A Little Levity

If this doesn’t make you hate menz, nothing will:

Note how Mr. Little Dick thinks it’s his right to “fuck” “girls” “anally” “orally” etc.  I hope he dies slowly & painfully — maybe bleeding out after having his teeny weeny cut off?


OD adds commentary to the faggadocious crocodile tears of a butt boy in Orlando

Fretting over my flabby male bod — even with calorie-burning T, this boy is a lardbutt

Note how this pussy isn’t heckled by a really viciously misogynistic “chat board” for his dumbass shrieking about how he hates himself.  A woman deals with 50,000 times more shit every minute of the day, but this asshole is obsessed because he hates his body all by himself (he doesn’t have to contend with billboards, commercials, etc. that tell him every second of every day that he isn’t good enough — he got here all by himself).

This guy tells us a lot about males.  They live almost entirely in the physical world only.  This is why they despise their Creators so much and try to force us into their superficial, non-spiritual box.

pussy boy

help me my posture is fucked

is there anyway to fix things at this point or should i just drag a metal shard across my wrists?


pic from side would actually help us help you, this doesn’t tell shit


Terrible pics. Horrible size. Look thin. Flimsy. Loose. Don’t keep us all posted on your continued regression with any new progress pics or vid clips. Show us what you don’t got man. Don’t wanna see how freakin’ small, fimsy, thin and loose you can get. Thanks for the demotivation.


god fucking damnit i fucking hate my body so much

its been completely fucked up since the get go – my genetics are shit, and as a result so am i

a body should be the physical manifestation of a man’s self-respect, and my bloated, twisted figure is a sick fucking joke. One leg is 2 inches longer than the other, my hips are as wide as my shoulders, my back is permanently slanted, my baby-like chin receedes like Ethelred The Unready’s and my back is disproportionately wide compared to my front

when i wear clothes and avoid mirrors i can delude myself long enough to live some pale imitation of a life, but at times like these when its 3AM and im alone i have so such recourses open to me. im forced to try and accept the fact that literally no man will ever want me as anything more than a friend, and that my body is probably already the laughing stock of the neighbourhood.

i want to slice into my flanks with a paring knife and rip the skin wholly from my body, letting my sad and malproportioned skeleton fall and shatter on the floor. fuck me, and fuck this whole fuckimg planet. i never asked to be born.


As Amurrika Sinks Further into Turd World Status, Whitey Has Some Fun Wit Da Groids

groid employees smash up Burger King in Coon Rapids

Welcome to the unfolding drama of Earth’s Intellectual Demographic Catastrophe.

Negro Burger King employees (likely Somali “immigrants” since Amurrikan negros only know how to collect welfare) in Coon Rapids, Minnesota (you just can’t make this stuff up) were stupid enough to smash the place to bits because a prank caller told them to do so (but remember, Whitey, these low IQ freaks are also working in hospitals and every other place where you expect human beings — and not groids — to be working.

But wait — this happened at least five times total — in California and in Oklahoma too.  Should we just “give in” to the Turd World infestation and have some fun playing wit da muds?

See the full story here — go just to see the photos of the damage these groids did.  Remember, these are deeply superstitious people.  The lower the IQ, the more prone to superstition (that’s why you find so many Bible-thumpers among the borderline-to-barely-average “whites.”  Groids and other Turd Worlders take superstition and stupidity to new levels, however.  If we thought Whitey was bad with his blind following of “authority,” lemming groids will do anything on demand — which is why their Culpritic overlords luv ’em so much.


When El Retardo Groidero Rules

I’ve been told several times over the past month that the imported Mohamifreak groids from Somalia are harassing Amurrikan negroes for having so much “privilege.”  Oy! how sweet are just desserts!


Reality History

For those who like their history “real,” but don’t necessarily like spending more than a minute or two learnin’ it, welcome to OD’s Reality History.


(more coming, when available)

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