Your commentary about Old Woodstockers (“Silent” Generation, LOL)

The ironically named “Silent” Generation

So I’ve lambasted the Moronnials. Now let’s take a look at these old Woodstockers who have had quite a well padded life, and caused many of the problems.  They’re old now (about 66 to 86) and are still quite “silent” about how easy they had it, and why.


About Orwell's Daughter

A marooned visitor to this Big Barrel O Idiots reporting on the antics of Da Herd (especially the Culpritic 2%)
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10 Responses to Your commentary about Old Woodstockers (“Silent” Generation, LOL)

  1. RSAxon says:

    Please see my comment under the “moronnials” commentary for more info about me. Your friend & min, BD has provided me a stepping off point to examining what the H is happening. It’s a good thing there are some non paranoids with real technical skill who are addressing some of the total BS of the Little Dudes of the Troof Movement. Indeed, who with 2 brain cells could believe anything they say after listening to their ignorant whoppers about circumcision et al.?
    This podcast is solid gold. What you provide here takes the highest level of reasoning because you’ve amassed the information, processed it through an IQ of at least 150 (I’m guessing, but I do know of what I write), then let it fly out into the atmosphere in the funniest, most delightful way. You’re exactly the type we should have had running things for…well for 1000s of years.
    I’m looking forward to listening to everything you’ve created. BD tells me you have dozens but they’re either hidden or deleted. Any chance of hearing them or can you point me to where they are? Your intelligence, knowledge & wit are like water in the middle of a desert.

  2. Your podcasts are my most favorite media by a million miles. This one is another epic. As a member of the “silent generation” I hadn’t thought about what you bring up here. What you say is absolutely true and it helps me understand the old coots my own age. I’ll add only that you can imagine what it’s like being a non-lemming among these fatted old cows.

  3. Nigerian Marketing Director says:

    Makes sense that old coots could be so kike-whipped since they’ve been trained by years of fattening on the plantation. That retardation descends through the lines into the twittertards. I saw a young white dumbass apologizing recently to a brown turd about whites having no culture–I guess they figure it’s the nigs that built Europe and the rest of the world.

  4. Morgan Le Fay says:

    Excellent informative, even riveting talk. I haven’t commented before but have been lurking a long time. I’ll echo the opinion of others who have said thank you for being the only voice of sanity for white women and girls. To follow the idiotic agenda of the lazy women who believe they are “the best” for taking women back 100 yrs is something only other lazy women would want to do and encourage other women to do too. “Finding” a white man to “go along” with your pretense of “femininity” while he gets to be a male supremist like all of his ancestors is like finding hay in a haystack. These boys abound whether professing to be liberal or conservative. As you have so brilliantly expounded, the only thing the white males agree with each other about is that their betters must be tied down at all costs.

    At this point in time they have more reason to want women kept down than ever. Now we have all the proof we need to see that this has always been their major concern and they will go to any lengths to see women kept down. When white women begin to recognize this fact then the white male will really have something to worry about.

    The anti white women little girls who help the Hitler lovers misinform young white women disgust me more than the jews who rule us. White women are and always have been the first humans tossed to the lions by white males. But these good for nothing but cocksucking little girls go ahead and tell other young women that being the white man’s slave is “standing” for the white race. More like laying on your lame back with a dick in your mouth I’d say.

    Like many others the only information I have about recent generations is what the jew media has provided. So I so much appreciate your talks where you pull history and human psychology together in such a creative and funny way. You inspire me to research these issues further and to never ever trust a “twittertard” who is only capable of little jew slogans and insults. What about jew media do these geniuses not understand? They started out below average then became even dumber by constantly hammering their brains with a jew protocol. Even funnier is that they use the jew protocol to “meme” against their masters.

    Please don’t stop! Your commentaries are like doctoral level lectures on reality.

    • Great comment. I LOLled at ““Finding” a white man to “go along” with your pretense of “femininity” while he gets to be a male supremist like all of his ancestors is like finding hay in a haystack.”

  5. Morgan Le Fay says:

    I fogot to say that your nick name could be Aine which means “bright” that “lights up the dark.” She is the Irish goddess of growth, light, love and best of all, cattle (the white lemmings). Your celebration is coming up. It is held on midsummer’s eve.

  6. Bill says:

    💗 💗 💗 💗 💗 💗 💗 💗 💗 💗 1/2

  7. memed out says:

    I am still in shock that there is a white woman who isn’t afraid to be a “racist” and isn’t bowing to the dick wagging of these faggots who call themselves white nationalists. But the best part is that you aren’t pushing the insane idea of breeding against this shitstorm of mud. I despise this more than anything else about them, that they really don’t give a shit about their own kids. If they did they could find the honesty to NOT HAVE THEM.

    I found you from a link on stormfront where there are pages and pages of insults against you from crippled shitlords of white nationalism. I figured you must have at least an IQ of 95 to disturb them so much. In cruising around here I can see why they feel the need to crucify you. For one thing their average intellect cannot fathom one far superior to their own…especially when it is attached to tits and ass. They only encourage the silly sluts who whistle the WN tunes…Talk about “white genocide,” don’t provide the truth about how this isn’t going to end well for their stupid kids but keep encouraging other dumb skanks to spread their legs for the cause, talk about “real” femininity, above all else deny that you deserve the same rights as men…that is be a raging anti feminist.

    I was going to say that I try staying away from men as much as possible but then I also stay away from women. Lemmings all, but at least the women won’t try to engage me in their male animal bullcrap. Ya know it’s not a lot of fun to be male either, at least if you’re not gettin with any of the available programming.

    Whoa…major signs of intelligent life here. Thanks for the tip Broodlums of Stormycunt

  8. I enjoyed the hell out of this one OD. I have lots of ppl in this age group & I have a lot to chew on now that you have given me some perspective on why so many of em seem to have their heads up their ass.

  9. sixtengoy says:

    Blown away by your teachings. Hurts a little to hear my kind described as “white male pussy faggots” but I have to admit it’s entirely appropriate. They (I’m gonna shorten it to WMPF) insult women every day by referring to them as children. It is funny WMPF aren’t even half as smart or perceptive as real white girl children. They project their bad qualities on women. One example is how emotional WMPF are, demonstrably so. Another is how touchy they are which we could prove by seeing how many of them could listen to you without flipping out even though what you say is proveable.

    Learning a lot about the old WMPF. Really brilliant analysis. Listening to you makes me think for the first time in my life that you’re right, women should have been ruling. It’s obvioius if only for some of the reasons I already said above.

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