Neverending White Male Privilege

by Ensconcé Wertlos-les Noirs

Five teenage boys with White privilege were randomly attacked with acid by an oppressed black man in South Ockendon, England last week.  The boys were waiting for a traIn when the downtrodden black man sprayed them all with acid, blinding one boy, and permanently damaging the mouth and tongue of another, while the others simply suffered permanent scars to their face, neck, ears, and hands.

In typically Orwellian fashion, White commentators have labelled this man a “terrorist” (his name has still been withheld by authorities because he is black, so I will refer to him as LaDulmay hereafter).  They say that the attack was “unprovoked,” but these boys are White and thus inhabit a place of White privilege so that they provoke us by their very existence.  I would like to speak to the misconceptions presented by the obviously privileged White commentators.

"Just look at those blue eyes, white skin and once-perfect features of these oppressive White boys."

“Just look at those blue eyes, blond hair, white skin and once-perfect features of these oppressive White boys.”

Calling LaDulmay a terrorist in a moment when 300 Nigerians are being raped and terrorized daily by their fellow Nigerians is not only intellectually and politically irresponsible – it’s ill.

LaDulmay was being provocative, and I imagine that the provocation has to do with asking us to think about what kind of harm White privilege does to peeps of color.  Conflating the potential discursive and psychic violence that LaDulmay’s actual actions does with LaDulmay himself is irresponsible privilege-based theorizing.

Because he's black, the assailant's name has been kept secret so I will call him "LaDulmay"

Because he’s black, the assailant’s name has been kept secret so I will refer to him as “LaDulmay”

But I also read it as LaDulmay playing with the possibility and plasticity of his image.

Maybe that means he’s complicit with whiteness, but it could also mean that like many of us, he is interested in all the ways he can be destructive.  But when relatively light-skinned men like LaDulmay are labeled “terrorist” it triggers deep shit for black people who struggle with colorism.

And calling a black man a terrorist when nothing could be further from the truth is an act of discursive violence.

It is not mere hyperbole. It is not metaphor. It is an act of violence.

When will White privilege ever end?

When will White privilege ever end?

And it is precisely this kind of untenable conflation of out-of-control black physical violence and verbal abuse towards Whites with our lack of frontal lobe function, low IQ, high T levels, and bottomless envy that emboldens White privilege even further.

Then there’s the intersectionality of how LaDulmay is seen as a violent black man at the same time that he is expressing his rage towards his very oppressors.  Just look at those blue eyes, blond hair, white skin and once-perfect features of these oppressive White boys.  I do think we have to remember the intersectionality of how racism, classism, heterosexism, ableism, and yes, Whiteness itself, interact as social systems to disadvantage people multiply placed along these axes.

Calling LaDulmay a terrorist is also designed to silence a generation of young niggahs who identify with his work and find something liberatory and productive about it.

I mean, what the entire fuck?

Listen: we always navigate questions of power within the space of these unjust systems not of our own making.  These teenage White boys of privilege made these systems that oppress us.

That’s that bullshit.  And time’s out for bullshit.

© 2016 Ensconcé Wertlos-les Noirs


Ensconcé Wertlos-les Noirs holds a NiG.D. in Afreekin Studies from DeFame University.  She is known for her revolutionary writings whereby she mostly cuts and pastes bullshit items written by equally-fucktarded black racists.  Despite her 85 IQ and lack of reasoning ability, she received a full scholarship for her affirmative-actionated slot at the U.  She is one of Amurrika’s leading black intellectuals.




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