“White” Males: Imbibing Psychocyanide for Centuries

by Marina Orwell

A subscriber to this here blog recently asked me about what I thought about “white” males ages 20 – 40.  From what he had to say, I’m guessing he is not very impressed.  Well, as you’ve probably gathered by now, this here lil’ ole Doormat with Holes hasn’t been impressed with “white” males for quite some time.

joolywood fag who taught males that faggotry is good

One of Joolywood’s earliest metrosexuals, circa 1930. He taught “white” male lemmings that dressing up as an inarticulate cowboi beat the hell out of being friends with his Creators.

I am particularly unimpressed with their inability to see themselves as their Creators see them (this is one reason I say, quite correctly, that “white” males are autistic).  Their irrationality is so deeply ingrained, and they are so used to believing that nearly any kind of bunkum spouted by another male is “rational” and “logical,” that there doesn’t seem to be a way to cut through their psychosexual fruitloopmorass.  At this point it’s difficult to say how much of their spiritual cancer is due to autism via their degraded little apostrophe grandiosely mislabeled the “Y” chromosome, how much is their trademark childish stubbornness born from centuries of misogynistic programming, and how much is due to centuries of believing that Gawd gave them a right to lord it over their Creators (even the “white” social justicetards and liver-lipped cuntservadudes regularly treat White women like dogdirt even as they suck black, brown and jew cock with gusto).

It’s a Jungle In There

This autistic and man-made cachot spirituelle is overgrown, unsightly, and filled with poisonous flora and fauna.  However, as long as he has other WFU males to keep him company in his faggadocious dungeon, he remains in a psychic circlejerk.  White women and girls have never experienced even one minute of this kind of comaraderie síceolaíoch, so it’s difficult for us to comprehend just what El Testy Entrencho de Braino feels like — but we can judge by having to pick up after centuries of its fruits that the “white” males’ faggokike lullaby is false, futile, and destructive.

The fact that White women have never had even one minute of universal camaraderie — while simultaneously being the #1 target of ridicule, harassment, and rape — has made us the most psychologically hardy and agile group on the planet.   When you add to this the fact that we are also the most productive, most creative, most highly educated (even though we are at the bottom of the pay scale after “white” males, nonwhite males, and nonwhite females), the cheapest to keep (by far — White women should not only not be paying any taxes, we should be paid for merely existing — since we’ve added endless amounts of beauty, intelligence, and free labor to society), have higher IQs than “white” males, and are the least aggressive group on the planet — we should and could be a force to contend with.  Instead we are mostly a disorganized group of groid-luvin’ libtard toadies, Slave-Ho-Wifeys, and/or Culpritic corporate cocksuckers.

tough guy fags

Tough guy metrosexuals, circa 1955, taught “white” male lemmings that their fruitless “cause” was circlejerking with each other — while, as usual, Culpritic Schmecklewizards laughed all the way to the bank.

That thar has not “just happened” by accident.  The Culpritics have carefully crafted and orchestrated the war against White women for centuries now.  They’ve mostly used the “white” male as robofodder in their war — because the “white” male always proves to be such a willing dickbot — all the Culpritics have to do is yank on ole Whitey’s fake masculinity chain — and away these lemming testetards go.

White Women Proved Too Hard for Culpritics to Control

Joolywood whore circa 1940 teaches the "white" male that being a gangsta like his jew bosses while "banging" a peroxide "broad" was really, really cool.

Joolywood whore circa 1940 teaches the “white” male that being a gangsta like his jew bosses while “banging” a plastic “broad” would make ya popular wit yer fellow faggosteins n’ thus really really *manly*

Why have the Culpritics worked so tirelessly to control White women via the “white” male?  The answer is simple.  They’d rather only have to truly manage 1/2 of the population — and when they started their plan in earnest, they knew White women would be impossible to control.  However, the Culpritics also knew via observation that, given the opportunity, “white” males would leap at any chance to degrade, despise, and micro-manage their Creators — and that they’d do it more thoroughly and more cheaply (“white” dickwads have a very long history of happily doing El Jewboi’s dirty work for free — with maximum élan).   Additionally, false “femininity” makes Mr. Winkie feel good all the time — because everywhere he looks he can see palpable evidence that there’s a whole sex class “beneath” him, just dying to be rape/fucked or at least beat into submission — and this serves as a nice Pavlovian loop for El Scrototard’s service to his toucanoplastied massahs.  Thus Whitey freed the Culpritics to only truly have to “manage” the easily-manipulated “white” male.

Whereas managing dickwads takes money (e.g. the expensive paraphernalia of the militaryindustrialsecurity complex, the fakemasculinityaggression complex — which, come to think of it, is almost exclusively paid for with White women’s lives — and the overrepresentationofmalesinnearlyallmentalillnessesetc complex), “femininity” not only pays for itself, it turns a very nice profit (not only for the scads of unpaid services provided gratis by Doormats with Holes, but also via the dozens of requirements for keeping up jew-hewn “femininity” — the list here is actually endless — just watch yer typical Wifey-Ho apply massive-to-garganchuan amounts of fake-itude to all of her body, and realize that “she” is literally a transvestite.

joolywood whores

Because Mr. Winkie responded so well to peroxided, spackled, & kiked-up mannequins, dispicable whores like Monroe made millions spreading their psychic filth & degradation of White women to male lemmings of all colors — all around the globe.

Further, fully *understand* that yer pecker luvs anything that is the opposite of actual womanhood — painted, plastered, n’ dyed-in-the-wool fembots, “natural look,” tough-talking spread-em-bed-em spackletards, and disfigured transman bulimiaboys with artificial tits.  Now I fully understand that you don’t really want to see what your Wifey-Ho or Live-in-Thang does to hide her woman’s body from you — keeping yer faggot head in the sand is just part of the “white” male’s “charm.”  Wifey-Ho doesn’t want you to see her spackling n’bricklaying either — because she doesn’t want to admit to herself that you are a faggot — and that she is nothing more than a cellophane prostitute.)

Just Rinse & Repeat — He’s So Easy

To the “white” males’ seemingly natural propensity to back-slap each other into a circlejerking stupor, the Culpritics have been adding increasingly larger doses of all manner of misogynistic psychocyanide  with each new crop of lemming males.  The Culpritics have been leading the “white” male around by his schnozzlette since at least the beginnings of Krisstianity — when jew males “convinced” the “white” males that dat der Gawd was a big ole Joo Dude who said that dem lil ole Walking Uteri are Lesser Than because they are the Creators (and other irrational black-is-really-white, up-is-really-down forms of whackotestycognition).

 Typical male lemming behavior

Typical “white” male lemming behavior

Who knew that the “white” male — who was very insecure about the fact that he couldn’t create life like his Creators — would jump at any harebrained excuse to put his Creators in a jew-hewn box for centuries — with an all powerful dickwawdGawd who said that He Too Hated Creators.  The Culpritics knew — since male Culpritics are perhaps even more perverted, misogynistic, and power-hungry than other races of males — that anything that stroketh the penileindustrialcomplex would be a sure-fire hit wit da “white” male lemming goyim.

Who knew that seeing White women brutalized in pornography — which causes who knows how many rapes and murders each day — would prove to be such a turn-on for “white” dickwads?  Who knew that the “white” male would be stupid and short-sighted enough to sign up for his own obliteration — just to please his 1.5 oz. of flesh for a few seconds?  Well, non-lemming White women are not at’all surprised at anything that the testosterone-crazed are capable of — we started believing the “white” male (when he told us that he hated us) way back in 1870 when he gave negro males the vote while allowing his Creators to claw and fight for 50 more years to grab it from his nigger-luving hands.  Some of us do believe Whitey when he constantly reminds us of just how much he loathes us (actually, all White women realize it at some level, but most just let out their pent-up resentment via histrionics n’ passive-aggressiveness — while keeping dat dick-raising “femininity” intact).

but honey are u ashamed of dat lil ole turkey neck n gizzards

Metrosexual circa 2016. But hey lil “white” vanity slut — would John Wayne’ve hidden his turkey neck n’ gizzards like a pussy?

No, the only thing that surprises us is that more White women aren’t turning themselves loose from Culpritico Newspeak — whether it be breaking free of the Da Multyculty Going Nowhere Club that Follows the “Liberal” Jew Lied Piper, and/or stepping away from the garden-variety strokeumdapenisyessiree Hos Who Serve the Servants of the Jew Massahs Society — and joining us in reality.

© 2016 Orwell’s Daughter



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52 Responses to “White” Males: Imbibing Psychocyanide for Centuries

  1. Even though the truth hurts you always make me laugh so hard at the same time.

  2. You need to read it at least four times. Once for your unique hilarity, once for the content of that scrumptious cerebral cortex of yours, & at least twice for all the deeper meanings. Well then maybe twice for hilarity also. That’s what i’m going to do right now because chérie there is no one close to as brilliantly funny as you are.

  3. Young hardworking white man says:

    For those of us who never liked hanging out with asshole boys & men your writing makes a ton of sense. Ive been inspired by yoiur writing to think about this a lot more. I wonder if white men would have hung up their illogical biases against white women by now. If we hadn’t had the constant new violent threats from groids & beaners. They have to always keep us off balance.

  4. I’m speechless cause comments are open.
    I think this one & the one on niggalo Prince are my favorites. But I think that with every new OD spark of genius don’t I.

  5. Ho’s R us the Avenger says:

    How many times do I hafta ask ya to marry me?

  6. Wow it’s so great to see so many posts from you. I have much catching up to do.
    Your cartoon is (a)freekin hilarious. Can I borrow it to print out for my wall?

    • It would be a great Easter Sunday banner for yer local church, wouldn’t it?

      • LOL wouldn’t that be great. I think one for every church in the land is in order but I want mine to also have the “typical male lemming behavior” at the bottom.

        You know OD this is really a mindbending piece of writing you have here. Fills in the some of the blanks for me. When you say things like “this is the reason things are so effed up & they’ll never change” I haven’t always followed it. You’re fleshing it out for us “slow learners.” But hey we’ve all be subject to massive programming since birth & the gender programming is by far the biggest.

      • I’m likin the new one too. I’m imagining that banner size & hung on my mom’s house. She used to live in “Shrewville” but now she’s a “Perpetual Martyr.” LOL. Ya make these retard “holidays” bearable. Thanks OD.

  7. JonS says:

    Great insights superb read. More later. Much more knowing me 😉
    Just wanted to say Hiya Marina.

  8. Rev McNally says:

    Brutally honest, accurate in every detail, and eye wateringly frucking rollicking!

  9. violet Ochs says:

    lol never thought of john wayne as a metrosexual but he sooo was. I just found your blog and it’s like nothing I’ve read before !

  10. AthenaTheBrave says:

    “Wifey-Ho doesn’t want you to see her spackling n’bricklaying either — because she doesn’t want to admit to herself that you are a faggot — and that she is nothing more than a cellophane prostitute.”

    Put this on my tombstone. Also, your images+link titles belong in both textbooks and art museums. (Apologies if that sounds like ass kissing; I assure you I save my keister-puckering solely for the impassable worst of the worst)

    • @Athena: I live to be understood, n’ we Doormats with Holes aren’t used to much ass-kissing (at least the incoming type) so thank ye.

      • AthenaTheBrave says:

        In that case, I’m damn glad I stopped a-lurking and started outright appreciating! 😉 Thanks for posting your delicious brilliance once again.

  11. Ophidian says:

    Glad I’m not the only one who sees the “transgendered” overtones of “femininity” and “women’s fashion”, whether it was Old Hollywood in the 20th century, or the Hollywood and advertising industry of today.

    Women who conform to these standards are really convinced that a freak like Bruce Jenner is a “real” woman because he dolls himself up in makeup and lipstick, dons the same whorish uniforms that some of these women do, and acts like the faggot that he truly is (women have been conditioned to think that being “sensitive” and “emotional” are female traits, when this is actually male behavior).

    And you have me convinced that much of Hollywood’s agenda is about degrading women and turning men into queers, if they are not evoking other forms of anti-White European and misogynistic propaganda. You’re also right about the male circlejerk, as always. Gangs of men or boys stroking each other’s egos along with their you-know-what is a pastime that is as old as time itself.

    • @Ophidian: I actually believe it’s quite a bit worse than that. I think that males have always been faggoty, but since they had no problem beating up on women, they ruled. Those who are most aggressive write the history. All these heroic tales are probably 100% bullshit. Males luv circlejerking about qualities they don’t even come close to possessing. Even relatively stupid lemming women are usually braver & tougher than the average male.

      • raven says:

        I completely agree. Under their swagger are little girls who are afraid of germs and such, but are terrified of other men. Don’t mean to insult little girls btw, who are also tougher than most men.

        One of my favorite ways to spot a fag is when they use the word “notion”
        I just love the vid art piece you did that included the males faggy speech patterns.

      • Ophidian says:

        @Orwell’s Daughter — From World War II revisionism, to the comic books I used to read as a boy, I concur that Jews and their white male sycophants love writing about qualities they themselves will never possess: strength, bravery, and a sense of honor and justice. What’s also riotous is how Wikipedia’s article on John Wayne has him listed under the category of “White Supremacists”, when he is a Shabbo’s Goy like most of Hollywood.

        I remember you telling me how it’s crucial that we shake our psyches loose from the propaganda of Jew’s always being victimized and persecuted, and those few simple words were magic. Before, I would just feel knee-jerk pity every time I heard the Jewish refrain of “persecution” and “antisemitism”. With enough knowledge and common sense you can shut these people up, and their sense of entitlement becomes visible when they demand that you don’t analyze or criticize them.

        It’s also crucial that White Europeans (especially those of German descent) abstain from having feelings of guilt and shame about American slavery or the “Holocaust”. Nonwhite people will never admit it, but the white people they come across on a daily basis are anything but hostile or hateful to them. They will never admit that everything good that has come into the world is because of White European civilization.

        Sure, Orientalist cultures have their perks. But Asians have a natural fear and dislike of outsiders. They will never accept having blacks, Jews, or mestizos among them, unless they are some fifth column Third World politico who is a crypto-Jew or married to a Jew, and imports the refuse of the Third World into their countries because Israel is paying them beaucoup shekels to sell their own people out.

  12. Christian says:

    No wonder the world is as it is. Ppl like you don’t believe in God and go so far as to make fun of God. Jesus is Lord.

    • @Christian: So because I don’t believe in your little fairy tale Jewboi this means I don’t believe in God?

      • nogodzz says:

        Veeery interesting answer OD. Inquiring minds want to know.
        This article is brilliant. I want a billboard of your cartoon with white lights all around it.

    • Ophidian says:

      @Christian — Men like you do nothing but drag women down into your cult of male worship and “universal brotherhood”. And Christianity as it stands is the precursor to Social Liberalism, where everything is relative and everyone is “equal”. It’s the very cancer that has destroyed civilizations from Ancient Europe to the New World, because nothing is sacred other than the Jew-worship and male supremacy that is at the core of it’s doctrine.

      Honestly dude, you sound like a kid who is going to rat his sister out because she skipped Bible Study. It’s pathetic. I don’t know who I hate more. The Jews who raped and ravaged the world of it’s beauty, or the “White Christian” males who also engaged in the planet-fuck. It’s worth noting that Jews have an intense loathing for Christianity and it’s bastardized “Gentile” interpretation of the Old Testament. Along with what they perceive as the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans hundreds of years ago.

      They’ll gladly nuke you idiots into oblivion to “settle the score” against your worthless religion and anyone who adheres to it.

  13. BrendaTheWhite says:

    OD your perspective is so right on & your means of expressing it feels like an exhilarating ride into my own experience & what is true. I find myself sometimes thinking about how a man might feel in reading your philosophy but then I stop & realize that your crystal clear vision & honesty isn’t constrained by what men might think. And this is why it is so powerful. Is there any other woman who has ever written so powerfully? I don’t know of any & I’m well read. They are always satisfying an imaginary audience of men. If not men, then “women of color.” Or joos of course, it goes without saying that everyone must kiss the joo’s ass. I must say that I find others lacking now that I’ve been exposed to perfection.

    Thank you for caring about White women. There is literally no other site on the internet where the interests of White women are put first. I’d be hard pressed to name one where the interests of White women are even mentioned without derision. So please know how much you are appreciated.

    • Hear hear! Or is it here here? I never have got that straight.

      What you say is so true, I don’t know of anyone else, male or female who isn’t writing for some imaginary audience. Especially in this dreary PC age. It goes without saying that white men are always writing for the approval of other men. They are hopeless faggots, OD you’re exactly right. Then there’s white women. White women have been taught to stuff it from the moment they’re born. Some of them cultivate a certain humorous part of their personality but it magically never says anything real. These are the women who imagine themselves to be “sassy” Christ I hate these types because they allow the stupid ass men to believe they’ve really found a “smart” one. When all she is is one layer removed from being a donkey.

  14. raven says:


  15. One of the best things I’ve ever read….the others being your other epic journeys. Feel like I just took a train ride through the Alps!

  16. Ah what a treat…several new essays from my favorite writer. I’m going to make some tea & settle into bed with my laptop. Thanks OD !

  17. Ancient Realist says:

    Almost all men are no better & quite a bit worse than animals. Their “god” encourages them in this so it will never end. That’s the whole point to Yahweh, jesus, mohammed, etc. Hey my computer went ahead & capitalized Yahweh (just did it again) but not the other 2. Kike jew much?

    Great read Marina.

  18. Harley says:

    Great stuff as always.

  19. Neermindthebollucks says:

    I want to thank you again for your fantastic work. It takes some genuine soul searching to understand where you are coming from, and this is something most men won’t bother to do. You are absolutely right in pointing out that white men have treated nonwhites way way better than white women. It is a crime of such vast proporations that is hidden in plain sight.

    I also want to point out to the so called truthers that you aren’t een half awake until you recognize the gender agenda. The only place to start is with Marina Orwell’s blog since she’s the only one I know of who is telling the truth about how shoddily the White woman has been treated and how she continues to be mistreated.

  20. DanD says:

    “But hey lil “white” vanity slut — would John Wayne’ve hidden his turkey neck n’ gizzards like a pussy?” Oh dear you pack more innuendo triple meanings & humour into one little sentence than anyone on earth.

    Minister of Propaganda AND Queen of Wordsmithing.

    Got a lot of catching up to do. So tickled to ‘see’ you again.

  21. Young hardworking white man says:

    I wish I could comment on your Mummy’s Day post cause I’d like to see the shock & tongue clucking. Men especially don’t like it when women are on to their game.

    It doesn’t matter to men what you say. All men want is a slave with “benefits” As long as they get that they don’t care what women say. For a woman to marry a man who doesn’t give her something tangible like being set for life monetarily is really stupid. He wants a regular fuck, & a slave who does everything he pretends to not care about …unitl of course she leaves him & he has to do all of his own dirty work. In short, men do not give a crap about what women think or feel. As long as women let them get away with their age old game of using & abusing women, men will keep doing it. Case closed. The only solution is for women to stop letting him get away with it. Or if you want to play the Whore card, make sure he’s good for setting you up in style for life. Otherwise it’s a losing proposition.

    • @yhwm: Yes, men have made this crystal clear for centuries. However, young women who’ve been raised/groomed by either a Doormat with Holes, her fucker/abuser, or both, is at a grave disadvantage, even if she is very intelligent. She often does anything to escape her rapist (AKA Dad, Mom’s BF, etc.) & ends up with another abuser. Before she knows it she’s trapped with a kid or two. This is just one scenerio but there are myriad horrid situations that girls and young women live in. No one ever talks about the ongoing abuse of women & girls by males in their own homes (including, of course, murder — most White women are killed by “white” males they know). I guess not talking about the fact that men are abusive assholes is part of the “code” too, eh? No, you hear “white” males wail & knash their teeth about anyone & anything that they think has been harmed — except for those who’ve been at the other end of abuse for centuries, White women.

      Thanks for your thoughtful commentary.

      • hattie says:

        You have expressed what I believe after many years of observation and serious thought.
        Look at all of these non whites. All without exception have greatly benefited from the white man giving them all kinds of things including technology and rights that are far greater than anything white women have ever been given. White women had to fight for every millimeter of gain and that gain is quickly covered over by new violence and abuse of white women and girls that serves to keep them licking their wounds and chasing their tails.
        The white man has made it unmistakenly clear that he will continue to kick white women to the curb even going so far as to allow the newly modernized non white men to also rape and abuse us.
        I do not understand why any white woman could bring a girl into this world. Then I interact with the average white woman and I am reminded that they just don’t care. They are out for themselves and making sons for the white man makes their lives much easier. Who cares if a girl or two are thrown into the mix? They will just have to get used to being 4th class citizens. Girls pick this up not just from fathers who almost always prefer to have violent and expensive boys, but from mommy dearest who also always prefers her violent and expensive boys because that gets her kudos from her master as well as the world at large.
        You can multiply this by at least ten for the various amerind mixtures negroid mixtures asian mixtures and especially the hateful disgusting Islamic freaks.
        I am so grateful that women like you still exist and are speaking out. The white man with his usual hatred of white women in addition to his stupidity, has made sure that feminism is just a dog and pony show that serves his interests while he complains about it. When you say that Jews learned the tricks of the trade from white men you are absolutely correct. Real feminism is something that he cannot answer because the simple facts of the matter prove how much he hates white women. To give away the store to non white freaks and imbeciles while keeping your boot on the neck of those who gave you your existence, that is the song the white man has sung for centuries.
        The white man has always preferred to breed with non whites because they are almost always on his same low spiritual level. He wants to subjugate and he will continue to do so as long as there is a willing vagina. Isn’t it time for white women to drop out of this game and let him continue to breed himself out?

      • BrendaTheWhite says:

        What you describe is close to what my own situation was & I agree with you, it is an endless cycle of abuse. I am also responding to your latest on Mother’s Day & even though I’m one I can fully get behind your sentiments. In fact I may endorse them even more since I’ve lived the motherhood scam inside & out. What you didn’t say is that mothers are usually the ones who create or at least amplify male obnoxiousness. They usually also amplify their daughters feelings of worthlessness since boys get almost all of the attention from both parents. You can see how this pans out in adulthood. See all these men griping bitterly if women get even 1/1000 of their slots in everything from government to corprations? If there’s one woman who isn’t a washed up preggers moron, the men scream that women are taking over. Needless to say they even become insanely jealous if a woman takes care of their child because the big baby feels “neglected.” The vast majority of mothers coddle their sons egos like a soft boiled egg. Brown & joo women are much worse. To be fair, black women are probably the least like this & you do have to hand it black women for this.

  22. Young hardworking white man says:

    Also if you point out to a man that his hate filled speech about women is a reflectin of his actual hate & you will be met with a blank stare or a glare. It is part of the “code” that men hate women, talk about their hatred of women but that men are never supposed to say anything about other mens blatant misogyny.

    • Ophidian says:

      If you try telling an MRA (99 percent of adult males) about himself and get him to reflect on his hatred of women he will just dismiss you as a “mangina”, a “white knight” (speaking up for women is becomingly increasingly taboo if you have noticed), or a “simp” (popular among the black woman-haters and miscegenators who love to bash their own women).

      And if you call Mr. Man’s porn addiction into question, he will accuse you of “attacking his sexuality” or brag that women enjoy “sex”. It’s gotten to the point where questioning whoredom has become politically correct, since I have had women call me insane and misogynistic for pointing out the abuse present in pornography, it’s effects on how men and even boys view women and girls, and the sexualization of women and girls in all other forms of media and advertising.

      The “Bro Code/Man Code” is merely Newspeak for the acceptance of faggotry and misogyny among a cadre of porn addicts and beer-drinking couch potatoes (along with their doormats) who get giddy when gorillas in tights or jerseys are sniffing each others asses and throwing, kicking, bouncing, or slapping a ball with stick. I am of the minority of males who has always detested being around other males and their dull-witted brogina concubines.

  23. Sally says:

    So what’s the solution? How do we get through to white men?

  24. Kenneth Bradley says:

    Have you seen the Jewess Bernstein pee herself with delight that free men have been framed by the kike run government?

  25. Ophidian says:

    @Orwell’s Daughter — “At this point it’s difficult to say how much of their spiritual cancer is due to autism via their degraded little apostrophe grandiosely mislabeled the “Y” chromosome, how much is their trademark childish stubbornness born from centuries of misogynistic programming, and how much is due to centuries of believing that Gawd gave them a right to lord it over their Creators…”

    Reading over this again, I admit that this is one of my favorite quotes from your post. I’m reminded of this everytime Jewish “feminists” like to evoke their ‘Nature vs. Nurture’ arguments to explain (or “mansplain”) how young boys are also bound by their gendered conditioning versus genetic disposition. I don’t know if what they are saying is true, and I have never thought about it as much. But one thing I have learned from Jewish women is their fondness of being the Big Mammy to almost any man who comes along their path, even as they go about their “radical feminist” tirades.

    Interestingly enough, the most diehard Jewish “feminists” see the “shikse” (derived from the Yiddish word “sheketz” meaning animal) they claim to represent as objects of scorn, because Jewish women are “chosen”, while all the rest are “unclean” in their God’s eyes. This slur was created in response to Jewish male lust towards non-Jewish women, and the anger and feeling of betrayal it incited among these women. Ironically, this standard doesn’t apply to anyone born to a Jew woman and a non-Jewish man, since one’s “Chosen” identity is inherited from their mother. Even though the “sheygetz” are still viewed disparagingly as animals alongside their female peers.

    I also enjoyed your ‘Grandpa Gets Stiffed’ podcast. The attitude and entitlement of men like the one in that MSN article rings true for many MRAs who cry and moan about the “privileged Western woman” (or the “privileged white woman” according to nonwhites of both sexes). Eastern European women, along with East/Southeast Asian and Arab women, are some of the most preferred choices for males seek foreign “mail order brides”. Latin American women are another alternative, with Brazil a preferred destination. If I am correct there was legislation put into effect to stop this phenomenon of ‘sex tourism’ in Brazil.

    • @Ophidian: As always, thank you for your thoughtful comments.

      At the risk of nitpicking, I disagree that jew “feminists” could ever really be “Big Mommies.” Although there may be nonwhite women who engage in the “Big Mommy” syndrome, I haven’t seen it. But then, you probably don’t have a clear idea of what I mean by that term.

      Briefly, Big Mommy is what happens to the psyches of some White females who not only want to please their oppressors by being “good little girls,” but at the same time they want power. Since these 2 things are in direct conflict in “our” Dickwad-Run world, Big Mommy sublimates her (valid) need to have real power and authority in this world by exerting her “authority” in typically “feminine” pursuits. She “bestows” her psychological farts on mostly those she considers equals (other women, children, & even possibly nonwhite males) & only rarely on Massah (although, if she “nabs” him via matrimony, she may be prone to turn Big Mommy loose even on Massah — & some Massahs enjoy being her “little boy.” You see these types fairly often, actually — where she is literally his Mommy, even as she is not permitted any power in the real world). There’s more to it, but that’s Marina Orwell’s short definition of one of the deformed types I’ve begun to delineate as I continue to observe how The Gender Uniform warps nearly everyone — although some more than others.

      Jew women aren’t Big Mommies, they are Gawd’s Chosen. As such, they have been raised in nearly the exact opposite way that the average White European woman has been raised. Jewesses are raised like white males on steroids. They are encouraged in everything, told they are super talented & uber-intelligent (even though the opposite is usually true — but for them, via nepotism, their tribe can “make” these things “true” by pushing their little princesses forward into the Idiotic Amurrikan Public as the next best thing to Geezus. They haven’t had to invert anything psychologically speaking — they are just downright aggressive. Their aggression isn’t just environmental (i.e. the way they’re raised to be the psychic opposite of dem po’ little shiksas whose parents encouraged her to be passive & to accept whatever kind of shite from Massah Male that comes down the pike), it’s also genetic (since they’ve been this way for centuries, I think we can safely say that they are constitutionally the most aggressive group of women on the planet besides Negros (& the latter are mostly just physically aggressive, whereas the former are psychologically aggressive — much more difficult to deal with overall IMO).

      • Ophidian says:

        @Orwell’s Daughter — An interesting assessment on the Big Mommy Syndrome. I have come across a lot of women who exhibit this behavior. And when your mind opens to the realities of the world as it relates to both sexes, this “maternalistic” behavior becomes sickening to the point of surrealism.

        On another not, just thought you should know that some (not all) of what I said was in response to my recent arguments with SaelPalani (Diana Boston). She is a white woman who pretends to be a Jewess (along with claiming that they are her people) and shills hard for Israel more than any Jew I have come into contact with, while deliberately making excuses for why nonwhite men lust after, aggress against, and murder white women.

        I don’t want to talk about people behind their back in a situation where they are unable to defend themselves. But pointing out that black males who act savagely against white women out in the open and in pornography are “racist stereotypes” according to her, because white males put out and control all the porn, and depict the black man this way (one of the many zany responses she was concocting, since she is so used to arguing with dull-witted MRAs and couldn’t poke holes in my logic). The same with the submissive Asian. It doesn’t occur to women like her that Asiatic women act submissive to get what they want out of their potential suitors.

        I’m sorry to waste your time with my “mansplaining”, but I have never come across a woman more despicable on the Internet, and I felt the need to say something here before I lost touch with reality after following all of these YouTube “feminists” for awhile. The things these women say would make your blood boil. They’re no different than the MRAs in my opinion.

  26. Ophidian says:

    @Orwell’s Daughter
    It’s detrimental to the psyches of all white women who identify as feminists to keep following the likes of vicious anti-white Israel fanatics like Diana Boston, who is deliberately misleading white women about their own experiences with “diversity”, the history of Feminism, and the health of their race and their countries. I took a liking to Boston until I learned that her ancestors were “Holocaust survivors”, even though you told me once that she was a fake Jew, and exposed as such by actual Jews.

    This woman exposed herself for the liar that she is on her YouTube channel when I pointed out on her video that the “white MRA” Bernie Sanders is a Jew, and that Jews are NOT of White European descent (and to stop confusing other people), even though she proceeded to tell me otherwise in a stubborn fashion by saying that Jews are “nomadic”, and that anyone of any race can be a Jew. And because Jews live in White European countries, this means they are “raised white”. She couldn’t poke holes in my arguments, because everything else that I pointed out to her reflects the present and historical experiences of white women and girls in their own countries.

    Boston’s MO is obvious in that she (like her Hasbara handlers) likes to sow discontent between white women and white men, by convincing white women that white males, and their not Jewish puppet masters, are the “dominant class” in your countries. And that nonwhite people (especially the males) pose no threat to white women at all, because the white man is keeping them all down equally. The statistics on rape and murder, and just observations in general, are “stereotypes” meant to keep these poor people down.

    The white man is the “enemy”, and if the white woman can just run into the arms of her “fellow minorities”, then they can defeat the white man together!

    • @Ophidian: I deleted the first part of your post — well, you know why.

      I hate jewtube & I was just reminded how much (some asshole “white” nationalist simply stole my vids & put them up as her own — now arguing w/me about “why” I should have rights over my own intellectual property, etc. It’s hard for me to believe that a hefty proportion of the asshats on this here planet believe in “hell” — I wonder, where are they now?

      As for DB, I tended to avoid her when I was “doing” youtube. In fact, I tended to avoid interaction w/so-called feminists because they are all cut from the same jew-blind, jew-led, moronic cloth. What I heard in that vid you sent me was DB reciting the same old crap she was reciting several years ago — & this tired crap is simply retread from any mainstream liberal media you choose. I feel sorry for the zillions of lemmings who are still caught in the kikish Cuntservative/Libtard-Repub/Dem trap. I know they’re lemmings, but really, you’d think that anyone with at least an average IQ (which DB does have) would finally grow tired of it and/or finally figure it out.

      To name Bernie S. as a nonwhite jew would open a whole can of worms that libtards dare not touch. Especially ones who, in their middle age, forsook their White Euro identity for one as an ersatz jewess.

      • Ophidian says:

        @Orwell’s Daughter — Hate to admit it, but out of all the kikes on this planet, the white male is the biggest of them all. I learned from the white male today that I am a “conservative puritan” because of my defense of women and their dignity. I also learned from the white male that women were put on this planet to give them erections (sorry for the vulgarities) and pump out babies because –insert Jew/white male delusion–. And “heterosexuality” like “homosexuality” (because I am convinced that most of these men of are gay, which explains their misogyny) are human expressions of love.

        I can see why Diana Boston hates white males and why she opted to pass herself as a Jew. But she at least owes it to white women to tell them the truth that they have enemies on all sides, that Feminism is THEIR movement, and that they are the only group of people on this planet who are maligned and marginalized simultaneously. She was also right about nonwhite men having more of an understand of Feminism, since every pro-feminist argument I made was immediately turned into an anti-feminist statement, complete with the relentless attacks from these males.

        And am starting to think that white women and nonwhites have a common enemy, not just in the Jews pulling everyone’s strings, but in the white male as well, and their unchecked lust and arrogance. If black and brown people weren’t so encouraged in their entitlement, and propagandized in their hatred and envy of white people, then they would realize that White European women have nothing to do with their lot in life. That it falls squarely on the hands of the white male and his favorite Tribe.

        • @Ophidian: Well you hit the nail on the head. These are things I don’t talk about because I don’t wish to give the “white” male any clues as to why White women often prefer “others.” Of course there are myriad reasons — so many, in fact, that it is instructive in itself to see that the “white” male is so autistic that he cannot fathom even one of them. Since many of the bottom feeders (AKA “white” nationalists) continue to pester me on my blog & on jootube (&, from what many others tell me, steal my ideas since they ain’t that bright & lack creativity), I cloak much of what I say. Plus I get a kick out of hearing their Autistico-Retardo theories about how “altruistic” they are, etc. If they began to look at the very opposite of their back-slapping ideas of themselves, they’d be much closer to the truth.

          As for DB, she is steeped in the libtard ideology. Think about it. She could no sooner see what you’re saying than a “white” nationalist could see that he is an autistic faggot.

  27. A real epic work. Amazing stuff.

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