gen X’ers? They have no social skills. They are literally autistic, the boys especially. We old fogeys used to cluck our tongues at the Boomers but with Gen X the Talmudic takeover was complete. I’m not trying to be holier than thou BTW because after all each generation has passively allowed it. Pornography is the outward manifestation of just what the abolition of the white male soul looks like in all its mind numbingly misogynistic glory.

    • Ophidian says:

      Us Gen Y’ers (I’m 26) aren’t too far behind. We came of age during the advent of social media, JewTube, the Zionist-funded and operated “Truth Movement” (more like oblivious), and the creation of these dumb gadgets like iPods/iPads/iPhones, tablets, and all these other solid-state electronics that keep people dumb and distracted. This has contributed to an even greater decline of the global IQ.

      The proliferation of pornography had spread and multiplied exponentially by the time I hit 18, so my generation was exposed to all of this smut indefinitely. And I am guilty of consuming this visual violence against women, like all young men who didn’t know better. I come from a degenerate culture that commodifies women, and many of them are “proud” of it, because “Latina” women have cultivated a worldwide reputation for being “exotic” harlots. “Latino” men have intractable peckers and uncontrollable libidos, so the shoe fits for the most part.

    • Karen55 says:

      @Ancient Realist: Great comments. 90% of the Joo media has been about debasing White women. From it’s beginning when they had to use Joo women because White women wouldn’t be caught dead in their movies right up to now where White women are portrayed as shiksas for everyone, including imbecile former slaves. Jews hypnotized the White men right away when they started their debasement of White women. They didn’t like feeling that some little old woman was doing them a favor. Now the circle is complete. Men complain that she doesn’t “perform” like in porn. That she doesn’t pretend to like something that doesn’t feel like anything, or if it does it’s not a good feeling. He’s trained to believe he can fuck on demand and she better pretend to like it.
      I saw this coming back in the 90’s. The adolescent boys had blank stares or “fuck you” stares. The teenage girls were completely porned out. I’ve never seen so little life. Now they’re middle aged and they are useless.
      @OD: You are super intelligent and brave. Thank you for putting in print what so many women are thinking.

      • The jew has always portrayed White women as shiksas (translation: animal fucktoy). Too bad the stupid “white” male not only agreed with him, but applauded him.

        • Michael says:

          I am a white man and I love white women. I hate how the Zionist media portrays you and I hate how they portray white men too. I agree that white women have been tormented under this propaganda and hate for a lot longer than we have because they wanted to brainwash white men. It’s tough being a young white man these days because many of the “genuine” women seem to have a chip on their shoulder about men. It’s hard to get close to them. I don’t mean this in any kind of sexual way, I mean just to get to know someone you think is special.

          I’m enjoying reading your blog. The one about the 26% being realistic about Jews is one of the funniest and truest things I think I’ve ever read.

          • Michael,
            Thanks for the compliment. I really do feel sorry for White children and young people these days. I have a post that you may enjoy — I have it set to private but will change this. It’s called “Show Some Real Love to White Girls & Women.” Although I don’t think it contains any specific advice on your plight, it may give you some insight into what’s been going on with White people since the jew media has been instructing White men in all aspects of sexuality for 100 years now (& of course, White women too).

            • Michael says:

              Thank you. It’s great to read what a white woman has to say. I’m pretty sick of reading how the pro white guys are constantly ragging against women. They’re worse than the Mexican and blacks who constantly complain against white women. I don’t get why they are all so against the white women. What bad things have you guys ever done?

              • Whatever you do, Michael, ignore the “pro-white” males. They are just MRAs trying to attack women from yet another angle — as if the White female hasn’t been beat up enough. From what I’ve gathered, there’s not a non-loser among them — closet homosexuals who despise women, and/or jewified hos who went after jewified hos & had a bitter divorce, and/or were unsuccessful at finding a ho/slave. They will literally teach you how to repel women. Unfortunately, they are only making things much worse for normal White people — most of whom aren’t misogynists. You can find several articles about them on my blog. Although I usually write in a humorous tone, I’m really not kidding — my advice is to stay as far away as possible from this herd o jackals. They are the exact opposite of what any normal White woman wants.

    • Linda says:

      Excellent, excellent article and a very interesting conversation.
      Ancient Realist, your comment is right on. Women have been trained to believe that having sex is what life is all about, when wait a minute, she receives virtually nothing but a goopy mess from intercourse! Parents are fighting an uphill battle though because ‘women as sex toys’ has been normalized for so long now.
      One mother cannot fight the whole culture and win. I tried very hard with my own daughter but still failed. Yes she is a ‘gen x’ born in 1970. I am from whatever was before the baby boomers, born in 1944. I finally had to fight to get my grandkids away from her, the hardest thing I’ve ever done. She dragged them through her unstable life and they looked like war veterans. Dragging them all over the country, they didn’t experience childhood until they started living with me. She put up a fuss at the time but I think she’s relieved. Now she can spend more time talking to her make-believe ‘friends’ on the computer.
      It’s no wonder these companies want to hire non-Americans, they’d be hard pressed to find a dozen Americans under 50 who are able to work, so addicted they are to electronics. And the porn! It’s hard for me to believe that torturing women on film and distributing it for profit is legal. They even brag that it’s big business! But then I was even sickened by the porno my ex used to consume back in the 70’s. Divorced his ‘porny’ ass because of it. I thought he should get that piece of glossy paper to cook and clean up after him after he did his business on her. No self respecting woman would put up with half of what these young men dish out today. I’ll be telling my grandkids what’s what with no holes barred as soon as they are old enough.

    • I’ve been delving into feminism. My biggest conclusion is that if there’s a group that the kikes wanted to exterminate, it’s real feminists. I say this because there is no other group that’s been infiltrated so thoroughly & fragmented so effectively by kike jews. There are in reality very very few [maybe 5%?] of those calling themselves feminists who in any way resemble what White Euro women created centuries ago. As usual, the kike jews are mocking everything that is touched by White women. Their “transgendered” atrocities are insisting that they are “feminists.” Their Ugliness Incarnate, the mixed race sluts who wear whiteface in pornography, are insisting that they are “feminists.” The list goes on & on. Everything that is the ugly opposite of feminism is what the kike jews are pushing. Naturally they know that White men don’t care about White women & so will never bother their totally jewified brains to look into it. They don’t need to, because they care more about catching a little asian animal who will pretend to enjoy their abuse. Brown & black women are silly cows who are just painted up versions of their male counterparts. Unlike White women, they are incapable of anything positive. OD calls White women the “angels of the planet” & I totally agree. White women do not deserve what their bloated misogynist kiked-up male counterparts have forced them to live in. However any & all efforts she’s made to change the tyrannical White man, even a little, has only resulted in his letting even more of his brown & black fellow rapists into the Brutalize the White Woman Until She Disappears circus tent.

      • Ophidian says:

        One can say that Zionism is the polar opposite of Feminism. The former consists of the Jewish male’s desire to rule the world and all it’s institutions and enforce his brand of chauvinist chaos and corruption upon it, and the latter represents the White European female’s desire to liberate herself from a world ripe with male dominance and aggression.

        After descending upon the European race with both World Wars and slowly annihilating their pride and will to be free out of existence; co-opting the Women’s Movement in the 1960’s, creating the Civil Rights Movement and the repealing of Anti-Miscegenation laws, and allowing non-white immigrants to flood into what were traditionally White European countries were the final nails in the coffin. A big ‘Fuck You’ to white women from the Jews and their white male flunkies in positions of government, since white women are the ones who have been hurt the most by all of this, and have practically lost all the power and standing in the very countries their female ancestors helped build, populate, and fought for franchise in.

        Now all these other groups of women are claiming Feminism, doing so in the context of their respective race and culture. And when they come up with Twitter trends like #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen, this is meant as a slap in the face to the disenfranchised white woman whose ancestors had to endure violence, ridicule, and the elements to have their humanity recognized. They’re riding on the backs of a movement they had no hand in building, enjoying all of it’s benefits, while spitting of the face of the people who ancestors created it. Even freaks like Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner are trying to join in on all the fun, being used as a puppet by the Gay Agenda to establish what they are dubbing as the “New Normal”.

        • Wow, mate, I’m really stunned by your excellent comments. If ya don’t mind a little “reverse ageism,” I read your others & saw that you are only 26. I was so totally clueless at that age that it’s an embarrassment for me to ponder it. You’ve warmed the cockles of me old heart [well I’m not ancient mind you] because most days I don’t see that this disgusting “culture” is still able to produce young ppl capable of independent thought.

          • Ophidian says:

            @The Goy Channel — Thank you. I appreciate your compliments. I belong to a of minority of people (young, non-white, and/or male) who are Jew-wise, anti-DieVersity, pro-feminist, and indirectly pro-European. I am sort of an ‘8-ball’ so to speak.

            • Ophidian says:

              For the record, I wished WordPress had an editing function for comments. My typos make me sound like an idiot.

              • Ophidian – You sound like an intelligent, articulate person to me. Sometimes I leave whole words or phrases out of a sentence because even though I can type fast, the fingers still can’t keep up with my brain ;o)

                I agree with TGC. Your comments are fantastic & you are well beyond your years in figuring out this mess we’ve all been born into.

  6. Ophidian says:

    The images of those “porn actresses” reminded me of this one movie that was blatantly misogynistic, anti-German, and to an extent anti-Japanese. ‘The Human Centipede’ was what this filth was called. Two of the three lead protagonists were American female tourists who were stranded in Germany with the third lead being this one Japanese fellow. And the villain of the plot was this “evil German” surgeon who was supposed to be a caricature of Dr. Mengele and his “Nazi experiments”.

    I don’t want to go into raw detail, but the circumstances that the female leads in particular were subjected to were extremely humiliating. More so than what the male lead had to endure, and a lot more graphic than what you would see in pornography. The writer of the film was a Dutch filmmaker who goes by the name of Tom Six, and he has spawned a trilogy of these movies. The villains in his movies are “parodies” of National Socialists.

    The messages were blatant and subliminal at the same time. The use and abuse of people, especially women, as commodities, and the joy that people (the film creators and the audience) get by seeing (white) women get raped, tortured, and murdered, which happens throughout this trilogy of Jewish, racist, anti-Nazi, and misogynistic propaganda. These movies are small-time indie flicks. The stuff this industry puts out is a lot worse than anything you see in mainstream Hollywood. And the actors and actresses who subject themselves to this debasement are underpaid.

  7. Reblogged this on antipornfeminist and commented:
    Another brilliant deconstruction of porn by Dr. Orwell. To read more about the legality of porn, read MacKinnon. There is also a great book I recently came across called “No Constitutional Right to Be Ladies” by Linda Kerber. It’s a bit tedious but worth the slog.

    Marina, it occurred to me when seeing that you had to repost on another blog because of harassment by MRA white nationalists that this viking bitch character reblogs because she is a control freak who wants to supercede the moderation process by the post’s author. I hope you know that I reblog to my little blog just to share with a few of my grad students & fellow feminists. Thank you for your excellent work.

    • CJ says:

      Even on the internet women can’t escape misogynists & their handmaidens. Will some of you faggot white nationalists go gang pump the Bitch so she’ll stop barfing up her *I Like Being Raped by Dick – But* crap. Good goddess who is taking care of her inseminated bastards while she goes on & on about wanting a white nationalist dick in her ass. Maybe between all 10 of you white nationalsits you can scare up a few bucks to pay a bratsitter while you bang her.

      • Harley says:

        Lol, VB does like to go on about how she loves to “get laid” as if she’s hoping one of her racemixer WNmidget friends will volunteer for the job. If she likes dick so much may I recommend a coke bottle. That way she can fuck herself silly while avoiding any pleasure that using her fingers on the correct part of her anatomy would bring. At the end of the day though she may prefer that good old turkey baster that’s shaped like a pelican to bring back warm feelings of maternity on the island of Lesbos.

  8. BitterWhiteMan says:

    Carolyn Yeager recently disgraced her ancient carcass…again, I know 😉 She recanted any belief that white women are people on Bill the Shill Canadian fag’s talkshoe show. He probably made her swear to recant any thought that white women are people before allowing her to talk. She read from a script, he sounded like a constipated retard like he always does. It’s embarrassing that these morons are putting themselves out there as “pro white.” They don’t speak for anyone except their own very tiny group of freakish extremists. All I can say is, I’m glad Carolyn is close to death, Bill, Tanstaafl & most of the others aren’t too far behind her.

    • Harley says:

      It’s embarrassing when a woman old enough to be a great-grandmother lacks any self respect. Is there anybody falling for her tough guy against Jews routine when all it would take is for one to offer her a couple hundred bucks. That’s why she kisses the assholes butts. She wants them to put ten bucks in her paypal account.

    • Outraged Caucasian says:

      @Bitter Carolyn is irrelevant in a small pond of irrelevant extremists. When she claims to reject “feminism” ….I put it in quotes because neither she nor her fellow extremists have any idea what the concept means….she rejects her own life. How many divorces has she had….2 or 3? She’d have none without feminism. What about her “career” as a teacher in the public schools? Well this is funny in itself because Carolyn was just fine with the Bolshevik agenda of the public schools….as long as she could collect a paycheck. How would she be able to shoot off her mouth if it weren’t for feminism? She erases her own life and publicly humiliates herself for the sake of a small group of extremists who refer to her as “skank” and worse.
      But OD is right in her evaluation of the first step for whites. Nothing useful can be done while they insist on being in our way.

    • alabasterass says:

      Old hag Yeager was a feminist back when her Joo girlfriends were stealing it. So mad is she at her own blindness & stupidity that she rails against herself now. If she hates white women so much why doesn’t she do us all a favor & kill herself.

  9. Aryan Kwanette says:

    Do u have to b so graphic……I mean my Stormfruck hubby enjoyed the photos but……don’t u know wimmin shouldn’t talk about the filth we allow in the boudoir!! I prefer to make herbal remedies while hubby watches porn while he pounds me……that way we both get something out of it. Im just glad his pecker still works…..we still hope for a miracle………maybe like St. Anne I can still have a child in my old age……we must secure the existence of more whiggers!!

  10. Harley says:

    Almost forgot. Did ya know that VB isn’t a Viking at all but a Slav? Caught in another lie she simply handles it by ranting on and on about how no white men want to fuck her, how hard it is to stand in lines with other mystery meats to get welfare and other handouts, and how jealous she is of mestizo princesses. Yawn. She tries to combine words to appear funny and intelligent like you OD but she only succeeds in coming off as a desperate shrill welfare slut.

    • alabasterass says:

      Oh yeah, the Viking (NOT) Bitch is trying to be edgy but is only a mystery meat slav from the mixed race trash bins of Eurasia. So repellent that not even a porn addicted white man would impregnate her, she did the most Yiddish thing of all….she bought sperm from a joobank & injected it into her purple “poon.” She asserts that she is just like the other mystery meats but is wrong about the color. Purple pussy is what she has, what she wants so desperately to be pumped. She is a mystery meat who couldn’t even get a black ape interested in “injecting” her majestic puce puke.

      • Celticjane says:

        Even crazier in her world of insanity is Slavic Biatch pondering who is a lesbian. Isn’t her “poon” fetish and “affairs with turkey basters” enough of an indication of her, uh, butch leanings? I guess they don’t go that deep into such obvious things in mail order counseling programs 🙂

    • Harley, alabaster, et al.: Pipe down in your catty criticisms. Making fun of someone because they didn’t engage in PIV in order to have kids, & then have to put up w/the happy horseshit of an MRA who neglected the kids while bitching about having to supply a pittance of child support, is anti-woman imo. As for Carolyn Yeager, she does a lot of good work. Do you hold your Joolywood stars & Negro-ball players up to such criticism? (Lecture over).

      • Harley says:

        I’m NOT making fun of Da Bitch because she didn’t do PIV. So maybe I was being “catty.” I will explain myself.

        VB is a liar and a conformist…besides being crazy. She pretends to be speaking as a woman but she’s just an ugly Slavic whigger who is trying to nab a white nationalist to help her care for her bastards. She is worse than any black on welfare because she purposely brought not one, not 2, but 3 kids into the world when she didn’t have the means to care for them. She tries to paint her crazyiness & her impulsivity as some kind of great philosophy. She carefully injects her Love of Da Dick into everything she writes so….well she wants a dick to take the bait.

        If none of that means anything to you maybe you will care about her lifting your ideas & calling them her own. She can also steal ideas just as she steals through the welfare system.

        Tho’ VB is only one example, “white” ppl are now mostly just whiggers. Take a look around.

      • alabasterass says:

        Well ok OD maybe I took it too far in the verbiage dept.
        As a white person who cares about my ppl, I believe it’s important to stand up & say “F Off” to this group of perverts who are claiming to speak to white ppl. What kind of “good work” can Mrs. Yeager ever do that would make up for the way she gives mental BJs to vile women haters like Bill Rhys? These boys are just as evil for using weak women. They know that any woman who has had her own career as Yeager has has only been able to do it because of feminism. They use women like Yeager to make fun of women. Openly. Is Yeager too dumb to see it?

  11. nogodzz says:

    Men know that once a critical mass of women are on to them, it will be party over for these expensive, overrated beasts. That’s why they have to make such a hullabaloo if even one woman escapes their tyranny.

  12. Keith says:

    Men are in a war on the female mind. This war is carried out by the following strategies: calling women crazy, calling women stupid, harassing women, constantly talking about ones opinions to women and never shutting up, convincing women they need psychiatric drugs, denying the validity of womens accurate perception of men, telling women they contribute nothing to society, making women feel like their existence is not valid, belittling women constantly, giving women no space, guilt tripping women for them wanting to have personal hobbies and them not being able to respond immediately to the request for attention by whatever man has attached himself to her, and acting like they should be in charge of women.

    Women who spend lots of time with men who are at war against their minds ultimately become retarded women because the men they spend time with make them into retards. Eventually the male totally consumes her mind like some sort of zombie creature. And she becomes a hollow shell who is scared to have feelings and thoughts of her own and is constantly walking on eggshells. Behavioral patterns in the female start to indicate PTSD. She is in the presence of a man who is constantly at war with her and he blinds her to that fact by lying to her constantly about everything. If she believed the lies she fails to see he is her enemy. And eventually she is destroyed by him because she trusted a man who hates her for being a woman.

    Relationships can create hell on earth if one chooses the wrong person. Many men hate women and they don’t even know they hate women.

    • Thepitz1 says:

      I agree with you, but if a woman was only dealing with one asshole it would be easy. Try multiplying what you said by THE ENTIRE WORLD. Then you will start getting an idea of what it’s like to be female. It will also put the “becoming retarded” into perspective because only the strongest & most stubborn among us can stand up to billions of ppl who want to erase us rape us use us.

      In the case of white women, all of the nonwhite females would like to beat us up & kill us too. In fact most white women don’t dare let on that they are on each others side. If it involves helping niggers or trading tips on how to better wipe Nigel’s ass, it’s allowed. But any solidarity among white women was centuries ago strictly forbidden by the white male & was enforced by his perverted “nuclear family.” Now the white male doesn’t have to patrol white women as much as he used to because now his black & brown ape friends rape kill & help keep us in line.

      • Keith says:

        The most fundamental unit of government in America is the nuclear family. The nuclear family is essentially a miniature kingdom. The idea “a mans home is his castle” is the most evil idea ever invented because it allows for millions of male little tyrants to drive their wives and children insane.

        The nuclear family allows for cultural diseases to fester that ultimately result in the oppression of the woman. Often the male tyrant tries to prevent his wife from having a group she can be allied with like a group of female friends or some place to socialize away from him. He does this to cement his complete rule over her.

        One of the biggest problems with men is they never know when to shut up and keep running their mouths and saying toxic stuff constantly and they belittle the women. People watch horror movies sometimes but the horror movies distract people from the true horror that is happening around us. The horror that the men have betrayed the women and the women have no choice but to see the male as the enemy.

        As a white male I see that the white male population as a whole is for the most part an enemy of the white female population and has an agenda of repressing the white females. I also have noticed among feminists that the females of color have started to turn on the white females.

        I agree with you that the nuclear family has had a detrimental effect on society. The main hope for white women seems to be as you say for white females to find solidarity amongst each other in the face of the situation they face in this society. Good luck.

  13. I’m having flashbacks of jootoob, where pornographers & other men who openly admit to raping white women can roam free. One word from them to the klkes who run jootoob though, & anti porn work is banished, channels are suspended. Seeing how evil these men were, & how they were obviously in cahoots with other joo run enterprises like jootoob & joogle, is what radicalized me.
    Unfortunately “white nationalism” is upsidedown. On the surface they pretend to be against the joo,when in fact they are against white women. Instead of being radicalized by seeing how these joos have injured white women, who let’s face it have been way more oppressed (& for longer) than any other group, “white nationalists” are “radicalized” to hate & brutalize white women even better & more thoroughly than all the other groups which hate & brutalize her, joos, black & brown men, all nonwhite women.

  14. Even though you didn’t explicitly state it, your essay contains most of the reasons why the problem is unsolvable.

  15. Erimian A. says:

    What a true delight is Orwell’s Daughter and this blog!! Everybody here is good. I had already given up hope of ever finding a pro-White forum that was not anti-woman at the same time – any one I hadn’t already been banned from, I abandoned in disgust. The last time I read anything this bravely and lucidly articulate was Mary Daly’s Gyn-Ecology.

    I married in 1980, before I’d ever heard of W.N. or understood the need for it, and the first guy I could find who was not infected with that filthy misogyny was a full-blood Navajo, a very traditional Goddess-believing one. Even back then, that was the one thing I just would not put up with and I could find it no matter how well they hid it. The only men I’d ever lived with before that were my own relatives and that was why – that creepiness was everywhere I looked! That was of course, a properly old-fashioned way to behave but today, I’d no doubt be accused of being a lesbian just for chastity and discrimination. We’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t, aren’t we?

    I never had or wanted, children, long before I married so, from what I’ve seen, I hadn’t a chance in hell of ever being accepted among White racialists anyway! That’s too bad, for I’ve always been pro-White and my husband always was too. He’s passed away a few years ago and when I got lonely out here in the boonies, I thought if I just left a few details out, at least I could do some socializing online. No such luck! The hatred of White women quite drove me off, or I got driven off just for fighting back, and mind you, I did that in a very gentle way too, not ever abrasive. They talk about ‘unity’ but that’s not what they want; what they want is conformity. So they’ll never get anywhere, because no truly original idea – which is what we need now instead of old tired ones – ever came out of a committee.We can’t inspire the best in each other when we’re busy censoring each other into silence.

    At this point I can say it was easy to spend most of my married life in a remote section of the ‘rez’ and to stay a virtual recluse in yet another under-populated rural county. If being a woman in society was tough enough in 1980 to make me want to get away, being a White woman today, when absolutely everybody wants to kill us, is just not worth the bother to ‘rejoin’ the wider world! And now I’ve another thing to worry about: all the young people are being taught in school to want to kill off the baby-boomers, so now I’m 60, I can’t trust the White youngsters either. At least that’s a new take on the witch hunts of old: any woman who’d managed to avoid or survive patriarchal marriage was an aberration that needed to be got rid of:)

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