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  1. I could listen to you all day, lass. Hope you upload lots more from the “archives” as well as new material.

  2. BrendaTheWhite says:

    I love your rants. Thanks for sharing.

    “It was easy for Culpritics to do damage to White women — since “white” males despise strong, non-toady White women more than any other group. Their jealousy of their own Creators is palpable to anyone with an average intelligence (and who isn’t, personality-wise, autistic). The Culpritics certainly took note of this hatred/jealousy and have used it to their advantage every step of the way.”

    It’s so clear that this is true once it’s pointed out 😉

    Did you know that women who aren’t feminists are “secure” and “very powerful” according to the very special group of male supremacists who call themselves white nationalists? They are so “powerful” that they’re afraid to “claim” that they deserve the same pay, etc. of these tinker toys called men. I bet they’re also “powerful” enough to paint their faces meticulously before pretending to enjoy having a dick in them 😀

    • Radtradchristian says:

      The Lord created woman from Adam’s rib to be his helper. If you cannot submit to a man than there is no place for you in society. Notice how few women have ever been in the Senate and Congress compared to men? This is because women should be seen and not heard and even then rarely seen by anyone but her family. Women have no power but that allowed by her husband.

      • Ophidian says:

        @Radtradchristian — “Notice how few women have ever been in the Senate and Congress compared to men?”

        Notice how there are virtually no white women in the Senate and Congress compared to white men. But you will find Jewish women and women of other non-European backgrounds along with their menfolk occupy positions of power that should be afford to women of White European descent by default. What’s the Christian excuse for why all these other women get to decide the fate of nations that don’t belong to their ancestors, but white women can’t?

        If you did your homework, you would notice that Adam (Adammah) and Eve (Chawwah) were Jewish, along with your “messiah” Jesus (Yeshua). Therefore what are you trying to say? That we all come from the ribs of a Jew, and that it is the destiny of white women to be lorded over while everyone else usurps what is rightfully theirs? The white man really is the white woman’s worst enemy. If this is the best you’ve got, then kindly go fuck yourself.

      • jcnaj says:

        Theirs no such thing as the lord. It’s made up to toggle evil out of traitors like yourself to control you. See they new that if they could justify evil things from evil natured men and women with a book that keeps you from ever accepting responsibility for the way your are just like a jig attached to the Democratic party who protects there every wrong action while claiming they have a set disposition that can’t be changed they could control a portion of us. Also so not to be to blunt about the backward Jewish mind taking over our lands they made sure to take ancient white traditions and give them a Christian spin. It was an assimilation tactic to get into our societies. We had ancestors who fought back, some even were able to make the Judaic dairy product work for us. Through us was it able to be projected as good. You see it’s not your bullshit made up Jew who is good at heart compared to most other human beings it’s white people. That said you can see how groomed we become where mimicking a suicidal person like jesus is actually a good thing. The whole damn book was made to tug at our morals while encouraging us to self hate because we’re natural sinners. Jesus was truly the first liberal. In litature that is. No one ever mentions that while our ancestors were having there ways torn away they were being force feed a new language with only 1 route towards education AKA the Bible conveniently written in english tongue the new language. All other highways to literacy and education from older Anglo Saxon roots was considered evil punishment by unspeakable ways. Don’t get me wrong compared to Islam it truly is a book of saints, however know educated right minded person can deny that it created direct projections to the sick state were in now.

  3. Ophidian says:

    You scored another one (or two) with your ‘Are White Women Human?’ article and podcast. You’re right about every black and brown male wanting a white woman they can lust after and violate, while operating under this impression that white women will slave away for them willingly with a chagrined smile. It’s even become taboo to point out that white women in the majority prefer their menfolk to other races of men without someone scoffing in denial and calling you a “racist”.

    By the way, I have always questioned hiring practices via Affirmative Action, and their statements like “women & minorities”, when it’s pretty clear that the only women who matter are nonwhite women. White women in a “diverse” workplace setting are depressingly few and far between. But white men are plentiful, where their Asian and “Latina” co-workers will playfully flirt with them or talk to them about their personal lives.

    I’m also getting a little tired of being told by this wonderful “multicultural” society we live in how I am supposed to conduct myself, when I can’t even relate to the majority of people I come across on a daily basis. Not even the hippie-dippie white liberals. Blacks are heavily amoral and tribalistic, yet I am supposed to pretend that I am just like them. My indifference towards them turns them off because I have nothing in common with them.

    And white men in professional positions of power and authority love to neb their noses in your business and assert their dominance over you if you are a white woman or a nonwhite. They do it to me often like I am some fucking slave they can boss around, and it’s only when I get in their faces and heighten the bass and decibel in my voice that they back off. All in all, I can honestly say that I have had good relationships with the (white and other non-black) women I have worked for. It’s easier and less intimidating to gravitate towards them than males or black women.

  4. alabasterass says:

    Your speech is just as wonderful as your writing but in a whole other way. I think it’s a marker of brilliance to be able to do hard physical exertion while speaking cogently. Hey, none of our presidents could even speak cogently without a zillion helpers and teleprompters. And just think of Barry, W, Slick Willy, Daddy Bush, and Ron the Smiling Jew Tool on a stair master! I hope that image brought you a giggle.

  5. hattie says:

    Your smackdowns of non white racists and male supremicists are simply the best (and funniest) commentary available. We should be paying you instead of ther talent-less kikes. Thank you!

  6. Killer material as always Marina. Thank you for speaking up for white women who aren’t “cocksucking toadies.” lol. Love that one. I’m thinking it whenever I see white women participating in the nukliar family. Let the wily asian nigcunts have the white male. They truly deserve each other.

  7. Staz says:

    I found you thru the one who stole your videos on utoob. I have spent every spare minute in the last 24 hrs reading and listening to your work. Call me obsessed but it is because I am so RELIEVED to find someone defending and talking about WHITE WOMEN for a motherfucking change! I stumbled on the Greek copy cat in my search and here I found the WHITE WOMAN’S Joan of Arc!

    For fuck’s sake who do these wimpy attention whores and cocksuckers like Sinead McCarthy think they’re fooling? They’re even more plastic and women hating than white nationalism itself. Maybe Sinead and Dave Duke can dye their hair together and have an incestuous father-daughter relationship. All we can do is laugh at these cunts who abet the misogynists who are just a more rabid group of MRA’s.

    Finally there is someone who makes me proud of my race. You are the feminist philosopher of the millennium. I’ve read all of the greats but all others failed to see “WHO” yanked the chains of white males. “WHO” indeed ran “feminism” and allowed Schwartze to bully WHITE WOMEN. Endless complaining about white males without naming their educators and masters the KIKES is like pissing in the wind. You have blown the others out of the water. Fucking brilliant.


    • @Staz: Thanks for the compliments.

      I do not know who sinead is, so I will not judge her.

      I do, however, have plenty of judgment for the typical WN leg-spreaders, since they are as common as any garden-variety skank. They cannot even hook themselves a negro, so they put their bait out for an even lower group of males on the food chain: “white” nationalists.

      The little tan cunt who stole my vids was trying to impress her tiny group of pondscum that she was berry berry interesting. After all, the other vids that she copied were just the same old pap about “niggers” and “white””altruism” (LOL. I actually do LOL whenever I see one of these misogynist “white” nationalists hold forth about “altruism” — proof that they are simply lemmings who believe whatever some autistic, shifty-eyed liar posing as a “psychologist” tells them — as long as it’s a big, ego-puffing lie).

      Like the true lemming cunt that she is, she “coughed up” the fact that they weren’t her vids after I caught her brown azz, but when I insisted that she take them down, she insulted me just as well as her misogynist bros do. I used to mince words when talking about such females, but now I tell it like it is: They are ecru skanks/lemming cunts whose stench keeps all but the lowest of the low (i.e. “white” nationalists) away.

      • Ophidian says:

        @Orwell’s Daughter — Sinead McCarthy (a.k.a. Firestarter Media) is another woman I used to subscribe to back when I first disassociated myself from the “Manosphere” and was just getting into Feminism and learning more about the Jews. She is a young woman of German/Irish descent (she admitted this, without divulging too much about her), and it was her video documentary ‘Hellstorm’ that gave me a different perspective on the Holohoax.

        It’s a shame that she would stoop low to steal your intellectual property and use it as her own, if she is the main culprit. I also took a look at her channel, and it seems that she is also being harassed by “White Nationalists” who believe that a (white) woman’s role is to sire children (while these men sleep around with other races of women), and think that Feminism is a “Marxist Jew plot” to pit women against men, or some other MRA/’alt-right’ conspiracy.

        From what I have seen blacks and Jews also have a habit of trolling these channels. But at a much lesser frequency than the Old Boy’s Club. The David Duke types will agree with women like Sinead on some things. But when she starts asserting that women are worth much more than their biological functions, these men will dismiss her and call her a Jew, or remind her that white women exist to serve white men, because of “complementary gender roles” (a common MRA argument) or some other bullshit.

        • @Ophidian: I think comments are getting crossfired somehow. This sinead person didn’t do anything to me — I have no idea who she is. I will say, however, that if she is putting herself out there as the “hellstorm” creator, she is either a liar or is mistaken. This book (which is excellent & I highly recommend it) was written by Thomas Goodrich. Ms. Sinead can make all the videos she wants, but she should stop claiming this work as her own.

          I took care of the WN cunt who stole from me. She will only last (at most) a month. Except for the diehard skanks who end up permanently melded to one of these women-hating WN freaks, the rest “drop off” after getting a big enough “snifter” of the raw hatred these males have for White women.

          • Ophidian says:

            @Orwell’s Daughter — She actually narrates the video. I should have made this clear before to eliminate any confusion. If I can remember (since this was a long time ago) Thomas Goodrich is credited in the documentary, and if I am correct he makes an appearance.

            In the times I have conversed with Sinead McCarthy in the past on her videos, she came across as a sound and decent person. But then again she is affiliated with these “White Nationalist” types, so I don’t know what she is really like, and I don’t want to know either.

          • Staz says:

            @Orwell’s Daughter Sinead McCarthy is not only a skank, she is a low down skank who lets white nationalists stick their dick in her (just listened to your positively brilliant and riveting latest rant on white male sexoooality so you rubbed off on me……a sign of respect not of lemming-ness I hope). This pretender “feminist” is all about the white woman as the ultimate brood mare. Like I already said, she should just go ahead and sleep with Dave Duke after they’ve dyed their hair together….or maybe she already has.

            Sorry, fed up to death with these fake “feminists.” Nope. She is a skank plus some.

  8. dialabia says:


  9. OMG what a treat! I dare anyone to listen to “grandpa gets stiffed” & not LOL over & over. You have the delivery of a natural born comedienne. I just near wet myself when … well I don’t want to ruin it for anyone else. The others are grand too, what a great mix of philosophy, comedy & no nonsense facts for White women who aren’t dick owned.

  10. AthenaTheBrave says:

    “The population is out of control, and it’s made out of the wrong kind of people”.

    Every billboard on earth should have this phrase on it. Also, without a word of exaggeration or buttering up, you make the words “skanky cunt” as melodious and tranquil as beautiful music during a gentle summer rain. That brain of yours is a glittering, gorgeous, bizarre, brilliant, fantastically deadly weapon.

  11. JonS says:

    Marina, your intellect, bravery & honesty are truly remarkable. I have gotten so much from your writings & now your podcasts. It is nice of you to intersperse your masterful bombs with “a little levity” for the sake of lesser intellects such as my own. Your latest on white male sexuality is so, well I don’t even have a word at hand to describe how great it is. You lay your finger right on the problem & don’t flinch from calling it exactly what it is. I’m still collecting my teeth from the floor so while I’m down here let me bow to you. oh great one.

  12. Ancient Realist says:

    What strikes me as funny is how appalled most men would be to hear your honest appraisal of them. Your appraisal BTW is spot on & I should know since I’m a man & I’ve been around a long time observing their disgusting behavior. I know you know it, but it is the males who are the skanks. As you so well stated it, males have things running so as to cut women off from every kind of resource so that she will be most likely to accept “having a dick in her.” Males talk one way to each other while lying like crazy to women, & they think this is hilarious. Your forthright opinions on them would only appall them because they want to keep women in the dark about just how much they hate them yet want them to continue being unpaid & abused slaves.

    If ever there is even one time that women turn the tables, men will cry like pussies. You are spot on in how you describe the male psyche, they are pussy faggots. For an example, take a look at the old faggot Rense’s website where he always has photos of adoration for his (longed for boy love) The Donald, while at the same time posting the most hidous photos available of Hillary Clinton. His faggotry is blatant, but not unusual. If you look right now you’ll see a photo of the editorial board of the Huffington Post. It is all female, & the faggots at Rense are shrieking like pussies because ONE SUCH ALL FEMALE BOARD EXISTS IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. Like the kikes they constantly whine about, they know that even one escaped female slave is one too many. Boards must continue to be 100% male in order for the faggot males to be comfortable.

    I also wanted to comment on your other podcasts. All are so enjoyable. Even though I’m old I always learn several new things from each one but probably my favorite thing is how you make me honestly laugh out loud. Yes, it’s worth spelling out because you, lady, are more talented than George Carlin. I think George would agree because I think he’d be secure enough in his own talent. What if we’d had people like you in the mainstream instead of the likes of kike cunts like Sarah Silverman. George was white peoples last & one of our only, comedians. In the mainstream, that is. Obviously the talent is still out there but kikes have owned the media as well as all of the entertainment biz for a very long time.

    Brilliant goyim like you would never make it past kike gatekeepers even though they’d stand to make a hefty profit, because they could never buy you like they buy the mediocre enablers of their filth. But we applaud you!

    • @Ancient Realist: Thanks for the compliments. I’m blushing.

      Do you know that I was talking to a young woman in her 20s this week who didn’t know who George Carlin was? I guess the kikes are “quietly” (i.e. by simply ignoring in their media) any White person with real talent. I actually had to repeat the name to her. Beware — we not only have the onslaught of low IQ brown/black hordes, but we also have “our” very own “white” locusts, who are addicted to their little cell phones, don’t have a clue about even recent real history, & who have been encouraged (more than any other generation) to believe that they know it all, are very very special because they are young — in other words, a swarm of deadbeat, obnoxious lickspittles who are pretty much good for nothing.

      It used to be that women were well aware of how men talked about them to other men — just as they never used to pretend that they liked having a dick in them. They understood that they were chattel, & that men were for the most part beasts who “won” because they were animals who were physically stronger. Skank didn’t exist until the “white” male began taking filthy photos of scantily-clad whores. This gave the kikes the idea to sell moving pictures of whores to “white” males. They’ve been hypnotized ever since.

      Problem is, women now purposely keep their heads in the sand about what they know to be true about males. They have all kinds of information available, they can see & hear how men talk about them, they can see the utterly heinous porn that makes their dicks hard — yet she remains willfully ignorant. From the way I see it, this has only made “white” males scorn White women more — after all, what kind of skanky whore pretends to not see, not hear, yet still pretends to like being “fucked?”

      • Ophidian says:

        @Orwell’s Daughter — It seems only women have the ability to call other women out on their loose and ‘promiscuous’ behavior. And it is a topic that men dread to talk about without being labeled misogynists, because we get accused of wanting to control women’s bodies (like the conservatives do) if we speak out against all forms of objectification and pornography, marriage as high-class prostitution, the myth of PIV intercourse, and the practice of miscegenation.

        MRAs, “sex-positive feminists”, crossdressers (a.k.a. transmen). They all attack pro-feminist males rather viciously and relentlessly, and turn our arguments in favor of women into arguments against them.

        It’s only because pornographers like Karen Straughan and the rest of her ilk have abetted and encouraged males over the years to think this way, when these men would have never come to the conclusion that women “enjoy” being objectified and prostituted without these whores drilling it into their heads that women “enjoy” it because they have “agency”.

        And the “agency” argument is almost always used by these people as an excuse to blame women for the situations men and society as a whole put them in. They have used neologisms like “hypoagency”, “hypergamy”, and “neoteny” to give males the impression that society is skewed in women’s favor, when a cursory glance into the real world, the media, and any Internet forum shows the opposite. Things would have never gotten this bad if not for women collaborating to keep each other down.

        • @Ophidian: I do know what you’re talking about — the little fake “feminist” hen clucking only permits those who agree with it. You have to remember that this Big Circus O’ Skank was created, & is operated by, the Kings O’ Censorship, the You Know Whoooos. I’d say that all they prove is that they are little Culpritics (or baby ‘pritics, as I sometimes call them). They are lemming skank. In fact, let’s call these porn-pos “feminists” what they are — after all, we should be trying to delineate the bullshit, & calling them what they really are is a start. Lemming skank.

          Along somewhat the same lines, I can always count on the fact that most of the “feminists” who join my blog to “excommunicate” themselves after they hear me talk about their Sacred Holy Persecuted Leaders. I must admit that sometimes I do it just to watch them “leave.” Hopefully their own cognitive dissonance will hit them on the arse on their way out ;o) These types aren’t Lemming Skank, they’re just garden-variety lemmings posing as “feminists.” That’s true of 99% of “feminists.” To me, if someone cannot face actual facts when they are presented, but rather, place their head in the sand while holding their hands over their ears — they are total jewified lemmings & very far from being feminist.

          So, collaboration with outright evil is quite common. “White” males collaborated with kike jews — this has caused a great deal of the problems we have today. Now we have the jew-created Big Circus of Skank (i.e. various peoples “of color,” LGBTABCs, transmen, pedophiles, you name it) who do just as much damage in their collaboration.

          When the lemmings are pointed in the wrong direction, the only way to get them back in the right direction is to take power away from jew media, et al. The chance of this happening is almost zero. The chances of nuclear war are unfortunately much higher.

          • Ophidian says:

            @Orwell’s Daughter — Just another thing I wanted to add regarding your recent uploaded podcast. Tsar Nicholas II, the last Emperor of Russia, and one of the first victims of Bolshevism, along with his wife and children, has been slandered as “antisemitic” in his Wikipedia page.


            I looked up American war crimes on Wikipedia (or Kike-kipedia) too, and much of the information regarding what the Americans (and their Allies) did to the Europeans in World War II is presented in apostrophes, as if these are just theories or speculations made by fringe crazies who have nothing better to do than to slander “The Greatest Generation” and their Jewish handlers. War crimes against any other group of people, Asians in particular, are never presented with doubt or suspicion and are taken as fact.


            I have to concede that the day America (and it’s Allies) waged war on Germany (and the rest of Europe) was the moment it completely abandoned it’s European roots. Personally, I have always been of the belief that America is imperialistic at it’s core, and that this country more than any other (with it’s Kosher media) is responsible for uprooting the order and stability of the “Old World” (Europe, Asia, and Africa), along with vassal colonies like Cuba and Puerto Rico.

            • @Ophidian: Jews have literally turned reality upsidedown, & via their media they make nearly 100% of the population believe that black is white, evil is good. Since it was jews who brutally massacred the csar & his family (“little” jews did the deed after being instructed to do the “hit” by “big” jews — as per usual, except that for the past 100 years they’ve been able to get goyim to do their “hits”), these PhDs of Deceit blame it on the very ones they massacred. They’ve been doing this kind of thing for a long time. Da Holohoax is their real stroke of upsidedowning the goyim.

              I totally agree with you re Amurrika. At the risk of sounding antiCulpritic, we can again lay this imperialism mostly at the foot of the Dead Sea Pedophiles. Before their takeover of much of the government about 100 years ago (they had plenty of power & control before then — all you have to do is study how they influenced the so-called “civil war” to see that they’ve been poisoning this cuntry for nearly 200 years) America was not “imperialist.” I put that in quotes because to me, the kikes are the international criminals that brought us “transnational” corporations & all of the heinous shit that comes with it (to me “transnational” corporations & “imperialism” go hand in hand).

              They are the only people who never had a country of their own because, as parasites, they need large groups of hosts to suck on. They have no loyalty to anything other than their tribe, & they brought this to business & to Amurrikan life in general. I despise this cuntry.

  13. Marina your insight & heart amaze me. Sure there’s the extremely high intelligence & the wicked sense of humor, but the heart & the insight grab me, shake me, wake me up.

    Over the past few months I’ve spent a lot of time investigating what you have told me about joos creating false feminity. You are so right & they did this in just a century. What pisses me off too is that they have been making a fortune from making womens’ lives much worse. Fucking Kikes.

    Sure women were oppressed as hell but even though they had fewer legal rights in other ways they were freer. Kikes came in & literally “made up” their fucked up horny ideas of “shiksa”. Fucking Kikes. This shit dien’t exist before they whored up white women in Kikeywood. It really makes me mad. Goddess help me, I wish there really had been a holoco$t, one that wiped all of them out.

    • @valerie: Thanks as always for your thoughtful comments. I totally agree, also feel the rage, & raise you one Schlomophile ;o)

      Oh, & looky what I found. This woman is absolutely brilliant. More proof that jews ignore all real talent so as to make their mediocre tribe look “talented.” Also look at “Vulva Cupcake event is an act of violence!”

  14. DanD says:

    Gosh darn it I did it again. Wrote a whole book to you Marina only to lose it when I accidentally hit the wrong button. I will recreate my message when I have more time.

    For now I’ll just say, You are splendid.

  15. Ophidian says:

    Listening to your rants is like waking up from a dream. I have to admit that my contact with these liberal pseudo-feminists over the years provoked my ire for (white) women which led to me becoming an MRA previously, because of their authoritative libtard PC bullshit, their whorish demeanor, love for the cancer that is multiculturalism along with their LGBT crap, and as you put it in your podcast, this “Us-versus-Them” mentality.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if most of these women, along with the MRA ringleaders egging men on in their misogyny, were paid (by Jews, as conspiratorial as that sounds) to disseminate the messages that they put out. They all have an eerie, surreal vibe to them once you figure them out. And their disinformation passes just as sterilely as anything you see in the mainstream media, or in any of these “alternative media” outlets.

    It’s also refreshing to know that I am not the only one who despises “Diversity” and being forced to mingle with people who are strange and foreign to myself, and I to them. Or to see different races of people holding hands, locking lips, and walking with their half-breeds in their strollers. I thought I was in the wrong for thinking that all of these things are unnatural, and that I should just open my heart to any person who comes along my path.

    • @Ophidian: It’s very interesting that your interfacing with Lemming Skank took you to MRAs. Call me suspicious, but joogle (which was a gift to 2 kike jews from the White people who created the internet, & from all American taxpayers who funded the creation before it was handed over lock, stock & barrel — as usual — for kike jews to make a toll road out of) seems to “steer” folks toward the same hideous things. Why are both Lemming Skank & Women Haters so frequently encountered on joogle? Are we to believe these 2 fringe groups are the “majority?” I just find it berry berry interesting that, since the kikes already owned the media nearly 100%, “our” gubbermint then gave away an even more powerful media source to yet more kike jews. The fact that kike jews are given such advantages (while already being the most filthy rich minority by a landslide) is well hidden by — er, their total control of the media.

      Your thinking something is wrong with you for trusting your gut is just another side effect of kike jew control of the media. Their multicult program has been in the works for a very long time, & they will continue until they are forced to stop (ditto their financial control et al.). When are you going to just get with the program & miscegenate? After all, mixed-race kids have more physical & mental problems, so we can look forward to even more mayhem. Do your part for dem chosen peeps, would ya?

      • Ophidian says:

        @Orwell’s Daughter — Getting myself a vasectomy is a much better option than “finding the right one” (and miscegenating with them) in my humble opinion. I am all for eugenics if it means getting rid of the undesirable elements. This planet doesn’t need heaps of human shit stinking up the place and dragging it down.

        And it’s a shame that us “goyim” can’t confront the Chosen Ones the way we are allowed to disagree and confront each other and everybody else. Learning that America is the last vestige for Freedom of Speech makes me hate these people even more. They’re just itching to incite people into a raging frenzy so they can have an excuse to nuke us into the ground, and then cry that they were just ensuring their survival as a people against “antisemitism”.

        I was also wondering if you were “voting” by any chance? I hear that Bernie Sanders has the women’s vote (as if this means something anymore), along with the black and Hispanic votes. That means he must be doing something right, amirite? His Wikipedia article has him listed as a “Jewish feminist”, since we all know the Democratic Party in the U.S. has the best interests of (white) women in mind. Even better that they get to share a political party with “Diversity”, since only “racist”, “bigoted” white males vote Republican.

        And the liberal “radfems” who fall for this crap are anything but radical in their approach to liberating women. They will always align themselves with the delinquents (blacks) and sociopaths (Jews), while completely shitting on white men and discrediting any contributions made to Feminism by white women, because it’s not “inclusive”. I even got scolded for using the words “faggot” and “autistic”, because other groups of males might get offended, and we can’t have that.

  16. AthenaTheBrave says:

    RE: “Neverending White Male Privilege”: Oh my fucking god, you have outdone yourself. That is the best thing I have ever read. Ever.

    • AthenaTheBrave: Thank you very much for your compliments, and your previous comments too which made me blush.

      I have already gotten a squirrely comment from a “radical feminist” who can’t imagine why I would “defend” white boys since they hate “us” (i.e. White women) more than anyone else does. Well, I say, Miss Prickly Robobellum — what if we were to consider the out of control NEGRO ON WHITE VIOLENCE — toward both White women & White men — to be “HATE?” But no, “HATE” is just a “feeling” brought on by 50 years of jew media propaganda. It doesn’t have to be measured, even when it results in permanent damage to White teenagers.

      Also got a gibberish note from Ensconcé’s less intelligent sistah. There was too much “HATE” in it for me to pollute my comments section with it.

      • AthenaTheBrave says:

        Can’t believe I made YOU blush–now that’s flattering. Glad I can contribute to this awesome site, even in a small way. If you got the chance to listen to “Swansea”, I hope you enjoyed it. Got plenty more music tricks up my sleeve if you’re ever looking for new stuff 😉
        Unsurprising that the sistahs and the radfems came out in their piddly, foot-stamping glory. For two groups who are so obsessed with “laying low” and “staying out of the way of the oppressor”, they sure do make themselves–and their fellow super oppressed peeps–highly visible and borderline impossible to ignore.
        Funny story: when I was undoing the (actual, tangible) damage done to me by radfem, I realized the two people I could and did trust most with every aspect of my life and overall self were two White men, then I laughed bitterly in the irony of it all. So many “politicized” women talk about men like they’ve been stood up for the prom. There’s no value or substance behind it. It’s embarrassing to witness. You kept picking shitty boyfriends–now the rest of us have to die friendless while pretending to be “politically” lesbian?

        • @AthenaTheBrave: Oh boy could we talk ;o)

          I guess what astonishes me most about “rad” fem is that they just insist on being willfully ignorant about the humongous racial differences in crime rates. It’s bad enough that they refuse to look at jews astronomical “white” crime, but black/brown-on-White crime (especially black) is also outrageous. They prove that they just don’t really care about women when black men are 18,000 times more likely to rape a White woman than a White man is to rape a black woman. They are mainly what I call Very Exclusive PC Lemmings.

  17. Neermindthebollucks says:

    You are the Queen of Satire. Your writing as Ensconce de Nigga is superb.

  18. johnny2151968 says:

    Marina we are still laughing over here at Whitebread Central.

    This is not mere hyperbole. This is not metaphor. You are a genius.

  19. I have never seen dead ppl “drop like balloons” but then I’m not seeing through the eyes of a fudgepacker. Made me pee OD. Time to issue your famous Depends warnings for us old fogies.

  20. AthenaTheBrave says:

    OD, your latest podcast was so offensive I’m shaking and crying…with laughter! Having to hear/see the nonstop shriekin’ and a-jabberin’ from liberal and radical alike about this “senseless tragedy” (and the fact that I had to watch a kikefest “documentary” tonight) means my brain is running on fumes. Thanks for fueling up the ol’ think tank.
    With no hyperbole, you are one of the finest minds the White race has ever had.

  21. Ophidian says:

    @Orwell’s Daughter — If you ask me, the Jew-nited States of America is one gigantic “LGBT community”. A big sausage-fest where men of all races (and their shield maidens) can profess their love (a.k.a “brotherhood”) for one another, while women continue to be marginalized and shoved into the background. The white male along with the black male are no “brothers” of mine, and I let them know through my speech and body language.

    My aversion to these men is only exacerbated when it’s acceptable for them to lust after women who aren’t of their race, and then brag about the ways in which they will violate these women.

    The mass shooting in Orlando was just another “gun control debate” waiting to happen. That they are brown men who love raping other men is only the sugar-coated emotional topping that is supposed to make us feel sorry for them, and best to believe that the libtard mammies will come to the rescue and comfort these sodomizers, because crying like pussies means they are “sensitive” and “misunderstood”. This is the same crap “trans-men” like to pull when they try to justify walking into women’s public restrooms.

    I’m glad that everything is fine on your end, BTW, and that the Israelis didn’t track you down by your blog or something (I am one who expects the worst but hopes for the best, LoL).

  22. alabasterass says:

    OD I’m still laughing from your total lack of PC brainwashing. Your little gem will be broadcast around here FULL BLAST for the next few days.

  23. Lana Kikeff de Red Cunt Creations says:

    LOL doesn’t cut it. You make me PMP (pee my pants).
    Thanks for putting the laffs back in faggotry.

  24. Kenneth Bradley says:

    Here we go with the last push for Obongo to put thru gun legislation.

    OD thanks for making me laugh so hard that my mate came to check on me 😉

  25. Lana Kikeff de Red Cunt Creations says:

    Omar sure looks like a yid….oily hook nose, frog mouth, dead black eyes.

  26. d.wayne says:

    Making fun of the killings of an oppressed minority. Ppl like you should be shot.

    • @d.wayne: Is that a stick up yer ass or is yer boi’fren jus happy to see ya?

    • Ophidian says:

      @d.wayne — “Sexuality” like “gender” are only fabricated social constructs. Cages for the human mind. I’m willing to wager that at least 90 percent of all males (or maybe more) are faggots.

      The only difference between a “straight” male and a “gay” male is that the latter has already come to terms with his preference for other males, while the former is only attracted to the illusion of “femininity” that religion and propaganda have provided him. But the male desire to stick one’s pecker in an orifice remains the same.

      Women are and always have been the niggers of the world. THEY are the oppressed majority. Including your lesbian colleagues who don’t want to conform to “femininity” and only adopt a “masculine” identity if it means feeling a sense of power and belonging that isn’t afforded to them if they are forced to pretend that they are second-class citizens, masochists, breeders, and walking mannequins.

      • @Ophidian: Excellent comeback. It would appear from “dwayne’s” reply to me that he very much enjoys being both part of the Overlord Class while simultaneously receiving faggot privilege.

        • Ophidian says:

          @Orwell’s Daughter — “Straight privilege” is just another psy-op designed to garner more sympathy for the sex that has all the power and influence. Blacks/browns, Jews, gays (mostly white men), trans-men. They all aggress against white women, with the narrative being that the “straight” white female has more “privilege” than they do, all so they can continue to be abused and demoralized for existing.

          And wenches of all races (especially the liberal so-called “feminists”) believe in this nonsense, and continue to encourage these lies when they are rallying on behalf of illegals who keep pouring into your countries, and crossdressers who have been given the license to invade the safe spaces of women and girls because being female is a “feeling” or an “identity, and not just a biological reality.

  27. 110 Never Again says:

    OMFG I haven’t laffed so hard for years. Thank you.

  28. Frey2nb says:

    I can see why the Jews have made sure not one single White woman was given a platform in comedy. You not only blow their lukewarm jizz-preoccupied kin out of the water, there’s not a single male comedian who could match you. Even Bill Hicks would have to bow to you.

  29. Young hardworking white man says:

    Marina I don’t know if you know how talented you are. Us white folks out here who have been starved of the really funny & intelligent can only say MORE MORE MORE

  30. Side splittingly hilarious lassie. Nope even Carlin can’t hold a candle.
    Interesting about the SPLC. They show their hand so quickly it still amazes me that the little white lefties never seem to catch on to the real agenda.

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