The Dickwadian Dialectic

Dickwads (including yer very own precious Nigel) fall into two basic categories, both of whom have been represented in the songs of OD’s All-Creator Choir.  (We present our second effort here.  In fact, you should listen to #1 again, then to #2.)

Like group #1, the second group of white male pussy faggots (WIMPfas) fancy themselves to be “alphas” capable of taking on any foe. As present day reality demonstrates — and as centuries of real history have proven (being legends in their own schlongebellum notwithstanding), WIMPfas have failed at every attempt to vanquish nonwhite males (unless the nonwhites did not have comparable weapons).  Just look at the ecru, tan, and brown people who have inhabited southern Europe, the Balkans, the Iberian peninsula, Istanbul, etc. for centuries.  Oh but wait — there is another “exception” to this rule:  one “side” of WIMPfas also “wins” when they fight against each other — LOL.

Both groups of present-day WIMPfas believe that they are the “fiercest warriors ever” and no presentation of evidence will ever disabuse them of their T-induced and WIMPfa-reinforced delusions.  This is doubly true in regards to their irrational beliefs about their own Creators.

In actual fact, both groups of WIMPfas love every shade of male, and have always taken out their aggression on their Creators — as proven by the fact that morgues and ERs have always been chock-full of White women who were beaten and/or murdered by their White husbands or boyfriends. (This is only one bit of evidence for their ever-virulent misogyny and jealousy — it literally can and does permeate everything on the planet.)

WIMPfas are legends in their own schlongebellem. There is one thing that’s correct about this fantasy fagpainting though. White women have & continue to hold up this pussy faggot. He screeches because he’s used to having more than 3 women holding him up (if every last White woman isn’t holding up his depraved, weak, & misogynistic self, this means that White women are “traitors” — this is called WIMPfaggian “logic”).   Imagine what would happen if those 3 women stopped enabling his delusions & started helping White women?

Both groups of WIMPfas circle jerk profusely and emphatically agree that there is no place for their Creators (who are, remember, the most intelligent, most creative, least aggressive group on the planet) except in servile roles to schlongebellum-impaired dickwads. Although the “kinder gentler” group of WIMPfas likes to pretend that they’re “standing up for White women” by “disagreeing” with their twin-browads (the “in yer face” uber-misogynist WIMPfas), any self-respecting White woman with even cursory knowledge of history will recognize this bit of same-old-same-old bone-throwing twaddle for what it is: the dickwadian dialectic (or, if you prefer, the fagelian dialectic).

(Women who enable WIMPfas are quite literally fag hags — but you already knew that.)

White males have never — I repeat never — stood up for White women as a group in our entire recorded history. They have, however, repeatedly stood up for nonwhites, while simultaneously keeping the boot of their “laws” (as well as, of course, their violence) on the neck of White women. The only time White women have accomplished anything (e.g. fighting for centuries to no longer be written in the White males’ “law” as chattel) was when they organized as a group and ignored the neverending, t-crazed circlejerking (AKA dickwadian dialectic).


This here post will be open to yer comments about WIMPfas, the efforts of OD’s All-Creator choir, and the dickwadian dialectic.

Once again, thanks to John (notyetalemming) for both of the clips.

P.S.  This clip, besides being a prime example of Grand WIMPfas of Da Circlejerk, also demonstrates how little these lemmings understand about their own faggotry.  “Chivalry” had nothing to do with women; it had everything to do with WIMPfas sucking each others’ dicks, circlejerking, offering each other their anuses, etc.  As I keep telling y’all, WIMPfas and their dialectic will never change.  If you haven’t already, listen to my bikeside chat on “courtly” luv.  No, “chivalry” was about WIMPfas loving each other — as usual.

© 2017 Orwell’s Daughter


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A marooned visitor to this Big Barrel O Idiots reporting on the antics of Da Herd (especially the Culpritic 2%)
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11 Responses to The Dickwadian Dialectic

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  2. Here we have it in a nutshell.
    Problem with the fag hags is they are usually too lazy or stupid to see what’s right in front of them. It’s always easier to suck dick & be a traitor to women than to be more than 3/5 of a person.

    • Katrina says:

      I do agree that probably the majority of female lemmings are just programmed to suck dick and be mindless breeders. However, there are those ones who seem evil. What I mean is that they know what they’re doing. For example, look at all the “anti feminists” scrambling over themselves to suck dick even better. We know they are whores, we know that they deserve to go back to being chattel slaves, but why do so many feminists give all women the green light on their behavior no matter how bad? Since, thanks in large part to these cocksucking whores, women still have no power anywhere in the world but maybe least of all in the U.S., there is no way to hold the “anti feminist” whores accountable. However, shouldn’t those of us who are serious about womens rights at least start pointing fingers and naming names? When will even the lowest of female cocksuckers not be given a pass by feminism?

      Marina I am a long time lurker and I love your work. I don’t know where white women will go if you stop though who could blame you. So few are on the side of white women and the sorriest most hoary of the whores are “white” women who stand up and openly claim that they would like to be chattel again.

  3. sixtengoy says:

    Now I’m blown away by your talent and humor as well as your intellect. Yea once your eyes are opened to how emotional and easily butt hurt men are you wonder how you hadn’t always noticed. My rule of thumb has become that if men blame something on women it must be men who possess the trait. For example men are the most gossipy people but they blame it on women. I keep noticing more examples of why you call women “doormats with holes.”

    there is another side too. Most women are lemmings who encourage their own servility. You mentioned in one of your podcasts the women who piss and moan about circumcision even more than the wimpy males do. Why do such women never mention the atrocities done to women every day that are billions of times worse? Seems they like being empty headed followers. Even if this was a real issue instead of just another broken nail for these fags to shriek about. Why always allow them to hog the air time?

    You’re right about the fake dialectic too. Full blown faggots like on your recording start ranting about torturing women (as if they aren’t already tortured every day) and the other faggots will say Oh No We Disagree. Who the fuck cares that faggots disagree? Why not try something novel like get the fuck out of the way and do something for women for once. No, their pwecious foreskin is so much more important.

    Your choir is spot on “he will never stop cuz he’s a dildo, wind him up and watch eternal dittoes, hasn’t history shown what this robot is”

  4. Victoria says:

    Do you think there is any chance of helping the women who hang with WN to leave the dark side? I know there is not many of them. Stockholm syndrome and then some? What explains their behavior? They claim to be anti-feminist which translates to anti-women but do they actually live as chattel with their dude bros? Why aren’t feminists calling them out on their hypocrisy???

  5. You’re very welcome my dear. The circlejerking of WIMPfas will continue to provide us with endless amounts of drivel because they are dildos who will never stop (as a great feminist philosopher once sung 😉

    Often when I listen to you I am reminded of my late great spouse. This time I was thinking about how very true your estimation is (that there are basically 2 groups of WIMPfas). I was definitely in group 1 until I met my wife. It was my real love for her that snapped me out of it & made me begin to see what had always been right in front of my stupid face.

    White men who do understand & agree with your philosophy would be extremely rare. I’m not trying to make myself out to be something special or a rare bird. I just want to point out that the only way we even exist at all is because we were snapped out of our innate male-pattern lemminghood by a woman. IMO this rarely happens because white males so rarely really love anyone but themselves. Females are fuck holes & servants even though the WIMPfas will insist this is “love.” He is even incapable of loving his own daughters because he hates women. He’ll deny this up & down but his behavior speaks for him repeatedly.

    So I was blessed by being visited by an intelligent feminist angel like yourself all those years ago. I’d say that the only thing in the least bit special about me at the time was that I was open. I don’t see openness to White women even existing anymore. Even the really rancid misogynists like #2 will kiss the feet of a sheboon or greaser before he gives one inch of respect to his own Creators.

    WIMPfas deserve everything that’s coming to them. White women & girls deserve all the best the world has to offer but this is not what has ever nor will ever happen. To those with daughters or granddaughters who you really care about, get them prepared. Try to soften the blow that they will have to endure because of the reckless, uncaring, dastardly & unremitting autism, misogyny, & chutspah of the “white” male.

    • cartblanc35 says:

      Well said. WIMPfas were out of control, now they have given over their control to Jews, but they still want to be out of control on the only group who did nothing but serve their faggot asses, white women.

      Both of your WIMPfa songs are terribly funny and true OD. The “balls” that WIMPfas boast about are really the possession of white women like you.

  6. ireeni says:

    WTF is wrong with those faggots voices? First ones stutter and sound like 10 yr olds. Second ones sound like an old butt boy who has just finished screaming for an hour (while being fucked by another butt boy).
    Excellent reprisal. They are imbeciles who should have been stopped long ago. Hold on to watch the faggots keep hating White women since they’re too pussy to do anything else.

  7. lyonspaw53 says:

    Hear ye, hear ye! What OD says is true. White men are not good fighters no matter how hard they try to make themselves believe otherwise. When you take in the full impact of this Big Lie you will see how their lying knows no bounds. I say “their” tho I am a white man because I have never made such a claim. Take a look at history. Realize they are wimps who like to beat up women. White women could take them out in a fight if only they hadn’t been weakened by centuries of propaganda about their inferiority.

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