British-Union-Jack-FlagBig kike jews, little jews, and their hordes of brainwashed goyim are screeching about Brexit.  “Oy vey, we were so very close to completely strangling our dreaded foe — and centuries-long hosts for our criminally parasitic asses — the White Europeans!”

What now, hooked-nosed vermin?  I hope I live to witness a REAL holocaust.  Kikes are on precarious ground and some of them know it.


Dumbass “Silent Generation” (born 1926 – 1945) continue to swallow jew propaganda re 911 whole — proof they Woodstocked for too long

This kike jew propaganda is making the rounds via email.  I bet none of these old “silent generation” jackasses have ever “seen or heard” the massive evidence that their beloved “chosen” people were the main players in 911 — nor do they wish to see or hear (my comments are in blue).

 Completed in 2009 for $2 million, it sits on 5 acres of hillside, 20 miles from the center of Jerusalem.  The memorial is a 30-foot, bronze American flag. That forms the shape of a flame to commemorate the flames of the Twin Towers.
 The base of the monument is made of melted steel from the wreckage of the World Trade Center (which was quickly packed away to China, so that the kike jews who caused this brutal massacre would not be implicated in their crimes against humanity).
 And includes this engraving in Hebrew and English.  This metal remnant was taken from the remains of the Twin Towers, that imploded on September 11th disaster. It was sent over to Israel by the City of New York to be incorporated in this memorial. This metal piece, like the entire monument, is a manifestation of the special relationship between New York and Jerusalem (being the major headquarters of kike jews worldwide).
  Surrounding the monument are plaques with the names of the victims of 9/11.  It is the only memorial outside the U.S. that includes the names of all who perished in the terrorist attacks. Including 5 Israeli citizens.  (yeah, the other 1000 kike jew criminals were warned to stay away from the twin towers & NYC in general that day).
  The site solemnly overlooks Jerusalems largest cemetery, Har HaMenuchot. The monument is often used for memorial and commemoration services. (yeah, the kike jews are still celebrating the fact that U.S. treasure & lives are being used to further their humanity-wrecking plans.  Kike jews are using the U.S. military in order to “expand” their boundaries.  Their goal is a world ruled from Jewrusalem.  They are close to accomplishing their goal — even though dumbass old “silent generation” idiots do not care about the fate of their children or grandchildren but continue to believe kike jew criminals).

A powerful memorial from a powerful ally (Orwellian kike jewspeak at its best).

Big-Eared Snozzled Dolt Just May Be As Dumb As He Appears to Be

From Paul Ryan (just another shyster who takes a long time to say nothing, while sucking the big dick of Israel and kike jew corporations):

May 25, 2016

If you’re like 70% of Americans, you probably agree that our country is headed in the wrong direction. So, what can you do about it? Sure. . . you can stay mad. OR you can channel that anger into promoting actual solutions.

That is the choice—which is based on principle, not personality—plain and simple. Learn more in the 1-minute video below.

1-Minute Video: "The Choice"


“I’ve not seen the kind of bitterness in our politics like we have today. And I’ve got to say, I think it’s both sides. It’s not—you know, I’d love to say it’s just Democrats, but it’s not—it’s both. And it doesn’t have to be that way. 

America can do better.

“This anxiety has got to be channeled and dealt with with solutions instead of just amplified and accelerated and exacerbated. How do you fix that? I think leaders fix this, and we haven’t had that kind of leadership lately.

“Leaders need to say: ‘here’s my principle; here’s my solution.’ And let’s try and do it in a way that is inclusive, that’s optimistic, that’s aspirational, that’s focusing on solutions.

“And so, that’s the choice you’ll have, far more than a personality. Republicans lose personality contests anyway. We always do. But we win ideas contests. We owe you that choice.

What “choice,” Shyster Ryan?  Surely even a barely-average graduate of six big semesters of shyster school realizes that what you just said makes absolutely no sense.  Maybe to your moronic “immigrant” constituency this dribble translates to “plain and simple,” but to the rest of us, you are a treasonous criminal who deserves to be publicly scourged, beheaded, and your ugly mug placed on a pole outside the Holohoax Museum there in Shysterville DC.

8 Responses to FYI

  1. Ophidian says:

    Hope everything is fine on your end. The Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo just enacted an executive order cracking down on movements and organizations that boycott Israel. His father Mario Cuomo, who was also Governor of New York, has a history of being a Shabbo’s Goy and working in the best interests of the Jews. The old greaseball croaked about a year ago.

    Since both of these men are Sicilian crossbreeds, and therefore carry Semitic blood, it’s fitting that they enact draconian laws that won’t allow us “goyim” to boycott and challenge their Jewish genetic relatives.

    Here is the website for the international pro-Palestinian ‘Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions’ movement that Shabbo’s Goy, Jr. looks to squash in New York:

  2. 110 Never Again says:

    I appreciate all of your work. Thanks for sharing.
    I like your criticism of the email about our “very bestest friends” the backstabbing Jews. I get similar ones. Just yesterday I got one labeled “NO Muslim Halal logo on our food.” We’ve been paying for the kikes to do hocus pocus “kosher” crap for how long now? And how many trillions have we paid to the rabbi criminals for this? But these stupid asses complain about Muslims. How can you even stand the stupidity of most white ppl?

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