Facts of Life 101 (for White Women)

by Marina Orwell

Obviously, an erection isn’t permanent. Some signal — usually an orgasm, but possibly a distraction, interruption, or even cold temperature — brings an erection to an end. This process, called detumescence, occurs when the chemical messengers that started and maintained the erection stop being produced, and other chemicals, such as the enzyme phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE5), destroy the remaining messengers. Blood seeps out of the passages in the corpora cavernosa. Once this happens, the veins in the penis begin to open up again and the blood drains out. The trickle becomes a gush, and the penis returns to its limp, or flaccid, state. It’s usually difficult for a man to get another erection right away. The length of the interval between erections varies, depending on a man’s age, his health, and whether he is sexually active on a regular basis. A young, sexually active man in good health may be able to get an erection after just a few minutes, whereas a man in his 50s or older may have to wait 24 hours. One reason may be that nerve function slows with age.

Thankfully, an erection isn’t permanent.  Violence & perversion brings it on, but distraction, or even cold temperature will bring his one-sided reverie to an end. Old pieces of shit like this one normally can’t get hard more than once every 48 hours (if at all), so their fellow Walking Dildos created viagra, et al. so that they could keep raping women (or even teenage girls, as shown here). Perverted autistic zombie walking dildos — pazwad for short.

Raised on a mixture of vapid, Heebison Avenue-fueled fairy tales, gigantic omissions of facts by yer Mommy (who, after all, was part of the problem), and the utterly jewified-masculinized portrayal of “femininity” — it’s no wonder most White women and girls don’t have a clue.

Here are just a few basic facts of life which you either don’t know or just refuse to open yer mascara-ed eyes to.  You’re welcome.

Live from my bikeride — the first few minutes are noisy from the wind, but it gets better.

Listen here:



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A marooned visitor to this Big Barrel O Idiots reporting on the antics of Da Herd (especially the Culpritic 2%)
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83 Responses to Facts of Life 101 (for White Women)

  1. I think this is my favorite of all your rants. I’ve never heard a more honest nonvarnished discussion of the male sex problem. Solanas even wasn’t quite as on target as you are. Obviously I like Val, but it is pretty clear that she was a bit “off.” In this you are at opposite poles & I think this is what makes your material so much more powerful. Solanas openly whored & had mental health issues (what came first, the whoring or the craziness, who knows). If there was something to make me mistrust Val it was that she whored. Can’t get past that one…why would anyone as brilliant as Solanas do this unless she was touched in the head? Hanging out with a jewfag like Warhol also makes me scratch my head. She wanted to use this fag to…what? Then try to kill him when she *finally* recognized him for what he so obviously was all along? Really nuts. Well didn’t mean to go off on all that but did want to say that you surpass her farly deeply imo.

    • @valerie: Yeah, VS’s only real cogent work was parts of her manifesto — but even parts, if not most, of it was “touched” by her insanity. Schizophrenia I think. She had a horrible life.

    • This is also one of my favorites. I will go through this with one of my granddaughters, who is just beginning her dangerous journey as a White girl/woman. I so wish that my dear wife was still alive to meet OD. And to help me psychically protect our granddaughters. I fear so much for them. They are beautiful in & out, intelligent, curious, sweet, just angels on earth. Meanwhile the boys their age are already addicted to vicious women hating pornography.

    • I’ll pile on saying that this one & the jew sex manual are 2 that need listening at least once again. Unpacking jew Baggage is another one that should be listened to again if you are someone who doesn’t quite get that there are really so few “good” jews that they’re more rare than a “white” male who genuinely likes white women. OD gives the best most comprehensive yet succint answer to those who have “friends” who are “good” jews.

      Not to say that every single one of her podcasts is solid gold. Marina is THE only pro white woman speaking the truth, THE only actual feminist…at least the only one articulate enough brave enough to speak out. Her explanations of how jews screw us all while “white” men help them are second to none.

  2. nogodzz says:

    Known you a few years now OD but ya still shock me outta my stupor. Refreshing that one woman tells the truth. I don’t really wonder about why males are like they are……though your explanation is needed and is pinpoint accurate………I mostly wonder why women continue pretending. I no longer have sympathy for women “with a dick in her mouth”….let the GD skank choke on it. My only sympathy is with the girl children these skanks thoughtlessly whore into existance. I even have more sympathy for the boy children then these skanks. You did some vids on motherhood a while back that were right on, if you still have these I’d love to hear them again.

    • @nogodzz: I don’t know if I still have those, but I well remember the “uproar” they caused among all those fake feminists. After all, pretending to like being fucked isn’t what “really” makes women “saints.” Forcing other people onto a planet you care nothing about is what constitutes “sainthood.” Being a brood mare because you are a selfish dumb cunt is just the most saintliest thing any wittle girl could possibly do.

    • Greetings nogodzz. Because you are someone who goes back a ways I am curious as to what you & OD think in general about where feminism is going. Naturally I mean something that at least tries to approach what white women created & evolved. I watched a vid recently from someone who used to follow & try to imitate you OD. I admit that I became perversely fascinated & ended up watching several. I’m going to copy one of her vids in here but will separate the last digits in the sequence so that her big face doesn’t trash your comment section. If this doesn’t work please do delete as I have no intention of advertising for…well I’ll refrain from expressing my opinions about her at least until I hear back from you.

      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gULCFceI CM

      Oy & as long as I’m on the topic of fat women who whine (k, I couldn’t help meself) I was reminded of an old saying while listening to extemporaneous genius of a tall gorgeous lass: skinny malinky lang legs, to which I’ll add bonny to make: bonny malinky lang legs. If ya can’t figure it out, oh well! I thought of this when thinking of you & when thinking of our European folk from the north. Spot on the money we are the polar opposites of the mangy hebrew monsters. How “clever” of them to turn their ugliness to their advantage by giving other ugly monsters an outlet to vent all their hatred towards themselves, White People! The person I reference above is quite a good example of this methinks.

      OD dear despite your height I do find you as magical as a leprechaun & as rare (since allegedly there were no female leprechauns). Bah humbug if there is magic then we knows there has to be females & especially OD! Lang may yer lum reek!

      • TGC: Oy did that bring back some memories — couldn’t make it through the whole thing though. Too much of the same old bolshevik attitude combined with Amurrikan whineypants. A few random thoughts:
        Did you know she used to go by “bolshevik chick” until I (indirectly) told her that her heros, the bolsheviki, brutally tortured & murdered tens of millions of White European people (you can never directly tell someone with the fake rebel attitude of an adolescent that they’re ignorant. But as a “big feminist” she also referred to herself as a “chick.” Quite odd.

        She lifted my ideas, including whole “turns of phrase” without blinking a black bolshevik eye. Watched a while to see if any of her followers — who also followed me — would notice & say something. Not that I really expected otherwise, but no — because they are completely programmed lemmings pretending to be “feminists” & “rad” at that (some of the worst lemmings — the type who I call “intractable lemmings”).

        She’s completely hung up on her looks as so many of the under 35 crowd are — always taking selfies, trying to get attention with their weird hair & get ups — really quite unsightly after the age of, say 22. Before becoming a “rad” fem, she was someone looking for attention on youtube. I guess it’s “natural” nowadays for young ones to try on different fluffy hats in quick succession, but not so natural to be such an attention whore IMO — but then again, so many 20 & 30-somethings are compleat attention whores. Much more interested in getting attention & some sort of weird libtard “popularity” than in actually thinking.

        One of the most vomit-inducing things about these libtards is that their parrot droppings are so far from reality that it would be impossible to even get them to undo a mere slice of their programming. This one — like millions of others her age — actually believe that she was “poor” & that she can really “relate” to poverty. Of course, this means “relating” to those peeps “of color.” In this latter part, she is correct. Both sucked the big tits of da gubbmint (that is, they were indirectly cared for by money that White people have to hand over to both “disabled” people — please don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about those who are really disabled — as well as the hordes of breed-happy nigs & zippispicaroons. Real poverty was not having anything — i.e. no gifted big tits to suck. I don’t expect the coons n’ ‘roons to look at history — even recent history — but you’d think that even these barely average libtards would do so before opening their big mouths. What am I thinking? If they were capable of that, then they may not be libtards, they may even be capable of original thought, & — who knows?!

        Feminism in general is a total fail as enacted by all groups out there. Please let me know if I’m wrong, as I’d be glad to be wrong here.

        • Neermindthebollucks says:

          One look at that face and yeah I remember her. I’m a sucker for comedy so I also watched the one about ‘homelessness & crows’ that was so heart wrenching darlink. But this hefty specimen should maybe think about acting lessons instead of trips to Vancouver and really swag glasses. Only the stupidest of the liberals would be taken in by that schtick, how does she expect to fool older and wiser and non commies like that uncle who just wouldn’t turn over his funds to her? All mad and so sad.

          • @neermind: She’s one of those who’d ditch “radfem” in a heartbeat if she could be thin & attractive.
            This is an old song that the menz sing about “feminists,” I know, but even a broken clock is correct twice a day. It’s just too bad they hate women so much that they lack any curiosity about real feminism or about White women’s history in general.

        • Ophidian says:

          @Orwell’s Daughter — You’ll find that it is something of a habit for “radical feminists” to align themselves with far-left politics. One of the videos I posted on your “Rants” section featured a woman who proclaimed that she was a communist, and proceeded to use Zionist/communist buzzwords like “destroy” and “revolution”.

          And speaking of Zionists, here is an article from a Jack Bernstein who sought to expose his brethren in Israel back in 1985 and was killed some time later for his efforts. He even outlines the racial distinction between the Sephardic (North African/Middle Eastern) Jews of Hebrew antiquity, and the Ashkenazi (Eastern European/Turkic) “Jews” who have been masquerading themselves as “God’s Chosen” for the better part of thirteen hundred years since their mass political conversion, and are the writers of the Talmud and forerunners of Zionism and Marxism-Leninism.


  3. BrendaTheWhite says:

    Marina I want you to know that a woman well into her 80’s is a fan of your work. The woman is my mother. She lives close by & I help with housework etc & sometimes listen to you. She now asks “anything from that bicycle woman?” This morning I was listening to FOL101 when I heard my mom laughing. She didn’t stop. I turned it back a few minutes.
    “Autistic zombie attached to a walking penis” is what cracked her up. After we listened all the way through my mother said that it was refreshing to hear a young woman tell the truth about Monroe. She said most normal woman felt the same way while the “bleached tart” (my mom’s words) was still alive. She said after Monroe’s suicide & even now the media pretends that the country was shocked & saddened but this wasn’t true. Normal women said “good riddance.” She thinks your yardstick for judging other women shows you are a keen observer of human nature. She may be a “bleached tart” inside & out or just inside; when males are interested “she” is really a he. You have opened up a whole new dialog between my mom & I. Thanks so much OD!!

    • @Brenda: That’s possibly the best compliment I’ve ever received. I’ll take an elderly fan club over the dumbass young’uns any day. I too have been surprised at the candor of elderly women. They have seen it all, & are too old to care what anyone else thinks. (Another “marker” for a masculinized woman: “She” still cares about the useless ho-facade even past the age of 65. Nothing sadder than a White woman who still has a dick up her ass at that age).

    • Good on your mom! Old White women are the best folks on this earth. Most of them anyway. Transvestites like Marilyn Monroe only get more dispicable with age.

  4. Males don’t critisize each other because of the dispicable way they treat women. Do you know what they call you if you do OD? A woman or a faggot. I guess both groups are despised for wanting to be fucked. One group really does want to be fucked but the other is just pretending. Not sure what you call males who want to fuck those who pretend to like being fucked. Seems a bit worse than “faggot” to me.

    • @thanksjews: Good observation. Yes, “white” males are so awash in misogyny all day, every day, that, in order to appear less autistic, they label this misogyny “love,” “respect,” etc.

  5. Ophidian says:

    Greetings again, Madame Orwell. Here are a couple of articles I wanted to share with you a while back, but didn’t know where to post them. Pornography is racist, as we all know. But not against white women. Or as the late Andrea Dworkin puts it, the bonbon-eating “apex of privilege in a white supremacist society”.



    The second article is written by a black “feminist” of course. The same types who rep Beyoncé as their idol and think that black transmen like Laverne Cox are real women. If they aren’t complaining about white women “taking” their black men, they’re complaining about white women refusing to sleep with black men. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

    • @Ophidian: I think that if you take a close look at history, “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” could be the theme song of White women.

      “Ms kike jew magazine” is so anti-White that it hasn’t had a White woman on its staff since the 70s.

      • Ophidian says:

        @Orwell’s Daughter — I know this is a late reply, and it is bit little off-topic from my previous comment. But reading your side column on “How to Quickly ID a White Male Lemming”, there is something I would like to in terms of ID’ing a male (and female) lemming. It is their use of the word “gender” over “sex” when referring to both sexes.

        As you know, GENDER is used in linguistics to identify the pronouns “he”, “she”, or “it”, and the adjectives “masculine” or “feminine” when referring to both sexes. Whereas SEX (male and female) denotes an individual creature’s physiology (reproductive anatomy and sexual dimorphism) as determined by their sex chromosomes.

        I see the word GENDER put to use all the time with the MRA/Alt-Right/”White Nationalist” crowd when they talk about how “rebellious” women have allegedly become. And the WN in particular are supposed to be the only thing standing the way of Jewish world domination, when they have a terrible command of the English language and a lack of respect for their own Creators.

        • @Ophidian: Who’s worse for White women: jews or “white” nationalists? It’s my very own koan ;o)

          BTW, I am responding to you separately about your comment that you don’t want me to post.

        • Ophidian says:

          @Orwell’s Daughter — I know I didn’t respond to this comment earlier. But my honest opinion is that the white liberal male is worse for white women. At least the “white nationalists” advocate separatism, even if it only applies to race-mixing white men. But white liberals want a one-world government where we all have to be forced to live together because they see nationalism and state sovereignty as a threat to “tolerance”. And this is on par with their Christian-come-liberal communist conditioning.

          This was one of two comments directed to me on a video from a comrade on YouTube:

          (First comment) “I want people regardless of ethnicity and race to live as one species where no one says “my race is the master race, you’re the sub-human ape”.
          I want human unity, not human diversity. We are one species, and we should move forward as one species, not fragmented groups too busy fighting each other to not look forward and strive for a better future.

          Seems to me like you want to perpetuate all of the problems that I want to be solved. You want to let the problems that are destroying this world to stay all in the name of “nationalism” and “human diversity”.
          Idiots like you amaze me.”

          (Second comment) “I’m just dreaming of a better future devoid of the likes of you, you dense idiot.
          Screw you and the flag of , a country invented by colonial settlers on a piece of lands where humans lived for thousands, maybe millions, of years. It means nothing just like your archaic, backwards thinking.
          You clearly don’t want progress, but it is inevitable. Globalism is inevitable, and it couldn’t come any sooner. I hope I live long enough to see a united world where humans are all equal and petty wars and conflicts between fragmented nations are behind us.
          If we’re going to one day expand into the vast reaches of space, then abolishing nations and countries and having a united planet and species is a must.”

          I honestly don’t know what to think of this.

          • @Ophidian: Wow, these are some seriously deluded dudes. I’m assuming they’re “white” dudes, or do you know their sex or race?

            I had a “white” dude tell me (to my face) something very similar to your second slice of Mr. Potato Head pie. I didn’t really say anything that should have gotten that response, but he spouted it at me anyway. I think that the really uber-brainwashed lemmings (too far gone to ever come back from joonever joonever land) are so programmed that they have a pressing need to release their inner parrot every few hours.

            • Ophidian says:

              @Orwell’s Daughter — He is most likely Canadian or European, since I have seen him utter the word “Americunt”. People who hate Americans and think that we are all bigoted and shallow because of what the Jews have taught them use this expression.

              And if you want to see the definition of a Cucked Canuck, take a gander at this woman’s collection of comments on Feminist Current via Disqus (you can delete the link so you don’t have to advertise who she is on your blog):


              I couldn’t help but return to this site and reply to this woman who thinks that sex and race are “overblown differences” Whitey created to oppress everybody, but has no problem promoting men in dresses as something “progressive” and beneficial to females.

              • Ophidian, I couldn’t really see which of her comments you were talking about but the ones I did see were the typical vomit-inducing tripe of a libtard of the Big Mommy variety. Good to know that Canada is as effed as we are, huh?

                I think the lemmings are even past kike control in many ways. Equating feminism with not believing in physical sex differences is a bridge too far even for jews. Let’s face it, besides their White genocide agenda, socially the kikes are really all about promoting fags & transmen. Guess she’s at least partially on track ;o)

  6. Ancient Realist says:

    As disgusting as it is I’m glad you included the photo of the fat old white boy. The majority of white males see nothing wrong with abusing white women and girls. I reckon that the majority of white males over 50 have raped or otherwise abused their daughters or granddaughters. They shriek that this is a problem for brown males but not them. I do get it OD. White women and girls are so inconsequential that raping and abusing them is par for the course for white males. It doesn’t even register as wrong. How many would shoot this fat old white boy if they saw him in the street? I would, but the majority would congratulate him.

    • @Ancient: Yes, the photos of just how depraved the “white” male is tell the story that even my most honest appraisals of the situation cannot. Most White women refuse to look at porn because they don’t want to know just how much their Massah hates them. Hell, they’d have to acknowledge the viral hatred that their male sprockets already possess in massive doses. No, she’ll just continue wearing blinders & spreading her legs.

      BTW, this disgusting photo is one of the most “clicked on” on my blog. This is always true — the more disgusting the photo, the more the male wants to see more of it.

  7. Elsie79 says:

    What an excellent talk. This is the one your mother will never give you cuz she is too busy shaving her fuck hole so that master can more easily “find” it to fuck her. Extra points for reminding him he likes to fuck children.

    One of the many things I like about you OD is that you don’t let the women off the hook. I’m so sick of women who let themselves be fucked. I guess that’s what, 99% of them? I’m so sick of these fucked women worrying about *him.* I wish they’d just kill themselves & do the world a favor. Most of these bitches don’t give a shit about women or girls but are completely fixated on their master & her male spawn.

    Have you personally ever seen a mother(fucker) who cared about a daughter while there was a son around? Now the bitches are squealing about vaccines & autism. Bitch, your stupid little fucker was autistic to begin with! Go ahead & make sure those of us who aren’t selfish breeders have to deal with your crotchsprocket infesting us with diseases that used to be wiped out, until Big Bitch Mommy of Future Fuckers refuses to vaccinate.

    • Just another stupid thing the “women” do…those who mouth everything their master says & blab it via talk shows. Wish their masters would permanently keep their dick in her mouth so she couldn’t repeat such harmful nonsense.

  8. Dan says:

    I’m a “fucking white male” who stumbled across this blog a couple weeks back. I accidentally clicked on that pic that heads this post. Sort of floored me because it’s very ugly and I wasn’t prepared. I am a father of 3 girls ranging in age from 21 to 5. I am 40 years old. To be honest it feels like a hopeless situation. I say this because I pay close attention to people and culture. The creative well of the west has nearly run dry. This is a sure sign that death is knocking at the door. Back in the late 1990s and into the early 2000s, I was deeply involved in white nationalism and personally knew many of the “big names” back then, which isn’t saying much. Even back then I knew these men were connoisseurs of interracial porn among other degenerate things. I knew far worse things about them as well. These days I wouldn’t piss on one of them if they were on fire. I left long before there was even such a thing as “Alt-Right”, etc. I have no illusions. Nothing has changed. These are still woman-hating morons who couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag. In their own way, whether openly or in secret, they are contributing to the death and pollution of our people.

    I started having a family when I was very young. I love my girls more than my own life. I am sick and will likely not live to see my youngest daughter reach adulthood. My wife and I decided some years back that we would do our very best to teach them to be strong and to know how to fight. They are all very intelligent and strong-willed. Our family is essentially our sanctuary from a world that is quickly falling apart. My girls stick out both in mind and in appearance. They are blue-eyed and nearly white-haired. It keeps me up at night thinking of the beasts out there that would harm them if they could. Having seen the dismal new male I would prefer my daughters grow up and have nothing to do with them. These men are clearly capable or crushing the spirit. My fathers agression toward me when I was young nearly crushed mine. It really doesn’t take much. Your observations of modern men, as shocking as they are, are unfortunately quite accurate.

    I firmly believe that images can kill the human soul. The jews long ago understood this and unleashed porn on already diseased men who were weakened by “judeochristianity”. I don’t want to sound too Spenglerian, but if this isn’t the death of the entirety of “western culture” I don’t know what is. We can only fight on despite the terrible odds and hope we emerge as something new. Insights like yours are so important to this process.

    I don’t want to get too long-winded on your blog. Please keep up the good work and know that your efforts are appreciated.

    Kind Regards

    • You are on the right track about your girls. If you were shocked by that photo then you probably haven’t seen what is really out there. That photo is ultra, ultra “soft” porn.

      OD has a video where she slams the RT porn pushers & provides us with facts about porn. I think it’s on this blog but maybe Marina can tell you where. Best anti porn vid ever. But you probably already know that OD is brilliant & brave.

      I thought about that video because some of the facts are shocking & Marina rips them a new, non-raped a-hole. When you begin to understand that the average age that boys first start looking at porn is 8 or 9 (OD help me here) & that there are cases all over the country of little boys of 8 to 12 (& older of course) brutally attacking/raping little girls as young as THREE.

      These incidents are kept from us by the jew media. As usual.

      Anyway if I had daughters I would introduce them to the facts as soon as possible. It’s so sick that you would have to do this, but what awaits them is much worse. I can tell you from experience that “dating” means fighting off a rapist who isn’t interested in “plain vanilla” “sex”. He wants to enact the rape/butchery he seen over & over again in porn. Yes I’m talking about teenage boys as well.

  9. Jacquesprat says:

    Still listening still learning from you
    Just a note to say thanks

  10. OD this one and ‘the jew sex manual’ are 2 of your best. Frankly who can say because you are a genuine genius. Like David Byrne or Innocence Mission, you never put out a bad song.

    I’ll be listening to both of these at least once again. Even tho I think the white race is too far gone to reapair itself, it makes me happy that our race has been able to recently produce a brilliant “Renaissance” person like you.

  11. Bill says:

    💗 💗 💗 💗 💗 💗 💗 💗 💗 💗 1/2

  12. @Ophidian: It’s easy to see why people often hate those most who are most similar to them. The women at jewinistflood make me violently ill. They should just suck jew cock in the public square — that would be more tasteful than what they do.

    That link you provided looks to be an excellent article so I’m going to copy it here:

    You can tell that robot posing as a “rad” “fem” that you know someone whose Irish ancestor was a slave. Tell her to stick her jew brainwashing up her ass where it won’t hurt others.

    • @Ophidian: I just commented back to you over there, but the “rad” “fem” who runs that pussywhippedbykikes website may not post it. I was reminded (by discus) of another comment I made there regarding a moron who was misinforming the public, which was censored by Big Mommy. Of course, the moron is likely better educated than the fucked canuck:

      “OK, this social worker is way out of bounds. Do you know how ill-trained these people are? Just listen to her give her “caveat” about “not being a physician.” This “profession” is ludicrous & you show your ignorance by giving credence to someone with a one year degree in nothing. Why not talk to a doctor rather than an ignoramus posing as one?”

  13. Karen55 says:

    Marina you are effin hilarious. We be peein in r pantz round hear wen we lissen to the pussy azz niggah song !!
    On a more serious note, LOVING your podcasts. You’ve no idea how many of us white women feel like you give us a voice. I guess I should just stick to speaking for myself 😉

  14. MeenyKF says:

    I concur with the rater over at talkshoe who said you were a dangerous combo of intelligence and wit. Dare anyone to listen to any of your talks and not have their minds expanded. Dare anyone to listen to Pussy Azz Nigga Song or Culpritic Brexit Trauma or Orlando Fagathon and not laugh out loud over and over.

  15. Dan says:


    Thank you kindly for your response to my previous comment. Your response means a lot, especially hearing you speak about your father. The meaning behind those words are what set us apart from the savages who live by their instincts and urges alone. There is a lot of substance in your words, which is why I come here daily.

    My own father was a misogynist and a violent religious zealot to boot. He loved the jews and hated it when I began to tell him my thoughts about the “chosenites” as a teenager. I grew up poor in a large city where whites were a minority even in the 1980s. I was abused at home and at school by blacks and mexicans who had a natural disgust (it’s actually envy) for white girls and boys. I saw things racially early on. I had no choice. I was smart enough to avoid falling into the drugs, debauchery and overall degeneracy common among white nationalists back then (and now). I did much better than my father and was able to provide a better life for my family.

    I don’t think I have ever been a misogynist, which is strange considering my upbringing. To be quite honest I was always quite afraid of girls when I was younger. I never had the urge to dominate or be ruthless toward them even as I got older. I have always had an affinity for ancient Indo-European cultures like the Scythians who had a more natural understanding of man and woman, not the synthetic understanding that is promoted today.

    Our girls go to a school with very few dark faces. They are very intelligent, far above average and well-adjusted. My oldest daughter lives on her own and is doing very well. She is able to balance work, bills, and her schooling well for her age–all of this at a time when childhood seems to extend into the 30s. My wife is also racially-minded and grew up in the same city I did. We had to work very hard to provide this life for them and for ourselves. There were a lot of snags on the way here.

    Needless to say we have to walk a fine line by today’s standards. We challenge them to think for themselves by offering them ideas that are often contrary to what they learn in school. We are staunch opponents of common core nonsense being pushed in schools today, which I personally believe is an attack on logic itself. We do all of this without being forceful. A person that can use logic gracefully will uncover the truth for themselves, even racial truths if they are willing to seek them out.

    I went long here. Thank you again for your efforts and your response to my comment.

    • @Dan: Thanks very much for your kind words.

      Men who had misogynist fathers usually do simply reenact it on a Doormat with Holes, but a small % (like you) do not. I attribute this to “the lemming factor” (which I have gone into detail about elsewhere). The vast majority of people really are 90 to 100% pure lemming, which is why they typically just imitate their parents (though, if you watch them closely, many try to mask their lemminghood with stories about their “rebelliousness” etc.). It’s as if lemmings (at least of the human variety; that is, White lemmings) have a metacognition that there’s something not quite right in being a lemming — but they are helpless to stop it nonetheless.

      The almost complete imitation of others that lemmings “do” is also of course why it is so important that control of the media be taken out of the hands of Cliptipped Satan. If you take a look at my sidebar, I give some examples of speech patterns that pretty much prove one aspect of what lemmings people are. How many more times are these geniuses on the “alt right” going to say: “notions of” “and whatnot” “overton window” or “if you will” before they wake themselves up from their lemming slumber? Answer: Never. Oh, I just remembered that I actually did a video on this which I believe is still up on jewtube (I have hundreds of vids, but have mostly given up on heebtoob).

      Anyway, good for you & your wife for consciously raising your daughters. Oh, & don’t even get me started about “common core.” Not that I’m an expert, mind you, but I’ve had parents show me the “math” & it positively enraged me to my very bones.

  16. Thepitz1 says:

    While listening to the pussy azz niggah song for about the tenth time it really hit me how bereft (sp?) we white ppl are without our own media for…….for ever.
    Thank you OD for providing so much food for thought….and hearty laughter too.

  17. I’m looking forward to listening to Facts of Life 101, chérie, since from reviews it looks like another Bombshell of the non-jewed up blond variety. Speaking of which, I have listened to On Blonds & have a couple comments.

    Yes, the white male “slurped up” the jew misogyny-racism aimed at “ditzy” “blonds” from the 40s onward. I find it astonishing that he was already so well primed by jew anti-woman propaganda by this time, especially since it was a completely different time (i.e. folks were still rightfully suspicious of jews, still had racial awareness, jews still had to tread very softly when compared to today). This tells us that the misogyny of the white male was already deep rooted.

    Given my i.e.’s, you would think that the white male would have burned Hollywood to the ground, with the filthy tribe inside. Kikes were plenty powerful already, but not when compared to their vise grip on world finances, media, et al. today.

    What is it about the white male that makes him consciously place the likes of greasy kikes & violent & stupid groids above his equals? Here I’m being kind, because I believe that even then white women were of better stuff than the men. Did he foresee a coalition of fags of every race hating on women (e.g. MRAs, WN, etc.)? Did he believe that the black & brown men would be as gay as he is to stand against their own? Did he really think that the notoriously clannish jews were going to stand with him & groids against white women?

    Yes this is what has happened, but not because of Whitey’s targeted misogyny against white women. These other groups hate him more than they do white women. As things break down further, my prediction is that they will start more openly targeting white men. They’ll keep ramping up the violence against white women too, just because it’s fun & they get away with it. They also probably think that Whitey gives a crap about seeing white women abused, but they’d be wrong about that. If their aim is to get back at Whitey, they should grow some balls & target him.

    • @BD: As alwasys, thanks for your thoughtful comments. I think the best & most direct answer to all your questions is this: The “white” male of the 40s & 50s was having a helluva good time grazing on the tamudisod, both in being grossly overpaid for being a working class hero, and in “feasting” his eyes on joolywood “soft” porn. He was on the top of the world; he ran it. At least he thought so. Because he is so autistic, he literally needs the help of his betters to translate reality for him. Unfortunately he doesn’t trust or even like his betters. When he began to wake up from his onanistic reverie, the kikes controlled nearly everything.

      • But OD, wouldn’t you rather just make up undefinable terms like “cultural marxism?” Isn’t it easier to blame something you don’t have the slightest clue about rather than your own idiot gender?

      • Oh & your portrait of the old jew whore is spot on. Looks like she practically had her nose removed in Hungary before coming over here. Total piece of trash. Perfect example/proof of one of your theories.

  18. alabasterass says:

    OD you are the only one talking honestly about the problems White women face. Emphasis on “are” because I have been investigating for some time now, looking for anyone, anywhere. For the most part we have only the really sorry women who follow the worst of the white males, white nationalists. The new crop is even scarier than their dim bulb, Stockholmed “foremothers.” These new ones are also dim bulbs but they shout their love of “having a dick in their mouth” to the rooftops.
    Many of them circlejerk around a young woman I believe to be mentally ill. She has been “passed around” to “only the best” like the gambling addicted, women hating, never worked a day in his life, David Duke. I will post something I found about her so that others can be warned. There’s actually a ton of just as bad or even worse stuff about her written by those who seem believable, so this is just one sample from some dude she went thru a lot of trouble to “fuck,” as is her mentally ill pattern:

    “Offhand, I’d say you’ve devoted way too much headspace to that crazy bitch. Setting things straight, NOT a former girlfriend.She’s a crazy groupie; and the reason I stopped having sex with truth groupies. Guess I was lucky the first few times. She uses people, as she has a history of being “used.” She came to fuck me while she was living with her boyfriend. She had sent me some nudes, and when I said I wouldnt’ buy her ticket, she called her uncle with some bullshit stress story and had him pay for her to fly down and fuck me. While here, she tried, like hell, to make herself a part of my show with some ludicrous teenage NWO mind control story.. When I refused, pointing out that her parents were right to send her to a teen rehab center considering she was a 14 year old, prostituting herself out for drugs (plus that same show had already been done by another former drug addict turned truth groupie Sherie on another Oracle show) … she started targeting my guests (ending up with Kyle, among others). Her parents do have some money, but I think they had enough of her drama and sent her off to New York (out of sight, out of mind).She doesn’t believe in that racist stuff, and I’m not even sure if Kyle does. She’s had sex with a few black dudes. She’s an opportunist. Kyle is after the money. She is after the attention. The time we spent together was purely sexual, and we didn’t really talk that much after, other than her “randomly” showing up as a new “best friend” or “lover” of almost everyone associated with my show for two years after. Getting rid of her, has been a process, and unforutnately, as seeing from your note, and that of others, it’s still not over. Does she really discuss me in the vid? As I said a second ago, I prefer to let that mistake of a period pass, so didn’t watch the vid.Look up the 10 traits of a sociopath, and you’ll get a pretty good idea of who she is (she fits every one). As to your other questions, though others have suggested I was “honeypotted” … her and I didn’t really get that much into family and such, the brief time we spent together was spent sexually, and for obvious reasons, not “intellectually.”Alex (Celtic Rebel) PS: Hope this is not a shocker, but your “movement” has always been full of liars.”

    FYI, do with it as you will. Looks like we’re not alone in figuring out what anti whites these “white nationalists” really are.

    • o bobl wynion says:

      alabasterass. What a great name.
      Couldn’t agree with you more about wn. Could add plenty to your list but sure you have probably heard it all before.
      Very interesting about Kyle crazy girlfriend. Personally I don’t believe even he is dumb enough to marry her. I’m not one to label ppl crazy just cuz I don’t like what they say or something lame like that. I don’t care either way what “Sinead” says since she is boring and not very smart. But I’ve never heard anyone “go off” as often as she does for the stupidest things. Bet ole Kyle is having a great time with crazy lady and her illegitimate kid who some say is black and retarded. She fits right into wn eh?
      Does anyone else remember when ppl this age were grown ups already? Kyle has to be in his early 30’s and “Sinead” looks his age maybe a little older. Why are so many arrested in their development? I put her name in quotes because I sincerely doubt it’s hers just as I sincerely doubt there’s a drop of Irish blood unless dying her hair red makes her Irish.
      Then there’s the 5 foot troll who lives off of daddy’s money while running some kind of prostitution racket in southeast Asia. But who is worse these 30’s idiots or the men in their 50’s 60’s or even older who champion these young losers?
      I believe that most of wn is and has been an operation by the Jews. With everything they’ve been up to both here and in Europe, especially since the 30’s, of course they’d have to set up a heavy duty operation to keep white ppl in tight control. I’m not saying that all of them have been or now are agents. It’s just obvious to me that the Jews would have to set up wn as a major operation to keep the other goyim from even thinking those uncomfortable thoughts let alone acting on them.
      That reminds me OD. I love when you talk about wanting them to suffer an actual holocaust after you found out what they’ve really been up to. That’s righteous anger. That’s what Jews fear the most.

      • alabasterass says:

        o bob, it’s time for me to totally agree with you. How many more obviously disgusting ppl have to be paraded in front of us as “white nationalists” before any of us who honestly care about our race begin to call them out? Kyle is a dufus brat born to wealth who is at the “top end” of the wn spectrum with his measly undergrad degree in psychology. Oh but don’t let me forget the oldest user of white ppl of all time, Dave Duke with his mailorder degree from some kindgarten in the bowels of Eastern Europe. Hunt & his ho get to feel smart with their total lack of experience in anything of real life. If they aren’t shills then Kyle should have his head examined for taking in a whore who sucked black dicks & an obviously deranged whore at that. But then his deck isn’t properly stacked either. Duke & his bestest ever friend Don Black shared the same wealthy ho. Ever notice not a one of these ppl has ever made it in anything? How most live off of dumb women, dumb parents, or by their dumb followers?

        It makes good sense that wn has been a kike operation for some time. They’ve had everything planned in advance for hundreds of years with all kinds of alternate plans and flow charts. they do have the money to hire armies of all kinds of specialists without the specialistis even being the least bit wise to it. When you really study the kikes it becomes clear that almost all of the strife on earth has been caused by them for hundreds of years, at least. I often wonder what kind of sleepy hollow this planet would have been without the vicious hateful kikes.

        • o bobl & alabaster: Jews are extremely paranoid as a group. I’ve talked about the fact that they have far more serious mental illness, but let’s face it — they have plenty of reason to paranoid. What they do as a tribe is criminal & deserves brutal treatment.

          So they have parlayed some of their massive stolen funds into their paranoia. Naturally much of this has been directed at/against White people. This is another example of our recent ancestors being asleep at the wheel/dozing on the talmudisod. When the kikes first started putting down any kind of White activism, they should have made a huge fuss. They still could have done something. Now, after many decades of the kike adl, et al. calling every White person a “nazi” or “white supremist” keeps the lid on things real good. Now that we have a whole crop of little brainwashed lemmings who are totally synched to the jew program, good luck trying to undo even one thing.

  19. alabasterass says:

    Oh, & here’s another quote about the ill miss sinead that directly speaks to your impressions of the women pretending to be on white women’s side:

    “I’m a week behind an am tyring to post last week’s show tonight. My subs are still waiting, so you’ll just have to be patient man. As to your othe questions, I don’t know anything about other names. Not really in the habit of asking chicks for ID while my dick’s in their mouth…..”

  20. alabasterass says:

    Don’t mean to clog your blog but anyone interested in white women’s voice is bound to run into these little girl whores. Yes, I said that. Look into the painted up floozy calling herself “Evalion.” This one is so obviously a rehearsed jewess who carefully picked her whore clothes to capture the already jewified white male. A less successful one who is probably not jew is “deporable princess.” These are such disgusting … not even sure what to call them. Just lost attention whores I guess.

    • Staz says:

      Thanks for posting these. I think hearing it from the horse’s mouth is best. The horse who was pretty happy to have the eager whore Sinead cook up a scam to go to a loser’s house so that he could cum in her mouth. The old horse who considers women something to pee in. Sinead the whore encourages other whores like Evalion to join her prostitution ring. Kyle is part of it because he fucks this piece of trash. I believe that’s enuff said about Renegade Asscasting.

  21. tina says:

    Your work is so awesome! Thank you.

  22. Becka of Sunnybrook says:

    LOVE your work!!

  23. johnny2151968 says:

    OD your laughter is contagious. Even a stick up the ass liberal relative choked back laughter at your hilarious Pussy Azz Nigga.
    Every white person knows blacks should be swinging from trees in Africa. Hell every non white non nigga knows they should be swinging from trees in Africa. Without joos to promote trash, this retard would be getting her giant ass raped regularly by a steady stream of “dick in da pants niggas”.

  24. o bobl wynion says:

    Well I’ll be gosh darned. I think we may have a voice for White ppl here.
    Listened to a bunch of your pods today, enjoyed all of em. Made doing my chores so much better. Even though there are some bitter pills there for men. I also enjoyed what you had to say about fathers and blondes. I salute Dan for recognizing WN for the wastes of space they are.
    Sides splitting wit da pussy nigga song. Love how you sneak in stuff in “despicable white ppl doing hateful things” and also the great old rendition of Deck the Halls. Irish, Scots, do you know the origin?
    I was totally floored by “they’re erasing us” wow what a speech for the young ppl. Not that I know you or anything but having never heard your voice catch before was disarming. I’m secure enough in myself to say that it brought tears to my eyes. Powerful stuff.

    May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind always be at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face, and rains fall soft upon your fields.

  25. Randy says:

    I’m missing the humor in niggers making millions thru the Jew “entertainment” business while killing our culture. Is there a single nigger who has even a sliver of talent or creativity? No. Like the Arab/nigger Kardashians, this ugly demented whore has an ass that’s at least 10 sizes too big. She shows it to the rapist male groids at every chance. Almost every photo she’s showing her gigantic ass to the camera. Are the groids raping other groids? No. Like this whore ssays again and again, it’s “fucking” to them. I’d like to see her raped to death in the public square by her fellow groids. That would be “poetic” justice. Why are you glorifying this?

  26. JonS says:

    Hiya Marina,
    Not enough hours in the day for me right now so as much as I want to, I don’t have time to make detailed comments on your MOST EXCELLENT podcasts.
    Just a note to say THANK YOU. Marvelous to listen to you while doing chores. You make doing them so much easier & you are the best commenter out there PERIOD.

  27. Pingback: Facts of Life 101 (for White Women) — Orwell’s Daughter | antipornfeminist

  28. Lana Kikeff de Red Cunt Creations says:

    Hey there OD
    I am a kike “Russian” who takes offense at your description of me. RU saying that I am a whore because I bleach my black hair to light blonde & wear ho clothes? My fatboi tries to pretend he’s cool with his retardo hair but he is as autistic & women hating as any typical male you can imagine. We make money from the stupid white ppl & I plan to make much more because I have no talent but tons of chutzpah. We have no life experience & no education but we make money from even dumber white ppl. I bleach my hair because I know how truly stupid the white male is & I’m thinking of another boob job as well. Fatboi likes transvestites like me, at least when we totally look jooish

  29. Ophidian says:

    Here is another video you may enjoy:

    Maybe I should post this on Feminist Current just to see the reaction of the women there who accuse me of “mansplaining” when I speak on their behalf and tell me that Irish slavery is a myth.

    • @Ophidian: That’s a really nice short overview; thanks. I didn’t realize that Jefferson was involved in this. I’ll have to go down this rabbit hole when I have a chance.

      (Note to white liberals: Notice all the thumbs down for this vid? These vicious racists will do it all again to us — & hopefully YOU will be first in line to be raped & enslaved — since you luv dem violent nigs & asianigs so fricking much you won’t mind a gang rape or 3 every day while being preggers with a semi-human).

  30. Hey OD,
    I posted our old vid:

    Do you know the kook “unoraza” blah blah who is jewing with me on jewtube? with less than 10 views a fecking kike already hit on it.

    • TGC: As you guessed from the name, s/he/it’s a jew. Once put up a most dispicable video of one of his relatives moaning about the holohoax — which is how I know s/he/it’s a jew. Anyone with a sliver of common sense could see that the little turd didn’t even believe what he was saying, but jews don’t even have to be talented actors/liars these days — just mentioning that granny “narrowly escaped” being shoved in an oven gets the lemmings all emotional-like & gullible. Not sure why this one keeps following me around.

    • Ophidian says:

      @Orwell’s Daughter — Don’t know if you know this, but Star Wars is one film franchise were the villains (Galactic Empire) are supposed to represent the “Nazis”, while the good-guy “Rebellion” is typically comprised of Jews, non-whites, and humanoid extraterrestrials. Here is one glaringly disgusting example:

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