Your Commentary on “white” Nationalism


This post has just turned into part 2 of your commentary on wn (its bitches, dogs, and mongrels)


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43 Responses to Your Commentary on “white” Nationalism

  1. JonS says:

    Ah, the really dumb women of WN. Aren’t they brave for saying how much they hate feminism? Aren’t they brave for renouncing their own freedom? Aren’t they brave for encouraging the absolute bottom layer of white males to be even more cruel and more despotic?

    OD I really wish we could hear your podcasts. Your talkshoe channel is still there. Are your brilliant speeches? You don’t owe me anything, but I’d dearly love to have at your podcasts and also your new digs, because I cannot seem to find you.

    In one of your bike talks you spoke about this kind of weak female freak who does nothing to help anyone but herself, yet is gung-ho to take away the hard earned rights of other women. You said something to the effect of ‘they don’t deserve to have these rights our great grandmothers died for, let them be slaves if they want’ but there was much more definition in what you said. I think you had been talking about the passing of the despicable old cunt Schlafley.

    Anyway I hope you bring back the pods. Also if I were you I wouldn’t let the human garbage of WN run you off. I know it’s easy for me to say, but isn’t this what the WN misogynists of both sexes want to see happen?

  2. antirejected says:

    WN are scum, too stupid and braindead to be able to think by themselves or be any creative at all; so a) they need worship some “alpha” (as they refer to their leaders) mongrels who just keeps repeting the same rotten concepts that don’t bring us nowhere and don’t actually explore any problems nor seek solutions (and who in plus of being useless turds tend to use women, specially the women of their own race as scapegoats as repulsive as it is, literally vermin with no fucking worth they are), or b) stole it from actually talented people, who more than often what a coincidence! Happen to be White Women. I lost the count of how many times the only worth content and articles I’ve seen from their shitholes when not stolen or recycled from somewhere else happened to be written by some white woman who is tired and/or scared of being raped by 3rd world scum and are vulnerable to be decieved into thinking there are no other way out of this nightmare the western world is becoming than obeying and working under “white” males, when in fact they are partly the reason of why we are in this situation in the first place.

  3. alabasterass says:

    As shocking as your “reality therapy for white women” is, I agree with every word. As you well know OD, only a small fraction of women want to recognize reality. Most are looking for excuses to continue being abused. It’s easier to be the slave than to buck the trend and stand up by and for oneself. Not that I can judge women for not wanting to be at least several times stronger than men, which is what it takes to spit in their eye and be independent. However it really does make me ill that so many weak biaches paint themselves up to be something other than a dick owned patsy.

    Speaking of dick owned patsys, I got a response to one of my comments here on your blog. Don’t know of course who it in fact is, but the entity is calling itself sineadmccarthy. The entity took offense at something I wrote and I wouldn’t be surprised if it is actually mrshunt, because her comprehension skills match her iq. FYI, I was quoting one of your past fuckers, missy. One of the many you sucked the dick of before finally finding one to take in you and your bastard. There may be a job for you in the public schools with those 4th grade reading skills of yours.

    Now to add my 2 cents to Marina’s brilliant bike rant. To you young, confused women out there: Believe your gut when it tells you to stay away from men as much as possible. Believe what porn tells you about them. Don’t bother with the female snakes who were too weak to do anything but suck dick. No matter how “exotic” these snakes may appear, such as WN and other hybrid varieties, they show you by the way they actually live just how perverted and hypocritical they are. These “exotics” would have been porn stars if they even had that much going for them. Instead they chose sucking the dicks of even bigger women haters. Don’t make the same mistake.

    • Marina is supplying the best advice that can be given to girls and young women. As an old man now, I have watched the degeneracy of white males through several generations.

      We are now at the stage where boys are monsters once they reach 12 or 13, sometimes before that. Like their daddies, they may be pretty good at hiding the fact from other (stupid) white males and the weak white females who don’t care about other women or girls, but they should be kept as far away from white girls and women as possible. Even when they aren’t talking about what they like to watch in pornography, these boys are toxic to white girls. It’s the main reason we are homeschooling my granddaughters. At best they would be spiritually damaged from having to suffer the foul boy monsters all day every day, but at worst they would suffer that AND be boy-handled. Think I’m kidding? 8 and 10 year old boys are enacting porn on little girls. Guess what their white daddies say? My precious little monster boy Dindu Nuttin.

      I’m also fed up with the women who keep allowing it. These motley dicksuckers under the age of 40 are mostly less valuable to society than the prostitutes of even 20 years ago. These dumb little cunts have had everything handed to them yet they still would prefer to suck a dick. There really is no excuse for them anymore. If you thought that the mothers of yesteryear spoiled their rotten sons rotten, now we have a whole new level & a whole new breed.

  4. Becka of Sunnybrook says:

    Wish I had such good advice when I was a teenager. This is part of the problem. Girls cannot count on their mom, the happy brood cow, to model or tell them about anything but the master’s grooming manual. Then there’s the POS who screws her. Ugh.

  5. bill says:

    💗 💗 💗 💗 💗 💗 💗 💗 💗 💗 1/2
    Any with a daughter will heed your words. Those with sons should think about castration since they don’t care about reining in their little beasts.

  6. thepitz1 says:

    When will the silly WN women tire of listening to the whining of Dat Po Trampled White Boy? To call them pussy faggots is an understatement. All they do is cry and shriek about how dem wimmins and dem jewz ain’t giving 110% to Da Honky Man. These little grrrlz of WN hafta listen to hour upon hour of this crap while they have Po Boy’s dick in their mouth. WN is like unnatural selection. It’s taking the ugliest, stupidest and faggotiest and telling them to breed more.

  7. Staz says:

    Sadly the few women who are involved in WN……..let’s just say it plain, Hos of White Nationalism, let themselves be abused by these women haters, then they go to other whores like Sinead McCarthy to sob about their stupidity. Sinead likes hearing that other women are just as stupid but no one can outdo her in attention whoring.

    Throwing herself at guys at 12, mudsharking by 13, pregnant by 18. This is the best thing women can do…….according to white nationalism.

    Glad that someone is providing the truth about the abusive WN. There will be women looking for help ater they figure out that only bottom feeders stay in WN.

  8. You two would be steaming if you got together & commented together.
    Thanks for the continuing ed for even old guys like me OD.

    • Bill says:

      Not even in the same league dude. McCartheid is a gossipy attention whore and follower of whatever Boy Reverend Kunt is preaching. Never heard one original thought from either of them. OD on the other hand is the most original voice on the internet. She can be a tough pill to swallow but she is directly over the target(s).
      I think it can safely be said that any woman who continues hanging with WN (pun intended) after say a year, have serious problems. It might be just a average Husband Hunter (great one OD. You didn’t apply the label to SM but I surely will) like Sinaids or a creepy kike like Lokteff , not a one is emotionally or mentally healthy.

      • White flight #1488 says:

        Sinead is a confused little spoiled bitch from a very wealthy background. I believe she’s part Jew, looks and certainly acts like one.

        She abuses everyone she fears. Women who are so far superior to her are obvious targets. This keeps her very busy and very angry since almost everyone is superior to her.

        Can’t speak to her abuse of her child but it would be hard to believe since she literally exudes abuse from every pore. In fact she pissed off a few ppl so much they started a website to warn others

  9. Hi OD, I really loved your commentary on the issue of women in these cruddy ‘movements’. We truly DO need to get female-only spaces, anti-porn feminist spaces, and modern traditionalism alike. Your thoughts & opinions have been really inspiring to me, there truly are very few people out there looking out for the best interests of white women.

    I really hate the WN main players & what goes on in their shitey ‘spaces’. What they are doing is so hateful and just so incredibly POINTLESS. They go ‘WAAAA WAAAAAA WHY AREN’T THE WOMEN KISSING OUR FEET WAAAA WAAAAA’, but then later on in the day – they’ll be discussing ‘MUH AGE OF CONSENT’, arranged marriage, and questioning if women are even human beings at all???? Words truly cannot describe the disgust I have for these people – and the even more intense version I have for the women who pander to their sick wishes. The worst part about it all, is that women see the AR and these filth as pretty much the only counter-globalist ‘movement’, so end up getting turned-off altogether when the anti-woman attitude comes spilling out from every orifice of these pathetic beta-males.

    Trying to set up new spaces has been something on my mind for quite a while – it’s almost like we actually need a version of ‘safe spaces’ away from these abusive weirdos. Us as white women won’t be able to get anything done, or plan to protect ourselves, when we have men around lecturing us on what to think, ‘historical accuracy’, and calling us emotional hystericals because of Evolutionary Psychology™. Every time it always descends into these ‘husband hunters’ showing off their cleavage in exchange for attention & center pandering stage (for $$$ of course). Which completely abandons the true concerns of us women who are either already married – or uninterested altogether (which is also 1000000000% totally ok, since getting married and having babies doesn’t define our worth AT ALL).

    I myself identify as a modern traditionalist (w/respects to Odinism), and I find this incredibly isolating in these other so-called ‘traditional’ spaces. I really DO NOT CARE if what they are peddling is ‘historically accurate’ – since ‘traditionalism’ as they know it is HEAVILY influenced by Abramic religion, and therefore completely misogynistic and anti-female (ie, childbirth as ‘Eve’s curse’ and other hateful bulls***). What you have to say about men, the world, and pornography is incredibly insightful & speaks to me on a very deep level since these feelings I struggled with heavily myself. It makes me extremely sad that modern men are as depraved as they are now, since this robs my entire generation (and others before mine) of even so much as a CHANCE at a healthy, respectful relationship. I feel extremely lucky that I have a fiance as understanding & supportive as mine is, men who are vehemently anti-porn from a non-religious point of view are so rare to find, it is depressing. It makes me so, so sad when I see women stuck with disgusting porn-loving perverts because they think it is ‘normal’. The acceptance of abuse towards women in our society is sickening. And it is extremely hard to have any respect for white men at all, considering just how much they have condoned it & enjoy it.

    If you ever want to talk about trying to organise / or anything else at all really – feel free to contact me. I truly have respect for everything you’ve said on this blog as I’ve read it in its entirety – you give me hope that more women out there are as intelligent and aware as you are.

    Always looking foward to your posts – appreciate your time weighing in on these things. Thanks very much for your insight.

    • electricdolphin: Thank you for your thoughtful comments, and thank you for the compliments. If I’ve inspired even a handful of White women, then I’m fulfilling my goal.

      I did look at several of your blog posts, & I don’t know why you have a problem with the women-haters who allege to be pro”white.” It seems that you are doing what is easiest, i.e. being a “traditional” slave. I hope for your sake that your massah doesn’t do what the majority of “white” males do several years into their Big Luv with you — but, most female lemmings just have to find out the hard way. Also, most are too lazy to stand up for what is right — much easier to spread your legs.

      • candoman says:

        skanky sinade only talks to those more stupid than herself. she would have no answer to your question except that she mimics what autistic kyle does, says.

    • nogodzz says:

      I’m confused why anyone would associate with Sinaid. This question is also posed to OD. Maybe you don’t know about her but I’ve investigated the “bunny hole” of Miss Sinaid but had to keep coming up for air. It was so dank and nasty down there, punctuated by abrasive egotistical ranting and an insecurity typical of a girl with no rudder. Wouldn’t want to insult harpies by calling her a harpy.

      Can’t find one female person (can’t call them women) involved in WN who isn’t badly damaged. Sinaid takes the cake for damaged goods though. In my investigations I found that many accuse her of being a joo or joo agent. I don’t think so. She’s not smart enough to be a joo and joos wouldn’t want this loose cannon for an agent. Nope I think she’s just a disturbed girl who ran from one loser to another until one agreed to take her in on a semi permanent basis.

      As an aside…..she loves to talk about herself but is too damaged to know when to stop. She tells a lot about how her wealthy family had to have her put away because they couldn’t deal with her. Yes, this sounds like someone who should go ahead and breed. Force the rest of us to pay for generations of more damaged goods.

    • Sigyn says:

      I see I’m not the only one who found you cuz of the ugly treatment you received from one Sinead McCarthy. I have a lot I want to say but want to get my thoughts together Also it’s late. But I wanted you to know that I for one am seeing SM for what she is, I didn’t like her rudness to you at all. She could learn a lot from you but she seems to want to stay in her own form of arrested development. I’ve learned a lot from this latest episode of hers, I’ve learned a lot from you, I hope you continue cuz you really are the only one speaking for white women and also you are a unique philosopher. No, staying inside the lines drawn by ones husband isn’t new, isn’t standing for white women, isn’t even standing for oneself! More later. You are AWESOME.

  10. Well my dear, you demonstrate yet again how a genuine Aryan sounds. I’d bet that none of the assorted “turds” of WN have ever apologized to any woman. Unless they did so as a ploy to continue to “stick their dick in.” Then what I really meant is that they’ve never apologized to an *intelligent* woman. Yes, WN is so transparently gay that I actually use them sometimes as examples for my granddaughters, on what to avoid and why. Now you and Sinead have provided a great teaching example for them on the stark contrast of intelligent, rational women vs. attention whoring lemmings.

    I hope Sinead answers your question about why she is involved in WN.

    • I’ve observed quite a bit of SM and I doubt she will be willing or able to respond about WN. IMO she parrots her hubby while being “edgy” with her rhetoric about women (which she preaches but doesn’t practice). He in turn throws her a bone now and then about “women’s issues” but is clearly worried about being a dudely dude among the herd.

      IMO she is a diva without any firm convictions except her husband’s hatred of jews and adoration of Adolf. She impulsively does the bidding of a Dave DUke or Lana Lokeff or even the disgusting little slut Evalion….then she gets butthurt and turns on those who provided her with more attention than she’d have gotten without their help. Not saying she doesn’t say some good things, but I don’t trust that there is much there beneath the surface.

  11. Staz says:

    Here I thought you weren’t a lemming

  12. OD you are total class. Oh and I love both your and Sinead’s comments toward the wittle grrlz. Imagine a black person going on about how great it would be to be slaves again. That’s literally what they’re doing. Shame on that hag who, as anyone can see from her lifestyle, doesn’t believe a word of the sh*t she/they spout. May her next peroxide job go badly wrong….maybe even blinding her when she gets the eyebrows bleached to match 🙂

    • Elsie79 says:

      When John Lennon called women “the niggers of the world” he was only talking about non-white women. He himself had no feelings for his first wife or his white son by his first wife. There isn’t really a term bad enough for what white women are considered to be in this world.

      Totally enjoyed your commentary OD. Red Lice & other bottom of the barrel attractors will keep attracting the lowest of the low. I keep hearing your words resounding sometimes, like your saying that the white male behaves just like the jew. Red Lice (who may or may not be jewz) beckons in any low functioning female who will repeat the “party line.” This is always how the white male operates, just like the jew operates. I also then hear you say that things will be no better with white males in charge, possibly worse. I keep seeing & understanding what you meant by this. You are a seer, a sage, & a gentlewoman.

      • Elsie: I started an article about Lennon, his wives & his kids, but obviously never finished it. The most surprising thing I discovered was that Ono is/was a total moron. John fell for the classic “little Asian girl” schtick from a real pro, who handily inherited almost all of his wealth. If you go to youtube & look at some of the old vids (from the 60s) where they were on talk shows together, it’s like watching a slantslut with an IQ of 80 with her dumbcunt white male. Wish I’d saved the links, but I didn’t.

        Oh, & thanks for the compliments. I’m blushing.

    • recoveringliberal: I’ve often used examples from the white males’ favorite victim — the black male — to try to get through to these lunkheads. I don’t know if you’ve seen my cartoon entitled “does he enjoy Nigger magazine?” but it’s on one of my posts. Thanks for the compliment.

  13. Tom says:

    When we win we’ll have special torture cells for feminists…..maybe gang rape will bring u to the right way of thinking.

  14. alabasterass says:

    Love your commentary OD but why are you apologizing to the likes of sinead McCarthy? Disappointing.

  15. altleft says:

    I too am not a fan of wn but at least I found your excellent thru them. I didn’t know someone like you existed or at least existed and have a seasoned voice on the sewer of the internet. I don’t know if you realize that Sinade is the wife of Renegade Broadcasting. She’s not likely to divorce wn LOL. Personally I cant recommend any of these clowns who spend their energy tweeting insults to eah other and going no where. So pleased you exist as a *real* alternative. I’m so enjoying your work. THank you.

  16. Brilliant commentary and priceless imitation of the Crud Ice (((transho))) “She” thinks that talking about “her feminine brain” will make her skanky bleached and boyish self seem “feminine.” Hey Lana you dumb cunt: I am a neuroscientist. THERE IS NO such thing as “FEMININE” BRAIN. Only dumb jewcunts trying to make a buck.

  17. Joys says:

    Altho I a pretty new subscriber to your blog, I hope you don’t mind if I express my opinion on the “women” of white nationalism. I describe the “men” as creepy crawly pond scum but I don’t even know what to call females who engage in sexual acts with pond scum. To put oneself literally beneath these bottom feeders proves their misogyny. I usually make fun of the men but in a way it’s because I find the women so incredibly disturbing. This one here is a real women hating shrew. You are guaranteed to be added to Sinead’s gossip & hate parade now that you dared to call her out on her total lack of respect for other women. You showed your class in this podcast but believe me this narcissisic jewish princess has a venomous tongue for anyone who bruises her enormoego. She appears to only lash out at women. I think her live-in boy must be close to the end of dealing with life with a full blown narcissist so she always has her “feelers” out for another man to step in to take care of her & her illegitimate kid. Sorry for the gossipp -y tone. Just a heads up that she is poison. You were right the first time.

    Will you please send me your new digs. Thank you.

  18. Just listened to “history of female slavery & male degeneracy” & want to thank you sis for setting the bar where it should be for white ppl. This is a really excellent talk OD that I’m going to listen to again tomorrow. Really heavy.

  19. lyonspaw53 says:

    Sinead McCartheid is very much a divider but I think it’s because she’s an attention whore who attacks everyone else lest they “steal” attention from her. If you notice, the only women in her “coven” are ones who are pathetically talentless. Even more so than Sinead of course. This “evalion” is not talented in any way, but since she is “barely legal” of course the dogs of WN were barking at her frantically. She is not even attractive, but that hardly matters to the dogs. She is young, dumb, and talks with a disgusting baby voice. Sinead was threatened so had to attack.

    Nice of you to say good things about Julian Lee, but what’s up with him backing a stupid little twat on the make?

  20. sinead m., joo or not, comes off as insecure and looney. The entity claiming to be her hubby is vain and insecure. Both have that entitlement aura of the young who never worked a day in their lives. They were coddled like the joos they claim to oppose.

  21. Jeannie says:

    Sinead McDudeski disgusts me. She was a bowel movement whore looking desperately for a wigger to take care of her and her illegitimate child. Some say this child is Mulatto which makes sense since she refuses to prove otherwise. Could be the child doesn’t even exist. I do wonder who is raising it while these 2 are busy always in their mediocre media efforts. But her child, or lack thereof, is a side issue. She herself is just another piece of white trash who thought she was going to be the next Madonna. Her voice is as mediocre as the wop whore, too bad she has the body of a boy so that even the Jew scum of NYC weren’t interested in fucking it. But this psychotic wench was not about to work for a living so she fell into this little batch of monsters. Sinead loved it since it was all male with no competition…..since nearly any white woman bests her in the looks dept. She carefully keeps track of all the other whores who, like her, want to find themselves a keeper among the dregs. If they are better than she is in any way…..who isn’t??…..Sinny attacks. Her alleged husband (I don’t believe they’re married) loves having this witchy looking misogynist there to make him look like he ***really*** cares about women. He’s an even bigger piece of shit than the dog he fucks.

    I sincerely hope you continue. You are THE ONLY ONE telling it like it is for white women. And I thank you.

  22. Tiredofjewishscams says:

    Dear Dr.Orwell:

    I’m an regular reader of your blog, but I’m afraid I had never commented before. I beg you to excuse me. But I assure you that your work is for me an oasis of coherence in the middle of this world of fucking morons, retards, and several mud-colored turds and their lovers. You are for me the only one actual White feminist left on the net, since the rest seem to love so much niggers, mexicans, arabs, and put the “needs” and “oppresion” of those races’ trashy women over their own, kiss their feet, and let said tribal whores step on them while she’s still sucking the dick that owns her, and while decieving White women into thinking the muddy female seeks a way out of her slavery and that she actually cares about any cunt other than her own. Letting negresses, latrinas, mudskins and jewesses into feminism was one of the biggest mistakes not just white women, but white people have ever made alltogether, in my opinion.

    Because we have to give a shit about worrying about these whores like if we were their mothers or as if we owed them a damn when it’s them who need us, White women to teach them the principles of minimal human dignity that their retarded brains haven’t been capable of reaching on their own throught the most basic of logic, not even the most radical and aware of feminists can center exclusively on white women as it should be. And this make us unable to talk directly about the (((actual root of the problems))) and adress said problems as we should, and to create an agenda where we as white women can actually focus on protecting each other. (How comes that even with joos clearly owning the porn industry, directing hollywood brainwashing propaganda together with the beauty industry, and having created the most destructive, womanhating ever cult of the flying penis of the sky together with the two branches of said cult that hurted White people, and specially women so much, so little feminists, for not directly saying NONE of them do ACTUALLY and OPENLY adress the jewish question? Sadly you are the only one who does it as far as I know).

    Sorry for this rambling, I wanted to introduce myself a little and thank you for your work. To the point: Today when I checked your blog as I do time to time when I’m really on the need of some little sanity on my life, I noticed the “new” (I’ve been a while without paying attention to the header, you’ll excuse me, again, so I don’t know for how long has this page existed) Garage Sale page where you state you are changing adresses, You asked us, your readers to leave the comments asking for the new direction on that very same page, but at least for me they don’t seem to be open. I don’t know if they are closed by mistake or you had to close them for whatever the reason you may had, but right here and right now even if this is an unrelated post I’m asking if I could be emailed your new adress if it’s still possible. I really don’t want to lose access to your wonderful essays. They are one of my biggest referents, healthy food for my brain that inspire my throught my own work and daily life, specially when I feel I’m losing it.

    If you choose not to be sharing your new adress I hope you at least keep updating this blog periodically. Please take care and be well.

  23. lyonspaw53 says:

    Glad to see you back OD or should I say hear you back? I would have left a comment on your video but I don’t have a jewtube account. I’m also glad you chose this little asswipe to give “what for.” The others are too easy and most of them don’t even approach a “barely average” IQ. (That’s one of my favorite Dr. Orwellisms BTW. “Barely average” is a brilliant way to describe this type).

    I couldn’t quite put my finger on what nauseates me about Kyle Hunt. Sure he’s a rich kid who thinks he knows it all, but that describes 95% of the jews in the media. He criticizes Anglin, another rich kid with nothing to do but jack off all day. Both of them have daddies who are biznessmen. Or to use another Dr. Orwellism, “business criminals.” Why anyone would take seriously either of these n’er do wells is beyond me. But I digress, I was saying that I didn’t know why he made me sick over and above the nausea brought on by rich young boys in general. You hit on it. He pretends to “defend” white women when what he is really doing is putting down real white women while elevating vacant whores like the one he supposedly married. He wants so badly to “circle jerk” with the other pussies like Anglin, so he pretends to “defend” white women by “opposing” “white sharia.” What fantasy world do these little boys live in? Like several others who are situated like Kyle (unemployed, living off the wifey, living off the parents money) he has to put up a front about caring about women. But what is his jewess Sinny if not a dreaded feminist? She has supported his lazy ass for years, sounds like Kyle is more than just a little bit hypocritical.

    I’m glad you ended with telling the faggot to get out of OUR way because white women aren’t the only ones who are sick of holding our noses for this shit. I never realized what putrid animals white males had become until I saw the likes of “white nationalism” and the twisted whores who hang with them.

    • @lyonspaw53 I also posted this comment on OD’s video but wanted you to see it too:

      As usual, my dear, you cleaned up another poser right quick. I’m happy to see you’ve had a little time to listen to the clips I send you. I looked at your blog comments and although most are spot on, I really like the ones made a few days ago by “lionspaw53”. He put his finger right on what is sickening about bullshit artists like this one. There are more blatant examples of how much these pro white male fags hate White women, but little dudes like this one pretend to be on White women’s side when all he does is “oppose” some really insane, never gonna happen shite that other misogynists spew. At the same time this sad little woman hater spews lies about women and about feminism. He hasn’t even approached neutrality on the subject. He is very far from neutrality in fact. He is a rabid hater of White women in a black sheeps clothing.

      I too appreciate that you include White men at the end, as in Get the Fuck out of White Ppl’s Way. Some are being paid by jews to keep this idiocy going but lame ones like this just work for jews without being paid.

  24. sensoryoverload says:

    If you listen to this it will tell you all u need to know about Jew Sinead and her Shabbat goy hubby.

    She told the world she is insane (like most jews). I find it interesting that Kyle finds her insanity to be “feminine.” No one said anything about “her child” (note how she never says “our child” because the child is a bastard). Yet she screams on and on with Kyle pretending to be the big defender. In reality this jew bitch could eat him alive and probably does. Take note of how they both blatantly threaten the ppl they are talking to. They come from FILTHY RICH backgrounds….they’re used to threatening and getting their own way. I hope they die young. Better yet, I hope they are maimed in a car accident.

  25. Ancient Realist says:

    When I see how thoroughly ignorant and deluded, how unabashedly proud they are of their addiction to abuse against women, how much they love each others company, I say there is no future for white males. Their fathers were only slightly less ignorant but every bit as misogynist and proud of it. Never thought of them as “fags” before but that’s only because I couldn’t think outside the box put there by decades of indoctrination. You are correct. They are fags.

    Where I live almost every single white male under 35 is with an Asian, a Mexican, a Flip, or some other ugly brown woman. At least half of the white males between 35 and 50 are shacked up with the above listed. The over 50’s less so but even this is increasing as they buy a brown whore in SE Asia or Central America. They then transfer more of white ppl’s money over to the third world, since these dumb white men will cede their wealth to the brown whore when they die in the next 10 or 20 years. Not just fags but fools.

    The stupidity of most white men is beyond my comprehension. I keep thinking that I’ve seen how low he can go but he just keeps going.

    Thanks OD for being the only voice of reason I can find out here. You might think it’s only white women who have no one who is speaking for them but it’s also white men who cannot stand the stench of the rotten spirits inhabiting 99% of other white men.

  26. Cocorkboy says:

    I’ve been reading others comments and listening and reading your extraordinary insights about White people, Jews, and our other problems. You must know that you put every one of these White men who claim to be “leaders” to shame. We need women like you to lead, not to make coffee and stroke the d*cks of defectives.

    What is the solution, if any? Thank you for sharing with the rest of us.

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