What All Sides Agree On

Hating Women (Left, Right, Libtard, Connedservative — most males hate women & are proud of it).  They’ve created “religion” to hate women, they’ve created porn to hate women — hatred of women is what binds males together.  (BTW, this includes the “women” who are actually men posing as women — some of these men are also posing as “white,” when they are indeed non-white — the “white” male is too irrational to see through even the most transparent posers).

Interestingly, though, it is only OK to hate on White women.  All colors of males can feel free to rape her, taunt her, porn her to death.  Non-white women have also joined in the “fun.”

Groups of closeted homosexuals vie with each other for Who Can Hate White Women the most?  “White” nationalists are the clear winners, though they are just a subset of a larger group of misogynists, MRAs.  The former’s slogan is “Pro-white is a code word for pro-white male” whereas the latter group, although still predominantly comprised of “white” males, is non-racist — as long as you are a male who hates women, you can be an MRA.

(In reality, there is no difference between the two groups, because “white” nationalists believe — like their forefathers who gave Negro males the vote 50 years before White women bravely fought for and finally won suffrage — that every color male is human, while White women are merely chattel.  We saw a repeat of the same phenomenon when they elected a moronic Negro male to the presidency far before we’ll ever see a White woman as president.  After all, they wouldn’t want the least aggressive, most intelligent, most highly educated, and most productive group on the planet to have any say in how males are continuing to run everything on the planet into the ground).


 The Plight of Earth’s Most intelligent, Productive & Well Educated (While Also Being the Least Expensive to the Taxpayer due to their being the Least Criminal & Aggressive Group):  White Women

The uber-rich, uber-tribal, & uber-privileged Culpritics use White womens’ faces in one of their most Orwellian campaigns yet:  So-called “White privilege.” Will White women be foolish enough to believe what the Culpritic media says, when it so starkly contradicts the brutal facts that White women actually experience?


The Culpritics have been brainwashing males about women for 100 years now.  They started with “soft” porn in their Joolywood movies, progressing to ever-more misogynistic propaganda so that by the 1960s, most men believed that Joolywood whores like Marilyn Monroe were “feminine.”  In other words, not only has a perverted tribe of aliens taught the White man about “femininity,” they also trained the peckers of males to respond to these whores (who are almost always White (some are actually Culpritic — as usual, posing as White), which is why White women are by far the most raped group of women).

Since then they’ve been raising the temperature on their misogynistic propaganda.  In the 1980s they began displaying White women tied up & bloodied, even in their Heebison Avenue advertising.  Thus, while they taught women & girls what men “expected” of them via their filthy but always profitable advertising, they made their pornography ever more vicious.

The last gasp for any freedom from the onslaught of this brutality (which every woman & girl has to deal with, since it affects 100% of males) was in the 1980s, when feminists fought and nearly won against pornographers.  However, overpaid shysters defended the “right” of those who graphically portray violent abuse against women (instead of arguing for their castration & imprisonment).

Most people cannot even imagine an animal being treated the way women (who are mostly White) are treated & graphically portrayed in pornography.  Most men & boys are addicted to it.  Women & girls need to stop burying their heads in the sand; this is not Playboy (this was only the first step of Jewish pornographers — a disgusting one, to be sure, but nothing compared to what they do now).  On top of it, overpaid presstitutes like the vile “Christine” of RT cowtow to pornographers (I wonder how many times “Christine” has been anally raped by 10 or more males at a time?).

Is it any wonder that even little boys are increasingly being prosecuted as sex criminals because they attack little girls & even toddlers?


Here I present my research based on the ACTUAL DATA about the massive underrepresentation of White women in “our” government (Part 1/2).


Here I present my research based on the ACTUAL DATA about the massive underrepresentation of White women in “our” government (Part 2/2)


This is an urgent message that I received directly from El Honcho Judio. Or was it just a stud angel? I get so confused & filled with religiosity when I have these epileptic fits. 

11 Responses to What All Sides Agree On

  1. nogodzz says:

    I look forward to watching them all. Your brilliant mind always grabbed the viewer front & center but now your video making skills are fantastic too. It looks like you pretty much stopped making vids. Or am I wrong? Any OD channels I should know about?

  2. BitterWhiteMan says:

    OD I think all your videos are excellent. My favorites are the ones where you talk while on the stairmaster. You could debate anyone & win. Personally like to hear you debate the woman hating white nationalists. I’d love to hear them try to convince you that you should stay at home, serve them, have babies. I’d love to hear you demolish their sick jewish ideas of womanhood. At first I thought you were wrong about some of the stuff you said about them, but found out for myself that every word is true.

    I love the one where you talk back to the RT whore. She’s just as sick & just as much of a whore as the pornographer. Porn really is men’s bible of how much they hate women. Some feminist said that I think but it is right. Not just the sick stuff that’s out nowadays either. Art museums are full of porn, objectifying other people like meat is porn. Thanks for the work you do against it. I think it’s the sickest most damaging thing in our world today.

  3. Ophidian says:

    Regarding the under-representation of White European women in their own countries, and their being supplanted from their own movement (Feminism), one of the elephants in the room besides Jewish women posing as or being mistaken for white women are the white, anti-white, LGBT-friendly, faux-feminist nerds, hipsters, and “slut walkers” who are often the masks and puppets of the “modern Feminist Movement”.

    They are the kinds of lemmings who cite Wonder Woman, “Caitlyn” Jenner, and Hollywood actresses as “modern examples” of Feminism, while running away with their tails between their legs if you accuse them of being “racist” or “privileged” for no reason at all. And they’ll tell you that their “whiteness” grants them privilege because this is how brainwashed by they are by the media and Jewish-run academia.

    These white “liberal” (and a few “conservative”) women don’t mind being overshadowed in their own homelands (Europe, the United States, and any country with a traditionally European demographic) by foreign women who either are Jews, minorities, or immigrants, because these women are their “sisters”, and they’ll limit misogyny to white men and barely any other group of men for the sake of “race relations”.

    Asiatic half-Jews (Emma Sulkowicz) walking around with a mattress on their back, accusing young white men of raping them, are more worthy of media attention than the young white women walking the streets by their lonesome or strolling the confines of a college campus who end up being brutally raped and murdered by non-white thugs.

    I think I pointed this out before, but not with this kind of detail. It’s not just male barbarism that is a problem. But (white) female weakness and idiocy is at an all-time high.

  4. OD jootube is seriously messing with your view count. I saw your latest last night iwht views at 158 or something close now at 30? Old ones are off too. Punishment for naming the yid?

  5. OD I don’t blame you for shutting down or erasing pages of comments since you are attacked by males chimps of all races, but I hope this one makes it through.

    I had previously recommended the work of one Colin Flaherty even though I thought all he did was cut & paste other peoples work. Well I have to take it back. This guy is just an old coot who’s only one step up from a joo. He’s a journalist. No wonder he can’t do his own writing 🙂 Anyway, don’t waste your time listening to this thing all the way through because ole Colin just repeats himself & advertises his “books” (in quotes because like I said, he actually writes so little of them but just cuts & pastes others work).

    Go to about 1:12:00 to hear him cream all over himself in his love for the multicult. Of course Cuntola fully agrees since she’s one of those ancient multiply divorced high class whores whose master keeps her out in AllWhiteLand.

    Listen & remind yourself to never trust a journalist. If they were smarter they would have gone to shyster school.


    Go here to see how this hypocrite lover of the multicult misrepresents himself.


  6. Ophidian says:

    Greetings, Orwell’s Daughter. It’s early in the morning where I am at, but I figured I post a link to the ridiculous website of the YWCA (Young Women’s “Christian” Association).


    Their goal is to eliminate poverty, adversity, and domestic violence, as long as it affects the “woman of color”, leaving the “privileged” white woman out in the cold to fend for herself like she always has.

    And our “all-inclusive, tolerant”, race-mixing mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, has created an executive order allowing pervs in wigs and skirts (a.k.a “trans-women”) to frequent one of the last safe-spaces women and girls have. Their restrooms.


    This man is an example of everything that is wrong with “white” men, who are by far are the main demographic that supports this nonsense (their Jew overlords just laugh at them in disbelief). You’ll have the occasional liberal female dodo bird who thinks that a turd can be “beautiful”, even if it’s still a turd, and frames common sense as a “right-wing backlash”. But non-white people in general, along with most white women, see this for the disturbing and disgusting perversion that it is.

    I’m in full agreement when you and your colleagues point out that there is something terribly wrong with men. As a man, I can admit this, and it’s only getting worse. Nothing good can come out of living in a world run by men. The only solution is for women everywhere, especially white women, to wake the fuck up out of their testosterone-induced slumber. The idea that only men are “fit to lead” is insane.

    • Ophidian: I couldn’t agree with you more (& as always, thanks for your thoughtful comments).

      The momentum of the “Dickhead Race to the Bottom” is too great to be stopped at this point. It was already unstoppable before you or I were born. There was perhaps a small chance of turning things around 70 or more years ago, but the “white” male was too busy re-arranging the dick on his head (much as he is now, only back then he was more “fattened up” by the Culpritic “Amurrikan Dream”). But even if this Testosterone-Crazed Trainwreck could be mitigated — why should women be the ones to clean up the giant mess that men have made? Really, the only “women” who have any desire to “rule” over this manmade madness & giant mountain range of pooped male diapers are psychological transgenders like H. Clinton. Like I always say: Keep yer gonads to yourself & don’t force anyone else into this mess, & stock yer larder with Pepto Abysmal, cause it’s gonna continue to be a rocky ride.

      • Ophidian says:

        Every time war is brought up, the first one that springs into the minds of misogynists everywhere is the Second World War. And it’s the kind of revisionist tripe that is revisited every time you engage some Randy in a discussion about “history”, turn on the television, or even play a military shooter game (a.k.a. glorified murder simulator).

        Jews have a long history of enduring “hardship” and “persecution”. But nobody ever talks about why that is, even though the convenient answer is “racism” (a neologism Jews created to describe the “hostility” they endured living in Europe). White people are racist and intolerant “just because”, and the Jews deserve unconditional sympathy “just because”. White “feminists” need to pander to non-white males and relinquish everything their foremothers fought for to non-white females, while pinning misogyny on the straight white male “just because”.

        Navel-gazing retards who love hearing the sounds of their own voices call this “human nature”, while babbling on about slavery, apartheid, the “holocaust”, and all these other topics that signify their love for people who want nothing more than to see white women as their property and white men wiped off the face of the Earth.

        And to end my semi off-topic rant here, I understand why (white) women shouldn’t be behooved to clean the mess they didn’t create. To do so would only allow history to repeat itself, and males never learn from their mistakes until they get a hard dose of reality and their lives hit rockbottom. When the shite hits the fan for the umpteenth time, the first thing men will do is look to women for help.

        I just hope that if we all come out of the culmination of this mess alive, that women will have the good graces to just walk away.

  7. Ophidian says:

    @Orwell’s Daughter — For the sake of not flooding your comments section, there was nowhere else for me to post this, so I’ll post a link to this blog here. There are shoutouts on this blogspot that link to the usual crop of misogynists who call themselves “White Nationalists”. But the abundance of information here is work a look for you and those who follow your blog regularly.


    Here is also a video showcasing a white man’s declaration of war against his own White European brethren and sistren if Europa refuses to accept more penises from the Third World (sorry for the vulgarities).

    And here is a taste of all that “intersectionality” third-wave lipstick and radical “feminists” alike claim to love. The modern Feminist “movement” is chock full of libtards who hate white women, even as they profess to challenge the “Patriarchy”. I hope that this information helps and doesn’t go through a spam filter as I am posting this comment.

    • Intelligent & useful comments are always welcome.

      The “white” male is rubbing his hands together in delight. After all, these ersatz “feminists” are doing his dirty work for him. If he cared on white about real feminism — that which was created by his own Creators — he could simply look into it & learn. This is anathema to him, since feminism is the only social critique that he cannot answer without laying bare his naked misogyny.

  8. Have I told you lately, my dear, that you are just tops? Your latest is another epic journey which includes real history & a level-headed prediction of what’s coming. You are 100% correct that none of this would be happening if white men had ever been able to stop their severe bias against women. And I think you are also right in saying that this is due to feelings of insecurity. I still often hear men talking about the “brain differences” between the sexes & I have to keep asking myself “what year is it? Are we still in the middle ages?” They are willfully ignorant & will remain so even they insist they are “rational.” My gender is an embarrassment.

    Thanks for keeping up your marvelous work. I know you’re very busy. But to those of us who don’t subscribe to any of the many old boys clubs or stupid girls clubs (either licking the male boot or licking the jew boot or both) we look to you for sanity, humor & your brave intelligence. Love from all of us.

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