The Psychological Genocide of White People (A Very Brief History)

by Marina Orwell


Joolywood’s hating on Whitey was profitable & great fun:  the jackassalope, the peroxide bubblehead, the stoopid old working-class ex-military “bigot,” and the jew-spewing, all-knowing guru of the “Silent Generation.”

The arbitrary pigeonholing of American goyim according to yid-dubbed “generations” was first introduced to the American Anglosphere when the jew media embarked on their “Your Elders Know Squat” campaign in the late 60s/early 70s (which they have continued and progressively escalated up until the present day).  This first campaign was mainly directed at the so-called “Baby Boomers” — many of whom watched the Woodstock footage while still in kindergarten.

By the early 1970s the jew media had already hypnotized white males with their Emotional Genocide of the White Woman/Trans-Man Agenda for over 60 years (by first injecting painted-up “vampish” jew whores into silent films early in the century, and progressively replacing heeb-hos with increasingly painted/fake “white” women — thus instructing the white male that the more coquettish/dumbass and shiksa-like “she” is, the more “feminine” and desirable).

Women were already on to the dangers of jew media (while the men were completely mesmerized by it).

Unlike the “Dingbat” portrayed by the jew media in both their television programming and in their advertising, White women were far more skeptical and hip to what the jew media was inflicting on their kids’ psyches and their culture. Unfortunately, however, they were dismissed as being nonentities and house niggers — just as the Culpritics had been instructing the white male to do for centuries with their anti-woman jewspew “holy” book and later via their silver(stein) screen.  Thus, the middle-aged white male of the early 1970s was already thoroughly pickled in jew brine and was “ripe” to be used as the first generation of American fathers whose parental authority was being full-frontally usurped by Big Jew Brother.

genocide of white women 1Whitey could now join Whitette in the cultural dispossession she’d already been experiencing for 60 or so years.  (Kikenstein methodology: First kidnap and warp the white males’ sexuality.  After that, everything else is possible.)

The so-called “Greatest Generation” (born 1906 to 1925) and older members of the so-called “Silent Generation” (born 1926 to 1945) were the last White people who tried to raise their own kids — while the Electric Jew undermined everything they did.

The ironically named

The ironically named “Silent Generation”

Thus, Boomers (born 1946 to 1965) were simultaneously fed mixed messages from both their flesh-and-blood elders and from Big Jew Brother.  Older Boomers watched the “Silent Generation” — via the blue glow of the ever-yammering picture tube — rip up everything Europa had created over the centuries (the majority of even the “oldest” Boomers were too young to participate in the 1960s anti-culture bash, although some were drafted into the military as the Vietnam War still pointlessly raged into the 1970s).

Younger Boomers and older “Gen Xers” were toddlers and grade-school kids as the Vietnam War started screeching to a close.  This group (born about 1956 to 1975) essentially became their own little genre of disenfranchised White people who had partially fallen through the cracks of total jew media control (jew media was busy concentrating on their own generation’s anti-White culture wars).


Younger “Boomers” & older “Gen Xers” rejected “hippy culture” & tried to rebel, but Heebison Ave/Joolywood had already turned rebellion into money-making fashion statements.

These disenfranchised young Whites looked with disgust at “hippie culture” — which had been essentially comprised of upper-middle-class and upper-class Whites who had been totally hogtied by both ends of the Jewish rope — Capitalism and Communism.  They were also the first cohort of young White Americans to suffer the anti-White prejudice and dire consequences of “affirmative” action — yet another unwanted “gift” from the “Silent Generation.”  At the same time they were also the first cohort to be affected by the economic decline/globalization orchestrated by the Culpritics, and they were the last White cohort to create their own sub-culture — although it was of course quickly bastardized/monetized by the Jew.

The majority of “Gen Xers” were raised with no parental authority — except for the Mao-like anti-White repetitions being broadcast by Snipcock Nation and the increasingly penitentiary-like public schools — while their “Silent Generation” parents mentally sucked their thumbs at Woodstock and had no desire to actually raise their own kids.  They didn’t speak a word about the jewification of the proletariat, or prepare their children for life in the USSA at all.  Rather, they let BIg Jew Brother do the “parenting” for them.  Ditto Gen Y and whatever other vapid names that Heebison Avenue has concocted for the purpose of further alienating young people and having them name their parents’ generation as the problem — thus serving as a shield to deflect blame away from the Culpritics for the ever-growing großen Haufen Scheiße that’s been foisted on each subsequent generation of goyim.

Almost 100% of the 60s nation-wreckers were part of the

Almost 100% of the 60s nation-wreckers were part of the “Silent Generation.” The ratchet-voiced Bobby Zimmerman “just happened” to “make it” as a folk song thief because of that vaunted El Culpritico talent — & not because the music industry was almost 100% jew-run.

I began noticing that the Jew media started trickling out “soft hate” for “Baby Boomers” around the same time as their last major financial rape n’ pillage of 2008.  It seems that they would like this last large cohort of mostly White people to just die already (even though even in 2015 they are only age 49 to 68).  As usual, the Culpritics would like young people to point their fingers at older goyim victims of their fraud, greed, usury, and massive nepotism. Meanwhile, the old fogey jew oligarchs of the “Silent Generation” continue to rule from behind the scenes as they have since the 1960s.

Maybe they were just rendered hoarse after all of that Woodstocking and hookah sucking, but I think that the oligarch jews of the “Silent Generation” just want to fade sneakily out of the picture while blaming their criminality and cultural skid-marking on others.  It seems to me that they want to keep demonizing Boomers because Boomers are the ones who put the most moohlah into their hook-nosed slot machines (e.g. social security) but will probably not see good returns on their forced investments (perhaps the older Boomers will, but the younger ones will be totally screwed).


The “Silent Generation” spawned grotesque jew oligarchs like Sheldon Adelson

Whereas the “Greatest Generation” and the “Silent Generation” have and are making out like bandits, everyone coming after them has had a lower standard of living.  The fact that Boomers are such a large cohort of White people means that these Culpritics literally cannot wait until they are out of the way — so that their own platinum-spooned, cap-toothed and toucanoplastied progeny can begin their rule without all of those pesky White people “using up” resources (and if you think their parents are bad, just wait until Spawn O Uber-rich Cliptipped Satan takes the helm).

Of course, this whole generational thing is just a shysteriffic marketing ploy that’s not only served as a way to advertise to the goyishe untermenschen, but, much more importantly, it’s a divide and conquer method.  Remember, there are always at least three ways that the Culpritics profit from any of their long-term psychological operations.

What the Future Oligarchs of Amerika did on their summer vacation

What the Future Oligarchs of Amerika do on their summer vacation

Once they settled on their first “targeted group” — which they named the “Baby Boomers” — the Culpritics had to literally make up names for a couple of the previous generations, including their own.  These “Silent Generation” Culpritics therefore not only named themselves (which is why they weren’t dubbed the “Nation Wreckers,” which would have been more accurate), but also the “Greatest Generation” before them (“Silent Gen” Tom Brokaw was likely spoon fed this Orwellian name by the jews who made him a rich, cue-card-reading goy boy).

After they fought to make the world safe for the Culpritics to take over nearly all White countries with either their Communism or their Capitalism, the “Greatest Generation” were kept quite content grazing on the lush, post-war talmudisod.  When they weren’t chewing their cud, they were — together with some of the future stoners (i.e. “Silent Generation”) — quite busy creating that last large cohort of American White people who would slave on the Culpritic plantation, be the subjects of Joolywood/Heeb Ave. psychological warfare, and generously fund the nefarious activities of the Culpritics via social security, etc.).

One of the millions of White Europeans who were victims of real holocausts. Even after Germany surrendered. Brit/Jew just couldn't stop murdering White Europeans. (a woman who was burnt alive during the firebombing of Dresden 1945)

One of the millions of White Europeans who were victims of real holocausts. Even after Germany surrendered. Brit/Jews just couldn’t stop murdering White Europeans. (a woman who was burnt alive during the firebombing of Dresden 1945)

I was thinking that maybe it would be easier to keep track of this heeb-hewn generation thing if they just named us by which of their wars we lived through.  But that wouldn’t work, because the “generations” would completely overlap since there have been so many Culpritic wars (killing off millions of White men in the military and stealing other nations’ resources while riling up Third Worlders against Whitey instead of the Jewish Mafia is another long-term Culpritic psy-op and a humongous part of this story).  The list is truly mind boggling:  All kinds of post-WW2 occupations of Europe and Asia, then Korea, Cuba, Vietnam, Cambodia, various involvements with the Jews’ mideast debaucles from 1948 up until the present, Iran, El Salvador, Libya, Lebanon, Egypt, Grenada, Honduras, Persian Gulf, Kuwait, Iraq, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia, Syria — and this is just a partial list.

Today’s young people have been raised with something that is not (yet) under complete Culpritic control — the internet.  As usual, however, this technology — which had been created by White people and funded by mainly-White taxpayers — was handed over lock, stock, and barrel to Jew corporations so that they could turn it into a toll road and another avenue to further their Emotional Genocide of the White Woman/Trans-Man agenda using a virtual cornucopia of brutally misogynistic porn.

genocide of white women 2Males of all races beat their meat to images of the despised White woman.  But the “fun” isn’t only for males.  From the fake outrage of jew-incited “minorities” of both sexes to the orchestrated faggotization of the “white” man, they all luv to see her anally gang-raped, then made to suck shit-covered dicks before being peed on.  Although she is the most highly educated of all groups, male or female, affirmative action has been doubly used against her (employers can “kill two birds with one stone” by hiring a brown woman, while saving their “white” slots for Jews and White men).  Thus, the Culpritics hope to drag her further into their prostituted hell-work, just as they’ve done to White women who were forced to live behind the Communist-Jew-made “iron curtain.”

Young “white” males (and, of course, the ever-squawking “minorities”) have been told that the bruised and beaten White woman is “spoiled” and deserving of abuse.  The emotional genocide of the White woman is near-complete, as the shrill voices of the self-proclaimed “oppressed” Inheritors of the Spoils of Affirmative Action and Thieves of Her Birthright bludgeon her further into oblivion.

The only “successful” “white” woman is a trans-man, with fake tits and an implanted audio device that jew-spews Stockholm Syndrome-Speak.

© 2015 Orwell’s Daughter


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A marooned visitor to this Big Barrel O Idiots reporting on the antics of Da Herd (especially the Culpritic 2%)
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95 Responses to The Psychological Genocide of White People (A Very Brief History)

  1. mendlesohn says:

    ❤ LOVE ❤ YOUR ❤ MIND

  2. Keith says:

    Another great blog entry by Orwell’s Daughter. The white woman has also been deugged by psychiatrists on all sorts of drugs to numb her mind… this especially aimed at the white housewife. “Anxiety medication”… to numb her mind, but feeling anxiety about your children in a nation like America where the media and music industry is misleading the children is a totally normal emotion to feel. The psychiatric drugging of housewives prevents them from offering guidance to their children. Is this by design? The alcoholism promoted to men and women would have the same effect.

    • jenn says:

      Yeah anxiety meds are the biggest problem, and the next biggest is worrying about sprocket Nigel and his mp3 collection.
      Nope, it’s not the men. It’s not the porn and the fact that men love to violate women. It’s not that men think it’s their right to aggress against women. It’s not that women even have to pretend to like being aggressed against. It’s not the fact that males hate women. It’s not that women have to live in the same country with rapist apes. Nah, it’s not the fact that men will scream to high heaven if women try to take their rape and torture manuals away. No, they shriek. Raping torturing killing women is speech. It is our free speech. We deserve to hear women screaming, women being raped. This is our right.
      Nope you’re right. It’s anxiety medication that’s to blame. And yes, it is a big conspiracy, “by design.” What a fricking retard you are. Go eat a dick.

      • Elsie79 says:

        @jenn Lol, yeah it’s always women’s fault. Men created the hell hole we live in but it’s somehow always women’s fault. Their hatred of us is pervasive. I’m amazed when one of my GFs complains about Nigel because what does she expect? A dildo dumbshit who’s been programmed to hate women…….& she purposely puts herself in the position to be the target of that hate?

        K’s worrying about Mommy’s intake of anxiety drugs does beg the question….What kind of drugs will cure the white male? He’s gay but knows that other males won’t be his slave or be able to create new little NIgels so he’s stuck with the hated white woman if he wants a nigger. He’s a total pussy & has never once in his entire history ever stood up for anything. What’s the correct med for anxious faggotry?

        @OD The only way I learn the “underground” history of this fuked up country is from outstanding women like you. Thank you for telling it like it is.

        • That’s a very good question….what kind of drug will cure the white male of his apathy, his hatred of white women, his love of all things Jewish?
          Great stuff OD.

        • blackacidpiglet says:

          Lo! I am a mixed race Sicilian married to a kike jewess so I am uniquely qualified to pontificate about white people. There is no cure for the white male hehe because he even fails to see thru hypocrites like me! Love to all miscegenators fakes & kikess lovers, Tanstaafl

  3. Ophidian says:

    May I add a small suggestion. Any man who tries to pass himself as a woman (in the most stereotypical whorish appearance) is labeled a “trans-woman” (ex. Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner), whereas any butch who takes her lesbianism (the most politically correct alternative of woman-hate and sexual abuse) up to eleven is labeled a “trans-man” (ex. Chastity “Chaz” Bono).

    Being “trans” according to these people entails going “beyond the boundaries” of ones biological sex and “gender identity”, whereas being “cis” means being aligned or “within the boundaries” of ones own biological sex. They use their psycho-babble to try to justify what is strange and abnormal and normalize their fetish towards the population of “cis-men” and “cis-women”, making the rest of us seem “vanilla” (another one of their words) by comparison. And then mock and ridicule anyone who doesn’t agree with their freak fetish.

    Networking and reaching out to more White European women, educating them about their ongoing genocide, abuse, and exploitation in their own homelands, and encouraging White European women to develop a sense of their long-lost identity and solidarity and reclaim Feminism would probably help put the war that is against them to a halt.

    There is a tendency for all women in general to want to stick to males like glue and be the Mommy or the Mammy, even if they claim to be single and independent in mindset, and this is what is bringing about the destruction of White European women. The connection they have lost with each other because the focus was shifted away from them and onto the “needs” and “issues” of blacks and the growing flood of the Brown Tide in the West.

    • Good definition of The (ever-expanding) World According to Freaks. I know what *they* say a “trans-man” is, etc. but I’m even more “outside the vanilla box” ;o) than even those trying-hard-to-win-Queen-O-the-Rainbow contest. That is, I don’t care about their definitions. A man who was born a man but undergoes massive surgeries (shame on the physicians who do this) in order to masquerade as a “woman” is a trans-man in my book.

      It’s bad enough that genetic males like Jamie Lee Curtis are “assigned” the female sex at birth, but at least s/he grew up as a female.

      These trans-thangs (who are almost always male) only prove that they are indeed aggressive males when they force themselves on women who do not wish to enable their whackodynamic masquerade. They are as loud-mouthed & obnoxious as any Culpritic (& indeed, many of them are also members of the toucanoplastied tribe).

      • renelife says:

        Really enjoyed reading & must admit that seeing the word jew used so blatantly made me uncomfortable. But as I’m learning more about them & especially their crimes against white people I have to ask myself, Why is it OK to name other people by name but now these jews? Because of their big lie, the holocost that’s why. In addition they don’t mind naming other people as “Russians” or “Americans” when they are in fact JEWS acting as criminal jews always do. None of them should be allowed to pretend to be citizens of anywhere but Israel since they never act like citizens but in fact usually act AGAINST the country they park their butts in.

        Yes of all the groups jews have damaged, it’s been white women who are at the top of the list. You are right, they couln’t have done any of this without first brainwashing white men. What real man would want to see his own people ridiculed the way these jews have done since Hollywood’s beginnings? But the men weren’t and haven’t been in their “right mind.” they have been captivated by the jew whoring of white women. It really makes me angry that white men cannot even admit that they were responsible and are still helping the jew to genocide white women. There is no talking to these people. If their dick is hard then it must be “natural law.”

        I also agree with your comments about the “transgendered.” Men are men are men are men. They think that popping pills and attaching fake boobs is what a woman is, pretty much the jew view of women. I didn’t know that about Jamie lee Curtis but looked it up and I’ll be darn. I never knew what teh big deal was about her besides HIM having big fake boobs 😉 I guess his name can go either way, maybe he’ll have the silicon sacks removed and go back to being a boy. James Lee was another “experiment” that the Hollywood jews played on dumb white men. As you say, once their sexuality is that of a pervert, the jew can do anything.

      • Ophidian says:

        @Orwell’s Daughter; @renelife — What is even more deranged about these trans-freaks is how some of them will keep their sex organs intact, sport a beard (The Bearded “Woman”), or even engage in the commercialized and industrialized rape of (white) women (i.e. pornography), which goes to show that they don’t truly “identify” themselves as women.

        Since many women have been conditioned to think and act in a way that isn’t in accordance with who they truly are, these men emulate that falsehood. And they take it a notch further in skankiness. They put the “trans” in “trans-gendered” as they are willing to push the limits and go “beyond the boundaries” of what is normal.

        • Since women have been conditioned to believe they physically feel sensations that are not possible given anatomy, anything is possible. This “magic” has all transpired in less than 100 years. All due to jew media. There were literally no women before this who pretended to enjoy being f*cked.

          Males who are so perverted as to insist that they aren’t men — well who would know where to even begin with such creatures?

          • Ophidian says:

            Being a pro-feminist male is not easy after my engaging with a few self-proclaimed feminists on the Internet. You often get accused of being arrogant and thinking what is best for women. Too many of the women I come across have no problem playing the role of the Wifey and the Mommy, while calling themselves feminists at the same time because Feminism gives them the “right” to make that choice.

            As I said before, women stick to men like glue. They are just as much a part of the problem as men. This is why the fight against pornography failed. The women involved in it were convinced that what they were doing was their choice, and that nobody else had the right to tell them how to live their lives “because of Feminism”. It’s the same with women who want that “equal partnership” in a relationship because they feel that they can’t juggle doing everything on their own, and for old times sake let the man in the relationship be the “leader”, because this is what they have been used to their entire lives.

            It is a lot easier debating anti-feminists and much more difficult debating these self-proclaimed feminists. This goes back to your point about women being brainwashed within an inch of their lives to think that they need men. You try to help people and they throw it right back in your face, and I’m getting tired of that shit. Many pro-feminist men take the brunt of the abuse from these women, all because they are man-hungry. We’re just as bad as the male chauvinists, they say. With women like this who needs the Jews?

            • Ophidian – Yep, one of the most pervasive psy-ops of the jew media is the idea that everything is relative (therefore nothing has value). Thus, we have whores claiming to be “feminist,” frank pornographers claiming to be “feminist,” Mommy-Dependent claiming to be “feminist,” et al. Words have no meaning, categories are no longer categories, Jew Boi stays on top — along with the rest of the usual pecking order — the only thing that’s changed is that Jew Boi now rules instead of white boi, & nonwhite boi has more power than before. Nonwhite females come next, with White women pulling up the rear — just like in porn.

              • Marty says:

                Feminist and feminism seem to be the overused words of the year. I took your “fucktard challenge” and found that white nationalist say feminist and feminism as often as Jews use Holocaust. They do use these respective words in similar ways too. The difference is that Jews have the power to control the entire Western world with their utterance of Holocaust. Stupid white nationalists only get the desired knee jerk reaction from other losers when they utter the words feminism and feminist.

                I read your essay out loud to my significant other while she was working out. We both enjoyed it and thank you for your work.

              • Ophidian says:

                I have to add that one of the “feminists” I was arguing with happened to be a black woman. They go on and on about how (black) men have to “lead” and (black) women need to follow or “submit”. And most of them are Jesus Freaks. This just goes to show how Judaified these people really are. I called her out as an anti-white lemming (because of the content on her YouTube channel) and told her to stop advertising her phallus-worship to other groups of women under the guise of “choice”.

                “Women of color” have a strong aversion to Feminism, while being bitchy and entitled at the same time. They think racially first and foremost. It’s no wonder why they have been getting away with calling themselves feminists and leeching off it’s benefits, while destroying it from the inside because it’s “too radical” for their tastes (as if Feminism is theirs to begin with), and they feel threatened that it will turn the men in their respective racial groups away from them or against them.

                • Oh jeez, black women are the most entitled — while being at the same time the least intelligent. This is not a good combo. You do realize that Africans have an average IQ of 70, & Amerikan blacks have an average IQ of 85 — this “gift from Whitey” of 15 IQ points is because there are literally no Amerikan blacks who aren’t mulatto. Scientific facts like these are called “racist.” Blacks are also the most aggressive of the races. Combine that with the entitlement emotionality — it just really doesn’t add up to people who you can rationally argue with. I haven’t had any desire to talk to black women for many years now. When I was very young I got to know a couple of very old black women. They really made an impression on me because they were kind & had their heads screwed on right. They talked openly about the laziness of the young men, etc. The jew media took what little sense & calmness & gratitude (yes gratitude — they could be living in squalor in Africa — notice how they complain but would never move to Africa where they wouldn’t have Whitey to leech off of — well they’d still have Bill Gates, but not quite as dependable as the Big Teats of White American taxpayers) that the black community had. They are now just a group of low IQ criminals for the most part. Dysgenetic breeding is not what a low IQ, aggressive race needed, but thanks to their friends the jews, this is what they’ve had for at least 50 years.

                  • The devolution is now at breakneck speed. Just look at Jewywood. The loss of IQ points probably has a pretty close correlation to the downward spiral of kike programming. I do wonder how soon it will be until kike jews have their multiracial abominations tell blacks & browns to just go kill Whitey. They’re almost at that point now but will it even be 10 yrs until they just forthrightly state it? I get a kick out of seeing how some of these kike jew professors talk about white ppl. Do they think their black & brown pals distinguish between kike & white? LOL, they can’t even distinguish between a George Zimmerman & white. Old half amerind half kike George looks white to these beasts. That means the average kike’s goose is cooked.

                    • The little jews are stupid & paranoid enough to go along with the big jews, & the big jews always sacrifice them. Of course, the lil’ jews get to live better than the rest of us due to nepotism/mafia criminality etc. so this is why there really are no “good” jews. If only blacks were smart enough to go after some jews instead of innocent people. But blacks are always blacks, just as jews are always jews.

          • renelife says:

            I’ve been reading up on jews and the alleged holocaust. Personally never believed their story held water but am now solidifying my belief. It really does come down to media control doesn’t it? It’s not just all the movies about jew supposed suffering but they get to keep facts hidden. Have you seen “hitler the greatest story ever told”? I thought it was pretty good except he had to throw in stuff at the end against women and gays. Do you notice how they always throw women with gays? Also the titles he gave the segments didn’t have much to do with what was shown. It seemed really weak in parts like he was losing interest but the first few were good.

            to me transsexuals re just the next logical step in the progression like I think you’re trying to say in your article. They destroyed women a long time ago. Now they’re hyping her replacements.

            • Renelife: Of course women are thrown in with gays, transmen etc. False masculinity is all-consumed with anything that puts its idiocy, fragility, & fakery into question. What would most men do w/o false masculinity? False masculinity gives them an entire sex class “beneath” them. This fake gender shite is the largest part of this failed layer cake held together with cow manure. Note how the males who aren’t on top always blame 1) women, & 2) the guys who are on top — always in that order. It started with their Eve fairy tale & it will never end — unless you refuse to play their game by being a breeder.

              • Ancient Realist says:

                Ya know OD, any sane white man should be able to agree with what you are saying since it is so bloody obvious. The reason they don’t is because they enjoy having a female underclass to abuse. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about men it’s that almost all of them cannot exist without a pecking order. Yes, this is a more PC way of saying that almost all men are total lemmings.

                • Ancient REalist: Yes, & when you ponder this fact for quite a spell (while observing male behavior in “real” life), the only conclusion to come to is to not force other people to come here because males will never stop chimping out.

      • BrendaTheWhite says:

        I thought you should know that this “ophidian” is one of the ones bringing WN & other lowlife to your blog.
        I thought you also might be interested that he has repeatedly insulted you on other blogs, calling you a “lesbian” for pointing out a simple fact of life, ie that the vagina has little to no nerve endings. The fact that you even have to point this obvious fact out shows how insanely dickocentric & porned-out the culture is & I could write my own little rant about it. The fact that it is questioned as false just really shows that males will not stop until we literally agree to whatever lies they want to tell about us.
        But my point is that he has referred to your glorious writing as “extremely crude” & the like.
        He’s a mud but you probably already knew that.
        I guess they just can’t help being snakes.

  4. OD this is an excellent synopses (SP?? I’m picking up these big words from reading your blog) 🙂 of the joo media capture of white ppl’s mentality. I’m one of those “older” boomers who was just damn lucky to not have been drafted into Nam. I wish that I could print this on the front page of the NY Times but I’ll have to settle for reblogging it so that my few friends might see it.

    My heart really feels bad about what is happening & has been happening to our beautiful white women. I will always remember what a jerk off I was on jootube & how you didn’t just tell me to F off. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. I’ve learned to change my sexist put downing of white women thanks to you OD. You made my life better !!

    • Young hardworking white man says:

      @ thanksjews: Good for you for learning new tricks. I’m not so old but it’s still hard to learn sometimes. It’s easy to go along with the herd…especially the white male herd. They post all the same propaganda about “cultural Marxism” & the like. I doubt if even one of them has ever read Marx, but they throw it around anyway, hoping to sound intelligent. All they do is turn off educated people. To throw white women into their heap of hated foes was their first mistake. But as OD has pointed out many times, they do hate white women the most. The joo pornographers who infiltrated jootube long ago are having loads of “fun” with “pro-white” males. Their friends, who include lesbians & transgenered people, are also having “fun” with them. They are too dumb to see it. Watching herds of “pro-white” males operate & being operated on has been very illuminating. OD is right….groups of males get very irrational.

      @ OD: My parents are from the “silent generation” & I’ve heard dozens of stories about their “adventures” in hippiedom. They are in their early 70’s & still clueless about what really happened. They do see what a catastrophe affirmative action & other anti-white programs have been since their own kids were prejudiced against even though we all had very high scores & should have been able to get in anywhere. It’s not just the joos & minorities who get in before smarter white kids though. The rich have always been able to buy a spot for their own little dumbshits….although no one beats the retarded blacks who are given scholarships because they’re big & fat & can throw a football. These beasts don’t even make a show of working on a degree….it’s just handed to them.

      • thanksjewsforfuckingupAmerica says:

        Younghardworking, I used to run with the herd on jootube even tho I was one of those making fun of jootube atheists. Not because I believe in sky fairies but because they are such idiots & scumbags. I “met” OD on jootube. I’ve re evaluated most things including the male herd. Hard to argue with her conclusions if you take a good hard look.

  5. Abdulla Garwin says:

    Another epic OD odyssey! You have the best handle on what’s happening to white folks IMO.

  6. Bill says:

    Now that you’ve pointed out some of the woman hatred surrounding us I’ve been listening….with what I guess you could say are antennas. Today I listened to David Duke talking to some nig about the big old problems of the black man. Duke being a shill and a hypocrite aside, he let this nig refer to white women as girls while referring to his fellow nigs as men. Duke sees nothing wrong with this nor does he see anything wrong with felling so much pain of the nig but never ever listening to white women unless they are psychic slaves. What I mean is that Duke would never listen to a nig unless he was at least partly derace-inated. He certainly wouldn’t ever listen to a white woman unless she claimed to be a white nigger slave to his group of faggots. Just see what kind of whores Duke has been involved with & how he didn’t even care about his kids. Fucking sick of these ppl, starting to dislike them more than Jews.

    Another great piece Marina. Always happy to know there’s at least one white person with a brain who can use it.

  7. I like how you give an overview that’s historical & psychological at the same time. Yours is political commentary at its best.
    You’re so right about how they’ve been targeting boomers. Now I can see they’ve been targeting them since before some of them were even born! Your comments about them bing the largest cohort of white ppl before or since leads to other speculations. Jews were happy to see how many tens of millions of white ppl had died in their world wars & massacred under their very own joo bolshevicks but oh no, here’s a huge group being born into relative prosperity. So they started their psy op about the population explosion & not having kids while literally paying low iq third worlders to breed away on the backs of white ppl.
    From the way their media discusses boomers in such a amorphous way, most young ppl are being led to believe that they are anyone & everyone over 45. Most young ppl think that boomers were at Woodstock & all that mess. I find it interesting that you’re right they do use this generation stuff as just another way to divide & conquer, but now the young ppl are too dumbed down to even understand that the joo defined “generations” are not 40 or 50 yrs long. In fact the joo shortened what ppl used to think of as a generation so to slice & dice a little smaller. What I mean is, wasn’t a gneration 25 or 30 yrs long before heebison ave redefined it to benefit kikery?
    I am coming around more to your way of thinking about their long term plans. There is no way greedy joos will continue the free goodies for brown ppl after whites are gone. They will be killed like swarms of locusts. We see thru out history that joos have no problem with mass murder for no other reason than some petty aim of theirs.

    • Yes this is political commentary at its best. I help to homeschool my grandkids & we have regularly used OD’s work to enlighten them & spark their interest.

      What you say about the Boomers is true. The joos saw those booming demographics of White ppl & they had to do something about it. Without massive propaganda about the “population explosion” those boomers would have exponentially increased the White population in less than a century. They had to act fast, & the stupid joos (I am not one of those silly White ppl who think that joos are smart) saw the kind of effect their movies & other programming was already having on Whitey (meaning the equally stupid White male). As OD points out, White women were raising hell about the media filth, but they were shouted down as usual by those big smart White men who were loving seeing the likes of Marilyn Mon-Ho act like the caricature of a faggot.

      I was fortunate enough to have a brilliant wife who pointed out what the Marilyn Mon-Hos really were. Joos are still making money from her prostituted ass. What can we say about males who demonstrate to their own daughters that they adore prostitutes? What can we say about such a society?

      • Who can forget the biggest ho after Marilyn Mon-ho (LOL. Good one). Madonna. She was (& I really do hate to call this thing “she”) purposely named by the jew to put it right in the face of the majority. I’m no lover of Christianity, but that’s another story. The fact remains that the jew had the chutzpah to bring in this whore he named “Madonna”, this little piece of garbage who posed naked for a few scraps from the jew. Completely talentless, this bleached Italian whore had nothing going for her but a desire for jew “fame.”

        To me, Madonn-ho was the next big step for the filthy jew. I knew ppl who I thought were sane say things like “well she’s making a lot of money.” This in the context of it being OK what she was doing, since she was making lots of money. The jew brought in another whore to hypnotize the stupid males, to have the little girls imitate (even little 6 & 7 yr olds started wearing whorish lingerie on the street), to further sexualize White women, & of course to further the idea of jew “fame.” I’m not saying they did this with a specific plan, BTW, I don’t think the jew is that smart. They play “hit or miss” with their psy ops & see what works. They do have long term goals, however. Those goals are obvious to anyone paying attention.

        • Brandy G says:

          If there was someone I would like to kill with my bare hands is that Italian whore Louise Ciccone. Jewesses are very similar genetically to Italian women. No surprise to me. Jew American princess and Wap American princess. Never could tell the diff growing up.

          • Brandyg: Funny we were just discussing this the other day. Yes it looks like jew males had fun raping their way through what is today Italy. It is often very hard to tell So. Italians from jews. I don’t think it’s just coincidence that these 2 groups have always been (literally) thick as thieves.

    • BrendaTheWhite says:

      Much of the “Silent Gen” & older “Boomers” had drunk the kool aid, just look at old Beatles footage to see silly young women screaming at the sight of average looking males. Or was it their electric guitars? 🙂 That disenfranchised group you described very well. I am in that group & did not at all resemble the older “Boomers” or the later born “Gen X.” There were the “new wavers” who were mostly just an extension of those Silent Gen who thought the Eagles & other bubble gum was great. The punkers, though, were a hardcore group who hated the joo culture. Interesting to note that they were exclusively White European. I’m sure there must have been a few nonwhites & joos, but I never knew any. They were also the first to start their own independent (of the joo) record companies. The little publicity they got through the joo media was negative, of course. They were the last gasp of White American youth trying to break free of joo culture.

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  9. Davis says:

    A very insightful read. I wish there was black women who had half your insight. Ah but I’d be termed a ‘self hatting n**ger’ if I said that to black folks. I don’t know a single black woman who doesn’t spew hate for white women. At the same time they all worship the white man. When a white woman says she’s a Jew, well that’s a different story. Jews must be adored because of all their suffering in the hollycost don’t ya know. Black womens skulls are as thick as the white man when it comes to what’s really happening.

    • Ophidian says:

      The majority of blacks in America, if not all of them have been deracinated to an extensive degree by the Jews. Even more so than White European Americans.

      Believing in a Kosher “messiah” (Jesus), listening to Kosher music (Hip-Hop, with the Jewish rapper Drake as it’s poster boy), watching Kosher television programs (BET, MTV, VH1, and reruns of 1970’s Jew-written “black” sitcoms like ‘Good Times’, ‘Sanford & Son’, and ‘The Jeffersons’), and believing anything the Kosher Establishment media tells them.

      Everything traditionally African-American and European American alike has been co-opted by Jews. They even run our American-based Spanish-speaking television networks, with their presence growing in Latin America. One of Mexico’s top media executives (of the media company ‘Televisa’) is married to a Jewess.

      The Jews even have their grimy paws on Asian cinema, re-distributing Asian movies to the West under their own film companies. There is nothing these people can’t get their hands on.


    What fun it would be to watch the “electric jew” with you. In fact wouldn’t it be great to re-run the reruns with the running commentary of Orwell’s Daughter behind them?

  11. Another masterpiece. I would *sigh* but I hate the fracking Susieshitheads who do.

    I like the way you get graphic about the torture of women that NIgel is beating off to. White males don’t care, but you may get a few women to start pulling their heads from their asses. The majority are lost tho after years of pretending to love sitting on dick. In a way there is no greater humiliation than having women pretend to orgasm from being fracked. She is in the privacy of her own home yet she feels compelled to treat Nigel to a porn show…for free.

    This is why males fear women getting together on their own outside of their nuclear family or other fake diktator unit. If a large group of women hung out with no men for more than a week, there wouldn’t be a one of them who wasn’t cured of pretending to want to be humiliated/fracked.

    I haven’t checked but is there Holoco$t porn yet? If not I see lots of joo$$luv$$ in it. Nekked big nosed skin & bones jews pretending to orgasm at Asswitch.

    • Right you are Val. My theory is that way back when the males used to just roam around looking for women to rape. Since they are lazy by nature, they got sick of doing this so they began capturing women like animals so they could be raped whenever the males needed to “pee.” They then thought, well hell, they might as well do most of the work too. Soon they “evolved” the whole clan/nuclear family crapola so that it wouldn’t quite look so bald (i.e. like the slavery it was & is). After a while the women began viewing this set-up as normal, though they didn’t pretend to like being f*cked until the jew came along with massive propaganda.

      Jews would luv holohoax porn. We’d have to find a Hitler look-alike, & maybe get some ex-Soviets to slap up a few “gas chambers” — I’m sure they still have the plans somewhere. You know, slap a few chimneys that aren’t attached to anything on the roof, etc. We could call them Cuntzentration camps. However, jews would steal the idea the same day we started just as they do with absolutely everything that earns dollars.

      • Viking Feminist says:

        The “new age” movement was another aspect of the conditioning of women about sex. I should say that by “sex” I mean the male defined version which is PIV. This movement came after the hippies had cooled down & was brought by the same group. The “silent generation” just couldn’t keep their big mouths shut lol. So in the late 80’s & early 90’s women were being fed nonsense about “sacred sex” (PIV is supposed to be “sacred” lol). The Stevie Nicks like “goddesses” all orgasmed from PIV but were too floaty & airheaded to ever come out & say so. What I find funny is that many of the women who claim to be “rad fems” today also pretend to be “witches.” You’d think they’d understand that this nonsense was just an extension of hippie culture which brought with it pretending to love PIV.

        I love your broad overviews of history Marina. We never ever get anything more than a narrow view from the joo media. I’ve learned to always ask “what are they up to now” when I hear their drum beat. I was suspect of their Boomer propaganda but didn’t know what purpose it served. The last large White cohort! Of course! You nailed it.

        • norse canal says:

          The comments are almost as interesting as your blog Marina. Well I should say that at times the comments are infuriating… men at least. My SO tells me that guess what? Reading watching or just being alive in Amurrika as a female feels like that so shut up & learn sumthin. I am learning. From what you say & from what I can gather, awake white women should be more pissed than anyone. First her own men don’t give a crap about her & prove they care much more about brown ppl. Second her own grassroots movement is coopted by kikes who make a mockery out of it. The topping is that racially aware men are some fo the most kikified. None of this will end well.

        • @Viking Feminist I read a blurb recently about a study that asked males about sex. One of the questions was something like “do you know that women do not orgasm from intercourse….how does this knowledge affect your sex life”? The vast majority said that it didn’t concern them in the least. It reminds me of another study that’s probably 10 yrs old where men were told all of the horrible health risks of breast implants. The overwhelming male response? We don’t care, just so they’re big.

          I understand why some women avoid men. What I don’t understand is why *all women* don’t despise us. Not all of us are self centered a-holes, but I wouldn’t let my daughter date until I gave her the full & complete lowdown on how despicable men really are when it comes to women.

          • sqpeg says:

            @NoMo, There’s a heap of research demonstrating that males are selfish & proud of it. There’s another heap of research showing that males have a much less realistic view on just about everything than do females (one way to interpret these latter results is that males are less rational than females, something that females already well know). Interestingly the stuff that “sells” are based on total lies about nonexistent “gender differences.” If books based on reality were published, males would scream that they are “feminazi.” I’m old enough to know that there is no solution to the male belligerence problem. Don’t have kids is the best advice. But for those who already made the mistake, I like your advice. Give your daughters the complete truth. But for 99.9999% of males this wouldn’t be possible since they are so deluded that they have no concept of the truth….& sadly the majority don’t really care what happens to their daughters anyway.
            @Marina, Thank you for another excellent piece. Glad that someone took on this generation business. Seems to me that the Jewish media just sets up these bogus generations, then as time goes on lets the lines blur so that they can target one for ridicule or blame. I noticed that they were beating the drum against Boomers but I didn’t think about the fact that it is in fact the Silents who are still mostly in power & have been since they caused the 1960s upheaval. I also hadn’t thought about what you say about Boomers being the last big group of white people who not only put the most $$$ into Jewish coffers but will also get less back. Naturally the true victim must be demonized by the Jew!

  12. Demosthenes says:

    One stereotype that stuck with me from movies was the American who was stupid and talked too much and the Russian who was stoic and wise. At least here it has succeeded. There is a popular notion that Americans are stupid. Maybe it was meant to also imply that communism makes citizens smart. Although that never passed. Despite the fact that our governing politicians are quite unpopular the last years, the communist party has never rised above 5% more or less.

    • From your other, semi-porno response, I gather that you believe I do not understand the “equipment.” I happen to own this equipment. Do you? Are you both male & female, or are you just claiming to be both? Elaborate on what proof you have that the dick causes an orgasm for anyone other than the male.

  13. Ophidian says:

    (This an extension to the my previous thread of comments)

    White European women and black women in America are always going to share custody of Feminism, and black women and other “women of color” are always going to lay claim to it no matter what White European women do. You can thank your white men for having your fates tied to all these other women.

    The reasons for denying women the right to vote always boils down to military conscription and property rights, and the only women who were allowed the vote were women who owned or inherited property. These are not my arguments by the way. This is what everybody else says. I don’t know if black women are stubborn or if they are really intelligent, but they stick to their guns while coming at people with this sassy “Just So” inflection and threatening tone in their monologues. Like they are going to come out of your computer screen and yoke you if you continue to engage them.

    But my arguments hold very water against them because I know little about the Women’s Movement, and they claim to have supported Feminism in greater numbers than white women ever did. All of this gives me a headache. Even the women I speak in defense of acquiesce to everything Miss Thang says, because they are as timid as mice. I don’t mean to gossip and advertise my personal squabbles on your blog. But blacks are Jews of a different skin color. They really know how to get in your head and fill it with doubt and shame.

    • Ophidian –
      1) Black women had nothing to do with creating feminism. Period. End of story.
      2) If I thought black women were “always going to share custody” I would adopt the baby out right now ;o)
      3) The behavior you are describing is belligerence. This is the most prevalent “emotion” of your typical black female. Even their men have nothing on them as far as their ignorance mixed with hostility (which is my definition of belligerence).
      Personally, I wouldn’t waste another minute of my time trying to tell black women anything. Who gives a damn what they think? What have they ever created except ugliness, filth & chaos?

      • Ophidian says:

        I guess you’re right. Belligerent would be the best way to describe black women, and belligerence minus the dialogue is the only way to deal with them. They bank on everyone else being afraid of them. Even their own menfolk.

        But YouTube is full of egalitarians who think along the lines of moral relativism and “We are all the same!” Your attempts to get anything across to those you want to reach out to are slim to none without the Rainbow Brigade of “tolerance” and “diversity” jumping all over you. I don’t know how many times I have seen ‘feminist’ and ‘Nazi’ posted separately or in conjunction with each other on the comments section of almost any video.

        This is all for now, I guess. I don’t want to divert any further from the general topic of your blogpost article.

  14. Ophidian says:

    Your blog has been awfully quiet lately. 🙂 Don’t mind me. I’m just browsing through some of your older material. I’m getting tired of the Bread and Circus show and gossip rag that has become the Internet, and there are very few spaces where people can learn anything of value and substance and engage in intelligent discourse.

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  16. lyonspaw53 says:

    Marina I just appreciate your work so much. As a “boomer” who is very far from retiring I’m sick of hearing about how “boomers” are at fault for what the current generation of retirees (“silent” generation. Yeah they’re “silent” alright. Even big mouthed “silent generation” old hags like Deanna Spingola keep their screechy mouths closed when “boomers” are blamed.) Spingola is a big old fat assed recipient of the social security benefits paid for by boomers. But even worse are the “greatest generation.” Petty thieves like real estate agents made millions all over the country. Yeah they’re keeping their “silent generation” mouths closed.

    Especially those in their 70’s, the “younger” part of the “silent generation. As you so well pointed out, these are the ones who didn’t work hard at all for the most part. They were paid well for being scum. But they had to screw up the country with their “60’s revolution.” This too they blame on boomers who were far too young to participate in their destruction.

  17. Birdseye says:

    Marina, I found you through a link to your excellent Kaiser post. I’ve been lurking for a while & greatly enjoying your blog. You’re a great writer & you actually DO make me LOL 😉

    I have been looking into white nationalism & like you, have found many discrepancies & hypocrisy. I recently joined stormfront & posted a question about the hypocrisy & racemixing.

    First, my post was censored. After a week I posted again. Censored again. I then added it to my first “introduction” post, noting that I’d been censored. Then finally it went through. I guess they were paranoid because they then “uncensored” my first post, even though it had been nearly a month since I wrote it.

    But that’s not the most disturbing thing. I couldn’t believe how many angry, insulting responses I got. It was as if I just put a stick into a bee hive. Only a few answered me in a rational way. I will post my comment here at some other time so that others can see how very polite it was.

    I’m not impressed at all so far with white nationalism. Looks like I’m not alone.

    • Ophidian says:

      My experiences with White Nationalists have shown me that they are irrational, vindictive, chauvinistic, and borderline homoerotic. More so than men of any other racial or ethnic group. Almost everything with these people is about sex if it isn’t about “making the race-traitor bitches pay” or “putting an end to Feminism”.

      Feminism is the great evil of the ages, according to most of these people. A “Marxist communist plot” meant to divide and conquer both sexes, some of them say. This is one of the many comments that are commonplace in their circles:

      “Okay I thought about this a bit. WHITE WOMEN CAUSE SO MUCH OF THIS.

      Why? Think about it. If white women didn’t promote feminism, it would never have a chance of surviving. If they stood with their white brothers, we’d actually be able to maintain this great civilization.”

      And here is one of many comments from the token airheads who stroke their egos:

      “Yes they (white women) have been gullible but you cannot blame ALL White women. Most women oppose feminist garbage. You have to strike at the root though….who has poisoned their minds with Marxist programming? And if White men started behaving strong and confident, they could lead their women in the correct direction but many have become feminized liberal wimps.”

      Followed by tripe from the usual rightist conservative Semitophiles:

      “I guess the haters have to blame someone. Their ignorance shows they haven’t come into contact with individuating information about different jewish groups. There are some jewish groups that are extremely conservative & decry feminism. But as I said, they have to blame someone instead of their own impotency for allowing liberals to run the show. Strong conservatives like me don’t scapegoat people, we call out ideologies like liberalism because that’s where it’s at.”

      • Birdseye says:

        @Ophidian yah I’ve heard all of that same crap. I should have taken a closer look around stormfront before expecting anything more than the same old same old. If you want to laugh or barf , depending on your mood, there’s a huge thread at stormfront called “women and girls against feminism.” These women puzzle me the most. Why would they want to go back to not having any rights? Do they not understand what being less than a slave means? Then again I don’t even understand the men. Why would they want women to be less than slaves? Why are they so frigging insecure?

        The “cultural Marxism” is a lot of nonsense too. The types who want women to be less than slaves would not be able to comprehend marx-engels. That they put feminism into their dumping ground proves it. I’m no expert, but even I know that feminism is centuries old.

        @Orwells Daughter I wanted to comment on your latest, but couldn’t. Not all of us have fallen for the jewish porn-hate women-learn sex from jews. These white nationalists look like the same thing as the “mens rights advocates” to me. Both groups have an obvious hatred of women. My theory is that they had very abusive dads. I feel sorry for any women and girls in their lives.

        • Ophidian says:

          I remember seeing a woman in the MRA circles I used to slither around in calling herself a “Woman Against Feminism” with the words superimposed over an image of a housewife.

          What’s more pathetic is the social media group that calls themselves ‘Women Against Feminism’, with dolled-up attention whores (of ALL racial and religious backgrounds, LoL) writing on a board or piece of paper saying “I don’t need Feminism because…”, citing whatever reasons they claim they are anti-feminist, while spitting on the rights and freedoms none of them ever had to fight for. These are the kinds of women who make the woman-haters roll their tongues out like dogs, howling in excitement with their hearts beating out of their chests.

          The one difference between the MRAs and the White Nationalists, is that MRAs subscribe to Ho!ocau$t fiction, have an assortment of ‘jocks’, ‘nerds’, and ‘cheerleaders’ from all ethnic groups engage in their circle-jerk, and call women who challenge or disagree with them “feminazis”.

          White Nationalists on the other hand come off as angry little boys who continue to hold a centuries-old grudge against White European women who had the gall to no longer put up with their shit and demand a voice and an iota of freedom in the countries their foremothers helped establish and populate. They think that Feminism is responsible for the fall of Europa and not their dalliances with “women of color” and their silly little love affair with everything Jewish.

          I know I am also going hard on these guys who I have no relation to. But that is because much of what I have learned on this blog has rubbed off on me. It has had a profound effect on the way I see things, and it saddens me that an outsider like me thinks this way while white people I bump into on a daily basis don’t, and are dolefully ignorant and masochistic.

          • Birdseye says:

            I’d say the main difference between MRA’s and white nationalists is that MRA’s got married to some histrionic little tart who took him for a ride. Now he spends his life squawking against women. The white nationalist can’t even find a little tart who’d want to take him for a ride.

    • Birdseye says:

      An update about my post on stormfront. I received many unbelievably angry responses to my respective question. It was a question I really did want answered. Instead I was barraged with men coming to the rescue of other men by demanding that I tell them who I was talking about since they never heard of anyone in white nationalism who was a racemixer. LOL!!! If someone like me who has only been exposed to white nationalism for a few months has run across the blatant racemixers who call themselves leaders, then I know I’m being jacked with. I then gave them big hints regarding 3 of white nationalisms biggest racemixers. They then feigned more disbelief and pretense that they didn’t know who I was talking about. Finally I named
      ANDREW ANGLIN – all 5 feet of this ugly troll lives on dad’s money in asia, where he fucks every kind of darky who’ll have him. He’s in the right place since Filipinos are the shortest race of ppl on earth.
      TANSTAAFL – he is married to a Jew for Christ’s sake. He has Jewish children.
      SCOTT ROBERTS – Though he claims to have “Mestizo” children because he fucked and married a non white, I think his kids are Mulatto since the island his wife is from is filled with black ppl, not Amerinds.

      • Ezra says:

        Turdseye I had a nice semi long comment written to you but lost it….shucks I hate that. I’m too lazy to write it again so will just say….you discovered the true face of white nationalism. They are not only not pro-white, they are some of our races worst enemies!

      • @Turdseye Consider yourself lucky ! I wasted at least a year visiting useless forums like Stormfront. It is worse than an exercise in futility….it is depressing to know that these slugs think they are “Aryans.”

        OD has some brilliant turns of phrase & one of my favorites is “faceless, voiceless pussies.” This is how she describes those “keyboard warriors” of WN. Stormfront is the biggest forum for faceless voiceless pussies that exists on the net. There is nothing there but a big black hole of pussy males complaining. It’s not the only site for them to masturbate with each other but it’s the largest.

        • Trajan says:

          Funny since I found this blog through Stormfront. It does have a lot of trash but some interesting stuff as well. I would agree that there are keyboard warriors aplenty who are pretty much worthless. So Orwell’s Daughter what’s your solution?

          • anglinigger says:

            @Trajan Me too. The guy who started the thread wanted to waste time complaining about feminists with fellow stormfreaks. They’d rather complain about a non problem than put away their 6 packs get in shape and do away with the men who have ruined the world.
            @birdseye You already learned all there is to know about ‘white nationalism.’ The rest is just a drunken cowardly rerun. Career philanderers like David Duke love hypocrites like Anglin. Anglin’s pedophile father stunted Andy’s growth by anally raping him while repeating ‘it’s your whore mother’s fault.’ All 60 inches of quadroon Anglin (including his penis) vowed to hate women except for brown ones. Most ‘white nationalists’ have been through similar scenerios either on the giving receiving or both ends.

            • Southernman says:

              @Turdseye, nomorebrowntown, anglinigger
              You beta males should kill yourself.
              The feminazi needs the force of a real man to straighten her out.
              If your not with white nationalism your against it.

  18. Ophidian says:

    There hasn’t been any activity from you in a while. I hope everything is all right on your end, and it’s probably because you are busy tackling life outside of the Internet. But people do get worried.

  19. Karen55 says:

    Always a great read. Thanks Marina. I hadn’t thought about this generation naming as another way to slice & dice the goyim but of course it is. It’s all so obvious once you point it out 😉

  20. Thepitz1 says:

    I’ve got so many things to comment on about your amazing essay & also many of the comments. But I am crunched for time so I’ll just say thanks for taking time out of your busy life to share these gems with us.

  21. OD I couldn’t comment on your latest entry. I LOVE IT. Open the comments pleeeaase.

  22. Ancient Realist says:

    Hey OD
    I could not comment on your last post but I wanted to say that I’m sorry these sorry excuses for white men are doing what they do best. Hating on women and repelling normal white people. I have tried to keep an open mind but I see no use for these men except as tools for joos. They would do a lot less damage to white folks if they would embrace their homosexuality. There may be 2 or 3 women interested in white nationalism at any given time. They are always the bottom of the barrel, desperate typses. Those of us living in the real world know that the old saying about no one being happy unless mama is happy is very true. Except for really abusive a-holes who beat up women….and I wouldn’t be surprised if most white nationalists fall into this category… most households the woman runs things more than the man. This is as it should be as it is so in nature. These idiots however keep believing after several generations that their dumb outfits are going to go anywhere when there are no women. Not only no women but the most female hating insanity short of sand niggers. I don’t think they really care about white people at all. It’s hard to conclude otherswise when you look at their track record.

  23. OD jootube is seriously messing with your view count. I saw your latest last night iwht views at 158 or something close now at 30? Old ones are off too. Punishment for naming the yid?

  24. Ophidian says:

    I know I have been commenting a lot here lately, but you should take a look at this if you haven’t already:

    This propaganda image is courtesy of the Jew-conditioned “modern” feminists and far-left “Social Justice” clique who are typically sheltered and upper middle-class, and have minimal interaction with the non-whites and “LGBTXYZ” freaks they defend so rigorously 🙄 while labeling anyone who is straight, white, male, or ‘thin’ “privileged”.

    • Ophidian: Yikes! It is so out of control that one wonders what they’ll do next. Like porn, they’ve upped their ante about as far as the imagination can go. It really sickens me to see what they’re calling “feminism,” but I’m equally sickened by the males who eagerly slam feminism & refuse to acknowledge that it’s been perverted (like nearly everything, & by the usual suspects) & are pretty happy to get wide-load lesbian welfare queens like “girl writes what” to rail against feminism when that fat pig wouldn’t be able to barrage us with her hypocrisy without feminism. She’s the exact type that MRAs would crucify if she weren’t mentally stroking their dicks (she’s fat, she’s unattractive, she looks like a butch dyke, & she has 2 or 3 “bastards”).

      About a year ago I stumbled across a “feminist” podcast done by 2 fat women. I guess they were really uber obese because they were actually talking about being pissed because there weren’t changing gowns at their doctors’ offices that were large enough, etc. They were proud of not even trying to lose weight because being thin was being “privileged.” Well, I guess such people want to die young, which is fine with me — I just wish they’d do it fast instead of milking the rest of us for millions of dollars (each) to treat all the stuff associated with being obese, especially from a young age.

      You can comment as much as you want 😉 Anytime I complain about commenting, it’s because I’m being hit by “white” nationalists or pornographers.

      • Ophidian says:

        Thank you. I appreciate it. It’s unfortunate that the very group of men who should be having your backs through thick and thin are giving you ladies such a hard time. And yet you refuse to relent to their attacks and manage to pull yourselves through. I am thoroughly convinced that White European women need each other more than anything. 😀

        I don’t like to derail topics because of my tendency to go into random tangents. I just want to disclose that I got caught up in the “Men’s Rights” camp for a few years because I thought there was an agenda to “feminize” males and turn them into homosexuals (I was a Christard and conspiracy nut too), and from the looks of it this is true in a sense. But this certainly isn’t the doing of what was once respectably the Women’s Movement.

        I was in my early 20’s when I was absorbing everything these supposed “advocates” for men were saying, including their misogyny and incessant need to be victims. Karen Straughan (Girl Writes What) is one of the worst of them, because her butch bisexuality attracts men and women to her propaganda, along with her Semitophilia (like most MRAs) and her fake platitudes of “traditionalism”, which mainly attracts those on the political right.

        Another snake to look out for is the de facto leader of the MRM whose name is Paul Elam, along with the unofficial leader of the MGTOW (“Men Going Their Own Way”) phenomenon. A man who goes by the alias ‘Barbarossaa’, who was the very first MRA my ears had the displeasure of listening to, and the most misogynistic MRA on and off the Internet. He approves of race-mixing (because he himself is race-mixed) and advocates artificial wombs on top of many other twisted things. 😡

        I had always believed that Women’s Suffrage was a noble thing and that White European women were (and still are) an oppressed class. But my time as an MRA inverted this knowledge and had me think that white men had it worse, while white women were somehow benefiting from all this dysfunction, when it occurred to me that Jewish women were behind all of this.

      • Erimian A. says:

        Orwell’s Daughter, it looks to me like you’re still being ‘hit’ by that kind. Is there any good reason why they should not be banished back to Stormfront, or wherever they come from? Is there nowhere that White women can go online without being called ‘feminazis’…and worse by creeps trolling honest and excellent work written by women?

        As to being thin because one is privileged, I wonder where that came from! Those fatties only need to wait till they are seniors and living on a fixed income. 🙂 In the U.S. these days, large numbers of people face a geater challenge getting enough decent food to eat so they don’t freeze in winter than they do in cutting back. What with the price now for good organic pet food for animal companions, this senior has had to learn about foraging weeds for her smoothies – most of which are unfortunately, stickers here in the Southwest. Some people call all that body obsession, and derisively, I might add, ‘first world problems’ but I’ll just call them over-urbanized dweeb problems. A day’s ordinary work out in the country would certainly kill them.

        I have tried in vain to remind the anti-feminists that until feminists got voting rights for women, 6-year-old children were being sent to work in the mines and sweathouses. If you were poor and didn’t have family to take care of you, you could die on the streets; many ill and elderly ended their lives that way. Education was only for the rich. Women had children until they died in childbirth or because of complications resulting from it. Their orphans were sent to workhouses and were sold as indentured servants – or killed by their own surviving parent and nobody cared. Without feminists, a lot of our population wouldn’t have made it into the 20th century.

        There’s a sick irony in the fact that a good number of the ranters using the word feminism as if it were a venereal disease, look forward to retirement and Social Security checks each month, expect rights to safe conditions at their work and to be treated with dignity when they’re ill and elderly: all ideas which were vehemently opposed by the vast majority of men when they were first proposed. Men didn’t give a shit about ‘human rights’ for anybody and by and large, they still do not. Almost everything that makes our White standard of living better than everybody else’s in the world can be credited to White women and their unceasing efforts to bring enlightenment to the savage masses.

        • Erimian: Thanks for your thoughtful comments. Yes indeedy, there is nothing like a woman who’s been around the block a few times to tell the misogynists of both sexes what’s what. My faves are the women who claim to hate feminism while they reap in the benefits (e.g. Phyllis Shafley who makes millions off of dumbasses who lap up her tripe — Ms. Syphilis wouldn’t have been able to go to shyster school w/o feminism) — all for the sake of cognitively sucking cock. More later.

        • Ophidian says:

          @Erimian A. — “Without feminists, a lot of our population wouldn’t have made it into the 20th century.”

          And now most of them are gone. Their cause and their efforts replaced by “gender identity” and “civil rights”, and all the politicized, post-1960’s academic rhetoric that comes with it. European women get the wonderful distinction of being lumped into the same category as blacks, Arabs, and “LGBT people”.

          Let’s not forget the attempts to infantilize race-conscious women and trivialize their attempts to protect their racial and national identity, as well as their womanhood, as waywardness or some form of Stockholm Syndrome. Only (white) men can be racist and violent in their attempts to protect their homelands. (White) Women, we are taught, are much more accepting of multiculturalism and homosexuality.

          Let’s even convince them that there is nothing wrong with miscegenating with Arab or Somali invaders. Access to women’s vaginas (sorry for being graphic) will be the one thing that ends racism in the West. The assumption from the Jewish media and their Anglo lapdogs are that (white) women have no sense of pride and are open to any forced invasion into their homelands.

          Nationalism and separatism will always be framed as “male dominated” activities, even though the women are the ones that give birth to their nations, and are the same ones who also end up becoming the spoils of war for foreign invaders. The Arabs and the Somalis are raping their way through Europe, and nothing is being done about it. But when prominent female voices express their discontent with multiculturalism and it’s ill-effects, they are either crazy, hateful, or brainwashed. Their agency gets thrown out the window, because racial and national pride has always been strongest in women.

          • Ophidian; The White woman will suffer no more at the hands of the black & brown hordes than she does at home with the jealous, simpering “white” male. Like all else that implicates him in being the White woman’s #1 enemy, the “white” male simply denies the fact that he sends his spouse or girlfriend to the ER just as frequently as the black male does. He also denies the fact that he rapes the White woman just as much as the black male; his only claim to fame is that he doesn’t rape black women (I’m beginning to think that he’s too afraid to rape a black woman, as she is likely less of a pussy than he is).

  25. Mildred Pierce's Lisp says:

    Hey lassie, thinking of you & stopping by to say hello. My email to you bounced, check that box girlie it must be overfull.

  26. Another great one from my brilliant friend. The tribe really has molded every aspect of our lives. I hadn’t thought about the generational thing until you started talking about it. Just another divide & conquer technique. This one is pretty tricky since only one generation is demonized, Boomers. I didn’t even know the name of those freelovers of the 60’s who ruined the country. Silent Generation ! Kikes don’t understand humor but they are inadvertently good with irony.

    It’s not just that many of the kikes who did & do the most damage were born circa 1925 to 1945. It’s that so many white ppl were destructive a-holes too. Silent Genration had a lot of Vietnam vets, but they also had the “fun” of the 60’s. There were many Boomers who were too young for Woodstock or other Silent Gneration “fun” but some of the older ones did get to haul off to Nam in the early to mid 70’s while pussies from the Silent Generation hid at university or Canada.

    • galliatransalpina says:

      Well said Browntown and well said to the writer of this fine essay. I was just a child during the 60’s hullabaloo but was one of the lucky ones inducted in 1972 for Nam at the ripe old age of 18. My little sister (also a “Boomer”) was only 8 years old. Yet these freaks would like to blame all evil on a group of folks most of whom weren’t even out of elementary school yet. I freakin hate the joo media.

  27. Ophidian says:

    I know we are at odds with each other and I am most likely banned from your blog. But I would like you to listen to what this despicable individual has to say on her video about white people. If you want to hurl, just read the comments on her video.

    This twisted biatch also deletes comments that challenge with her position so I wouldn’t bother responding to her venom and vitriol. You were right about black women being worse than their male kin. When it comes to this specific race, it’s almost as if the sexes operate in reverse, with the females being the most aggressive and psychotic.

    • Ophidian, why would you be banned? There isn’t a single person on this Earth who I agree with completely.

      Thanks for your link, but I will not watch that vid because I have learned to not purposely raise my blood pressure for no reason. I already know how venomous & jealous many, if not most, nonwhite women are towards White women (after all, they have every reason to be jealous).

      • Ophidian says:

        if you want to be on the safe side you can delete the link to this video to avoid a trail of haters and harassers who might flock like seagulls to your blog. The woman in the video just happens to be a special case of hater. A black supremacist who also happens to be a faux-feminist. Women like this can rile blacks in the violence if she is given a chance.

  28. Marcus says:

    Took your “fucktard challenge” and came up 3 for 3. Nay, white nationalists do not like or respect white women. Funny, the last fucktard I listened to used the word “feminized” when describing any bad or unwanted trait. I asked nicely in his chat why he had to put down women. He proceeded to make fun of my comments and then used “estrogen” as his put down word. He sounded like an old man “pro white American” on talkshoe. I’d say “faggot pro male hick” is a better description.

  29. Erimian A. says:

    Orwell’s Daughter, thank you for your kind reply. If it’s alright, I’m back with a question.
    Whence comes this nonsense about ‘alpha’ and ‘beta’ males? I saw it mentioned here too, by a troll, I think. It doesn’t mean anything at all! Did White guys think this one up?
    Goodness is not for the weak! It takes real guts, tenacity and wits. I’ll give the blackboard version incase there be a troll or a moron reading – and that’s possible for I too, saw the first link to your blog on Stormfront.:) Let’s imagine all the fine and delicate things about our civilization, as many as we have left, as beautiful flowers that have sprung up, against all odds, in the high desert. How long are those lovely things to last without a very well-built wind-break? How about a strong arm to build those garden enclosures, attached to the kind of people who are not going to give up no matter how bad the weather? The only way to defend what is good against the bad guys is to be a lot tougher and smarter than those bad guys!
    G.K. Chesterton said, “The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.” Once we understand that, this modern fad of alpha and beta dichotomy becomes ridiculous. Our W.N. version of an alpha to which all aspire is a self-centered, short-sighted asshole while those (few) men showing the qualities around which White civilization was built: love and loyalty for their race, their culture, their families, are held in contempt as ‘betas!’

    I can tell you from my own experience, it is usually only the strong who can afford to be kind. They already know what they’re made of and have naught to prove to themselves or you by needless cruelty. I don’t suppose I need to clarify that I mean all kinds of strength. You can be built like the Hulk, but if your character is weak, it’ll do you no good; on the other hand, a strong character and strong mind cannot be held back by mere feebleness of body. Were that not the case, humans would have succumbed millennia ago to bigger and faster animals. The weak are always vicious; it’s the way they survive. To them, gentleness is weakness and kindness is only an opportunity to attack, so they neither trust it nor possess it to offer. Know them by their fruits: all the bullies, ranters, ravers and haters are weak, cringing and scared. They love *nothing* enough to find the courage to fight for it.

    • Erimian: The “alpha” crap came from the “white” males’ interpretation of canine behavior (all of his interpretations are suspect & usually pointedly unscientific, but he’d like us all to accept his interpretations as “gospel” & genuine scyience). This goes triple for the “white” nationalist, who is really effed up in the head. This specimen believes himself to be “alpha” (in itself, nothing to brag about, as you so eloquently pointed out), but to make his whackodynamics all the more deranged — the “white” nationalist is nothing but a faceless, voiceless pussy who likes to circle jerk with other males (i.e. a faggot).

      • Erimian A. says:

        Thank you! I have plenty of coyotes howling nearby right now. I wonder if they have those alpha and beta roles – I should ask them. Seeing so few humans, ever, it seems fair that I should have developed a way to converse with whatever else visits me. They’re bound to be more rational than the ‘stormfreak’ guys.
        I’ve brought something in the hope of getting your opinion because you’re the first person I thought of when I saw a link to this story at a slightly odd site I’ve visited daily for over a decade:, or GLP. (he he I’m not really lunatic fringe but I like going there.) Your thorough explanations here are the main reason I even believed it (coming from breitbart as it did…) The title is ‘Transphobic’ Midwives Must Say ‘Birthing Individuals’ (in order) To Not Offend Breastfeeding Transgender Dad.’
        What on earth?! They really do want to erase us women, don’t they? But this one makes my head swim, so here:
        I’m sorry to say that the ‘creature’ doing the breastfeeding looks White to me; the old perv sitting next to him/her/it (I’m too confused by this story to say which) looks like a yid.
        Of course the conservatives there are reacting as expected but unlike you, they don’t see how far down the rabbit hole they have to look to understand what *this* is about.

        • Erimian, Oh dear me — this is more than a LOL, this is a HOWL. All I’ve done so far is look at the photo. Thank you for the very best laugh I’ve had all day.

          Oh, & they can try to erase us, but we middle-aged “broads” aren’t going down easy ;o)

        • I just looked again & I had to look away because I’m laughing so hard. I will try to read once I can get past the photo — I think they’re both yids.

          • Erimian A. says:

            Maybe both yids after all. I admit it was hard for me to gaze overlong at the ‘birthing individual’ que no tiene vergüenza. Those gleeful expressions are downright creepy. The tribe is happy about its ‘creation,’ una nación de degenerados confundidos deslizantes en el pozo.
            You’re multi-lingual, aren’t you? That isn’t really a question, for I see that you use words in many languages in just the right place and context and no way that would come off so naturally if you did not know how to think in those languages. 🙂 I think in a few of them myself. I heard a painter say once that one has to learn how to draw very well first in order to ‘un-draw’ for his art. It’s the same thing; you have to really know language to be able to play around with it, as you do consummately well.

            What drugs are some women on these days that they do not see what’s at the root of ‘political correctness?’ Do they think that’s all that protects *them* from continuous abuse, so they have to go along with all its most far-fetched varieties to keep some illusory peace? P.C. – especially for Whites because its strictures are always directed at us specifically – means ‘go and disappear!’ and now it’s dispensed with the men, an easy job, it goes after the one true and natural guardian of our bloodlines, our standards and our common decency: our mothers.
            And White womanhood is supposed to disappear to make everybody feel better. Too many White men seem to wish this, even those who don’t know that’s what they’re really asking for. It’s our western version of the burqa and purdah: out of sight and out of mind. I don’t suppose too many of this ‘1 in 5’ are women:
            So the guys want to a: live ‘happily ever after’ with other guys como pinche mamapingas or b: get it on with a robot. Even the authors of those Zionist Protocols couldn’t have envisioned this level of success.
            It’s the base of the ‘damned if we do and damned if we don’t’ quandary no White woman ever escapes in modern society, from what I see, though I know more about it here in the U.S. because I live here – and I can see crazy Americans turning cyberspace blue with filthy rants nearly everywhere I go where people are allowed to comment on any topic. And I do mean *any.* It can be a discussion on ‘climate change’ or auto-mechanics and the woman-bashing will show up somewhere. It’s enough that the non-White professional victims snipe at us from all sides over every word we say; now the White men are prepared to react badly to the least expression when they think its source is a woman – so we can’t very well warn them about what trouble they’re in, can we?

            • Erimian, it’s a hopeless situation & one that will continue on unabated. Just groups of dickwads fighting to be King of the Hill — that’s all there’s ever been.
              As for women, I’m most amazed that they keep letting themselves be effed & keep producing more nitwits, dickwads, & miniature Walking Uteri. The “go & disappear” is already a reality, especially when you look at worldwide trends. I don’t know if you looked at my “What?” essay, but the fact that those prolific slantsluts have been aborting or killing baby girls after they are born has resulted in a massive oversupply of dickwads. Life on this here planet is going to get more hellish from every direction. Personally, I’d love to be able to witness (from afar, of course) an all-male Earth. Who would they blame for all of their own mess then? It would truly be a sight to behold — dickwads having to perform massive amounts of unpaid labor previously performed by women — while not having any women to psychologically kick around at the same time. I say give the fags what they want.

              • Erimian A. says:

                No matter how bad it looks and how bad it’s going to get – and it will get much worse, of course – there is one thing I think you know as well as I do: the future is female. As you have pointed out here, meaning to me that you have the research to back it up, our best brains are in majority, female. You know there’s been, on the quiet, an ‘affirmative action’ for boys in prep schools and colleges because the girls are taking over the sciences – while the girls still face discrimination, harassment and the threat of violence every day of their academic years. If the whole planet doesn’t get blown up by the guys first, the next leaders in line are White women. I think White men on some deep instinctive level perceive this and with the encouragement of a yid chorus chanting propaganda, this is part of why they hate us. A candle does flare up some just before it goes out, so we shall see violence and destruction to an unprecedented degree – but it will go out!

                Yes, I know what happens when a country has surplus males, which all patriarchal societies are bound to produce, to varying degrees: war is what happens. That’s what you do with surplus males with nobody to marry, especially in populations where intelligence is the exception and genius impossibly rare. We never said that guys are rational, let alone practical, did we? Humans aren’t so ‘special’ in nature as many like to think. You can have any number of hens together and allowing for the occasional spat and ruffled feathers, they’ll all survive together if kept safe from predators. Pen up together more than a couple of roosters and they’ll fight till there’s only one left standing.

                From where we sit now, it looks like we’re stuck on a train heading at great speed to the cliff edge but we might take some consolation in the knowledge that in the end, it’s Nature doing the driving. Natural balance will be restored whether anyone likes it or not and there is no place anymore in that for lopsided male domination that has become the enemy of Nature, finally even a threat to what is greater than we are – and is getting pissed off. 🙂 We will evolve as we’re supposed to or our species will die. I have the same kind of ‘faith’ in that (sometimes hard) mistress when I place a seed into the ground and actually expect it to grow or drink up a plant remedy betting my life it’ll work instead of taking a drug, because in truth, she hasn’t let me down yet.

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