Why It’s Wrong to Race-mix

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The jewz of National Geographic are gleeful that all of humanity will be even uglier than their tribe is in another 50 years.  They use these hideously racemixed people as an example:


Negroes complained about the fact that these hideously ugly people weren’t black enough, since they know their home continent Afreeka is perilously overbreeding — but what low-IQ Afreekins worldwide are too stupid to realize is what the result of their animalistic behavior will be, and how encouraging violent, stupid people to run over White people will put an end to life on the planet.  Negroes are sincerely too racist and stupid to realize is that kike jews not portraying people as niggerized enuff is the least of our problems, since all Turd Worlders are breeding like rabbits and will destroy the planet long before humanity becomes as niggerized as even the National Geo jews project.

Speaking of jews, they are a thoroughly racemixed tribe who are united by their ideology as a crime syndicate cult.  Thus they have extremely high levels of criminality and serious mental health issues.  A reminder of why you don’t want your great-grandkids to be like kike jews:

jewish-zionist-neocons-behind-iraq-plight jews-media_-management-jan_-2012-e