Your commentary on the Moronnials (about age 18 – 38)

More vacuous than ever, the Moronnials think being whorishly narcissistic is weally weally rad

This is the solution I came up with for parsing your commentaries. That way, when I delete posts, your comments won’t be tossed.

This here segment is dedicated to the mean-spirited, vacuous, twittertarded and selfied Moronnials.


About Orwell's Daughter

A marooned visitor to this Big Barrel O Idiots reporting on the antics of Da Herd (especially the Culpritic 2%)
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21 Responses to Your commentary on the Moronnials (about age 18 – 38)

  1. Twittertard Moronnials. Leave it to our Renaissance woman to coin the term that exactly describes these locust-ppl.
    It’s quite a challenge to keep my granddaughters away from the “portable jew” (you are our greatest living wordsmith) but in this my daughter & I are on the same page, thank goodness. I do wonder though who it is they will have to talk to since not one of their little friends remains a non-addict.
    Your excellent talk sums up a lot of what I’ve been thinking about these rude locust=ppl. Interacting with them makes me irritable. The Moronnials take being jewified to a whole new level.
    Well dear I can’t wait to hear your Manchester podcast so I will write more later.

  2. Young hardworking white man says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more about “my” generation. Some complain about the coming takeover of robotics but I think it’s a blessing. As you said, who would trust anyone with a watered down degree to do anything taking skill? In the near future the lemmings will be going to other countries to get surgery not because of cost but because of useless millennials. Moronnials LMFAO. I’ve named us the Useless Generation but your moniker is so much better.

    Thanks for giving insight on why we are like we are. I hope you continue since you’re not only the only one standing for White women, but you’re the only one telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

    • Ancient Realist says:

      I think we’ve already reached the transhuman generation. Gen X mindlessly embraced any& all technology & now you ppl have become fully functional robots. Not functional as human beings but terrific users.

      OD I hadn’t put words to the main vibe of the young robots. Mean spirited may insinuate they have spirit. I prefer to say they are just plain programmed to be mean.

  3. Moronnials LOL. Let’s see how fast the “alt right” fags steal it.
    There is one good thing about them. They make me glad that probably won’t live to see their dumb bastard kids become middle aged. Though I hope they have lots of bastards twice as retarded as they are and that they get a good dose of themselves. They will be too stupid to recognize retards though. With the Moronnials we now have the “equal” of the blacks and spics. I almost hate to insult the nonwhites this way cuz I agree, they tend to be nicer than the young white morons.

  4. hattie says:

    Once the “bloom is off the rose” I predict that the Moronials will have the highest rate of suicide ever. They won’t be missed.

  5. BrendaTheWhite says:

    I’m a not so proud creator of a couple twittertards. I should explain that I created their bodies but could do relatively little against the onslaught of gadgets powered by the “portable joo” 😉 that brings a few choice images to mind 😉 I like to think that mine are a little less brainwashed than others but I lack objectivity. I forget which of your essays it is where you detail how the joos took control of the youth each decade. You hit the nail on the head with that. I believe the only ones who really raise their own kids in this country are Amish. Probably not even altogether true of even them now. I think the millennials who have kids like the idea that they don’t raise them. They mostly wanted the “idea” of having kids anyways. That’s where we’re at now. There’s a total upswing in all the attention that these young moms give themselves. They think that being even more narcissistic during their pregnancy is somehow going to make them better parents. LOL. They’ll spend tons of money on “natural” childbirth with a midwife when a high percentage will end up at the hospital with a doctor anyway. It’s all about them, it’s all about what is being sold to their self centeredness. The joos have perfected the art of making young lemmings believe they are edgy when the reality is that they “choose” from 2 or 3 similar hives.

    • @Brenda You bring up an important aspect of Moronnials (quadruple LOL OD). They increasingly seek out the services of ill-trained paraprofessionals and they don’t mind spending about the same amount they’d pay for the real thing. They aren’t the only ones doing this of course, and they aren’t where this trend began. It’s come to its fruition with them though. Next step, computer robots can do the job. In reality, these robots can probably do a better job than most paraprofessionals, but they can in no way substitute for doctors, for example. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe the Moronnials are so dehumanized that they don’t need human interaction, even for major surgery.

      Then we have the alleged public servants, who’ve been dumbed down for quite some time. Take a look at my articles about the frauds calling themselves “psychologists” in the public schools. Like everyone in that atrocious system, they are teachers. These teachers got a 2 year master’s degree in “testing.” Some don’t even have that, but have a less than 2-year master’s degree in “counseling.” Psychologists aren’t “therapists” or “counselors” or “testers” but since the educational system is so massive, it is virtually changing one of the most honored professions into a zoo full of dummies with degrees in education (at least, this is the impression that parents get, when they have to interact with these undereducated paraprofessionals who fraudulently call themselves “psychologists”). Kids with only an undergrad degree in psychology are closer to being psychologists than these frauds. “Special ed” is full of bogus titles for ppl who couldn’t cut it in the real world.

      Meanwhile, you won’t see shysters giving up their grossly overpaid existence. They’re the ones helping the criminal biznessmen to do what I outlined above, and much more. Their 6 semesters of “law” school is still held out as some kind of massive feat of endurance, when some of us could have done that 4 or 5 times in the time it took to become something useful for society. Not to mention that although it’s massively boring, law school is only perceived as difficult by those who aren’t very intelligent (i.e. they cannot fathom Chemistry 201 etc.)
      Moronnials can look forward to being plenty overlawyered, even though it’s hard to believe that shysters can become any more overbearing than they now are.

      I blame the breeders. They have no problem bringing ppl into this world when perhaps they should be trying to change this mess first.

    • callie says:

      Young lemming women embrace this “earth mama” bullshit as if it’s something new. NO IDIOTS your rejection of feminism, when you don’t even bother to find out its real history, and your embrace of “natural” childbirth and “homesteading” was created by the same slavers with dicks that you think are dfferent from everyone else’s slaver.

      Orwell’s Daughter, you may want to see these little idiots back in chains as they deserve but I’d go further. I hope they end up in the ER or morgue instead of all the women who aren’t foolish and anti-woman – anti-feminist like they are.

      • I agree. It’s time to give all tards what they want. Give the kikes & white traitors lovely apartments in the projects. Pair these antifeminist dumb cunts with MRAs , with their lords & masters owning the dumb cunts like the old days they yearn for so much.

  6. Being among Moronnials is a great antidote to any desire to bring any more here. If anyone is still up in the air about remaining childfree, hang out with Moronnials. Compare them to previous generations. Know that the next batch won’t have the brains of sub saharan blacks but they will have the criminality.

    • Magpie says:

      lol I hope something does bite her on the ass to put this Mormon baby factory out of commission. She looks exactly like Chelsae Clinton before all the plastic surgery. Imagine how ugly & retardo her brats will be. Here’s another bottom feeder white nationalist.

  7. Hebbie Jeebies says:

    ~*~~* As a millennial *~~*~, most of us live as if we are the main character of a show and don’t need to worry about consequences. Everything revolves around us and we operate expecting the world to be as it should, not as it is. This is not surprising given how we are raised on TV.

    The most recent crop is not only messed up by TV, but by the Internet. When I was in high school, instant messaging was still in and social media was just starting up. The Internet was like a new toy to us.
    Now, young people use it as their main socialization platform. They construct identities and role play, seek out little echo chambers to take the place of real socialization, and the lack of parenting combined with anonymity and mobbing online results in a lack of empathy, tolerance for anything disagreeable, or critical thinking.

    I remember as a kid having to tolerate and even learn to have fun with kids whom I didn’t like that much because they had the Nintendo64, the little electric jeep, or there was no one else available to play with at the time. Most kids of my generation and especially after did not get this kind of socialization.
    Now if they don’t like someone, they can tell them to fuck off and find someone else online without having to answer for their past behavior.

    There are now a bunch of stupid, spoiled shits that grew up with little supervision and who act as is their life is scripted well into adulthood. They honestly think that going to college and taking out loans to get a social sciences degree is acceptable. No introspection as to who they are or their strengths and weaknesses when deciding on their future. It’s just “you need to go to college so you can be middle class and live in a city”!
    When they exit college unemployable due to no professional ability they cry about how society owes them for not thinking for them and following their script, so their debts should be forgiven.

    I see my peers bitching about not being able to get decent jobs, housing, having debt, etc and don’t have too much sympathy. When you look at their personalities, education, and spending habits their misery is largely a case of not realizing that actions have consequences.

  8. I haven’t listened yet lassie but did want to drop by to wish you a happy memorial day. These rapists and killers for hire are the very very best of the White race, don’t ya know, according to your favorite dickheads.

  9. Nigerian Marketing Director says:

    Longtime lurker; I really loved this podcast, OD. Spot-on about the Twittertards, Sheepbookers, and Moronials. I’ve observed the exact same things you described–there’s been an extreme decline in overall conduct over the internet and in real life, especially among the younger crowd.

    I remember when Twitter came on the scene around 2006, and I was immediately suspicious. The concept is completely retarded and renders communication to something akin to an ape banging two rocks together. Even more suspicious was how quickly the jews in the media and the corporations adopted and pushed the platform onto the common people. I never remember the big media outlets having a “MySpace” page, but they sure moved fast to get Twitter and Facebook pages. Disgusting.

    I also remember in the early days of the internet that people in general still had a real-world sense of decency and conduct online. You could hold actual discussions with people and back then a lot of folks were naive enough to use their real names. I’d say that sort of conduct persisted until Twitter emerged and the other “anti-social” media (great term!) anonymized and degraded common discussion. On the “electric jew” side, reality TV emerged and popularized shows in which people are constantly put into extreme, stupid, fake, vapid, and punishing situations–very pornlike. I think these two definitely go together.

    Another vipers’ nest of faggotry you may or may not know about is Reddit. I don’t think I’ve ever seen more autistic faggots and fuckboys in one place than on Reddit. The site enables non-stop, long-form autistic hivemind posts and vapid arguing by hordes of voiceless, faceless pussies. Reddit, Twitter, and Assbook all enabled one of the faggiest and most autistic “online movements” I’ve ever seen, which you may have heard about, since I think these fags have crossover with WN–GamerGate.

    GamerGate was a group of white male pussy faggots who felt so threatened by women playing and critiquing the jewy aspects of video games–of all things–that they launched a vile harassment campaign against women online. It was completely faggadocious. GamerGate is kind of a joke now (just like WN) but their inverted sentiments still exist in gamers at large, who I find to be a particularly weak and susceptible group of males. These are people who form romantic attachments to fake characters and call them their “waifu” (Asianig bastardization of “wife”) and who find any competent female character to be a “Mary Sue” (basically she’s too good at everything, unlike their mediocre fuckboy selves).

    I feel like the turning point for the current shitstorm started around 2005. Jewbook was founded in 2004, Reddit in 2005, Twitter in 2006, and then the first major portable jew–the iphone–came in 2007. It helped deliver all these shitty anti-social media platforms to the peasantry in a way that regular computers couldn’t in the past. Now you can be a faceless, voiceless pussy faggot online at all times, in all places. I don’t think it’s by accident at all.

    Great podcast as always. Looking forward to hearing more.

  10. I thought maybe I’d finally found a Moronnial of the “white male pussy faggot” persuasion who wasn’t. Then he & the definite white male pussy faggot Kykle the anti-feminist started in on their typical pussy faggot nonsense. Skip to about 1:35:00. Yeah that’s right. These little fags have all the time in the world to suck each others dicks & record it.
    Prepare to throw up in your mouth a little though it’s not as bad as some of Kykle’s other gems.

    • BrendaTheWhite says:

      If these faggots say “notion” one more time I’m gonna put my razor sharp vagina thru the computer to swallow up their little shrively cocks.

    • Sigyn says:

      Yeah the squeaky fag who claims that males have “higher mental capacity” should shove his dick up the other fag’s ass. Then they wonder why we hate these faggot liars. Personally I’m glad white males will be gone in 100 years. The only problem is getting rid of ALL men. They are crazed and need their own solar system.

    • RSAxon says:

      You obviously do not understand how “deep” & “intelligent” Kyle is. He wants to be a “masculine” boy in his mind & have a little idiot to be a “trad” wife (AKA “Sinazijew). The major difference between these “weally weally wad” “traditionalists” & the days when women were chattel is that the stupid little girls beg to be chattel & they are typically the breadwinners. They beg for the worst of both worlds & guess what? They’ll easily get it. “White” males love the stupidest of women but only if they promise they enjoy being not just a sex worker, maid, and brood mare. Now they also promise to be a good mule so that boys like Kyle can play on the internet.
      Your analyses are spot on OD. What makes you even more rare than a non lemming female of high intelligence & achievement are your Carlinesque (but far superior to him) verbal skills where you demonstrate to those of us who can recognize it that these skills & your intelligence is based on very high nonverbal/visuoperceptual/visuospatial skills.
      If you’re wondering, I found you through Bogusdichotomy when I found his information on the teachers & “counselors” who “our” government is allowing to masquerade as psychologists. I know of what I write.
      Hats off to you with a curtsy/bow to boot.

      • Great comment. Yeah, the dumb cunts do easily obtain a faggot who “allows” them to work so they don’t have to, or don’t have to work as much, & who also “allows” them to play act the whole kikejew “femininity” nonsense that these faggots have been programmed by, BUT…….the sorry WN girls would have trouble finding any male to give them a second look on the “outside.” WN provides them a platform to be “noticed” by lowlifes who match them in stupidity.

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