Your commentary on Niggas, Fuck Yo Truce

After they be done rioting, murdering, raping, and looting to their hearts’ content, there ain’t nuffin afreekins like better than posin fer pictures yo — especially since they’re rarely punished for their massive crimes, even when caught on camera.

Without this subspecies of Homyo-sapiens, we wouldn’t know the joys of carrying trillions of tons of dead weight on our backs, nor would we experience the vibrancy of rioting, looting, and human trafficking (AKA the worst kind of slavery known).  Violent crime would be more than halved (asianigs committing the lion’s share of the other half) and we wouldn’t have experienced 30 years of rap trash and 100 years of their/jew-media-inflicted bogus guilt about the slave trade that jews and the Afreekins themselves brought about.


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A marooned visitor to this Big Barrel O Idiots reporting on the antics of Da Herd (especially the Culpritic 2%)
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18 Responses to Your commentary on Niggas, Fuck Yo Truce

  1. One of your best Sis but then again they are all so great. The way you do these is so unique. This combined with your unique combo of intelligence, perceptive observation & humor makes every one outstanding. In this one there is so much to “chew” on. I don’t want to ruin it for anyone who hasn’t listened yet so I won’t quote my fave LOL moments. Besides I think in this one there might be too many to name.

    Hugs to you XOXOXO

  2. Rebecca of Sunnybrook says:

    I don’t have much of a comment to make except to say THANK YOU. Your podcasts are AWESOME. You make me think, laugh, and get mad. Also it’s great to be able to listen while I’m doing chores etc. Again, many thanks.

  3. BrendaTheWhite says:

    I think I mentioned to you that my elderly mom is your greatest fan. After me naturally 😉 She busted a gut on this one and asked to hear it again. Our favorite line out of many priceless ones was when you talked about modern day slavery and Slavic women. I won’t ruin it for anyone who hasn’t yet listened but the line right after that is So Frickin True and put in your usual perfect delivery.

    It really is quite obvious that we whites have been left off the boat when it comes to real talent getting into KIKEJOO (I’ve begun imitating your better description of the “big joos”, at least around the house) “entertainment.” Here we have someone who is far funnier right off the top of your head than all of their practiced kikejoo and mudling “comedians” combined.

    It got me thinking about how there has never really been any real comedy anytime that I can remember because kikejoos have always run it. Comedy is powerful because it exposes truth while lowering defenses by tickling the funny bones. At least when it’s a genius like you. (No I’m not blowing smoke up your ass, I believe you are a genius in the true sense of that word). Just think if we’d had comedians like you instead of the likes of kikejoo Lenny Bruce and Sara Silverkikekunt through all these decades. Naturally that would have also meant that we’d have had the freedom to do so which is just more proof that we’ve been in chains to kikejoos for a LONG time.

    The only whites I can recall going any where close to these kikejoo patrolled topics were Carlin and Bill Hicks. I think Carlin got “clued in” toward the end of his life and became very angry. Lemmings complained about that because they wanted more of George’s cutesy (but very funny) fare. I really only started liking him when he got angry at what was going on. He didn’t dare go too close to the real facts though since he was hogtied to the kikejoos of HBO and others. To be fair though he probably also realized that he might as well get SOME info out there as best he could. We all know what happens to those who go too far in exposing kikejoos. Which brings me to Hicks. I think that he’d be totally clued in to kikejoo atrocities had he lived. Note how the kikejoos ignored him and gave him no publicity. He did get some in the UK, much more than here. If he had lived and started getting too “mouthy” for the kikejoos, they would have seen to it taht his water was cut off there too.

    Love ya OD. Your podcasts really are solid gold as some others have mentioned. They are plenty all by themselves but in my case they also help bring me and my mom closer together in her twighlight years.

    • @Brenda: Thanks for your kind words. I actually did a commentary on Hicks last summer but now I cannot find it. Yes, there has been a jew filter on anything having to do with entertainment. There hasn’t been a White person who “made it” because of talent since — when? Needless to say, most non-whites who “make it” have no talent, but unlike for us Whites, this lack of talent matches their populations at large. It’s heartbreaking really. Our culture has been completely banished.

  4. Your analysis of the effects of the trauma (((they))) brought to the white world is brilliant. It really is a splitting & it explains so much. I know you don’t really have anything against niggas per se & neither do I but their stupidity is just no excuse for all the damage they’ve done & continue doing to us.

  5. Brenda I’ve thought the same things about Carlin & Hicks. Very true too that the joos have never “scouted” for real talent. I don’t think they are capable of doing anything “real.”

  6. alabasterass says:

    I notice how the Tards of WN w/o exception either promote the typical hatred of blacks a la “we need to string em up on trees” or promote them by bowing to the likes of jonathan alisaeh (who knows how this muslim with a clear agenda spells his real name) and cynthia mckinney (they’d never really ever support a White woman like they do this half-baked muh ppl afroqueen).

    Leave it to you OD to tell it like it is. Why is there not one other White person with common sense? I’d like to know more of your thoughts on the psyche (sp?) of White ppl and why we’re so screwed up and just plain screwed.

    • @alabaster: I like Cynthia McKinney. Do you know her views? Naturally white dudes would support a black woman before they would a White one — what have I been saying for years? They hate White women the most. But that doesn’t mean that C. McKinney isn’t righteous.

      As for the other, I think I know who you mean. Some typical motor mouth (most people mistake this for “intelligence”) who belongs in a muslim country but instead is here among us. He sucks the dick of any man (by calling them “my brotha” etc.) but as usual, this here Doormat with Holes isn’t fooled. Is this one & the same dude?

  7. Nigerian Marketing Director says:

    Very salient point about the gentle souls being imported en masse from Somalia and some of Africa’s other fine nations and what their ancestry truly means. Never thought of it quite that way, so thanks for opening my eyes on that.

    The duck metaphor applies all too well to the porn-marinated white males, since ducks are some of the worst rapists of the animal world. Two things I’ve noticed frequently with the white male pussy faggots is how much they love defending rape in the animal world as being “natural” (since it gives them an opening to inflict the same on women), and how literally any mundane topic becomes sexualized in their sick little world. There could be a discussion on can openers and they’ll find some way to insert a sex joke about it. They’re just totally porn-whipped little bitches now.

    The nigs have become completely emboldened with 8 years of that black muslim-jew Obama being in power. They’ve always been pavement apes, but now it’s like someone left the locks open on the monkey house. Crime has been going up and the jew media loves to cover it up. They never say the color of the perps anymore–now it’s always just “suspect” instead of “black man”–but they can’t hide the surveillance tapes full of darkie gorillas smashing into stores and robbing people point-blank. Nigger really is too kind of a word for these shit stains.

    • @NigMarketing: Thanks for your thoughtful comments. Yes, it is really shocking how well protected even the most vicious non-white criminals are in ‘Murrika. If it’s a White man, though (even if it’s a jew or mexican a la George Zimmerman), the race is included in each & every blurb about the crime. You would think that for that reason alone, the entire White race, including the libtards, would start to “come to” out of their stupor.

  8. Adolf's Dick says:

    Yea its true its not easy hearing u say “white male pussy faggots’ but if the shoe fits…..
    White male pussy faggots would rather support nigger girls [thinking specifically about Renegay Niggerbroad Casting] but that may just be because the resident mudshark won’t suck Kile’s dick if he doesnt harbor an occasional nigger. Neither of these wealthy kids ever really had to deal.

    Fuck yo truce Lol, damn straight.

  9. nogodzz says:

    OD for some reason this one reminds me of stuff you did on jewtube back in the day. It’s too bad that the jews had to keep fucking with it so that even if you weren’t shoahed you still eventually lost all your comments etc. because they kept changing the platform. I’d love to be able to go back to see your old vids & the shock n awe of when you started to “come out” about jews. Oh how those programmed little goyim plus the killer shark kikes reacted! nigger jew nigger jew nigger nigger jew jew

    • Seems like a lifetime ago. Sometimes I see someone from those days, usually a comment or something. I look & see that they are still spewing the same old commie lines. Some of em have too many subs to take a chance on freaking em out. OD got my attention for balls with a capital B. Most unsubbed right away with the first mention of the j word. When & if some shite does come down most lemmings would be more prone to blame their next door neighbor than to ever call out those jew bankers who have been created a mess on Earth.

  10. OMFG your white male song should win a Grammy. I listened several times to get all the words, well worth the effort. You distilled the whole problem & the only solution. Fantastic, hilarious, pithy, genius.

  11. goddessdamm You da Man, Woman! “Practicing” was like eating a big slice of chocolate cake (is chocolate racist?) but then “the white man’s song” was like whipped cream & a real bing cherry on top. Can we get the words? Think I got most of them but not completely sure.

  12. OD the song is killer. I especially like that your choir sounds like they are singing at a skating rink. I was picturing the mirror ball & everything. A line of women skating & singing about the little fags who preferred to give the white world over to nonwhites than give up male supremacy.

    • @TGC: I was trying to think of what the musak reminded me of & that’s it. The organ music of skating rinks. Yup, I think I pretty much summed up a large part of my philosophy in those lyrics.

  13. Can’t seem to find the one that goes with Fuck Yo Truce but your White Male Song is superb. You’d be surprised at how many men agree. We don’t put up with near as much as what women do from the gorilla majority. However some of us would like nothing better than to have these women hating faggots of all colors disappear. Anyone rational can see who has destroyed the world. Men who can’t see it better grow a brain since their original one has apparently been poisoned with testosterone.

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