Who You Can Hate, Who You Can’t Hate

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“Pro White” is Code for Hating on White Women

You can comment here if you wish:  Your Commentary on “White” Nationalism.  You can actually find commentary about what real White people think about these faggots (& their few-and-far-between dumb cunts) all over my blog.  They are despised by everyone, but they are too autistic and stupid to GTFO of the way.

Welcome to all the White people who have found the only place (here & on jootube) where White women are considered to be part of the conversation about “White people.”  Welcome especially to White women — with apologies — as some of you are just discovering how very much most “white” males hate you and/or how little they care about your present, past, or future.  

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Progressivism & the White European Psyche

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