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The Dickwadian Dialectic

Dickwads (including yer very own precious Nigel) fall into two basic categories, both of whom have been represented in the songs of OD’s All-Creator Choir.  (We present our second effort here.  In fact, you should listen to #1 again, then … Continue reading

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OD’s All-Creator Choir Presents (The White Male Song)

It’s our first effort.  We didn’t even practice — we just dove right in! Listen here: Thanks to John (notyetalemming) for the for the for the the the clip

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Your commentary on the Moronnials (about age 18 – 38)

This is the solution I came up with for parsing your commentaries. That way, when I delete posts, your comments won’t be tossed. This here segment is dedicated to the mean-spirited, vacuous, twittertarded and selfied Moronnials.

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