Hate Search

Dickwads spend lots of time on the internet, searching for the most violent porn they can find.  Violence against women — especially against White women — is what makes their 1.5 oz. of flesh hard.

Anytime I check my stats I find myriad searches from dickheads who are cruising for filth.  I’ve seen thousands of examples of what fills the male “mind.”

Islamic perverts almost always leave a pornographic search-turd behind — these low-IQ, inbred freaks must believe that their figment MoHam also told them to beat their purple meat dozens of times a day (besides telling them to inbreed, to rape women, to kill women, to make women slaves, and to invade other peoples’ countries and rape/kill/hate White women).

Random samples from 2016-2017:

“pics of real raped children” (If you are female, or are one of the 0.1% of males who aren’t obsessed with rape & violence, then you’d really better start getting this:  Most males are porn-addled haters who will rape anything in sight — including your kids.  The only thing that mediates their rapist tendencies is intelligence, but even “white” males will rape if they can get away with it. In fact, “white” males are the “kings” of rape and gang rapes on campuses across these here cuntry.  They used to be the “kings” of raping their own spouses, but alas! that is now illegal so many “white” males no longer rape their Doormat with Holes because they fear “getting in trouble.”)

(BTW, Indians love searching for photos of “real raped” children.  Can you believe that “your” government is importing these low-IQ, inbred perverts to take your IT job?)

“faggotize cuckoldress black cum loads” (Since the kikes are purposely deluging White countries with low IQ black rapists, we can expect increasingly dangerous streets as niggers like this one get himself “all jacked up” before he goes out to rape/maim/kill a White woman.)

“faking girl torcher rape” (This low-IQ present-or-future rapist of children believes that children “fake” it when they are “torcherd.”  Know that there is an actual male rapist animal sitting on their electronic device making these searches.

“white women have cold pussy” (Here’s a nigger who’s trying to convince himself that his baboon sistahs are weely weely loverly.  Keep tryin’ nigga.  Try to use those 2 brain cells to recite:  “I will not rape White women.  I will not rape White women.”)

Thanks, kike jews for your ever-more-vile pornography.  Why not make some porn with kike jew boys raping kike jew girls in yer fake holohoax?)

girls rape pic after murder” (Perverted males not only want to see underaged females murdered, they want to RAPE THEM after they’re dead.  Do most males need to be castrated?  The internet has shown us that the answer is YES).

“father and grandfather fuck daughter preforme abortion” (To most males “fuck” equals rape.  “Fuck” equals incestual rape.  “Fuck” equals hating women with a passion.  In this pervert’s case, his mother should have “preformed” an abortion.)

“young teens pussy ass pics” (note how this pedophile redundantly states “young” teens, as if teens may sometimes be “old.”)

This is the damage you cause every time you refer to an adult woman as a “girl.”  I know that 1/2 of the population could care less, but really, women — stop this nasty habit & tell your dickwad to stop insulting you too (but then, most of you who spread ’em for dickwads don’t give a crap that he/it cannot discern adults from children because you are nearly as sick as he is).

“nuggers hate fucking white girls” (“nuggers” may hate raping White children, but niggers love to rape nigger chillin).

“black cook fuking young teens” (Those of us not in denial realize that rape is part of black “culture.”  We also realize that since the majority of blacks have low IQs, we don’t expect him to be even be able to spell “cock” or “fucking” — even though Joogle will help the idiot by spelling for him.  We even understand that the black ape believes that raping White women is his “right” since the kike media has told him so for decades.  What we don’t understand is — why must the black ape rape children?) 

negros break in and fuck wives and daughters”  (note that blatant rape is “fucking” to this “white” male — that’s because sticking his dick in someone = rape to him — though he will deny it.  Look at what makes his dick hard, White woman:  Rape — and the more vicious, the better.)

“stabbed tits of white girl” (to the perverted male, even white females who are still children have “tits” & deserve to be bludgeoned).

“rape white bitch” (hopefully the “white” male is very pleased with himself now that his all-consuming jealousy of his Creators is being enacted by the nonwhite males he trained for the job).

“naked white girls pussy photos” (note how the niggahs & other nonwhites never search for pedophile pornography of their own butt-ugly females — even though in their Turd World cultures, raping female children is the norm.  WTFU, White people.  Your child is next — & guess what, “white” males — these low IQ brutal muds won’t be stopping at raping White female children, either.)

“somali girl touching a somali boy with her ass on his dick”  (women in Somali should kill every single male while they sleep, then sit back & enjoy the rest of their lives).

“black men pick jp white girl sex porn fuck cry bludgeon impel” (I’d “impel” you toward a butcher block, black boy, & cut that 1.5 oz. of rapist flesh off of you — then I’d make you fry it up & eat it).

“the white mommy and white daughter like old black man big dick cock” (No White woman in their right mind is interested in yer 1.5 oz. purple turkey neck n’ gizzards.  Have yer womenfolk cut off what ails you — and feed it to y’all fer dinner).

“naked circus game that one lands on a penis” (The cure for irrational beings who run the planet from their pitiful 1.5 oz of flesh?  Cut it off.  If males want to live among humans, they will have their turkey neck & gizzards removed — or be killed).

“i’m my black master’s white gay slut slave and i’ll let any dick fuck my asshole” (It goes without saying that gay boys are every bit as perverted as their bros,   Even though their misogyny is every bit as virulent as their closeted counterparts, they don’t abuse women in their pornography).

“gets his dick sucked by his 20 year old mom” (yup, for those of you who are in denial about it — almost 100% of males are deeply sick bastards & should be castrated to cut down on their psychopathology).

“communist big tits” (Did Mao have “big tits?”  Did Stalin?  Does Bernie Sanders?)

“holy images of wife holding penis of man” (there are absolutely TONS of perverted Mohammedan porn freaks who believe that their 1.5 oz. of useless flesh should be worshiped.  They know that women would cut it off before they’d ever think of worshiping it — that’s why they have to keep her a terrorized slave.  Islam is almost as disgusting as Judaism).

And when there are visitors from other Islamo-rapist states like Turkey (who let this mud state into the EU if not for their blood kin, the jews), I can be guaranteed that there will be a vicious, hate-filled, grammatically-incorrect search like the following:   “75 age women big tite boy hurd rape”

“chinese boy lets his toy suck his penis and cries” (In case you didn’t know it, Asians of all varieties are probably the biggest perverts out there).

“real raped girls photo” (Nothing that the male likes better than to see underage females who’ve been raped.  He wants to see little girls who are *really* raped.  Castration is what this here doctor orders for males who want to see rape.)

“home is where the whore is porn movie” (Agreed.  Any woman who’d live with a porn-addicted loser like you would have to be a whore).

“tight pussy fucked hard with big dick” (males are total faggots who are obsessed with “big dick” and should be be sticking their miniscule 1.5 oz of flesh into each other.  After all, the tightest “pussy” is a male anus.  Go for it, rapist fags, & leave women the fuck alone).

“big cock fucked small pussy” (ditto what I said above. Male faggots believe their 1.5 oz. of flesh is so “big” n’ powerful, when in reality it is a lump of useless protoplasm attached to a numbskull with zero self-control or thinking ability).

“huge dick nd boobs together” (ditto what I said above.  Also, males luv big plastic “boobs” because they look like an arse.  Since almost 100% of males are faggots, they luv anything that reminds them of fucking each others’ asses.  Of course, these faggots keep their actual preferences secret — even to themselves — because they do want to have a stupid Doormat with Holes to be their Mommy, maid, cook, & brood mare.  Leg-spreading wenches refuse to recognize what obvious faggots nearly all males are so that intelligent beings can only conclude that the two deserve each other).

Remember, Doormat with Holes — when you let him stick his dick in you, you have (wittingly or unwittingly) agreed that you are less than a beast.  As the male becomes even more perverted (hard to believe he can become any more psychosexually pathological than he already is), he will continue to evoke ever more dangerous sexually-transmitted diseases — along with his usual psychological degeneracy.

“Rape culture” doesn’t describe the seething hatred males have for their Creators.




36 Responses to Hate Search

  1. kresge says:

    My younger sister was dating a porn addict. A couple weeks ago I sat her down & made her look at what these shitheads with dicks call “porn.” See, that’s the problem. Stupid women like my sister want to pretend that there is something normal about males. Forcing women to sit down & view just what males think of them cannot help but make them hate these shitheads with dicks. We’ll never come close to hating them even a sliver of how they loathe us, but having one’s eyes opened about the pure misogyny of male “fantasy” will at least make women hate them enough to stay away from them.

    My sister kept saying “I’m going to throw up” but I made her keep watching. Then she cried a lot. Yeah I guess we all cry when we find out that our own fathers thought this while they were sticking it to our own mothers. That our own fathers know that this kind of utter violence exists & they don’t do anything about it, except applaud it & support it that is. Yeah we cry knowing that our own brother likes to see women gang raped & bloody. They want to see us dead but then who would they abuse? Who would they beat up & fuck bloody? Who would do all their shit work?

    The good news is that there’s another woman who’s come over from the dark side. She told me to repeat the treatment if she’s ever tempted to date a dude. To me this is the only thing we can do. Spread the word by forcing the women in your life to actually see how sicko dudes are by not just pretending to know you know about their porn. No woman could ever imagine what monsters dudes are until they actually view the stuff that dudes “fantasize” about. If any women let males & their little hotdogs near them after that, they must be sick whores. But even whores can’t wash away those pictures of the misogyny that turns him on.

  2. kissmy3 says:

    Why would you punish porn pigs only by doing what they do to women in porn? They deserve a much harsher punishment.

  3. Ophidian says:

    There are plenty of non-white women who think that pornography is perfectly healthy and natural for the men and boys in their lives to consume. It’s an expression of “healthy male sexuality” spurred on by “puberty”. Some of these women will even participate in smut since 1960’s Jewish post-Feminism has taught them that being an object of lust and pleasure is “empowering”. A marker of “confidence”.

    You’re not a fully realized woman if you don’t have some horny man ogling you and raping you, in front of a camera or in the privacy of your bedroom. If the white man can set his sights off of white women, and onto the frame and body parts of black or brown women, then that is all that matters. Anything to stick it to the “privileged” white woman who they hate on relentlessly.

    I apologize for being graphic, BTW. But it’s only because I have an older sister who thinks this shit is normal, and even married the husband she is with and father of her two boys, knowing that he is a porn addict. My parents were the same way, until my mother left my father.

  4. AthenaTheBrave says:

    My “white” mother is a sadistic, emotionally perverted retard of the highest order and your blog is such a gloriously written, airtight, refreshing read. Who else is brave enough to point out female complacency with disgusting male violence while never shying away from the fact that the problems are male-created? Your latest article about reparations made my jaw drop; ditto “Don’t Feed The Whiggers” and “Dear Young Niggas”.
    One real, courageous White woman is worth more than everyone else on the planet. Thank you so much for your tremendous, generous and hilarious essays. I got suckered into believing the “female-as-a-class” bullshit and the “sisterhood” lie and all that resulted in was more abuse and manufactured compassion for bloodsucking prostitutes, daughter/niece/cousin/aunt/grandmother/etc abusers; lazy, entitled “oppressed” nonwhite whiners who want to see vulnerable White women like me dead and tortured, and women who will do anything for a dick between their legs. Your blog literally feels like a vacation. Again, thank you. Thank you for expanding my mind and confirming my suspicions. You’re a valorous, noble, awesome White woman. Finally I am proud of my race, heritage, and self. 🙂

    • @AthenaTheBrave: Thank you so much for your kind words. People like you make me want to continue this uphill battle. Even if there are only a handful of us who believe that White women aren’t just sidewalks to be peed on, it’s worthwhile to me.

      Nearly 100% of so-called feminists are just little girls looking for a club. They have to have noticed that absolutely nothing positive has happened for women since the jews usurped the feminism that White women created hundreds of years ago (in the 70s). Really, you could even be a mulatto or mestizo with an IQ of 85 & that fact should be obvious. It tells me that the “white” women who pretend to be feminist are just dumbasses who want to be part of the big libtard bandwagon (aka “da sisterhood”). Like women who’ll let their Nigel do unspeakable things to them just for the sake of having a worthless male to call “their own,” fake feminists are willing to be psychically raped by the brown hordes. Do they not notice that black & brown people are always concerned about race far above anything else (even when they have no “race” to speak of, because they are hopelessly racemixed like jews)? When have I ever heard a brown women talk about feminism? Never. They screech about women “of color.” When have I heard a black woman talk frankly about black men being big ole rapists who purposely seek out White women as their victims? Never. Saddest of all is watching White women subjugate themselves to those who aren’t even fit to live among White people. Oops! I guess I sound really really “racist.” Because as we all know, black & brown men raping, beating & killing White women isn’t “racist.” Only talking about it is ;o)

      • AthenaTheBrave says:

        It is genuinely despicable and honestly frightening how many of these women “””of color””” screech and moan about “White feminism” when the only reason any of them and their female ancestors are alive, can read, write, vote, earn money, own property, travel freely, and speak freely is directly because of White women. If these self-proclaimed “brown/black girls” were in charge of the original form of feminism we’d still be living in chattel slavery getting raped at an even more horrifying rate than we are today. That goes for those entitled little brats, too. Just because they hate Whitey doesn’t change the fact that they are not ever going to accomplish what our White female ancestors did. The paychecks they make (that are bigger than White women’s, of course) are because of brave, noble White European women. Their welfare, their public schools, their university degrees, their ability to drive and get divorced–all due to White women. It is disgusting seeing nothing but damning “article” after damning “article” all chastising and criticizing White women for not “including” women “””of color””” when the nonwhite hordes are the ones terrorizing, tormenting, patronizing, thieving from, raping, belitting, mocking, coercing, brainwashing, and undermining us at literally every possible turn. Nevermind the fact they all enjoy sucking “white” guy cock and dosing themselves up on synthetic hormones while slutting around like low IQ trash to get the “white” boys they claim to hate–now that’s good feminism!

        It also is an astonishingly large (yet almost invisible) slap in the face when jewz and nonwhites are fanatical about White European culture and peoples. They really do prefer our mythologies, culture and history to their own, no matter how much they piss and cry about being “better” than their “oppressors”. The fact that they adore everything White while openly, gleefully despising the White women (and handful of genuinely innovative White men) who created and inspired it speaks volumes about their loyalties and consistency. Let’s be real here–none of “their” men would pick Gabourey Sidibe over, say, Kate Winslet. My wish is for all the White women who still have brains in their heads to realize their race’s being mocked and devalued is just projection and to stop taking it personally and god forbid, joining in (where the hell does “sisterhood” go when race is involved?).

        Thank you (again!) for the wonderful reply. Yours is definitely the best race-aware blog on the Internet. Nobody gets it right 100% of the time like you do, or even seems to try. Thanks for sticking around, both on this awful technoplatform and this awful planet.

        • Thank you again for your kind words & for your excellent commentary.

          I’m betting that there will be White feminists who will begin to come out of their jew-hewn stupor, since feminists have always been, on average, the most intelligent & well educated among White women. The non-feminists are almost 100% lemming — I don’t think I need to expand on this point since it is so obvious. Of course, “feminism” has been appropriated by tons of lemming women who are no more feminists than are the males who enjoy fucking them in “the back door.” I’m talking about feminists in the original White feminism sense of the word.

          The problem, of course, is that Snipcock Nation has sewn together this big ole multyculty tent o’ perversion — the lgbtxyz’s, the illegals, the overpaid educrats, the ever-complaining negros, etc. In this big tent are also “feminists.” How they can stand being among this herd, I don’t know, but I’ve taken it upon myself to try to extricate those who wish to be saved & are worth saving.

          • AthenaTheBrave says:

            “Multyculty tent o’ perversion” is the best way of describing the situation. I have very little (but still just a little) sympathy for white women who spew race politics that go against basic logic and truth because they have the least to gain from these worldviews and the most to lose from questioning them, but that doesn’t mean I’m ever going to coddle or hand-hold. Cheapening a movement (and their own lives) our women created just to appease massahs of all colors and “genders” is inexcusable and cowardly, yet I do see when these women demonstrate they actually care about fellow white women, and that’s enough for me to want and to enjoy spending time with them. They mostly drop the racialized nonsense once they get comfortable, which shows not only how utterly insane those ideas are, but how even the most hardcore nonstop multicult brainwashing still doesn’t completely reach certain kinds of truly intellectual White women. Very glad you keep trying to reach those women. The ones who don’t see how damaging the politics are due to either willful ignorance, stupidity, or malice deserve whatever logical conclusion will come their way. The fact that intelligent, innovative White women get relegated to the position of Global Toilet-cum-Punching Bag while “education” and “social work” goons get promoted to holy levels of near-immortality is proof that this planet is effed up the rear, even if things take a colossal turn for the better.
            As an aside, it’s almost funny how the whities standing at the back of the brown hordes parroting the #GroidLivesMatter (or whatever other popular catchphrase) party line are usually NOT found living among, befriending, fucking, or dating nonwhites, with the exception of “white” men or “queer” “white” women who get hit the hardest with the “not having sex with black people is racist!!!” message. Tokenizing with your genitals seems like the worst possible way to go about creating greater social change, but why bother questioning it? Even though the nonwhites crying about “institutional oppression” will do anything, ANYTHING, for white cock and/or pussy and abandon their politics as soon as they find some?
            BTW, your article on Prince was a delightful read, and I’m eagerly anticipating the fleshed-out version of your “A Little Levity” page. Your writing keeps getting more taut, layered, loaded, precise, and flippin’ hilarious. Three cheers for being a marooned visitor. (Also, thanks for the compliment BrendaTheWhite!)

            • Ophidian says:

              @AthenaTheBrave — Exactly. You will never find these “Social Justice” types living among or mingling with nonwhite populations. And if they do, it’s because one of their own is a ‘Well-Spoken Token’ who doesn’t look, act, or carry themselves in a threatening manner at all. They will act like they give a shit about “minorities/People of Color”. But my experiences around these hypocrites is that they begrudgingly interact with nonwhite people out of necessity or a false show of sympathy. Not because they want to.

              On the flipside, another thing I have learned is that when people “of color” earn a hefty dollar and move up the social ladder (including actors/actresses, athletes, musicians, or any other cult of personality), the first thing they will do is buy their way into the White European gene pool by snagging themselves a white man or woman, and even “talk White” and “act White” in order to make themselves appear refined, educated, and less threatening to the white populations.

              ‘Successful’ nonwhites will assimilate and bootlick if it means hitting the genetic lottery. But their hatred of White Europeans will always come full force when they advertise to the world that they are in an interracial relationship, and proclaim that society has no choice but to accept it because “this is 2016 and the world is a different place”. Or they’ll cry and whine that whitey won’t accept them because they are black/brown/whatever dating or married to a white spouse. And if they are arrogant enough, they will assume it’s because white people are “jealous” and feel “threatened” by them.

            • @Athena: I wish I could say I knew feminists who turned off their retardo racial politics when it’s “just us.” The ones I know hold ever more fiercely to defending that Sistah-Who-Adds-Zero-to-Any-Kind-of-Productivity-but-Only-Yelps-About-How-Oppressive-Y’All-White-Women-Be — it’s like Invasion of the Body Snatchers meets Planet of the Apes.

              As depressing as it is that White feminists are kissing groid butt (when I capitalize the W I’m referring to actual feminists — even if they’ve lost their way some — I frankly don’t even know what to call the others who are actually the majority), you have to remember the “logic” of lemmings. Briefly, lemmings will follow whoever is popular/rich/”on top” etc. Once the tide turns (& this doesn’t take a majority — far from it, as history has borne out again & again), the lemmings will turn their claptrap ship around & not even notice the diff.

              One of my areas of interest (if you can call it that) are the hypocritical “white” libtards. There’s a very easy way to cure what ails them, which you can find within this here article.

              Thanks much for the compliments. Since there’s so few people that I can truly be my “whole” self with in real life, I write it out here. I guess that’s what I’ve always done for my own personal “therapy.” When I was younger I used to think that, as life went on, I’d come across more & more people like me. Boy was I wrong, but then who could really have guessed that the vast majority of people would turn into such freakin culpriticwhipped automotons?

              • AthenaTheBrave says:

                @OD: “Briefly, lemmings will follow whoever is popular/rich/”on top” etc. Once the tide turns (& this doesn’t take a majority — far from it, as history has borne out again & again), the lemmings will turn their claptrap ship around & not even notice the diff.”
                Sheenydammit, you’ve done it again. You concisely label massive social problems in such a unique, logically sound way. I was actually discussing the above issue with a friend of mine a few days ago. Both of us see right through the “cult of personality” (as Ophidian so eloquently stated) and we were mentioning how bizarre and creepy it is that people will devote themselves utterly to some bandwagon and then immediately hop off when a new carrot is dangled in front of their slack-jawed faces. Re: feminists who don’t turn off the racial politics: I have been very lucky in this regard with my own little group, but your comment makes me wonder if they genuinely do understand in the back of their minds that something’s funky about these worldviews, or if the opportunity to sell me out as the nonwhites decree they should has just never come up. Honestly I believe it’s the former. I’ve had the misfortune of knowing a lot of two-faced, idiotic, lemmingtard types and they give off a vibe and a stink I can’t detect in the people who remain in my life.
                @Ophidian: excellent point about nonwhites who “marry up” into White European lineage. Everyone wants a piece of Whitey, and will go to great lengths to avoid admitting that. Why even bother if you’re that arrogant and ashamed? (Also LOL at the mental image of grimacing white libruls tolerating being around you to gain cred and social justice points with other whiteys.)

                P.S your article about the cure for white libtards is deliciously spot-on. Reading your blog has helped shape how I use language and what kind of things I seek out, so thank you so much for keeping it up and having it be informative and applicable (i.e not circlejerking). For what it’s worth, this here White woman appreciates your wonderful work and sees through the same bullshevit you do. Your words are a flippin’ treat.

                • @Athena: Thank you so much for your kind words & for your excellent commentary.

                  It’s probably obvious that I’ve spent a lot of time observing people ;o) What else can you do when you’ve been shoved into this psychoshithole against yer will? Since I think in pictures I sometimes have to cough or otherwise choke down a giggle; wouldn’t want to alarm the lemmings.

                  It sounds like the women you hang with are more tolerant than the ones I know (ain’t it just great that the multycult is only “tolerant” of perversion, crime & ugliness?) Most of the libtards I know would harangue me all day & all night if I honestly shared my thoughts (I know from experience).

                  People in general have become so shrill & faggoty that I mostly keep it breezily superficial, just like they like it. While listening to their chatter, however, I do imagine setting up my “Wake TFU housing” & funding it by putting El Progressivo’s “meetings with diversity” on pay-per-view.

                  • AthenaTheBrave says:

                    “People in general have become so shrill & faggoty that I mostly keep it breezily superficial, just like they like it. While listening to their chatter, however, I do imagine setting up my “Wake TFU housing” & funding it by putting El Progressivo’s “meetings with diversity” on pay-per-view.”

                    LMFAO. The fact that YOU appreciate and are thankful for my comments is enough to make my grinchy ol’ heart-n-ego swell at least three sizes. Also, the company I keep is surprisingly radical for modern-day feminists, so that’s definitely a positive influence (anyone who says “third-wave” feminism has ever made a lick of good difference is even more retarded and asleep than the average human specimen). I pore over a few of your articles when the rest of the binternet gets too stupid even for morbid fascination/observation, and I gotta ask: where do I send the check?

                    • @Athena: Well now you’re making me blush (as one of those bonafide White people, I do blush ;o)

                      Oy “3rd wave feminism” — this topic just might deserve a good tongue lashing from moi. I have an essay or 2 about Gen Xers in me, & these femtards are just a subset of this singsongy limpwristed generation of codswallopers.

          • Joanne says:

            Concise & brilliant description of the so called “left”. I so appreciate the contents of your mind & your ability to express it with such aplumb (sp?). I feel like you are organizing the many scattered thoughts I have about the political scene, & by that I mean it in the broadest sense.

            I always look forward to reading your blog. Here’s a little thank you.

    • BrendaTheWhite says:

      @Athena, very well stated. Marina’s generosity in letting us into her tremendous intellect & heart is like the best vacation I could hope to find. She valorously puts the truth forward even tho literally everyone is against her (& White women in general)….muds of all shades with joos heading the crowd, the “white” man of course, & even those “white” women who know what she says is true but are too comfy in their middle class whore position.

      @ OD, your latest on the 80’s & the next step in the smuttying of the “white” male psyche is amazing, stupendous, & astonishingly insightful.

      Joo males were smart enough to recognize that even their genetically fragile, racemixed women are hardier than they are since solid proof has existed for centuries…..for those not so blinded by fake masculinity to remain at least a bit objective. They found in the “white” male an always eager misogynist in the degradation of White women. Quite ingenius you have to admit. Joos know almost as well as White women how autistic the “white” male is & they play him like a violin.

      à votre santé, estimé Marina

  5. As disturbing as this is I’m glad there’s one person telling the un PC truth about how sick my gender is especially the porn addicted ones. Even in my day when the women haters were “only” masturbating to bimbos who carefully honed the “I’m just a whore” look I used to wonder how most men could keep claiming that they love women. It’s so clear to everyone on so many levels that they hate women more than their worst enemy. I’m afraid that until women “just say no” to being “fucked,” it will continue. And what’s with these women? What about “fuck you” “screw you” etc don’t they understand?

    P.S. I hope my other better comment has gone through. This one, like anything dealing with men who hate women, is tragic.

  6. cockscraw says:

    PIV is antithetical to love & respect.

  7. renegadejay says:

    I’d like to know what you think about white males aged 20 to 40. My experience is that they are more malevolent toward women than black males are. I think it’s because white males are now in their what? 4th or 5th generation of pornography that hates on women more than any other form of media, social system, has in the history of the world. These guys are set for rape as soon as the system breaks down. Niggers have the excuse of negligible intelligence and genetic criminality. Doesn’t the fact that white males are now so hateful that they get off on peeing on, sodomizing, and every unspeakable act that only they could think up, mean that environment has won out over the genetic argument?

    • I’m not so sure about males age 20-30 yet, but the 30-40 “gen x’ers” are the biggest losers yet. They & the older “gen x’ers” were mostly raised by that uber-lazy & swinelike “silent” generation (b. 1926 – 1945) so, as they say, “go figure.”

  8. Anyone who uses porn: Take OD’s advice & kill yourselves. You are less than a nigger. Stop taking up resources.

  9. Ophidian says:

    @Orwell’s Daughter — Have to admit that the your latest post was a hard pill to swallow with those images of a half-naked Prince, Madonna Louise Ciccone (I have never understood this woman’s appeal), and the two fags engaging in fellatio.

    But your assessments are spot on as always, my friend. Especially the ‘Gospel of Rape’ that motivates delusional perverts like Prince who worship their own peckers and think that their disgusting machismo (what these idiots and their doormats call “swagger”) is the answer to domesticating women like dogs. I didn’t shed a tear for this man when I learned that he croaked. Nor did I ever care an iota about his music and the stupid film “based” on his life (i.e., Purple Rain).

    Learning about the abuse that the “models-slash-actresses” had to endure during the filming of his movie made me dislike him even more. Especially when I learned that the lead female cast in his film (portraying the role of Apollonia) almost died of hypothermia filming a scene in freezing water, only to be cast aside like nothing and have any prospect of a potential career hit rockbottom because of Prince.

    I am also in agreement that black women (and all manners of mulattoes) help encourage Rape Culture through their silence, their participation in all matters of degradation, and in general treating other women, especially White women, like dogs. “Bitch” is the term of the endearment these women use to refer to themselves and other women as a whole. They have internalized their own misogyny, while being just as violent and aggressive as their brethren.

    • I do apologize for the language & the unseemly (if not downright vile) photos. I do this to try to knock women off of their automatic rockers about how males actually talk about them & what they actually think about them. There is a tendency, especially among White women, to live in la-la land about males. Most of these women are unsalvageable lemmings, who aren’t very bright & will always spread ’em for the right price (usually — showing how irrevocably stupid they are — via koshercooterglass & the “lifetime” “commitment” of being a Forever Slave-Ho).

      I write for the sake of those women (& very few men) who stand a chance of shaking off their talmudic conditioning. If this means writing about precisely how much males hate women, & how, then that’s what I’ll do. The lemmings can continue to plug their ears to the blatant misogyny that surrounds them, even in their own homes, while they fellate their massah & pretend to enjoy being effed in every orifice (while dreaming of the trinkets they’ll get from massah for VD Day, etc.).

      I disagree with you a little about black women. They are not nearly as violent & aggressive as black males, although they are definitely the most aggressive of the races of women. However, they tend to take out all of their aggression & violence on women who aren’t negro (especially White women). Talk about lemmings! Black women let black males brutalize them, but they take it out on non-negro women. Low IQ combined with the typical psychic traits of Negros does not bode well for them ever changing.

      • Ophidian says:

        @Orwell’s Daughter — You don’t need to apologize. This is your blog and a safe-space for women of White European descent who have very little places to turn on and off the Internet. You have to tackle ignorance and delusion hard and where it hurts in order to get through to the people who matter.

        I agree that men who truly hate women are given a pass by other women. I’m starting to see it more and more on the Internet, in the media, and in the real world. It’s surreal, and it’s gotten to the point where the women I try to reach out to and get through to start to use MRA counterarguments to shut me down. (“You see all women as victims!”, “YOU are the misogynist who thinks women lack agency!”, “men and boys are hurting too!”, MRA excuses for why women couldn’t vote, and other misogynistic tripe).

        And if you are nonwhite, “openly” gay, or a pig who likes to play dress-up and call yourself a woman, these types (if they’re white libtards. whiggers, miscegenators, or all of the above) will be the Big Mommy (like we have all pointed out here on numerous occasions) and stroke their pathetic little egos.

        You have pointed out on numerous instances how Jews have done their darnedest to condition White women (the strongest resistance to Jewry) into being psychic slaves via their religions, Hollywood, porn, and Semitic gender roles. And it’s only gotten worse now that white men are bold enough to openly fantasize about and chase after nonwhite women with minimal resistance from nonwhite males. Nonwhite men chasing after and preying on White women on the other hand has always been inconsequential to these jackals.

        • @Ophidian: That’s interesting what you say about the minimal resistance of nonwhite males to the onslaught of “white” males chasing nonwhite pussy. Have you seen a “sea change” in this?

          • Ophidian says:

            @Orwell’s Daughter — Regarding “white” males chasing after nonwhite females, I have to admit that most of the resistance (if not, fleeting) will come from black males, since it’s heavily assumed, and rightfully so, that white males are much higher on the socioeconomic hierarchy than black males.

            Therefore, black women who are much more ‘successful’ and don’t want to deal with lower-class black men will sometimes “marry up”. And in a much broader sense, other groups of nonwhite women will exhibit the same “mating” patterns as well if they sense that the men in their respective racial groups are no good for them.

            I see this all the time with Puerto Rican women, who have a notoriety with sleeping around and miscegenating with other groups of men who will “provide” them much more material wealth, status, and “happiness” than their own men. It’s also worth noting that there is a strong Jewish element in Puerto Rico and it’s culture as well, where it is estimated that roughly 40 percent of Puerto Ricans are descended from Sephardic females (posing as Spanish Catholics) whose daughters married and “mated” into the gene pool during the time of Columbus.


            We even have a Puerto Rican crypto-Jewess in the Supreme Court: Sonia Sotomayor. “Soto” and it’s variations are common Jewish Spanish surnames in Puerto Rico. And Sotomayor’s mother’s maiden name was Báez. Another “Judeo-Spanish” name that the “conversos” assumed to hide their Jewishness.




            (I know I have to provide the link about the 40 percent Jewish estimate. But most ‘Ricans love to brag about how mongrelized they are, with or without Kike blood.)

            • @Ophidian: This is some interesting info (esp. the history of jewz in latin amurrika). Thanks for posting it.

              There seems to be some kind of controversy about shyster sotomayor being a jew. To me, she has schmearfinklery oozing from her pores.

      • Ophidian says:

        This is the last time I am going to comment on this particular post, for the sake of not clogging up this particular article with distractions. But I had an intellectual itch and stumbled upon these tidbits of information regarding the connection between the Italians/Sicilians (regarding Madonna and the rest of the 1980’s freakshow) and the Jews. (I apologize to any Italian who bears no relation to a Jew whatsoever).



        It’s also becoming more apparent that a good percent of mestizos may have Sephardic (Judeo-Iberian) ancestry, making them crypto-Jews. You can almost tell by their physiognomy. The Sephardim have genetic distinctions that set them apart from the Ashkenazim (being more Mediterranean in appearance, as opposed to ecru or pallid imitations of the Nordic people like the usual suspects), along with assumed Spanish surnames (like Levi, Perez, Mejia, or Rodriguez), since they were forced to convert to Catholicism during the Spanish Inquisitions, while also being among the wave of “Spanish” exiles who fled around the time Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue.



        I pray to whoever my ethereal Maker is that I don’t that I have a drop of this blood coursing through my veins (being predominantly of Iberian ancestry myself). Maybe if I was a “crypto” I wouldn’t have such a vested interest in learning the truth. This is all for now.

        • @Ophidian: You never have to limit yourself or worry about posting. You are always welcome. I do appreciate your good manners though. Like most things that make life more bearable among us “little” people, manners were mostly flushed down the big Culpritic sewer a couple of decades ago.

          No, I wasn’t kidding about the heavy-duty genetic links between Sicilians & jews. When it looks like a duck, acts like a duck, etc. etc. I didn’t know that about mestizos. Thanks for this info; I’ll have to do further digging. It would make sense in not just how they look, but also when you think about how the jews were always front n’ center whenever there was any kind of Gold n’Conquest expeditions — of which there were many throughout “Latin” Amurrika.

          I take a tiny bit of exception to something you said about the jews being “forced” to convert to Catholicism. I sincerely doubt the Culpritics have ever done anything as the Eternal Victims they’d like us to believe. They likely converted because it suited their ever-kiked purposes. A small point, I know, but we all really need to shake our psyches loose from the 24/7 jew propaganda about their “persecutions.”

          Oh, n’ as for you being a “crypto,” — LOL. Well, I think it would be possible to be somehow genetically related to them from way back, but then you (not you personally, but “you” in a general sense) went on about your ordinary non jew existence (i.e. not inbreeding for centuries, not believing that you were “Gawd’s chosen,” not being propagandized from birth about how much you should hate da goyim because of their persecuting your blameless ass, etc. etc.). What I’m trying to say is that there is a “special ingredient” that makes a Culpritic/crypto/jew. It bears a particular stench. I’m fairly sensitive to their particular odor, and I cannot pick up even a tiny whiff from you Ophidian.

  10. weißes Blut says:

    OD I’m glad there are at least some places where folks can comment because I enjoy the comments and your answers to them almost as much as your essays.

    You rock!

  11. Elsie79 says:

    I am so enjoying that you are privileging us with your wisdom more often. The one on Prince, the one on the poisoned white male, & the one on Breeder’s Day are just outstanding. I would add that yeah the menz love to praise the brood mare who birthed them but most treat the mothers they inseminated with their demon seed like shit. Plus most of the don’t pay their child support or make it as difficult as possible to get even the paltry less than welfare sum from their clutches. I don’t know why white women are still stupid enough to do it. I guess because they keep getting stupider.

  12. Ophidian says:

    @Orwell’s Daughter — I enjoyed your TalkShoe episode about ‘LaShaun’s Racist Screed’. I could have told you a long time ago (and I think I did) that black and brown women harbor nothing but hatred and vitriol for white women. Oddly enough they have toned down their bitterness and aggression towards white males lately, often approaching and talking about white men in a more admiring manner, while upping their jealousy, indifference, and aggression towards white females in a way that rivals the Jews.

    One of the reasons is that these women have been convinced through the media that white women are “taking” the best and most successful among their men. Similar to how the David Duke types operate under the false impression that white women have ditched them for black men. Even though white men and nonwhite women alike (especially the Asiatics/mestizas) have a greater track record of dating outside their race and miscegenating than white women do.

    And the Kardashian sisters (if you haven’t heard of them) are the “white” poster children for interracial relationships with black rappers and athletes, even though these brown, raven-haired women are Armenian, and look more Arab or Turkish than White European. The most “famous” of these women, Kim, came to prominence as a pornographer. And their stepfather is the former Olympian and crossdressing conservatard Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner who is paraded all over the media as the spokesperson for men who mutilate themselves, dress in women’s clothing, and adopt Hollywood’s ideas of “femininity”.

    • As always, thank you for your thoughtful comments.

      This “rant” is actually kind of old — 2012. In listening to it now, I note that I didn’t point out that the Kardashians aren’t White. Believe it or not, I don’t think I’d even seen a photo of them yet — I really am a media dropout. Since then of course I’ve seen several photos of these absolute Wastes of Planetary Resources — with their great big fat asses (this is aimed at furthering the “white” males’ luv of big “niggah” boobies — whether on the chest or on the buttocks). Since then I’ve also found out that their daddy is a shyster supreme in Joolywood.

      Who knew that all it took was a hideous, painted up brown face, a great big bum, & a truly dispicably amoral disposition to win the Hook-Nosed Tribes’ favor?

      I haven’t noticed any differences in how the semi-human female apes (AKA “blacks”) act now v. earlier. They would ditch their Most Fave Niggah in a heartbeat if any White man gave them the time of day. What bothers them is the obvious — they are, for the most part, hideously ugly, stupid — and to top it off — have grotesque personalities.

  13. AthenaTheBrave says:

    I’m listening to your podcasts and damn, they are superb. The LaShaun one is fucking hilarious. Her article is astoundingly poorly written, almost impossible to follow (even with your incredible takedown), chock full of black stereotypes, and just flat-out retarded. You and Ophidian are right that nonwhite women, especially black ones, utterly despise White women. When they see an attractive one they start chimping out and acting catty and slinging ad hominems; when they see any white guy they preen and primp and act bashful and as “white” as possible. LOL. They like white cock more than any white woman is ever going to. Even the stupid white women aren’t usually as obsessed with obtaining fluorescent bait and tackle. Of course “white” men are stupid enough to stick their dicks in anyone who shows interest, male or female. I think we would be better off dumping the worst of our shitty species into an open-air pen and letting them fuck, stab, beat, and tantrum each other to death instead of implementing more expensive social programs and “free” STD screening for people who should just be left to fend for themselves while their dicks rot off. Call me a romantic.
    As a tangent, I find it somewhat funny that people like me who actually would and should benefit from social programs get shut out of them and wind up blaming the aforementioned worst for this (as we should), while the worst blame people like me for their asses not getting wiped enough when they take publicly-funded handouts that they have not earned but are paid for with the tax dollars low and no-income people pay. Two completely opposite sides blaming each other for essentially the same problem makes me chuckle. As you’ve already pointed out, social services (welfare, special ed, disability programs, etc) are full of males who are barely kept alive by what is essentially government breastfeeding, whereas women who are completely SOL are still more productive, resourceful, and intelligent.
    (I notice your TalkShoe page has a phone number; I don’t know if that was intentional or if you’d want to delete it. BTW, thanks for the lovely responses on my other comments. Apologies if I don’t reply–meatspace is needier, but less interesting.)

  14. Ophidian says:

    Even with all of the Hate Searches you post here, libtard feminists will continue to insist that white males are the bigger problem (even if they are the most personal problem white women have to contend with). I have noticed that these types are too afraid to deal with black males and other nonwhite males, and critique the misogyny prevalent in their cultures.

    Many of them feel it’s a death sentence to talk about the black man’s macho and perverted ways, and make excuses that it is strictly in the domain of black women to deal with black men, even when black men are raping white women. Ditto for brown males. And forget about criticizing the Jews.

    Which is why they only go after white males in their critiques, and even ride the LGBT bandwagon and stay mum about the fags and crossdressers. It’s gotten so bad that even midwives groups have been bullied by transmen into not saying ‘pregnant women’ anymore, but ‘pregnant people’. Women are being forced to be PC and play it safe, while men for the most part are given no restriction to do the same. They’ll continue to bend the laws and the language to suit their own interests.

  15. john duchman says:

    I am a typical pussy faggot “white” male at Trinity College in Ireland who hates White women. I love me some brown and black males because the jew media has taught me to love them while hating my own Creators. This is easy for me because I’m a faggot and also because I haven’t lived among niggers for hundreds of years like the White Europeans in the USA have had to, so I believe I know it all. It’s so easy to love me some nig and asianig when I don’t have nigger fatigue — yet.

    I hate you for pointing out that it is almost always White women who receive the blunt end of the stick when we “white” pussy faggots insist on letting our black and brown brothers infiltrate previously White European nations. If you look closely, you will see that we have always used our own Creators as battering rams when we, in our faggotry, make bad decisions over and over again. We then turn around and blame the victim. Now that White women are getting hip to our faggotry and deceit, we hate you even more.

    Oh and I really hate the USA too. Perhaps I should tell the tens of millions of Irish women and faggots who settled here. I guess they were just having such a swell time in Ireland that they decided, what the heck, might as well pack it in just for the hell of it.

    I live like the faggot I am, socked away in my own private Idaho. I even believe that “porn” (my cutesy word for the abuse of White women) industry is predominantly made by white males, even though if I gave a crap about the topic I could easily find out that it is almost 100% jew (it’s true most white males are addicted to watching abuse against their own Creators).

    I have to go now, as I have a date with a big black buck who wants to give me what I deserve !!!

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