Your commentary about Old Woodstockers (“Silent” Generation, LOL)

The ironically named “Silent” Generation

So I’ve lambasted the Moronnials. Now let’s take a look at these old Woodstockers who have had quite a well padded life, and caused many of the problems. ¬†They’re old now (about 66 to 86) and are still quite “silent” about how easy they had it, and why.

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The Moronnials (Twittertard Generation)

Hopefully the cat will kill it in its sleep

My bikeside talk about the¬†frighteningly mean-spirited and dumbed-down Moronnials — and how they devolved.

Listen here:

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Your commentary on the Moronnials (about age 18 – 38)

More vacuous than ever, the Moronnials think being whorishly narcissistic is weally weally rad

This is the solution I came up with for parsing your commentaries. That way, when I delete posts, your comments won’t be tossed.

This here segment is dedicated to the mean-spirited, vacuous, twittertarded and selfied Moronnials.

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