“Study of a Pathological Gossip, Accuser, & Dark Mind”

I was given a link to sineadmccarthy.org due to my recent experiences with Sinead McCartheid (this term was coined not by me, but by a commenter).  I think it sums up how this girlll (female who is technically an adult, but doesn’t qualify as one for mental and/or emotional reasons) divides everything in her path — or at least tries to.

I know nothing about Evalion.  I have had interactions with Julian Lee, however.  This was years ago (before I finally believed the WN jackals when they repeatedly told me that WN was a go-nowhere, woman-hating cult that, if it wasn’t mostly run by Jews, might as well be since they do such great Culpritic work).

Julian was the only WN person (I have no idea if he still identifies as such) who showed any appreciation for what I was doing, or any kindness towards me personally.  I was doing a lot, by the way.  I produced possibly the best pro-White videos to date (no, I’m not yer typical Doormat with Holes who underrates her own abilities so as to stroke em da schlongebellum of misogynists).

Ghost of McCartheid Future

Since I already know that WN is chock full o’ borderline-level comprehension skills ‘n’ pussy rabbits who, lacking sufficient frontal lobe functioning, jump to conclusions — I am not saying I agree with Julian Lee on anything.  I don’t know or care about the politics of WN.  I’m warning White women and girls about one of the SLLID girllls of WN.

Julian offered help out of the goodness of his heart.  For example, he gave me tips about audio, including a good recorder.  He even offered to buy one for me (I declined, as I did not need financial help).  Julian knew nothing about me except that I was doing good work.  He was also probably the only White man who was attacking pornography by targeting young men who are using it.

So, I think the fact that he was so distraught by the actions of Sinead McCartheid that he actually paid for a website speaks to the — well, whatever the hell is wrong with this girlll.

Like Julian, I too tried to talk to her, and like Julian I received a fang bite.  McCartheid gets an A+ for heeboriffic whackodynamics.

(Congrats, WN, on yet another turd.  I guess this means that you should keep welcoming in every bottom feeder and/or mental defective who comes your way instead of starting over with a workable organization).

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A Brief History of Female Slavery & Male Degeneracy

I’m trusting this will upload correctly as I’m on my way out the door here. Enjoy!

Listen here:


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Sinead McCunt takes all WN dicks up her ass

I do appreciate the things you take the time to send me, John, but I only listened to 1-2 minutes of the piffle pile from this mean-spirited little girl. It did inspire my bike talk this evening though — no, it’s not about the inanity of wn’s sorry cock pleasers.

“Corpse of feminism.” I like that. Buried long ago but dredged up periodically as a weapon for misogynists of both sexes.


It may surprise the few who follow my blog to see me name a girl as a WN misogynist. It’s true that WN boys are more viral in their misogyny than pornographers, but as it turns out, so are the girls.

I wish for the sake of white people that WN didn’t exist. We could actually get something moving if these assorted male lemmings and their female sodomees would get out of our way. (One point I want to make here is that they won’t. So as my brilliant friend Marina Orwell has said many times, we are going to have to step over them.)

I keep an eye on WN and other groups where white people (allegedly) are. I do this because as a grandfather, I have “skin in the game.” I’ve been observing and commenting for a long time. I’ve watched the MRAs merge with WN. I’ve…

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