by Marina Orwell

As a marooned visitor to this effed-up planet, I’ve concluded:  49% of the population creates nearly all of the problems, while 51% of the population does most of the work.  Ironically, the 49% openly despise the 51%, yet the 51% don’t seem to even notice. In fact, the majority of the 51% lick their personal despot’s boots (after they’re done with cooking, cleaning, babysitting, teaching, prostituting, breeding, & working full time, that is).

Meanwhile, seemingly in the “background” of the usual melee caused by the 49%, a small, horrid tribe of criminals proclaim themselves to be “chosen” (by an imaginary Dickhead in the Sky) to exploit the rest, & the majority actually believe these Culpritics.

The planet is just one big Barrel O’ Idiots.  Women-hating, hypocritical morons.

The only “proof” of nearly all of these humanoids’ “beliefs” are merely a series of “Just So” stories, typically concocted by either Culpritics, Dickheads, or both. They will believe whatever an old Jew and/or Walking Penis tells them is so.  Circulus in probando à la Da Herd.

Brutal slantsluts like this one kill their baby daughters by flushing them down the toilet. Maybe this is why these quasi-human misogynists are so well loved by women-haters like the “white” nationalists.

Brutal monsters like this one kill their baby daughters by flushing them down the toilet. Maybe this is why these quasi-human misogynists are so well loved by women-haters like the “white” nationalists.

If all this wasn’t enough, one particularly virulent group of freaks have “cultivated” a great oversupply of the expensive, aggressive members of society. They’ve callously done this via outright murder, so that Daddy Dickhead & Mommy Moron might have a “son” rather than a “daughter.”  

These savages put the icing on the placenta, though, by eating the dead baby girl fetuses.  Umm.  Very good for long life.  Long life of hell on a brutal anthill.

On 4/30/14 yet another slatslut tossed her baby daughter into traffic so she could be run over & killed.  I suppose the body is too mangled for even quasi-humans to boil up and make soup.

On 4/30/14 yet another brutal monster tossed her baby daughter into traffic so she could be run over & killed. I suppose the body is too mangled for even quasi-humans to make soup from.

In another 20 years, the 49% will be the 65+% & life will be even more interesting on this most unfortunate planet.  Mate-less morons will be roaming the globe, looking for the “productive half” to exploit & violate — since “pussy” will be as rare as Birds Nest Soup (another appalling “delicacy”).

When the expensive, aggressive “half” becomes the majority, & things grow ever more hellish, these inimitable codswallopers will still be scratching their heads & asking their old man in the sky “why, oh why?”

The universe will answer thus:  *fart noise*

© 2014 Orwell’s Daughter

28 Responses to What?

  1. Tina says:

    Excellent, excellent article.

  2. Frey2nb says:

    You would think that ppl would cherish girls and women. It shows the mentality of humans that they prefer brutes to productive ppl.

  3. Mr. Lasha DarkIslamicMoon says:

    You have nerve lady. Putting darky Asiatic misogyny right in our faces. Naturally as a brown man pretending to be a white woman, I am shocked.

    Maybe I’ll pen another poorly written diatribe against white women. I just love seeing how stupid white men are!!! I’m planning a romantic trip to see Mr. Kev MacDonald. Can’t wait to see his face when a short fat brown man arrives at his fancyass house in LA!!!

  4. Celticjane says:

    Wow, you’re the first person I’ve seen call these yellow POS on their misogyny. With so many of these heartless chink creatures in the US now it just adds to the women-hating “stew.” They should be killing the rapists to be, but are just stupid yellow robots.

  5. Outraged Caucasian says:

    No one can say you don’t call out the women as much as the men.
    Honestly I don’t know what the attraction is with the Asians. I guess as long as the gooks don’t kill boys it’s OK with most men.

  6. BrendaTheWhite says:

    Thank you for being honest about mongoloids. Ppl have been so brainwashed by kike media that they don’t even notice the blatant brutality of the largest tribe on earth. They’re also too stupid to realize that the blimpo mestizos, sly chinks & whining flips are all part of the same tribe & that they’re all related to joos.

  7. maryoconnolly says:

    Many of these baby killers were allowed to emigrate into the U.S. I wonder if they still abort when they find out it’s a girl. I’d bet they do since these Chink murderers only faked their big love of children to get into the U.S. Obviously ppl who kill baby girls hate children. Now Mr. Chink & his whore live among us.

  8. Joan says:

    You are a great find! You really hit home for me. Is it me or are the men even crazier than usual? Everywhere I look there are men like Chris North who is continuing the creation of Mulattos that the white man began 100’s of years ago. But at least twice as many are continuing the creation of Mestizos the mongrel race the white man created 100’s of years ago. I’ve had several BF’s who were racemixers. Once I found out I was out of there for good! As I started looking online about this topic all I find are shrill men squawking about women who racemix. Do they really think that a handful of fat white women racemixers is the same as the 10’s of 1000’s of white men who have racemixed thru centuries? To the point where there are whole armies of mongrels invading us and to the point that there are no pure blacks in the US. Do white men really not understand who created this mess?
    Love your videos too. Subbed!

  9. Dave says:

    I’ve read just about all of your blog and agree with most of it. Any man who is against women (feminism) is either a faggot or a total Jew tool. You are right that these men?? (not sure what to call them) are really against women even tho they pretend to rail against Jews. If white women had been in leadership we would be living in a completely different, almost perfect society. Now these guys like to blame women for the centuries of male malefeasence. There is really no talking to most men tho and I should know as I am one. For every one of us who is Jew wise and who also values women and believes they are superior to men in almost all ways, there are a thousand misogynists who think they’re Jew wise. This is the situation as I see it and I agree with you, it’s hopeless. Males are blockheads and they will be to the very end. I only feel sorry for the fact taht women have not had the chance to build their own society without the overbearing presence of the blockhead male.

  10. Dave says:

    Marina, here is what I wrote to a so called Christian white nationalist:
    I was appreciating a lot of what you had to say….except unfortunately you are also infected with jewish misogyny. Can you not see that the jews love it when men talk against women and the fact that women should be leaders more so than men? The real rift in the white race is between numbskull men like you and the women who have put up with you/us all these centuries with little complaint. Finally women have said To Hell with them, they are sick pups with no sense, we will take what we deserve by force if necessary. Meanwhile, the so called white man gave suffrage and many other things freely to niggers and other nonwhite males. While leaving their own women high and dry to fight for what should have been theirs all along. The real question is what white woman can stand the sight of white men? We have done nothing but wrong to women. So fuck you for speaking against your actual creators.

    • Dave — thank you for your thoughtful comments. I wish that what you said wasn’t true. I wish that males understood their place, but they never will. Almost 100% have something missing in their psyche that makes them complete blockheads (great word; reminded me of Charlie Brown ;o) This male-dominated world is utter chaos, & will continue to devolve. The male will continue to be grandiose & beat his egotistical breast even while it is obvious to any woman with above-average intelligence (& who isn’t just a whore who is dependent on her Mealticket) that he is an overblown aggressive beast with an uncommonly thick skull. Those like you who are able to “see the light” are few, & typically only finally achieved rational thought after a few/many women spent their precious time trying to make you recognize even a glimmer of reason. I used to think this was mostly social conditioning but now I have to admit that it’s genetic — look to, & ponder on the defective “apostrophe” that the male has grandiosly labeled a “y” chromosome (just another example of his utter irrationality) & compare it with the nondefective, intact X.

      • Dave says:

        It was only fairly recently that I saw what a real Y looks like….I’ve been brainwashed most of my life by male propaganda. This is a great example of blockhead mind set.
        ‘Mealticket’…LOL. I’ve seen many friends go off with….well I was going to say ‘golddigger’ but that’s not accurate because most of these guys don’t have much money or anything else for that matter…but they are arrogant enough to think that some bottle blond with that typical Jew-y look about them are interested in them as the great men they think they are…LOL. What’s funny is that now even these women you have accurately labeled ‘whores’ do not remain dependent. They take what they can and run. She’s on to the next sucker while he’s still wailing about a situation that he created himself. Never do they take responsibility for their love of whores. A few of these dudes have labeled their whorish Ex’s as ‘feminist’ which Is really funny. Which reminds me….do any of these nationalist guys who wail about ‘feminism’ have any idea what it is? They claim to be such big intellectuals but I’ve never heard one of them define it. Probably because it would prove all their misogynistic theories wrong.
        Yea, I think it’s mostly genetic too. Still there’s at least some of us who are reachable so we’re not all doomed….despite having an ‘apostrophe’ instead of a real chromosome lol. Guess the guys with screwed up mothers are really screwed since we only have the one X.

        • Sure, males seeking a peroxided, siliconed Thang are quite prevalent — they almost always get what they deserve but whine about it endlessly anyway ;o) Most males believe that women are animals; that’s the long & short of it. They believe women are animals who were made to be fucked in every orifice (while even a perfunctory knowledge of anatomy would inform them that there is absolutely no gratification for the woman in this — but then, since she’s only an animal, who cares that she takes all the risk with zero reward?). They believe that women should be raped, beaten, & even murdered by their boyfriend or husband — & should just STFU about it. They believe that women should continue doing almost all of the unpaid labor of the planet. They want a flesh & blood machine, not a person. It is obvious from so many things that it boggles the mind that there is even one woman left who isn’t hip to the male jive. Just the knowledge that males become hard from abusing women is enough to make any sane woman not want males to be in her home or other private space (while white males would be the first ones yelping & beating their breasts if anything HALF as abusive were done to animals). Oh, & you’re on the right track re the male, his screwed-up mother, & only having one intact chromosome — but I’d need a half hour to write about that.

          • Dave says:

            I’d like to deny I’m like that but can’t. I was raised in a country where seeing women as ‘thangs’…lol good one…is at a total saturation point. So much so that you’re right, the men just view women as animals made to take any abuse. As for porno, most boys had already seen plenty of it by the age of 10….I’m sure it must be down to 5 or 6 by now. Most of my friends complain that the women they date don’t ‘perform’ like in porno. They can always find a nigger, latrino, or ‘mystery meat’ from asia to ‘perform’ for them….anytime you see a white guy with a nonwhite just know that he’s a sexual freak who couldn’t get a white woman to do the deeply nasty crap in porno. That’s no exaggeration either. The white man has been turned into a sexual freak…even the ones with white women. They make demands that…you’re right, they’d be tearing their hair out if it was done to animals. What can any of us hope to do when we’ve been brainwashed at such an early age? I didn’t like having sexuality taught to me by filthy kikes but that’s what happened and is happening still. Very few men see anything wrong with it….if they did they could have nipped it in the bud a century ago. Well lol, I wanted to write to defend men somewhat but I’ve only managed to convince myself that your worldview is correct.

            • What you say about porn is true; it could have easily been stopped 100 yrs ago but wasn’t because men like the abuse of women. The ones who use it, as well as the ones who defend it, should have to wear a jew star on their forehead.

              I already knew that racemixers are freaks but it didn’t occur to me that the males are sex freaks. This would make sense, since all manner of asian “women” look like little boys who wear makeup. Jews have been pushing the asian, & you can tell he’s a brainwashed jewbot when he thinks little brown boys wearing makeup are “hawt.” I see so many “white” males with “mystery meats from asia, LOL” & their kids are not only hideous looking, they are morons (I mean Negro-level stupidity). But hey, like I’ve always said: The world is Mr. Winkie’s pearl.

  11. Dave says:

    You are so right in all you have so brilliantly ascertained about white nationalists. I think it could more correctly be called a ‘cult of male worship’ or more openly, a ‘cult of women hating fags.’ Even a nonwhite, stupid, and insecure little 30 yr old fag who abuses underage ‘mystery meats from asia’ is welcomed as a ‘leader.’ FYI the seething misogynist and drunk who calls himself Wolf Wall street and Bob from DC is symbolic of the real hatred that fuels white nationalism. He says that Otto Weininger is a ‘good Jew’ because he was ‘brilliant’ for writing one of the most women hating texts that slithered out of the mouth of kike Jew, or any similarly defective male who hates his own maker and his own genetics. Oy! How these fudgepackers betray themselves at every turn. In the meanwhile nonmisogynist nonalcoholic intelligent and productive white Euro people of the world need real leadership.

    Check out (link deleted)

    • I don’t know these people you’re talking about, but they sound like typical WN misogynists. Otto Weininger — yikes! Thank Gawd that miserable little k*ke killed himself — but not before leaving behind bigger turds than Freud (his tribe didn’t fall all over themselves in promoting him, since he was now a “dead mealticket/moneymaker”).

      I’m familiar w/that blog & will check it out; thanks.

  12. Ophidian says:

    In your Kaiser Permanente article, I pointed out (in my initial comment) that I was a non-white male (of Puerto Rican descent) who sympathizes with white people (especially white women), and that you were the realest pro-European on the Internet.

    It isn’t my intent to demean white people or white men, especially. But I find that I don’t like the majority of white men, whereas white women are a lot more rational, easy-going, and realistic. It has more to do with how each sex treats their peers. I have often found myself being a part of the Gossip Game with white men and their white or brown doormats, and it’s almost always the “ready to please” “exotic” non-white women who gas them up and encourage them to think the way they do.

    I have often found myself defending white females from the verbal attacks by these males out of general principle, and in return earning their trust and friendship because a male is finally sticking up for them. This doesn’t make me some Casanova or an ideal mate for white women, because I am not attracted to them, and I myself am far from attractive. But as I said before, white women are in a league of their own in that they are being attacked from all fronts. It behooves someone like myself to speak up for people who are acceptable victims of mockery, harassment, ridicule, and even physical abuse.

    And because non-white women (usually Jewish, Asian, and Latina) often join in on the “fun” because most of them on a deeper level admire the White Man (except the Negress and the Jewess of course) and envy the White Woman, I find myself drifting apart from them and have even come to despise their fakeness and mercenary mentality to the point where I am not even attracted to them (in my case “Latina” women) anymore.

  13. Anon Wyatt says:

    Your blog is great and I am very happy to have found it.

    Have you seen this?


    You may be onto something here. Sick, sick sick men.

  14. Ophidian says:

    Hello again, Orwell’s Daughter. Don’t know if this is a good place to talk about my man problems (in a space for White European women), or in an email where my thoughts don’t have to get advertised to other people. I haven’t been completely honest about myself (besides my initial introduction on your blog).

    I’m sure you know I am a near-Iberian “mud” (of Puerto Rican descent), and because of this I understand why (white) people would approach someone like me cautiously and apprehensively on and off the Internet. But I think it’s crucial to get at the crux of the misogyny present in other cultures, and how this originates.

    I got into a huge argument with my sister over the topic of makeup, because I suggested that women don’t need that shit to “enhance” their beauty, and if anything, the vain obsession with primming and preening is a male trait. Peacocks do these things to “attract” the females of their species. Women who doll themselves up look like transmen, and it’s getting harder to tell the transmen from the walking mannequins, because they all look, act, and even think the same.

    In the end I apologized for my outburst, I was told that my “opinions” as a male on the subject were irrelevant, and that women do their hair, cake their faces, and paint their lips because they choose to. Because putting on makeup is what women do, and someone like me has no right to tell women what to do (even though I was only making a suggestion). She even called this one white woman providing a demonstration in a video a “bitch”, and I asked her if that was necessary. My sister’s response was somewhere along the lines of “It’s only offensive if women take offense to it.” Meaning who cares if this white woman is called a bitch. She’s not human anyway.

    My point is that nonwhite women encourage misogyny in their boys and instruct this into their girls just as much as their men do. But there is always a respect for your mothers and your sisters as females. Any other group of women are fair game, and this breeds a conflicting mentality in men who are afraid of the women in their lives, with this fear turning into a hatred of other women, especially white women. A hatred that is nurtured by Mommy, even while she is at the receiving end of Pappy’s abuse.

    I come from this type of culture, and it is something I can’t escape from unless I relinquish my ties to my family and my people altogether. Nonwhite women (whether they are black/mulatto, Hispanic, Arab, Jewish, Indian, etc.) bear just as much responsibility for siring and nurturing the violent elements into our society, and we can’t stop with the males if there is ever a chance of turning things around. I want no part of this anymore, and for those of us who aren’t white, it’s a lot harder for us to escape the corrupt and chaotic elements of our cultures. Those of us who take the jump almost never make it, so to speak.

    And being something of a pro-feminist and sympathizing with White European people and their situation on this planet has been the hardest challenge of my life, since I am told to stick with my clan, no matter how violent, abusive, and unsavory they are. I either choose a “comfortable” path that leads to the extermination of an entire race of people, and the continued suffering of half the human species. Or a more noble path where I can help and make sacrifices for people I am taught and encouraged to hate because of Kike conditioning.

    • @Ophidian

      Thank you all for your wonderful comments & for sharing your problems with me. I am behind on all kinds of things right now but will answer you as soon as I can. Believe it or not, I fell on my bike Monday (what was supposed to be a smooth transition/driveway in a curb actually had a 1.5″ gap that caught my wheel & sent me flying full force onto the concrete). A team of gorgeous firemen helped me, & this almost made the whole ordeal worthwhile ;o) Amazingly, I’ve come away relatively unscathed — at least it seems so so far — just a lot of blood & kind of feeling like I was run over by a truck. Already on the mend, but am hobbling a bit so everything is taking longer than usual to accomplish.

  15. Ophidian says:

    @Orwell’s Daughter — Hello, old friend. It’s been awhile since your blog has been active. Hope you’re still fighting the good fight against our Talmudic overlords.

    Thought you should know the Talmudists are getting really scared. And true to their modus operandi they’ve released this piece of reactionary propaganda that is designed to keep the goyim from asking too many questions about those who rule over them, and lull them back to sleep.

    I’ve also come across a finding theorizing the true origins of the Jews, and whether those today are descended from the Semitic Hebrews of the Arabian peninsula, or a Slavic/Turko-Mongolic tribe of Gentiles who underwent a mass religious conversion around the 7th century, and have taken it upon themselves to carry on the destructive mission outlined in the Talmud against the rest of us “heathens”.


    Anyway, I thought I’d drop this tidbit of crucial information on your blog. Take care. 🙂

    • @Ophidian: Hello to you, friend! I may be ditching this blog for one that isn’t trolled by white fagboys. I’ll keep you posted.

      Yes, you’re right about the latest Kikefest. They badly need to keep shoring up the holohoax since their big ole ark is springing some leaks. (It cracks me up that they got this barely-average looking jew to play a really hideous looking one (lipstadt). They really dolled up the jew actress to be presentable — they could never do this with lipstadt, who looks half human/half beast.)

  16. Ophidian says:

    @Orwell’s Daughter — The Facebook comments regarding the teacher being accosted for bringing attention to her black student’s hair being unhygienic is a real example of the post-feminist “sisterhood” black and brown women have for white women.

    The feministas (I know, I’m always referencing them) who want to “bring the Patriarchy to it’s fucking knees” should take note of how much non-white women hate them. But something tells me they won’t, and any attempt to get through to them will only get you called a racist and blacklisted from their social circles. They care too much about lumping white women and black men together (i.e. “women and people of color”) in their rhetoric to smell the Jewish coffee.

    You can destroy Capitalism, get rid of the Jews, and eliminate 90 percent of the males on this planet. When push comes to shove, “women of color” will always put their tribal interests ahead of any arbitrary idea of “sisterhood” with white women. If this would have been a black teacher expressing concern over the smell of the black girl’s hair, the outrage would be non-existent, and most of the idiots commenting on Kikebook would agree that the girl needs to wash her hair.

    And I agree that blacks are becoming a REAL problem for whites. Violence and harassment just aren’t enough anymore. It’s progressed to the erasure of your cultures, institutions, and overall quality of life. If white women aren’t being replaced by men in drag as far what it means to be female, they’re being replaced by black women in terms of representation in their own countries.

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