2035: Amerika Will Be One Big Bronx Zoo

by Marina Orwell

Have you taken a good look around this place recently?  Amerika is a third-world cuntry and people just seem to accept it.  (This has been happening for decades, but the process has been speeding up considerably with each passing year — just as water nearer the drain moves faster than water farther away).  It seems that the Culpritics won’t be satisfied until there’s a strip mall, holohoax church or other jewnaseum covering every inch of wilderness or beauty-space.

but I'm a white hispanic

“but I’m a white hispanic”

When I consciously think about the pace of their destruction of our once-wholesome and breathtaking environment, I feel a rage that boils over — because it’s always simmering inside of me.  When I see hordes of illegal aliens with their troops of pediatric platyrrhines who, like their parents, will grow up to be less productive than crippled sheep dogs — I’m near ready to start clearing the streets myself, Rambo-style.

Amerinds win 1st place for being the filthiest, most environmentally-unfriendly beasts walking the planet.

Amerinds win 1st place for being the filthiest, most environmentally-unfriendly beasts walking the planet.

One thing we never hear from the Culpritic media is the simple fact that these fast-breeding, nonproductive semi-humans are by far the greatest danger to the environment (just another segment of science that was neatly tucked away by Culpritic hucksters — the study of overpopulation and its sister science, eugenics).  Besides the fact that many of these fast-breeding zippispicaroons literally shit in the street instead of using toilets, they are also simply consumers and wasters — just the type of Engullir de Puta that the Culpritics luv.

Muds ARE the pollution that only hurts White European people.

Muds ARE the pollution that only hurts White European people.

There was a propaganda campaign in the 70s called “Keep America Beautiful” that featured a litter-strewn beach and an Amerind in full Vogelgehirn Insignien, crying Joolywood tears.  Not only was this tripe the opposite of true — I have never met a mud person who cared one whit about the environment — but it was also created by some of the biggest Culpritic corporations, then or now (Philip Morris, Anheuser-Busch, PepsiCo and Coca-Cola — not exactly luvvers of either the environment or of mud people).  If this cinéma sauvage was still alive I’d drag him by his heeberiffic headdress around the United States to show him the once-pristine White European cities and towns where his filthy Asianig “race” now lives.  Anywhere these Beaner Replicating Machines plop their lazy arses turns into a shithole within a few months.

How "latinos" settle their differences

How “latinos” settle their differences

The savage Amerinds of yesteryear are the same species that we have been passively allowing to invade our lands (albeit weighing at least twice as much as his ancestors thanks to the ingenuity of Whitey).  We have now mixed two tribes of hommes de porcs with White European culture (actually, unfortunately, there are many many more tribes of various curs and mongrels, but I’ll just stick to the two main ones here).  We have had plenty of time to observe the results.  In short, allowing vildarna to pretend to be the equals of White people has resulted in the worst of all possible worlds — for us, that is.  Despite the constant griping that they’ve learned to imitate from their Culpritic masters, the mud people have never had it so good.

The median weight of the typical Amerind/Mestizo invader

The median weight of the typical Amerind/Mestizo invader

(I have to contain myself when I hear someone hold forth about “Hispanic” “culture,” since I would truly rather have to live in the middle of the “culture” of a barn yard than among these zweibeinigen Ziegen from Central Amerika.  Actually, the “culture” of a barn yard far surpasses that of any of the mud “cultures.”  I guess that’s because, unlike mud “cultures,” barnyards are comprised of domesticated animals).

Zippispicaroons: It's what we do

Zippispicaroons: It’s what we do

If it wasn’t so depressing, it would be comical that the bovine-brained Culpritics took over the science of psychology, since their own headset is so élémentaire:  Eat, fuck (preferably rape as per their instruction manuals — AKA porn — that they’ve been serving up for 100 years via Joolywood, Heebison Ave., and “plain” old straight misogynistic pornography), and make as much money as possible no matter the consequences.

Their Turd World minions have a similar psychology:  Eat, fuck, and take as much money as possible from Whitey.

Mud boy shows us where his brain is

Mud boy shows us where his brain is

Beauty, truth, science, art, philosophy — these are White “thangs” — rapidly disappearing White thangs too.  It’s positively nauseating to have to be out amid their Orwellian Culpritic “diversity.”  It is anything but diverse.  It is a stifling, muddy, loud, crowded, ugly, narrow-minded, el stupido hook-nosed pigsty.  It is as if a whole legion of cocker spaniels started talking and standing upright.  Actually, it’s much worse since cocker spaniels aren’t nearly as aggressive and slovenly as mud people.

To Culpritics and their brown minions, this ever-escalating hell hole is their idea of da Garden of Heeben.  By 2035, if not sooner, Amerika and most of the world will resemble the Bronx zoo.  Sans the zookeepers, of course.

© 2015 Orwell’s Daughter





About Orwell's Daughter

A marooned visitor to this Big Barrel O Idiots reporting on the antics of Da Herd (especially the Culpritic 2%)
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19 Responses to 2035: Amerika Will Be One Big Bronx Zoo

  1. “But I’m a white hispanic” LMFAO. OD gold that will make my cuntservative christian buddies cry “raycyst”
    110% true OD. How they got a rep for being hard working is a mystery to me.

  2. It’s one big barnyard full of bairns or maybe bairnyard full of bawbags. Ah y’right. Shithole sums it up best.

    I don’t have an arse hair’s worth of faith in white ‘murricans now, but didn’t they vote to stop the illegals back in the 90’s in California? then the joos just got it “overturned.” I should look this up, it was something outrageous like that. Maybe the kikes thought white ‘murricans were already braindead by the 90’s and didn’t expect them to ever vote to stop the mud invasion, so quickly the hive of hook nosed traitors had their top shysters “fix” the problem.

    Just saying that white peeps have been worn down. If that coup in the 90’s didn’t show them that they were voiceless slaves on a kike plantation, nothing will.

    • Right you are TGC. Here’s straight from jew run Wiki, but look how bad it is even though everything on Wiki is biased against everything & anything done by White ppl:

      “California Proposition 187 (also known as the Save Our State (SOS) initiative) was a 1994 ballot initiative to establish a state-run citizenship screening system and prohibit illegal aliens from using health care, public education, and other services in the State of California. Voters passed the proposed law as a referendum in November 1994. The law was challenged in a legal suit and found unconstitutional by a federal court. In 1999, Governor Gray Davis halted state appeals against the ruling.

      Passage of Proposition 187 reflected state residents’ concerns about illegal immigration into the United States and the large Hispanic population in California. Opponents believed the law was discriminatory against immigrants of Hispanic or Asian origin; supporters generally insisted that their concerns were economic: that the state could not afford to provide social services for so many illegal residents.”


      “President Bill Clinton urged Californians to reject Proposition 187 as an impediment to federal policy on immigration. After admitting that “it is not wrong for you [Californians] to want to reduce illegal immigration,” Clinton asked voters to allow the federal government to “keep working on what we’re doing.”[7]

      In the days leading up to the referendum vote, Latino students organized large protests of Proposition 187 across the state, including a mass boycott of high schools. Their protests often included waving the Mexican flag, a controversial symbol that was described by opponents as counterproductive.[7]

      On November 8, 1994, California voters approved the proposition by a wide margin: 59% to 41%.[8] According to the Los Angeles Times exit polls, 63% of ethnic European voters and 23% of Latino voters voted for Proposition 187; African-American and ethnic Asian voters split their voting equally for and against the law. Although ethnic Europeans comprised 57% of California’s population at the time, they comprised 81% of voters in the 1994 general election. Latinos totaled 8% of voters, although they comprised 26% of the state’s population.

      While 78% of Republicans and 62% of Independents voted for the initiative, Democratic voters opposed the measure by 64%.[9]

      Section 1 of Proposition 187 provides this introduction:

      The People of California find and declare as follows:

      That they have suffered and are suffering economic hardship caused by the presence of illegal immigrants in this state. That they have suffered and are suffering personal injury and damage caused by the criminal conduct of illegal immigrants in this state. That they have a right to the protection of their government from any person or persons entering this country unlawfully.”

      It’s worth a look to see the rest. It’s a case study in how the system has been totally corrupt & illegal for over 20 years. If this doesn’t prove it to any rational person, nothing will.


  3. BitterWhiteMan says:

    Marina, you always make my day. Feel better knowing there’s someone like you out there.

    I’m usually too lazy to translate your foreign slang but did tonight & it’s well worth it 🙂

  4. BrendaTheWhite says:

    Jew news constantly whines about how many “people of color” are in prison. Fast forward 25 years. Do they think they’ll have enough “people of color” who aren’t criminals to feed the animals in cages? It will be total bedlam. Amerind monkeys will be prowling through garbage to feed their “must fuck” results, big fat preggers mestizas knifing each other open & eating the fetuses like they used to do way back when before they left asia. Blacks will be begging for a boat ride back to Africa…..

    • Blacks will be killing our friends the Jews. I find it humorous that kikes think these muds will just bend over and accept them as their messiahs. To muds, Jews are white. Jews have carefully pretended to be white so to hide among us. If we’re no longer around what do these oh so very intelligent kikes think will happen to them?

  5. yubbadubbadoo says:

    Great stuff. Love ur humor & attitude.

  6. Latrinos are porkers alright. Now that I know that a male has to try twice as hard to be a fat pig I’ve been looking at fat ppl with new eyes. Fat males are pigs but young fat males are super pigs. Given t & resulting greater muscle mass they must constantly eat to stay that fat. It boggles the mind how expensive males are, so just what we don’t need are useless brown males. We have enough useless white males thanks very much. Keep your legs crossed & your pepper spray handy, ladies. It’s going to be a more violent ride than usual & we know that males equate violence with their dicks.

    • I prefer to keep a gun handy (o||o)
      Note how the joo media keeps trying to convince white women to mix. Even after many years of propaganda very few do. Males are different ~ what a surprise. The slightest hint that nondescript Asians (beaners, chinks, flips etc) are *hawt* & the white male’s all over it. Ugly, flat chested, black eyed little boys is *hawt*. We always knew this but should repeat so morons learn ~ peckers are violent AND stupid.

  7. White people for the most part don’t care about the environment either. Allowing an invasion by millions of filthy pigs is only one proof. Look at all their cheap shit from China. Look at their big ass SUVs. True, white people like things to look nice unlike all mud people. They like clean neighborhoods, cities etc but that’s only one aspect of a clean environment. I still wholeheartedly agree with ya though because spics and other muds treat the entire universe like a latrine. Hence, latrinos 😉

  8. angry parent says:

    I have referred many moms to your excellent exposee of counselors and other educators pretending to be psychologists in the schools. K-12 education system is beyond doubt the most corrupt. It is also filled with idiots. On top of this they’ve been overrun with the kids of illegal aliens. It was already the biggest and most expensive beaurocrasy before adding the illegals. Parents around the country have tried to take action but our efforts are carefully hidden by the media. Other people blame parents for not doing something, but it is the educators themselves who should be blamed. Every single one of them. They do nothing to protest what they know is criminal. They do nothing to protest the fact that white childrens needs are completely ignored. They do nothing to protest the fact that these ugly Mexicans are ruining our schools. They make twice as much as they should make…..they only work 8.5 months a year and have inflated benefits. I’m saying all this because people have a tendency to overlook the K-12 education system when pointing fingers at who keeps the invasion of criminal aliens going. That system adores these idiotic aliens because they will accept anything. Why shouldn’t they? They haven’t paid a penny towards it. So don’t forget to figure in the K-12 system when you wonder why these Central American monkeys and their 6, 7, 8, or 12 baby monkeys are being encouraged to invade.

    • Well said. See also my reply to another poster above re Prop 187.

      There aren’t any greater imbeciles than those with degrees in “education.” The tribe behind the scenes likes to overpay their useful idiots so they’ll keep up the good work for the joos. There isn’t a more perfect example of Soviet-style communism than the k-12 “education” system. I agree with you. Anyone who works for this system is an enemy of white ppl. The few of them who know what’s going on but keep their mouths shut while collecting their bloated pay checks deserve nothing less than death imo.

    • It’s not just parents who are angry. Taxpayers who are childless by choice are given no choice but to pay a significant portion of cash to the K-12 system. We are doubly screwed.

      Also, the public university system is now ruined as well. Even if it weren’t run mostly by jews, it would be ruined because very few kids entering college or university have basic skills. Many don’t even have the equivalent of what an 8th grader had just 20 years ago. Layered into this are the recipients of affirmative action, who are many. These are without exception kids who do not belong in any college or university. Well, I guess if they were allowed in to some U in central America or Africa, but not in white Euro universities.

      Now we know how long it takes jews to ruin an education system that was second to none. About 50 years.

  9. Thepitz1 says:

    Ppl are so brainwashed I don’t think they even put 2 & 2 together…….that these invaders are the same savages who raped & scalped white European invaders. Whites invaded but won fair & square. Their mistake was to allow these savages any land at all on the continent they won. They made the same mistake with blacks. Biggest mistake of course was to allow jews anywhere near this continent or anywhere near Europe. The white male has all kinds of compassion for colored males. Too bad he never had one iota of compassion for white women. We wouldn’t be in this mess had both sexes advised & ruled.

  10. Ophidian says:

    I’m a “Latino” (Puerto Rican) male, and I have to admit that people like you (race realists/racialists) are right about the state of the world, especially your world (Europe, North America, and Australia/Oceania), and the way blacks, mulattoes, and mestizos, with the help of Jews and obsequious, apathetic, self-loathing whites, have helped contribute to it’s decline.

    I’ll probably get blocked and banned from this site because I am an alien element breaching a white safe-space, but I belong to a minority within the “minority” populations who detests multiculturalism and “Diversity” and believe that every race is entitled to preserve their identity, culture, and genetic legacy. Those of us who point this out are labeled Uncle Toms and Whitey Worshipers, but it is what it is. The world needs the white race. The rest of us have nothing to contribute to this planet besides it’s degradation and destruction.

    • Why would I ban you when you are more articulate & respectful than many “white” men?

      I agree w/you, mostly. The only thing I don’t agree with is perhaps “only” semantic, but it’s very important so I’ll mention it at the risk of sounding like a nit picker. There is no such thing as “rights.” This was an idea that has been championed by jews, as it was necessary for them to achieve hegemony. Without their shysteriffic ideas such as “rights,” “economics,” and their crowning achievements, the 3-headed hydra of Dead Sea Yidcum (AKA “religions”), the jews would have been obliterated a long time ago. Even given the existence of their heebolicious yidcum, jews would have been obliterated if they didn’t have near-100% control of media worldwide. They are a hopelessly racemixed, inferior breed. The only reasons they still exist is that 1) dumbass “white” men believe(d) that jews are “the same” as White people, and; 2) jews are more fiercely tribalistic than all other peoples combined (what this reduced to is outright crime & nepotism hidden in various scams like keeping the little ‘pritics fearful of “anti-semetism” etc.).

      Given the Law of the Jungle, we wouldn’t even be talking about jews now. However, as much as “white” nationalists luv to yap about “natural law,” note that they never define it as it is in reality for humans, not animals in the jungle. They end up inferring that “natural law” is whatever suits their argument (e.g. one of their favorite misuses of the term “natural law” is to assert that White women are inferior to them despite the reality that White women have equaled or surpassed them in nearly every way. Sometimes it really is hard to believe that “white” males as they exist today are of the same race as those who built Western civilization. The jews have used the “white” male in every way imaginable — via his dick).

      The idea of “rights” only works when there is a real justice system (i.e. justice is distributed equally). As we see every day, jew criminals are “pardoned” by shysteriffic presidents (who were put into office by jews), jew bankers who have literally murdered tens of millions of people worldwide are never held to account, inferior “minorities” get jobs over more qualified White people (AKA “affirmative” action) — the list is near endless. The justice system in reality is a blatant injustice system. Although the jew media (especially it’s “liberal” branch) luv to maintain that it is rich “white” people who receive justice, in reality anyone who can dispose of their blinders for a minute or two can see that nearly everything is anti-White. Besides, the rich “white” people that the jew media talks about are effing jews, not “whites.” Their chutzpah really is spectacular.

      With all that said (& I could & am writing a book on the subject because it cannot really be briefly summarized in a few paragraphs), if the colored peoples of the world think that the jews are their friends, they really are as dumb as they often seem. Jews, at least the “big” jews, know full well that the planet’s resources are not infinite. They know full well that paying for colored peoples to keep on breeding like rats is folly. After they pretty much eliminate Whitey, jews will take a lot of pleasure in offing billions of colored peoples. Their hatred for Whitey is supreme, but they have no luv for colored peoples either. They are a tribe of psychopaths who believe they are special & deserve to “inherit” the earth. This psychopathology is shared by tribe members whether they are the crazy-looking curlicue heebs in black, or the fast-talking “atheist” jew of the universities. Besides the fact that the big jews want all the remaining resources for themselves (& the few slaves they kept to do their dirty work, just as today), does anyone really think that jews will pay welfare, food stamps, healthcare, et al. for the colored peoples as (mostly) White taxpayers have been doing for decades? Colored peoples really have to have their heads examined if they think jews ever spend a penny outside of that which will directly benefit their tribe.

      Even if the world could continue on indefinitely without Whitey (& I don’t believe it can, but that’s another story), the jews do not intend to “share” it with anyone who doesn’t work for peanuts on their plantations. That is, colored peoples will either have to “ship up” like Whitey (who’s been working on jew plantations, AKA “corporations” for many decades now) or get “shipped out.” Look to Gaza for a preview on what the Dead Sea Pedophiles have in store for the other colored peoples of the world.

  11. Bill says:

    In the parlance of youth, U R da bomb!

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