Dark Emails Lead to True Luv

It all started with an email:

<joy.linda40@yahoo.com.ph> wrote:

Subject: l need your help

From madam linda Joy

Dearest friend,


I am Madam Linda Joy

I am Madam Linda Joy-a citizen of Philippine, widow, and legitimate heir to the late former Minister of finance who was assassinated for been working with the ex-president Joseph .E in Philippine.I inherited a total sum of 8.4 million dollarsfrom my late husband,

The pressure from my decease husband’s family for this money has compelled me to leave Manila and have the money which is concealed in a metallic trunk box is deposited with a security and finance company Togo Lome under a secret arrangement as a family treasure. This means that the security company does not know the content of this box that was shipped from the Philippine to Togo Lome under a diplomatic coverage.


Madam Linda Joy as a child in Manila

My purpose of asking for your assistance boil down to the fact that I don’t want my late husband’s family to be aware or name involve, and the deposit statement of the box authorized the company to make this box available for shipment on request only to my foreign business representative,though unnamed.Hence I want you to contact the the security company as my business partner / associate, after receiving the prove from me to enable the company release the consignment to you diplomatically, while I join you on the arrival of the box.

I have paid all demurrage ,storage charges and the shipment fee, all you need do is to help me contact the security company and introduce yourself as my business partner /associate ,requesting the shipment of the box to your address which you will provide. And as soon as Diplomatic shipping agent approved the shipment and tell you the arrival date of the box then I will join you to give you 20% of the money instantly before I go on with the proposedinvestment in your domain provided is secured and investment friendly. Please if you are interested and willing to represent me as my business partner / associate kindly write me as soon aspossible I awaits your urgent response.

Best wishes
Linda Joy


From Sir Ima Coon III

Dearest Madam Joy,


Sir Ima Coon

I am Sir Ima Coon III, citizen of New Jersey, letch, and illegitimate son of late former Grand Master of Culpritic Fraud who was assassinated for working with the ex-Grand Poomba of the Kike Jewz.

I inherited a whole lot more than you did — a total sum of 84.4 trillion dollars from my late lover the Distinguished Jamil Schlamazzel Peckerwood. The pressure from my deceased boyfriend’s family for this money has compelled me to leave Camden. The money, which is concealed in a Captain Crunch box wrapped tightly with metallic duct tape, is deposited with another Jew company, Westealumyergoldstein Pronto, under a secret arrangement as the family jewelz.

The Pronto Jewz believe that this box contains solid gold nuggets shaped like Lucky Charms. Like you, they believe that I would be stupid enough to fall for your Philistine Philipino Phelony. Hmm, maybe it’s the asian blood in both you and in the Jewz that make you lean towards criminality rather than productive work. Perhaps a criminal tendency is what ties all of us mud races together. I only know that your concocted bullcraporama has me pining for you like no other turd world scammer.

Aeta phillipino

Sir Ima Coon visits the Philippines

By the way, I know that you aren’t a woman at all but possess a penis, albeit a small asiatic one. I know because, as a fellow mud, I too use female names in my “ventures” because let’s face it — who gonna trust a dark brown flip or coon “brutha” about anything? So my dearest Madam Joy (how I love yer name) — I would be very happy indeed to pick up yer “box” and do all kinds of despicable things to it and inside it. Please my love respond to my urgent desire.

Your Servant,

Sir Ima Coon III




 A    H A P P Y    E N D I N G


Madam Linda Joy (center) & Sir Ima Coon (in gorilla suit to her right) march in Manila’s 2017 Gay Parade


About Orwell's Daughter

A marooned visitor to this Big Barrel O Idiots reporting on the antics of Da Herd (especially the Culpritic 2%)
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25 Responses to Dark Emails Lead to True Luv

  1. BrendaTheWhite says:

    You’re a riot. Great art too. Love your new header 😉

  2. Thanks to the improved educational system provided by the White Europeans of the USA, criminal filipinos can write better letters than their kin in Nigeria. They learn English all the way thru school…..so that they can move their negroid looking selves over here.

    lol ‘luv’ your humor tho Sis.

  3. Oy lassie, no one makes me honestly LOL, split me feckin sides like you do.

    Nice new header too. Gorgeous, smart, creative. Nah, can’t see why the mud wimmon hate White women.

  4. I ♥ Black Women says:

    U pick ugly women except for the white one. Horible racist!!!

    • In reality, LaShawn, there are FAR UGLIER mud women than the ones I chose for my header. In fact, that hideous Asian on the far right is actually a winner in a “beauty” contest. She’s wearing a tiara — you can see this if you look closely. Unfortunately for her, all the green paint in the world won’t change those pits of darkness you people call “eyes.” Additionally, the freckled White woman is far from being one of the most beautiful examples of the White race.

      But then, you already knew all this.

      When I have time, I’ll create a header w/REALLY ugly mud women, so check back often.

      • Like me for instance. But I’m not even teh ugliest flip mud woman. Jamil Peckerwood looks like a native of the Philipines. I’m not kidding. There are tons of flips who look even more negroid than he does.

        • mchen says:

          You are correct. This is why Chinese and Japanese consider Filipinos to be inferior. We’ve never understood why Americans import these Negritos into their country. Don’t you guys have enough Negros already? 🙂

          • Actually, Zippo, you have no reason to feel superior to the Filipinos or the Negros. After all, neither of these 2 groups purposely slay their female children or eats fetuses (as far as I know).

            If you want to believe that your Crazed Anthill mentality is superior, that’s OK w/me. Just keep it over in China & stop sending the dumbest of yer hive over here. We do have enough Negros, but at least they were born here.

            • mchen says:

              How smart are Caucasians when they let the least able flood their countries? When they let their businessmen bring everything to the East? China will soon replace the U.S.A. as most powerful nation.

              • Firstly, Asian, who are you calling a “Cauc-asian?”
                Secondly, it’s your kin the sneaky & treasonous Jews you’re referring to re the flood of mud & their taking their “business” to whomever will work cheapest. They’re not called “international jewz” for nothing.
                Chinese are always willing to undercut the native population. Many people I know call Chinese the “jews of the east.” Maybe you can explain what they mean.

      • I ♥ Black Women says:

        What can I say to a racist like U? There beautiful woman in all races.

        • Wrong, African orc. Show me these “beautiful women in all races.” The ones you refer to are mongrels who have half or more than half white euro ancestry.

          There are mulatto women who don’t look totally like chimps, thanks to their white genes. They may look better on the outside, but the extra IQ points brought them by their white genes makes them really fucked up monsters on the inside. Obama should serve as a prime example.

        • Now that you’ve sent me dozens of yer dumbshit little rants, Homiecoon, you are hereby blocked. Go luv some black women — just please use birth control.

      • DanD says:

        Your reply is probably too heady for this black. I have to interact with them sometimes in a business setting & they totally lack comprehension skills. It’s interesting because blacks can often talk a good game. Understanding what White ppl say back to them is beyond the majority of them however. That’s why the Jew’s propaganda has been so effective. Or at least it’s part of the reason. Blacks totally dig simple childish slogans like”we’re all equal.”

        Love your approach to turd world scammers. May I borrow your idea next time I get one? Sir Ima Coon……priceless.

      • Karen55 says:

        Never mind the ugly green eye paint, this Japanese “beauty queen’s” pancake makeup isn’t doing a very good job of covering that moustache either 😉

      • Young hardworking white man says:

        Not only that, but you can also really see the similarity between the Asian and Jew when you look at the ugly Jap and the Jewess (can’t remember her name). Our forefathers often referred to Jews as “orientals” and comparing these two, we can easily see why.

        Hilarious reply OD. You’re inspiring me to try the same.

  5. Abdulla Garwin says:

    I love you!

  6. LOL. You always bring a good laugh to our darkening world.

    You should send it to him. With this Flip’s superior command of the English language, he’d probably think he had a sucker on the line.

  7. “Westealumyergoldstein Pronto” Quadruple LOL
    The little flipper gook won’t have a clue what you’re talking about 🙂

  8. Ezra says:

    Love that you sent this. Do ya think that these email criminals would still be so prevalent if the Joos didn’t run the internet?

  9. Christianity & the corporate mentality…can anyone tell the difference? Both are the cause of almost all evil in the world. Do Christian morons really believe that Flips, blacks, Mexicans, etc. are capable of anything but tribalism like Jews? How much do you want to bet that 99% of the Flips & blacks who send these scams profess to being Christian?

  10. This is fricking hilarious. So glad to have found your blog.

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