Garage Sale

Yes I’ve moved to greener pastures. If you cannot find me and wish to know my new address, just leave a comment here.  If you’ve commented before, you’ll already know that you have to leave your email address to do so.  (If you haven’t commented before, then perhaps you should ask yourself why you are such a faceless, voiceless pussy.  Is it because you are a pussy faggot “white” male who, from the anonymity of your parents’ basement, wish to harass women to make your 1.5 oz. of flesh feel “powerful?”)

Also, if you are such a pussy faggot that you haven’t even bothered to subscribe to my blog, ask yourself why I should give you the address of my new one?  Really, what the fuck is wrong with you lemmings?  Go suck a kike jew dick — right after you take the kike jew dick from up yer ass.